One million views


Did you guys see the picture?

Which one are you talking about?

The one on the dark web? The one of the bitch lying in the doorway with her head missing? There’s blood all over!

I saw that one! Her head is missing. I can’t believe it!

Yeah, but did you see how many views that picture has gotten? It’s over 100,000.

For a headless corpse?? She’s got more followers than I got!

Not anymore, Oaklynn. You can’t follow someone who’s dead.

Yeah, but look at all the views she got just from lying in the doorway with her head cut off.

I wonder what went through her mind the moment she was beheaded.

The knife maybe?

That went through her neck, Jemma, not her head.

That’s crazy.

Yeah, but look at all the views she got! On my best day I never could get more than a few thousand!

So where are we all going for lunch?

Did you guys see the new one? She’s still got her iPhone in her hand!

That would be you, Blair. You can never part with your iPhone for a minute. You’re always checking to see who liked your pictures.

Yeah, but did you see how many views she got on her picture? She’s got more than that last girl lying in the doorway without her head!

You’re sick, Oaklynn. All you can think about are the views and followers.

Yeah, but she’s got way more than that other dead bitch. You know what that means? It means people like looking at those beheadings. I wonder who’s doing it.

Probably some sick asshole.

Yeah, but she’s got so many views now! I’ll bet she becomes more famous than that chick in the doorway!

Are you kidding me? Would you really want those kinds of views?

For a million views I might let him cut my head off.

Oaklynn, you’d be lucky if you ever reached 10,000.

Yeah, but I’d still be famous.

You’d be dead.

So are we going to the mall or not? I need a new pair of shoes.

Again? Camryn you just bought a pair yesterday!

Did you guys see? There’s another one. She looks like some secretary with all her papers scattered everywhere.

Poor bitch. I wonder who cut her head off. Did you see all that blood?

Where’s her head?

Maybe the guy took it.

How do you know it was a guy?

You think another bitch did that?

I’ve seen you when you get angry. There’s no telling what you might do.

Well, I certainly wouldn’t cut someone’s head off!

Would you do it for the views? She’s got more than those other two beheadings we saw. Just look at the total!

You think someone’s doing it for the views? You think they want to be famous?

This one’s got over 300,000. She’s more famous than I’ll ever be!

That’s because you’re always seeking validation, Oaklyn.

So are you, Blair!

Damn; just look at her. You think she saw it coming? Or was she caught from behind?

How could she lose a shoe like that?

Leave it to Camryn to be looking at the shoes and not the bloody neck stump.

I wonder what it felt like.

What what felt like, Oaklynn?

To be alive one moment and then to be falling over without your head the next.

How do you know she didn’t have her head when she fell? How do you know she wasn’t knocked onto the floor and beheaded right then and there?

I don’t know. I just wonder what it felt like is all. Just look at those views! She more famous than the others!

Is that all you can think about?

You’re the one who keeps posting pictures and looking to see who liked them or commented on them.

I can’t believe she’s got more views than those other two.

You suppose more people are checking in to see if the guy has chopped the head of another one?

Well we sure keep looking, don’t we?

Oh shut up, Blair.

Did you guys see the new one? A bitch in a leotard! This time you can see her head! Her ass is sticking up too!

Damn! That’s the fourth one so far.

Yeah, but did you see—

I saw the views, Oaklynn! She’s got more than the others. She’s at nearly half a million!

Wow! That’s a lot of views!

You’ll never reach that in a single picture, Oaklynn.

Says you.

What was she doing in a leotard? I can’t tell from the picture. She’s on a carpeted floor, so she wasn’t at no gym. Maybe it happened at her home.

That carpet will have to come up for sure. All that blood? It’s ruined. The floor below might even have to be replaced.

You think she saw it coming?

I don’t know. She pitched over onto her chest like the last one. Maybe she did and maybe she didn’t.

I wonder what it felt like. How long do you think she stayed conscious? You suppose she knew she was being beheaded?

I don’t know. All that blood loss? I’ll bet it wasn’t very long.

You think she was scared? You think she was excited? You think it happened fast or slow?

I don’t know. It gives me the creeps just thinking about it.

Yeah, but look at those views! Nearly 500,000! That’s insane! People are crazy!

Whoever’s doing this sure is getting popular.

Did you guys see? Did you see?? Blair was beheaded in her living room! Someone left her head on the couch!

I saw it; I saw it! I hadn’t heard from her for a couple of days! I can’t believe she’s gone!

Did you see the way the killer took a picture of her lying on the floor with her bare feet in view?

Wondering what happened to her shoes, Camryn? I saw you looking at that one pair she was wearing the other day. Jealous?

