Terrie takes herself out


I loved her breasts and she loved mine. We must have spent an hour kissing, licking and sucking each other. I liked her tan lines and the way her tits went white.

She really loved the way we made out with each other’s mounds. She seemed to be getting all hot and bothered. So I figured it was time to take this lez-curious exotic dancer to the next level.

I began fingering her nub. That really drove her wild, especially when I sucked on her tits. She writhed and groaned with pleasure.

She fingered my nub as I fingered hers. We lay side by side, feasting and moaning on each other’s swollen orbs. The sexy, lez-curious bitch was really hot for it.

I shifted my position so I was lying next to her in the opposite direction. There was just enough room so she could suck on my nipples as I sucked on hers. It also meant I could reach down and play with her swollen clit.

I stuck a couple fingers into her dripping muff and fucked her with them. That really set her off. She writhed and clenched as she sucked on my titties.

She found my dripping slit and fingered me as well. I sucked on her tits as she sucked on mine. When she went off in orgasm I was so turned on that I popped off a few seconds later.

I grinned at her as I rolled my chest on top of her face. I mashed my mouth against her tits as she tried to suck on mine underneath me. Then I went back to fingering her harder.

She writhed and moaned underneath me as our breasts 69ed each other’s face. We tried to out-finger each other. I got her off first, and her back arched as she climaxed hard underneath me.

I rolled off, leaving her panting hard. We kissed each other deeply. Then I rolled back onto her face for round two.

I began fingering her again as she fingered me. But this time my breasts completely covered her mouth and nose. It wasn’t long before she started grunting underneath me in alarm.

She tried to roll me off as she kept letting out muffled grunts. I thrust three fingers into her clenching slit just as hard as I could. Then she began to buck and shudder underneath me.

I could feel her clenching as her fluids poured out. I mashed my face into her breasts, screaming my pleasure in a muffled cry as I sucked on them. Then she went still beneath me.

I was almost there, ready to cum when I slowly rose up off her face. She just stared upward, lifeless eyes open in surprise. Then I saw her chest heave.

I wildly threw myself back upon her, mashing my breasts against her face. I began finger-fucking her hard as I sucked on her tits. I could feel her pussy clench around my fingers as she tried to buck a little. Then she was perfectly still underneath me.

I panted for breath as I rose up off her. She had that same expression in her eyes. This time her chest didn’t rise or fall.

I’d smothered the sexy bitch to death! That realization made me giddy. So I fell back upon her chest.

I reached back, grabbed her fingers and pushed them into my cunt. Then I began fingering the sexy bitch hard. That’s when I started cumming, knowing I’d asphyxiated the lez-curious dancer.

I kept fingering her hard as I mashed my face against her tits. I thought I felt her pussy clench around my wriggling digits. Was she cumming well after death??

It was so damned arousing that I just kept cumming and cumming and cumming. Each one felt more intense than the last. I ended up climaxing the very breath out of my lungs.

My heart hammered inside me. I was weak and dizzy. That’s when I felt pains in my chest.

Was I having a heart attack? I tried to rise up off her tits. But I didn’t have the strength.

I tried to breathe, but I couldn’t get any air. My mouth and nose were mashed hard against her boobs. To my horror I realized I was asphyxiating myself on her glorious tits.

I tried to lift my head up. But my chest really hurt. For the moment I didn’t have any strength. I couldn’t move anything, not even an arm or leg.

I could feel her dead fingers inside me. That’s when I began to clench and spasm. Then I was cumming… cumming without the benefit of air.

It flushed hotly through me as I got all weak and dizzy. My fingers were still inside her. But now they had a mind of their own as they kept wriggling.

I was dimly aware of her fingers in my cunt as my lungs screamed at me. It was like she was having her revenge by finger-fucking me as I tried to breathe. My heart was having palpitations to the point where I couldn’t lift my face up off her tits.

I tried to breathe again. But I could feel myself spiraling away. Another orgasm washed through me, claiming any remaining strength I might have used to climb off.

I went all limp and lifeless. My body was aware of her fingers in my cunt. It kept responding by clenching and cumming, even as her dead pussy was clenching less and less around my fingers in her cunt.

Sporadic muscle spasms rippled through me. I finally rolled lifelessly off her body onto the floor. She had that same vacant look as she stared upwards. But now my expression matched hers.

She’d definitely gone out with a bang. But in my zeal I’d taken myself out with her. It was only a matter of the coroner determining whether it was my heart or a lack of oxygen.

(Aug 4 ’19 – inspired by the picture above)


Unadvertised Bonus Short

Sadie suck-strangle

She stretched herself out on top of the bed naked. She watched his erection grow. It turned her on.

She rolled over onto her back and hung her head off the side of the bed. She hungrily smacked her lips. He knelt in front of her, his cock tantalizingly close.

She started licking the tip of his dick. He pushed it further between her lips. She began sucking noisily with lust.

She began caressing her breasts as he thrust in and out. He smiled as he looked down on her. Then he reached over and picked up a pair of discarded nylons off the floor.

He wrapped them around her neck. She just moaned as she took him deeper. Then he pulled on both ends.

She groaned as she hungrily sucked his manhood down her throat. He pulled the nylons tighter. She grunted as she groped her breasts.

He pulled harder. She began to struggle to get a breath of air down her throat. She sucked harder as his cock pushed deeper past her lips.

Her right hand slid down until her fingers began swirling over her swollen clit. She writhed as she struggled to get a breath down her throat. Her back arched as she grunted and moaned.

He pulled harder on the nylons as he pushed deeper down her throat. Her fingers swirled in a blur as she rubbed her nub. Then his cock pushed into her mouth until his balls were up against her nose.

Her throat closed off as she began to buck and shudder. The nylons constricted around her throat until she couldn’t breathe at all. Her back fully arched as her hands instinctively flew up to claw at the nylons around her neck.

Her eyes rolled as she grew dizzy and disoriented. Then she was squirting her orgasm as consciousness spiraled into oblivion. Then last thing she felt was his cock going off, his cream flowing down her throat until she abruptly went limp.


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