Breath-holding in the pool with Alex (m/m)


He looked to be in his thirties, around 5’11” and maybe 185 pounds. He came in to use the pool a couple times a week. Sometimes I was working when he showed up.

I never paid him that much attention, at least not at first. I knew he liked to do a lot of breath-holding. I often saw him in the deep end by the ladder. He would go under and not come back up until after a couple minutes had gone by.

He usually had a bag with him. In it was a dive mask and goggles. I once saw what looked like a couple of six pound red hand-weights in his possession. I think he brought them with him in the bag.

Sometimes he wore swim trunks. But most of the time he wore speedos. They always outlined his cock whenever I got a good look at him.

A couple of times I asked him if he was holding his breath out there in the deep end. He told me he had a system where he could actually get up to three minutes. I thought that was impressive.

Once he showed up without his swim bag. I fetched him a dive mask I had in a back room. I also retrieved a small block that weighed about ten pounds. He used it so he could stay down on the bottom and breath-hold without drifting back up.

I never really considered myself to be anything other than heterosexual. But there was something about him that intrigued me. Whenever it was my shift and he showed up I would make it a point to walk past him just to see what he was doing in the deep end.

Once I caught him lying flat on his back on the bottom. The block was resting on his chest. I could just make out the bulge in his red speedos.

When I work my shift I frequently wear a swimsuit underneath my clothes. That way I can get into the water and enjoy a quick swim anytime I want. Sometimes I arrive early enough to go for a swim after vacuuming the dirt and debris off the pool floor.

One day I was late starting my vacuuming when he showed up. I checked him in before getting back to work. We’d had a busy weekend; there was a lot of dirt and debris on the bottom.

He came out in his red speedos with his swim bag before putting on his dive mask. I told him I could stop vacuuming until after he’d finished his swim. He just told me to keep on going and that he would stay out of my way.

Pushing a long pipe can be a struggle, especially when you’re trying to reach certain spots on the pool floor. A lot of water is being sucked up. Our indoor pool is nine feet down at its deepest point. It takes some effort just to push around the attachment gathering up all that material to be sucked through the pipe.

I saw him swim along the bottom as though scanning the pool floor. I think he was checking for coins. He once told me he would find them lying on the bottom and would pick them up and take them home. But that didn’t bother me in the slightest.

He saw I was having some difficulty pushing the attachment across the pool floor. He swam right to the bottom and directed the attachment to some dirty spots I was trying to go over. With his help I was able to finish vacuuming the floor much faster, sucking up all that dirt and bits of debris.

When I was done I thanked him before pulling the pipe out of the pool. I put everything away in anticipation of having more swimmers show up. But it was a Monday morning, and so far he was the only one in the building.

I told him I felt like a short swim after all that work. He suggested I come right in and join him as he tread water in the deep end. “Maybe I will,” I replied with a smile.

I went behind the counter and stripped off my shirt. I pulled down my shorts, revealing a set of purple speedos I’d worn. I’m not sure what had made me put them on before I left the apartment.

I walked around the pool to the deep end. He was clinging to the bottom rung of the ladder when I got there. He was stretched out horizontally face up, that cock of his bulging in his red speedos.

I dove head first off the edge of the pool into the water. I held my breath as I swam all the way to the middle where the bottom sloped up to five feet. Then I surfaced. The warm water from the natural hot springs that fed into the pool felt good.

He was still in the deep end holding onto the bottom rung of the ladder when I looked. I had no idea how long he’d been down there. A few bubbles came out of his mouth and swirled up to the surface.

He finally came up as I swam back to the wall of the pool. I grabbed onto the edge and smiled as I told him, “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bother you during your swim.”

“No bother,” he replied with a smile. “You’re fine.”

I watched as he filled his lungs. Then he submerged. He pulled himself down the ladder until he grabbed onto the bottom rung again.

Once more he stretched out horizontally while facing upward. That’s when I got another view of his bulging cock. It made me all self-conscious… and strangely aroused.

I turned and swam along the surface to the middle of the pool. Then I swam back holding my breath underwater while pulling with my arms. I guess I just wanted to see how he was doing.

He was still holding his breath while being stretched out horizontally. His grip on the bottom rung of the ladder kept him down near the floor of the pool. Occasionally he would kick a little.

He seemed to be doing just fine. I though he was holding his breath for what might have been a good couple of minutes at least. I was quite impressed.

If anything that bulge in his red speedos was even more noticeable. I stared a little too long before reaching the wall. So I made a quick turn and swam all the way to the far end of the pool along the surface.

I reached the wall in the shallow end and stood up. I paused, catching my breath as I turned to look back on him. He was back up at the surface getting a breath at the ladder.

I filled my lungs and swam underwater the entire length. It’s a good sixty feet from end to end. But I can usually do it on one breath. On a good day I can go to the deep end and back while staying underwater.

As I got closer I saw he was still at the surface. I touched the wall and popped up to catch my breath. He smiled at me before telling me, “Not bad… all the way on one breath.”

I smiled back before filling my lungs. Then I submerged and launched myself off the wall. I made the entire swim back to the shallow end underwater. But I’m embarrassed to admit I was trying to impress him. Imagine that: a 21 year old junior at college trying to impress some guy in his thirties.

I paused to catch my breath. But when I turned to look, he wasn’t at the surface. Knowing he was underwater holding his breath again gave me this strange quiver of excitement.

I filled my lungs and headed back, swimming the entire length underwater. I saw him near the floor of the pool, grasping onto the bottom rung again. He was stretched out horizontally like before, occasionally releasing a bubble or two out of his mouth.

I swam slower as I approached the wall. I looked him over, but he caught me gawking and smiled back. Seeing his cock outlined in his speedos had a disturbing effect on me.

