A night to remember 7


A night to remember 7: Snuffing the bitches

Mistress and my wife came over to the table long enough to sip on something refreshing as their two charges started to come around. “Why don’t you get your bitch ready, my dear?” Chastity suggested with a wicked smile. “I think it’s time for the main event. I’m so looking forward to this. In the meantime I’ll get my bitch ready so she can more properly appreciate my good will.”

I watched as Mistress went back over and pulled the whip handle out of Carmen’s ass. “I guess we can dispense with this… for now,” she added, a note of warning in her tone as though there might be more to come.

She placed it on the nearby wheeled table. Then she reached for one of the nipple clamps still attached to her trembling captive. The Latina inhaled sharply as though knowing what was coming.

She whimpered as one clip and then the other was unclamped from her tits. For a second there I thought she was going to pass out from the pain. But she didn’t.

Chastity placed the chain and weights on the table before working on freeing her from the crotch rope. Carmen was finally released from her painful, strangling coils. She gasped as though now fully able to catch her breath. However her legs remained separated by the spreader bar, which Mistress left in place.

Across the room I saw my wife calmly walk over and carefully remove the plug from Sophia’s ass, placing it on the table of implements. Next, she closed the section of floor over the water, indicating her forced breath-holding was over. Lastly she began releasing the French girl from her bondage to the body board.

The blonde moaned softly. I noticed the way Carmen and Chastity paid attention as Monique released Sophia, allowing her to sit upright. “Feeling better now, honey?” my wife asked considerately. The blonde nodded.

“Good,” she smiled cruelly. “Because now we’re going to hang you.”

She roughly pulled the French girl’s arms behind her back, crossing them over each other. She secured them together to make her tits jut out more. Sophia looked at her former Mistress in alarm, grunting with each pull on the rope to her arms. Carmen was noticeably alarmed as her assistant started to hyperventilate.

Chastity grinned wickedly, enjoying the anticipation. “This is the best part,” Mistress said into the Latina’s ear, although we could all hear her words. “Now you get to watch us snuff your slutty little submissive. I know you’ve been wanting to do this to her for a long time. But don’t worry. We’ll see she hangs proud and proper for you. After all, we want you to enjoy the show, compliments of yours truly.”

Carmen gasped as the French blonde whimpered from the knowledge of her impending demise. My wife calmly continued tying her arms behind her back. She cooed softly at her, talking to her casually. I don’t think her running commentary helped the poor thing much…

“You don’t know much I’m looking forward to this, honey. I can’t wait to get you up into the air. I bet you’re going to put on one hell of a show for us and your bitch Mistress; am I right?”

“Won’t this be nice? One last erotic performance for Carmen, hmmm? You will make it good for her, won’t you? Oh, honey; I’m sure you will. You’re going to kick like a fucking whore for all of us; aren’t you, sweetie? Then you’re going to die like a fucking whore. What a rush that’s going to be!”

Monique finished before pushing her charge off the body board. Sophia stumbled forward, her eyes wide in horror as though she didn’t know what to say. Her former Mistress looked at her helplessly as Chastity nudged her with a wicked grin.

“Looking forward to watching your sub hang? Come on now, bitch; admit it. You want to see every bit as much as I do.”

“Wait here,” Monique ordered, stopping the French girl a few steps from her former boss. “Don’t move.” Sophia did as she was ordered, too numb with shock to go anywhere.

My wife walked over to a panel on the wall and pushed a button. The ceiling panel directly above the blonde suddenly slid open, getting everyone’s attention. There was a hum from some machine as a ready-made noose slowly descended until it stopped right in front of Sophia’s head, framing her face.

She gasped and whimpered as my wife walked back over to her. Her former Mistress started panting heavily as she stood right in front of her. “Beautiful, isn’t it?” Chastity purred at Carmen, caressing her quivering tits. “Such a lovely noose, don’t you think? I do believe your playmate was made for it, wouldn’t you agree? She’s going to look so fucking hot as she dances on air for us.”

Monique came up behind Sophia. She reached around and groped her heaving tits. Sophia’s nipples were painfully hard from what I suspect was anxiety over her pending fate.

“Does the condemned have any last words?” my wife purred at her.

