Zenda goes too far


Evan forcefully pushed her under. Zenda was submerged in a flurry of bubbles. It was incredibly erotic.

She wriggled and squirmed as her boyfriend held her down. She loved the way he dunked her, especially since she knew how much it turned him on as well. She could see a bulge developing inside his dark trunks.

She writhed and bubbled over how good it felt. Being dominated by her boyfriend was such an incredible turn-on. Being dunked while forced to hold her breath was an added bonus.

He pulled her up for a breath. She only had time for a quick gasp. Then he pushed her back down.

Her nipples hardened considerably as she lost bubbles out of her nose. He had one hand on her head, while the other grasped her left arm. But she had plenty of freedom to reach down toward her crotch and rub her throbbing womanhood.

Zenda continued to wriggle and squirm. It was incredible how excited she became when forced to hold her breath. Evan’s strong arms had no problem keeping her submerged. It was erotic as hell.

He pulled her back up, allowing her to get her breath back. She panted excitedly as she grinned at him. “More” was all she said.

He pushed her right back down. More bubbles came up as a surge of erotic tingles hit her hard. Zenda felt the sexual excitement swell within her.

Instinctively she reached down to finger her swollen button. She used her free hand to grope and fondle herself as she released more bubbles. Evan did nothing more than simply keep her under.

He was definitely going to get a reward after she experienced her underwater orgasm. She didn’t know if they would do it in the pool or back in the bedroom of the house they cohabited. But she was definitely going to thank him for this.

She liked the idea of Evan fucking her while being underwater. But he wasn’t as good at holding his breath as she was. She was hoping he would work on it so one day they could stay underwater together, at least longer than a minute or so.

He pulled her up for a quick breath. Then he forced her right back down. Zenda felt an erotic thrill surge right through her over the way he was forcing her.

She felt the strain in her lungs from not having fully gotten her breath back. Her body responded with a jolt of anxiety. But that only added to the eroticism of it all.

She reached down and rubbed her nub as she lost more air. She was almost out of breath. She wanted to cum right at the point where she thought she was going to drown. That was the sweet spot when it came to climaxing underwater.

He suddenly pulled her up. Her head broke the surface of the water. Zenda gasped for breath, feeling relief at getting another mouthful of air. But she was also pissed he hadn’t kept her down long enough to finish her off.

“Damnit, Evan! I was so close – URPBL!”

Back down she went as she was hit by another erotic jolt. Every time he pushed her under, she felt that delicious surge of erotic tingles. Maybe now she would tumble over the edge into pleasure.

Zenda reached down and frantically rubbed her crotch. She really wanted it this time. She also wanted him to keep her down long enough to experience it while holding her breath.

She cried out bubbles as she felt it swell within her. She was so close. It felt like this was it!

All of the sudden he let her back up. She came up gasping for breath as he let her go. “Damnit, Evan, I was right on the edge!”

“I got a call coming in, babe.” Then he waded over to the edge of the pool and climbed out. That’s when she heard his iPhone.

He picked it up as he went over and wrapped a towel around his waist. “Hello? …what took you so long? Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for your call? I‘ve been out here in the pool dunking my girlfriend. …oh, you got the numbers? Damnit, I need my computer in front of me. Just a minute.”

He covered the iPhone as he called out to his frustrated girlfriend. “Zenda, I’ve been waiting for this call. I’ve got to go inside to the computer. I’ll be right back out when I’m done, ok?”

“Damnit, Evan; you’ve sure got some lousy timing!”

“Sorry, babe.” Then he headed for the door. A moment later he disappeared inside.

Zenda cursed under her breath. She had been so close. Now it was fading. But she was still horny.

She looked around until she found a weight belt lying nearby. That would certainly do the trick. If Evan wouldn’t force her under, she would have to take care of it herself.

Zenda worked the belt around her waist. Then she filled her lungs and submerged. She propped herself against the pool wall as she went to work.