No, I was just… the view of her feet… the way she’s lying there like that… it’s just…

One thing’s for sure. She’s sure getting a lot of views. It says she’s over 650,000!

Thinking about views again, Oaklynn?

You know she loved the views too, Jemma. Hell, we all do! I see you posting on social media all the time.

I never thought one of us would be beheaded.

I certainly never thought it would be Blair.

See there? You can see through the bottom of her dress. It looks like she’s not wearing any underwear! You think she knew who her killer was?

What are you saying, Oaklynn? I thought you were the one focused on all the views.

Blair was too. Face it, Jemma; we’re all interested! Now she’s dead. Blair’s been beheaded… and she’s got over 650,000 views now that she’s gone!

That view of the way she’s lying there… her feet… the way she’s just… just lying there! You think she knew?

What are you suggesting, Camryn?

I’m not suggesting anything. I’m just… I don’t… She’s just lying there! And her head on the couch! She almost looks… looks like…

Looks like what?

I don’t know. Like… like she’s at peace or something.

That’s crazy! You think she did it deliberately?

Look at her dress! Look at the way her head is lying there! Look at the views!

You and your damned views, Oaklynn!

Did you see it? Jemma, did you see the recent picture that was posted??

I saw; I saw! I can’t believe it!

I can’t believe it either! Camryn was beheaded! That’s a picture of her lying somewhere in a ditch!

There’s no blood in the picture. I think her body was moved.

Did you see the way her head was just lying there? Did you see the way her arms and legs were spread out? That’s… that’s just… I can’t believe it!

First Blair and now Camryn!

Did you see the views?

I saw the damn views, Oaklynn. She’s got over 772,000.

She’s certainly got more than Blair. Hell, she’s even got more than those other bitches.

You think that’s something to be proud of?

So many eyes on her picture, Jemma! So many views. She’s famous now. She finally got the views she was looking for.

You really think so?

Think about it! The body was obviously moved. There’s no blood like there was in a couple of those other pictures. I think she knew her killer, just like Blair.

That’s idiotic!

Don’t you think she and Blair were jealous over the view count?

No, I don’t… at least… I don’t think… Oaklynn, that’s insane!

Is it? We all post to get likes and views and followers. I’ve never done anything that has generated that many views before. Have you?

Of course not. It’s just that I can’t believe Blair and Camryn were crazy enough to go out and purposely find some guy who loves to chop off stupid bitches’ heads!

You’re telling me those views mean nothing to you?

Absolutely nothing.

All that attention… all that validation?

For lying there dead with your head lying there like that? Oaklynn, don’t be absurd!

I’ve never done anything to generate that amount of views. You haven’t either, no matter how hard you’ve tried. And I know you try pretty damned hard, Jemma. Don’t try to deny it!

Shut the fuck up!

Hey, Jemma; where you going? Don’t be mad! I like the views too! Come back! Hey, don’t leave mad! Don’t you want to go to the mall later?

I can’t believe it! I can’t fucking believe it! Jemma was beheaded yesterday! There’s a picture of her lying on a towel! Some guy’s hands are in the picture as though maybe he’s posing her.

 I don’t see her head anywhere. But there’s some blood on the towel. There’s not a lot though. I wonder if he killed her and then moved her body.

 It’s crazy! It looks like he’s setting her up in a pose. And look at those views! 892,000! She’s got more than Blair and Camryn! That’s crazy!

 How did it happen? Did she meet up with someone? The picture shows she’s in her bikini. She didn’t talk to me all day yesterday and she didn’t text me even once. I thought maybe she was mad at me. But I never expected her to wind up dead!

 Just look at her! And look at all those views! She might reach a million in another day or two. Hell, the views on all those dead bitches are going up. But right now Jemma leads them all! Just look at all those views!

 I wonder what it felt like. Did she know it was going to happen? Was she looking right at him when he did it? Did he use a knife? An axe maybe? A machete?

 She’s famous now. They’re all famous. And I’m nothing… a nobody. I couldn’t get near that many views.


 I wonder. Is it possible? Could I meet the man who did all this? After all, Blair, Camryn and Jemma did. I wonder what it would feel like. What’s it like knowing you’re about to lose your head?

 I don’t know. It’s crazy. But I’m kind of… it’s crazy! What am I thinking about?? I don’t know. In a way it’s kind of… no, that’s stupid, Oaklynn. It’s not that hot, is it??

 But it sure feels like it. I keep going back and looking at all those pictures. I wonder…

 Oh damn; I’m late! I’ve got to be going now! Thor’s waiting for me down at the beach. I hope today’s the day he’s going to propose…………………



2020 (written May 23 ’20 by riwa)

(Inspired by Thor’s manips)

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