Before there was any answer, she reached down and fingered the poor woman’s glistening snatch. Sophia whimpered, stiffening as fingers violated her cunt. But she said nothing.

My wife moaned excitedly, her eyes glistening. “Honey, you seem rather excited about all this. Does this turn you on?”

She gleefully probed the blonde’s dripping twat. Sophia writhed and moaned. But she didn’t try to resist.

My wife pulled her wet fingers up to her mouth, tasting the woman’s fluids. “Absolutely delicious,” she observed. “I suspect your death-cum is going to taste even better.”

She winked at an alarmed, trembling Carmen. “And what about you, bitch? Honey, you look wet as hell. Are you sure you’re not as turned on by all this as I am… as we both are?” That last was directed at a smiling Mistress Chastity.

Mistress grinned at my wife as she reached down to finger the Latina’s wet cunt while groping her breast with a free hand. Carmen moaned softly, writhing as though trying to squeeze her thighs together. Chastity chuckled as she pulled her fingers up to her mouth and tasted her captive’s arousal.

“Oh, she’s excited all right, my pretty,” she told the executrix of the club. “This one can’t wait to watch her little submissive swing. Can you, honey?”

“Perhaps she’d like a last request?” Monique suggested, acknowledging Carmen with a sly grin.

She placed her hand on Sophia’s back. Then she pushed her to the floor. “KNEEL, BITCH!”

The French girl dropped to her knees. She was facing her former Mistress’ dripping pussy. My wife leaned close to her ear. But what she said was loud enough for the rest of us to hear.

“Lick that cunt, bitch. Make her cum one last time for old time’s sake. Let’s see how you used to please your Mistress, you little whore.”

There was a look of gratitude in her glistening eyes as Sophia moved forward on her knees. She moved directly in front of Carmen’s wet snatch. She panted heavily onto the cunt she had no doubt licked so many times before.

She leaned forward, her tongue gently probing and flicking outward. Carmen closed her eyes as the tongue lovingly lapped up her dripping fluids. She let out a sigh as Mistress and my wife watched with great excitement. Even I was aroused as I leaned forward to witness the erotic event.

Sophia took her sweet time, licking, lapping and probing with loving gentleness. She wasn’t the least bit concerned Monique or Chastity might get angry with her deliberate slowness. After all, what could they do to her now? They had already declared they were going to hang her.

Carmen gasped and then started to tremble, moaning softly at the tongue-lashing she was receiving. Sophia picked up the pace. Mistress and my wife allowing her to work unimpeded. They were just as turned on watching her as I was.

The Latina stiffened and then started to shudder. “More,” my wife purred at Sophia. The French girl vigorously poked her tongue into Carmen’s dripping twat.

Carmen let out a cry as her body instinctively began humping against her submissive’s face. “Harder!” my wife demanded, grabbing Sophia’s head and mashing it into her former dom’s crotch. “Make her cum again, slut!!”

Chastity wanted to take part as well. She wrapped her hands around the Latina’s neck and started choking her. “Cum for us, bitch. Cum for us all. Cum for your slut, you fucking whore!”

Carmen gurgled… rasped for breath… started to shudder. Her orgasmic cry was cut off as Mistress throttled her with her hands. Sophia’s face was soon drenched as the Latina sprayed her from her climax.

“Excellent!” Chastity gasped excitedly as she let go, allowing Carmen to gasp for breath. “Now what do you say to your little whore, bitch?”

The Latina looked down with love and affection at her assistant. “Thank you, baby,” she murmured appreciatively. “Thank you so very much.”

The way she said it told me there was much more behind those words than a simple ‘thank you’. Perhaps she was thanking her for all her years of service. But I didn’t ask, so I’ll never know for sure.

Sophia smiled through the tears in her eyes. They were tears of gratitude at being able to get her former Mistress off one last time. Then Monique roughly pulled her to her feet.

My wife centered her back in front of the noose. “Time to die, my pretty.” The French girl gasped, her chest rising and falling with each labored breath.

Monique looped the noose around Sophia’s neck. The blonde instinctively gasped with understandable fright. My wife snugged the knot under her left ear, making sure it was tight.

When she was done she walked over to the panel of controls on the wall. The French girl panted heavily, but said nothing. She just stood there as though determined to be as brave as possible.