She bubbled as she touched herself all over. She was horny, but she’d lost a lot of momentum. She figured it shouldn’t take long holding her breath before she reached that sweet spot between orgasm and drowning.

She worked her swollen nub as she held her breath. The seconds ticked by. As they did, she could feel those familiar erotic stirrings settle in.

She rubbed herself harder as she groped and fondled herself. It was too damned bad that call had come in when it did. A few seconds more and she would have fallen over the edge.

She knew she could get herself off this way. But she preferred cumming while Even was dunking her. She loved it when he forced her to hold her breath until the orgasms came bursting out of her.

The strain began to show itself in her stomach and lungs. She was getting closer; she could feel it approaching. It wouldn’t take much longer before she popped off from the release she craved.

Zenda began releasing bubbles. That would help empty her lungs. It would also help to push her over the edge. The more her chest heaved, the more excited she became. It usually didn’t take much longer after that.

She bubbled until her lungs felt like they were almost empty. It made her chest heave in warning from the buildup of CO2 in her system. She could feel herself getting closer.

She eased back a little, wanting to edge. She wanted to time it just right. Zenda loved cumming with fiery lungs and a rippling stomach. Those types of orgasms were usually the best.

She paused as she listened for any activity at the surface. But there was no indication Evan had returned. He was liable to be on his computer a good ten or fifteen minutes. And she didn’t want to wait that long.

Her chest heaved a little more insistently. She was definitely running out of breath. She was so close now. Just a few seconds more and she would tumble right over the edge.

Zenda felt a surge of anxiety over how empty her lungs felt. Her body was starting to respond in growing panic. This moment was usually the most frightening, the part where she was afraid she might drown. And yet it was also that sweet spot where she usually popped off in orgasmic bliss.

Her lungs heaved painfully. Zenda frantically rubbed herself as her body cried out for air. Then she opened her mouth and screamed away what little breath she had left.

It exploded within her like a fireball. It was more intense than she had anticipated. Then she was awash in a sea of pleasure.

This was it; it was upon her! It felt utterly incredible. Then her lungs heaved ominously as she gulped water. It was a complete and utter shock.

Zenda coughed and gurgled. Instantly she went into convulsions as she began inhaling and gulping more water. She coughed painfully as she hitched and spasmed.

She felt it again, an orgasm more intense than the last one. It all but battered her senseless. But she was in the midst of drowning as her body betrayed her.

She tried reaching for the surface. But she couldn’t make her arms move. In fact, she couldn’t make anything move.

She kept spasming and convulsing, her body bending over at the waist. Her lungs flooded until she was no longer coughing up bubbles. Zenda couldn’t believe it!

She tiredly settled back against the wall of the pool behind her. She stared across the bottom, unable to blink or even make her eyes move. An arm twitched as a leg went into little spasms.

A few stray bubbles slipped out past her parted lips as she stared in disbelief. How could she have done this to herself?? Then the life winked out of her eyes.

Her hair began to settle from her drowning gyrations. She gazed across the pool with unseeing eyes. Up at the surface the water became still, save for two solitary bubbles that slipped out past her parted lips.

Evan came out of the house about twenty minutes later. He saw the stillness of the water and assumed Evan had gotten out. He looked all around, but didn’t see her anywhere.

He went back inside, thinking she might have needed the bathroom. But she wasn’t in there. She wasn’t in their bedroom either.

He checked the living room and kitchen. But there was no sign of her. Then he went back outside.

He looked all around, but there was still no sign of her. He looked in the pool and saw the water gently waving at the surface as though someone had recently gotten out. He almost missed seeing the pair of feet sticking out from the wall of the interior of the pool.

He stepped right up to the edge and looked down. Evan spewed an obscenity as he frantically jumped into the water. But he was much too late.

2019 (written Nov 16 ’19 by riwa)

(Preview pictures are from two different clips by H2OGEMS and are used for illustration purposes.)

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