Now I’ve never been interested in guys as a general rule. I prefer girls both in and out of the water. But there’s something about seeing a decent looking male in and underwater that kind of turns me on, especially if he’s deliberately holding his breath or something like that.

This guy had me strangely aroused. Apparently he liked to hold his breath a lot, something I sometimes dabbled in myself. Seeing his bulging cock indicated it was affecting him the same way it often affected me.

I was embarrassed the way my own cock was trying to show through my purple speedos. What’s more, I was sure he could tell I was becoming aroused. I bubbled as I continued on to the wall and surfaced.

I thought he was going to stay down and continue his breath-holding. But he surfaced right after I touched the wall. “Nice speedos,” he said with a knowing smile as he panted quietly.

I blushed, knowing he’d seen my bulge for sure. “I like yours too,” I replied self-consciously. “I like the color.” I didn’t tell him I liked it because it made his cock stand out even more when he was all turned on.

“They’re a little tight on me today,” he admitted sheepishly.

That appeared to be true. I could see his cock trying to peak out beyond the waistband. So I tried to change the subject.

I pointed at his watch and asked, “Have you been timing yourself?”

“So far I’ve been hitting around two minutes.”

“Not bad. What’s your best time?”

“I once made 4:05. Here at the pool I strive for about 3:00. How about you?”

I shook my head. “I haven’t timed myself lately.”

“Care to go down and breath-hold with me? I can time you if you want.”

My cock twitched in my speedos. I don’t know why it did that. And I don’t know why I smiled shyly as I told him, “Sure; why not?”

I nodded as he checked his watch. For some reason I’d become really aroused. Breath-holding with him while his cock peeked out of his suit almost felt like it was just a little too intimate.

He asked if I was ready. I nodded and he counted us down. Then we inhaled and submerged together.

We went down each side of the ladder while facing each other. He stopped when his knees were touching the pool floor as he grasped onto the ladder. I did the same.

I settled in for a nice, long one. But my eyes kept getting drawn to his bulge. The tip of his dick poked out above his waistband as though determined to introduce itself.

Strangely my cock was hard as a rock. I’ve been in the water with male friends before when we were growing up. But they never turned me on like most girls did.

I certainly never felt the same way around the guys in the water like I did with him. Because of his many visits I’d been having the occasional erotic thought about what would happen if he and I were to swim together. Now here we were… and I couldn’t get my damn cock to soften!

He looked at me and smiled, making me smile back. He pointed at his bulge and shrugged. Then he bubbled before heading back to the surface.

I surfaced a couple seconds later. “Sorry about that,” he confessed, looking down at himself as though indicating the problem. “I seem to be, uh… enjoying myself a little too much today. Maybe I should go.”

“You don’t have to go!” I blurted out. “I mean… you can if you need to. But you don’t have to leave on my account. I’m not offended in the slightest. In fact, I’m a little, uh… I’m a little hard myself.”

“So I’ve noticed,” he replied with a grin. “Does that mean we don’t have to worry about showing off our erections to each other anymore?”

“I’m ok with it if you are.”

“I’m glad of that. These things are really starting to get uncomfortable.”

He suddenly reached down and pulled his speedos down off his legs. I gasped as his cock sprang free. It looked like it was a little bigger than mine… maybe 6 1/2 or 7 inches.

I watched as his speedos sank to the pool floor. I only hesitated a moment. Then I quickly slid mine down off my legs as well, allowing my cock to breathe free.

I could say I did it because I didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable being the only one naked. But to be honest, I wanted to be naked too. Besides, my cock was also getting hard and uncomfortable in my suit.

I let my purple speedos sink to the pool floor. “Nice,” he said with a smile. “I see it affects you the same way it affects me.”

“Yes it does.” But I didn’t know whether he was talking about being in the water or if he was referring to being naked in the water with me.


“I’m ready. By the way: what’s your name?”

“My name is Alex.” I told him my name was Dean.

“Well, Dean. I suppose we’d better go underwater and enjoy this before you get more customers.”

He counted us down from three. Then we submerged together. We pulled ourselves to the bottom of the pool ladder onto our knees.

We held our breath like that for maybe a minute. Then Alex’s hand drifted down. He smiled as he caressed his erection.

I had to calm myself down; I was so unbelievably aroused. We held our breath on our knees while facing each other, releasing the occasional bubble. I finally started touching my cock too.

Alex stroked his dick so I stroked mine as well. It felt incredible. I had never been naked in front of the guys except in the showers after gym class. Now I was all turned on jerking my meat underwater with one of my customers.

It occurred to me we were kind of pushing our luck. I needed to get out of the pool and get dressed. Sooner or later I was bound to get another customer.

We both jerked until our lungs began to heave. I could tell he was running out of breath. But I was staying right with him.

We both held our breath for as long as we could. Empty lungs and chest convulsions sent me rocketing to the surface. Alex followed a few seconds later.

“That was 2:47 Dean. That was pretty good.” That’s when I thought I heard a car pull up outside.

“Customers coming. Damn! I need to get out.”

“I’d better put my suit back on,” he added with a smile.

We went down and quickly pulled our suits on. Then we returned to the surface. About that time I saw the door opening.

“Got to go, Alex. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for helping me vacuum.”

“Anytime, Dean.” Then I quickly climbed out of the pool to go deal with what looked like some 70 year old women wanting to soak in the warm water of our pool.

I didn’t get back into the water with Alex after that. More customers kept me busy. A half hour later he got out, showered and got dressed.

He walked by the counter and smiled at me. “I had a nice swim, Dean.”

“See you next time, Alex. Then he was gone. It made me wonder if he might come back on a day I worked and if the two of us would be able to sneak in another swim before any customers showed up.

2020 (written Sep 1 ’20 by riwa)

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