“Toes please,” Mistress called over to my wife. Monique nodded in acknowledgement. She made some adjustments until I heard the hum of the machine again.

Sophia gasped as the noose tightened around her neck. It gently lifted her up onto her toes before halting its progress. The doomed submissive coughed and whimpered, her body trembling as she began to shuffle around.

It looked like she was attempting to find a better position to allow more air down her windpipe. But there was no ‘better position’. She tried to appear resigned, but the noose was eliciting a delicious element of fear in her features.

“These two bitches like to share everything,” Mistress called over to my wife. “My dear, would you be so kind?”

With a wicked grin of acknowledgement, my wife hit another set of controls. There was another hum. That’s when a ceiling panel opened up directly over Carmen’s head, causing everyone to look up.

A moment later a second noose came inching down until it touched the Latina’s head. Carmen gasped and moaned. Her submissive whimpered in alarm, her eyes wide with the knowledge both of them were going to hang together.

“The last one to go will get to watch the other one hang before her.”

Chastity gleefully took the noose and tenderly looped it over the Latina’s head. Carmen had no words of defiance, no smart remark. Her breathing was heavy and labored as her nipples protruded painfully, indicating her fearful arousal.

Mistress proceeded to release Carmen’s arms from the ropes tying them upward toward the ceiling. Then she crossed them behind her back, tying them the same way my wife had secured Sophia. The captive women looked at each other all wide-eyed and panting heavily, their cunts dripping shamefully. The scene was making me hard all over again.

“Look at her, baby,” Mistress cooed at Carmen, seductively caressing her breasts as she glanced over at a trembling Sophia. “She’s ready to hang for you now. Doesn’t she look sexy? Don’t you just love seeing that noose making sweet love to her neck? Doesn’t it make you want to pull her up into the air yourself, just so she can kick up a storm for you?”

Carmen moaned softly as Sophia gasped and gurgled. The French girl was still shuffling around on her toes. Her eyes were wide in alarm.

Chastity seemed to enjoy verbally prolonging the moment. “You want her to hang, don’t you? You need to see her hang; am I right? You desperately want that sexy slut to die in the noose, don’t you? Admit it to us all, honey. Tell us you want her to hang.”

The Latina whimpered as she squirmed uncomfortably. I could see it in her eyes. She was torn between her affection for her assistant and her deepest, darkest desire.

Personally I don’t think it mattered what she wanted. I was certain Chastity was going to hang them both anyway. Mistress was simply playing things out while savoring the moment.

“Tell us, honey,” Mistress purred cruelly at her. My wife was looking on with sadistic glee from her position over by the controls. She also seemed to be enjoying the mind rape.

“…tell us you want to watch her hang. Tell us it’s your greatest desire. After all; why should she care? She’s your submissive, trained to carry out your every whim even if it means dying for you. She’s ready, honey; just look at her. She’s squirming with erotic anticipation. Now tell us how bad you want to see her hang.”

Carmen moaned again. She hesitated as she looked into Sophia’s eyes. Was she that torn between her fondness for the woman versus her perverse desire to see her kick up a jig?

“TELL US, DAMN YOU!” Then Chastity pulled hard on Carmen’s nipples. It made her flinch and yelp.


The Latina shamefully lowered her gaze, whimpering softly in defeat. She was totally broken. There were tears in her eyes.

“Yes,” she murmured. “It’s what I want. God forgive me; it’s what I want.”

Sophia’s eyes flew open at the revelation. She looked like she was trembling like mad. For a second I thought she was going to orgasm right there on the spot.

“You want her to hang?” Chastity questioned, taunting her trembling captive.

“Yes, I want her to hang.”

“You want her to kick and dance for you?”

“Yes… yes I do.”

“You want her to die in the noose like a fucking whore, is that right?”

Carmen appeared to be trembling like crazy. She looked right at her former submissive. She seemed to get some of her voice back.

“I want to watch her hang. I want to watch her kick. I want to watch her suffer in the noose like the whore she is.”

Sophia’s eyes were open wide, her chest heaving. I suspect somewhere deep down she was terribly aroused over the fact her Mistress wanted to see her kick and swing. Carmen wanted to see her dance in the noose, even if it meant giving up her very life.

