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Coming May rewards

The 2nd chapter to Emma’s trip to the Jersey shore
Black Widow is in peril
An outrageous pick-up line at a resort pool
The last chapter to the Ghost town hanging visitors
A woman is too eager for sex underwater and the possible perils
Another Teri 5.0 chapter
A woman’s attempt at love-bombing backfires in the pool
A couple makes a decision at the bottom of a pool
The next chapter to Joia, where things are getting serious
Three more as yet to be picked out/worked on.

March stories/rewards will fall off at the end of April to make room for May rewards.

I paid some taxes (for my coming old age), but the government sent a bunch of money back in that stimulus check. So thankfully that was a wash. Things are settling down here. Our weather is typical for spring: cold and snow, then warm days. I’m trying to watch my diet and get back into my routine after what happened back in February and then resting in March.

I’ve got some unfinished stories I’d like to get back to. But sometimes inspiration falters. I’ve found it’s best not to push things. But I can always go back to review and chew on a synopsis to keep it current. Sometimes doing that will trigger inspiration. So I’ll keep at it. In the meantime, I’m working at pumping out some smaller, picture-inspired stories for you. My thanks to all of you all for being my patrons.

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