“Give the command,” Chastity purred at her. “I want you to give the command. Give the command and we’ll send her to the corner of Death Drive and Orgasm Alley! That’s such a wonderful corner; wouldn’t you agree?”

“Just look at her! You can tell she’s going to cum so fucking hard dancing for you as she dies; am I right? LOOK at her! She’s so excited she can hardly stand it! Give us the command, honey! Tell us and we’ll hang the slut for you!”

Carmen moaned softly. She bit her lip as she looked into the eyes of her submissive. Surely she knew they were going to hang her blonde assistant anyway.

She spoke in a voice so low I could barely hear her. “Hang her; hang her now.” An instant later Monique powered the controls. Sophia was abruptly lifted up off the floor, her feet fluttering mere inches above solid footing.

Her eyes flew open in astonishment as she realized she was now suspended in the air by her neck. Her feet fluttered harder for something firm underneath her. Then she began to jerk in the noose, setting her to swaying back and forth. That’s when Sophia launched into her devil’s dance, her legs going every which way as she fought to breathe… fought to live.

I caught sight of Mistress as she furiously fingered herself with one hand. The other she used to cruelly finger Carmen’s wet twat as the Latina whimpered and moaned. My wife was fingering herself like crazy as she watched from over by the controls.

“Yeah, bitch; dance for us!” Chastity gasped appreciatively. “Hang for us, cunt! Cum for us and die, you fucking slut! Cum like a good little slut and hang for us! Fuck – fuck – fuck!”

She turned toward Carmen and gasped, “This is what you wanted to see, isn’t it? Doesn’t she look so fucking sexy hanging to death like that? I fucking love it!” Then she turned toward the French woman and cried out, “Dance for us, bitch! Dance for your former Mistress!”

It was so erotic that I couldn’t help sitting there stroking my cock. I figured no one would care anyway. That’s when Chastity noticed me.

“My dear boy; where are my manners? By all means… come on over and give the slut a flying fuck! Let her feel a man’s cock for the very last time!”

I sprang up from my place at the table, not wanting the French slut to die too quickly. She was swinging and kicking as I approached. Her legs banged against me as she danced uncontrollably.

I grabbed them and pulled them on either side of my body. Then I found her wet cunt with my throbbing manhood. That’s when I slid my dick hard up her juicy twat.

Sophia gasped and gurgled as she instinctively wrapped her legs around me. She was lifting herself up in an attempt to relieve the tension around her neck. But she slipped back down, impaling herself fully on my cock.

She tried lifting herself up again, but she slid back down. She violently clenched around my shaft as she rode me. She ended up fucking me with absolutely no action on my part whatsoever.

She kept trying to rise up to get a breath, only to slip back down, fully impaling herself on my shaft. I felt her muscles clamp hard around my swelling erection. But I don’t think wasn’t all just from trying to lift herself up for air.

Perhaps she sensed I would be her last fuck. On some subconscious level maybe she was taking full advantage of that. It felt like she was trying to get me off while fighting for each little breath.

I heard Mistress call out to my wife. “Be a dear and help your husband give this slut the last brutal fucking of her pitiful life.”

Monique nodded before striding over to a closet. I saw her reach in for something. What she pulled out was a large black strap-on.

She quickly attached it around her waist. Then she came up to the dangling French girl from behind. She found Sophia’s asshole before thrusting hard up into it.

The blonde jerked as she let out a gurgle. Her eyes rolled as we double-teamed her. “Fuck, that’s hot!” I heard Mistress gasp from somewhere behind me.

She turned to Carmen and said, “Watch them fuck the hell out of your submissive one last time while she’s strung up, baby!” I heard Carmen whimper in reply. But I didn’t have a good view of her face, being as how she was behind me.

My wife excitedly gasped, “C’mon, baby; let’s fuck this slut!” A moment later Sophia found herself bouncing up and down on my cock and Monique’s strap-on. She gasped and gurgled as her eyes rolled again.

Drool trickled out of her open mouth. It splattered onto her tits as her face went red. She shuddered hard as though she couldn’t stop cumming.

I felt her pussy clamp so hard onto my cock that I thought she was never going to let go. That’s when I erupted into her spasming cunt. I ended up filling her hot fuck-box with my spunk.

I was just pulling out of her when the bitch went into seizures. She shuddered hard before spraying me, totally soaking me with her fluids. “Oh, fuck; she’s cumming!” I heard Mistress gasp behind me. “That is so fucking hot!”

I stepped away, my legs and crotch dripping wet. My wife just giggled at me. She thought it was funny as hell.

She pulled out until Sophia was left to dangle. “I think she’s still alive,” Monique observed thoughtfully. She had a blissful smile on her face as she rubbed the dangling blonde’s naked, quivering body.

Upon closer observation she added, “You know? I think she has a little fight left in her.”

“Then fuck it out of her with this,” Mistress told her, handing her a long, black night stick. She sadistically cooed into Carmen’s ear, “This is gonna be so fucking good!”

The Latina appeared to be trembling like crazy. Her eyes were open wide as her chest rose and fell. That’s when my wife stepped forward and smiled before centering the end of the night stick against Sophia’s ass.

“Time to die,” she gasped breathlessly. “Let’s see how close you are.”

She thrust the nightstick up into her ass good and hard. Sophia jerked and gurgled as her eyes flew open wide. It was clear she had fully experienced the insertion.

“Hit her again!” Chastity demanded. Once more my wife thrust it up nice and hard. Sophia gawked and spasmed.

Her face began to turn a nasty shade of purple. I saw Carmen watching with tears in her eyes. “Once more, baby!” Mistress urged.

Monique really thrust hard. The French girl jerked, convulsing spasmodically before spraying the floor with her fluids. A moment later her bladder gave way.

She really peed all over her legs. Urine dripped off her feet as she gurgled softly. Then she appeared to relax in the noose.

“Fuck!” Chastity gasped.

Mistress appeared to shudder hard as she thrust her fingers up into her own cunt. At the same time I saw Carmen cum hard, her eyes rolling as tears streaked down her cheeks. My wife sighed with orgasmic pleasure.

Monique stuck a couple of fingers into the dangling blonde’s twat. It twitched and spasmed reflexively in death. Then my wife brought her fingers up to her mouth for a taste.

“Death cum,” she murmured appreciatively, savoring the flavor. “The best cum ever. Gawd, that tastes so fucking good!”

Mistress also stepped forward, cruelly thrusting her fingers up into the dead woman’s twat. She wanted a taste for herself. “Gawd, that IS good!” she breathed, sighing in rapture after licking her fingers off.

She stuck her fingers back into the dying, quivering snatch before turning and offering them to Carmen. “Here you go, honey. After all, she gave this up for you. You’re certainly entitled to a taste.”

Carmen hesitated only a moment before reluctantly opening her mouth. Chastity stuck her fingers right in. For a second I was afraid the bitch was going to bite them off.

The Latina closed her mouth over the fingers. Then she closed her eyes as though savoring the taste of her dead submissive’s cum. More tears appeared in her eyes.

“Now it’s your turn,” Mistress told her, suddenly all business again. “But first I’ve got something for you.”

She walked over to the nearby table where she picked up a wooden pole with a long, thick dildo on the end. She brought it over to the Latina, waving it in front of her face. She grinned as she panted, “You wanna guess where this is going?”

Carmen raised herself up proudly as Chastity moved behind her. Then she cried out, wincing and clenching her teeth as the business end was shoved hard up her ass. The other end was attached to a connection in the middle of the spreader bar.

“All set?” she asked, rubbing Carmen’s tits while fingering her hard nipples. “Time for you to join your slut in death. You WILL be a good girl and fuck your own ass as you hang to death, won’t you?”

She chuckled as she smiled cruelly at her. But Carmen said nothing. She just panted heavily as though trying to catch her breath.

“You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this moment. I just LOVE breaking bitches like you. Snuffing another dom REALLY gets me off.” Carmen panted for breath, but she didn’t utter a word.

Chastity moved in closer as though she had a secret to share. “You know something? I know bitches like you. Deep down you really want it too, don’t you. You may enjoy taking it out on submissive little sluts. But your deepest, darkest desire is to face what you relegate to others, isn’t it?”

Mistress purred as she caressed her cheek. “I can tell you want to hang because you’re ready to explode, aren’t you. You’ve been growing more excited ever since you lost our card game, haven’t you? Baby, this is going to be the best orgasm of your pitifully short existence!”

Carmen was almost hyperventilating as her chest rose and fell. Her nipples were really hard as her cunt dripped copious amounts of her arousal. That’s when I wondered how right Mistress might be. She certainly had insights into other females that I clearly did not.

Monique had already moved over to the controls. She was eagerly waiting for the command that would send the former dom to oblivion. Chastity was so filled with excitement that I thought she was going to burst.

She purred, “You want this; don’t you, honey? Deep down you fucking want this! You want to follow your slut by dancing your life away into the great beyond; am I right? I want it too, cunt! So let’s give each other what we both want, shall we?”

Mistress lovingly rubbed the panting woman’s chest, unable to hide her enthusiasm. “One last humiliation; how does that sound? This one shouldn’t be too hard, not for a bitch like you who’s about to face her greatest fantasy. Just tell me you want to hang.”

Carmen looked at Mistress uncertainly. She seemed frightened enough. But she also appeared to be shamefully aroused.

“C’mon, bitch. Tell us all how badly you want it. Ask me to hang your worthless ass, just like we snuffed your submissive little slut. Tell us you want it.”

Carmen’s lips quivering as she trembled where she stood. Her face flushed red with shame. She lowered her head, shaking it as tears filled her eyes.

“Don’t lie to me, bitch! Let me hear you say it! You’ve seen us hang your submissive. Now tell us what you really want.”

Carmen shook her head again. There were more tears. Mistress slapped her face hard.

“Admit it, bitch! Admit you want this!”

“N-n-no… yes,” she finally muttered. “Yes; damn you. I w-want this.”

“Say it! Beg me like the fucking whore I know you to be!”

Carmen looked at Sophia with tears in her eyes. Did she want it as punishment for enjoying seeing her submissive hang? Or did she want it because of her own dark desires?

“Hang me, damn you. You want me to say the words?  Lift me up into the air and hang me, you cunt!” She’d reached down deep and discovered a little pool of defiance still remaining within herself.

“Hang for me, you fucking whore!” The words of Mistress Chastity were Monique’s cue.

I heard the hum of the machine. Carmen was pulled up off the floor by at least a couple of feet. Her eyes flew open at the pain that increased a hundredfold around her throat.

Mistress immediately took a couple of steps back. She wanted to fully take in the woman’s performance. Monique came over and stood next to her.

At first Carmen hung limp and lifeless. She grimaced in agony. “She’s fighting it,” Monique observed. “She’s still trying to be defiant.”

“She’ll give in any moment now,” Mistress murmured confidently in reply.

I swear Carmen tried her best. She rasped as her feet fluttered for solid ground. “Here it comes,” Chastity gasped breathlessly.

A moment later Carmen started jerking, her legs trying to kick. She gawked as her thrashing legs forced the dildo hard up her ass. That only caused her body to jerk and sway even more.

“Dance, you sexy cunt! Rape your own ass!” Mistress was enthralled.

The harder Carmen tried to control herself, the more she kicked with her legs. It wasn’t long until she was wildly thrashing about. She fought the noose hard as she mercilessly rammed the dildo deep into her rectum.

“She’s raping her own ass!” Monique gasped in awe.

“She’s making herself suffer,” Mistress observed. “Hang for us, bitch! Rape that ass as you dance for us! Give us that delicious death cum!”

Carmen’s agony seemed to intensify. She struggled harder in the noose. Then she thrust her hips forward as she fucked her own ass.

My wife breathlessly asked, “Is she… is she…?”

“Yes, she is!” Chastity nodded enthusiastically. “She’s cumming! I knew it! Fuck yourself up the ass as you hang to death! Die, cunt; DIE!”

Mistress and Monique furiously fingered their twats as they watched. “She’s giving us one hell of a show!” my wife breathed excitedly. I thought she was going to cum any moment.

“Hang for me, bitch!” Chastity gasped eagerly. “Fuck that shit-hole of yours, you sexy cunt! Rape your ass and die! Hang, you fucking whore! Now that’s the show I came to see! Hang for us and die, bitch!”

I don’t think Carmen meant to give such a commanding performance. It was a testament to her character and personality that she fought so long and hard. But her dance of death was incredible to watch.

It was amazing the way she brutally fucked her ass. She kept trying to kick herself up for a breath in a futile attempt to loosen the noose around her neck. Then she gurgled as she tried to bring her legs up, spraying the floor with her cum.

Mistress and Monique both climaxed hard upon seeing her fluids. They gasped and squealed with unadulterated glee. Both of them furiously fingered themselves.

Carmen didn’t acknowledge them at all. She simply fought the coil around her throat until her face went red. I soon noticed her neck starting to stretch.

She suddenly went limp in the noose, although clearly she was still alive. My wife rushed forward. Then she buried her face in the woman’s crotch while licking her cunt.

It wasn’t long before the Club’s owner was right there with her. Monique moved aside, allowing Mistress a taste. Carmen quivered as though she could actually feel their tongues in her twat.

“Delicious, isn’t it?” Monique gasped deliriously. Then the executrix of the Club walked over and picked up another night stick. She handed it over to Chastity, telling her “with my compliments.”

“How thoughtful of you, my dear,” Mistress acknowledged gratefully. “You might want to stand back for this though.” Then she thrust the night stick hard up Carmen’s dripping cunt.

The Latina jerked violently. Then she came alive again as though somehow accessing reserves she never knew she had. She began to kick and jerk once more, grunting and gurgling as she drove the dildo deep in her ass.

She finally exhausted herself, going limp in the noose. Her body tiredly swayed back and forth. Sporadic muscles twitched as her toes fluttered ever so slightly.

Chastity stepped forward, once more ramming the baton up Carmen’s wet snatch. The Latina jerked and twitched, her body shuddering. Mistress thrust up again and again until it seemed to loosen more orgasmic fluids still remaining inside her.

Carmen shuddered as her pussy sprayed. A moment later her bladder gave way. Urine trickled down the baton, streaming down her left leg to drip onto the floor. It left matching puddles underneath her and her dead submissive.

Mistress stepped back and sighed heavily, admiring her handiwork. Monique stood nearby murmuring “What a fucking whore! She came and went like a fucking whore! Gawd; what a rush!”

“You were right in your decision,” Chastity told my wife breathlessly, patting her shoulder. “The dom should always get a higher place of honor. I’m glad you hung her well off the floor.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” my wife acknowledged with a bow.

Monique panted for breath as she began to tremble. “Mistress; I need to cum again.”

“I do too, my pretty.” That’s when they both turned and looked at me like a couple of sharks eyeing a young sea lion for lunch.

I ended up flat on my back as they took turns fucking me. One rode my cock while the other smothered my face with her dripping pussy. As we fucked on the floor, the naked bodies of Carmen and Sophia hung like silent watchmen, overseeing our orgy with lifeless eyes.

Every time Chastity and Monique looked up at them it seemed to fill them with maniacal enthusiasm. “LOOK AT ‘EM HONEY!” Mistress would gasp. “THEY ARE SO FUCKING DEAD! BOTH UF THEM WERE FUCKED UP THE ASS WHILE THEY HANGED! NOW THEY ARE SO FUCKING DEAD! GAWD; I’M CUMMING AGAIN!” Then the two of them would go back to riding me, screaming out from orgasm after orgasm until they finally wore me out.


Both bodies were incinerated. The ashes were used to fertilize the flowers and ferns growing around the property.

I found out later that Carmen had been diagnosed with an incurable disease. The poker game was her idea. Her dying wish was to enjoy snuffing Mistress and my wife. If that failed, she was willing for her and her submissive to be snuffed at Chastity’s pleasure.

Perhaps she did not want Sophia to witness her deterioration over a long, debilitating illness. Maybe she truly did want to watch her submissive die, albeit by the hands of another. I could tell from her body language that night that she truly enjoyed watching her slut hang.

I doubt she wanted to admit that to anyone, certainly not the three of us in the room. It must have been terribly humiliating, enjoying Sophia’s hanging in front of us. But I sensed she welcomed the humiliation as nothing more than what she felt she deserved.

Whether Sophia knew about the plot or not I’ll never know. Her willingness to die for her Mistress was truly admirable… and quite arousing. She really was a snuff-whore. But in all honesty, so was Carmen.

I still have fond memories of that incredible night…

2010; 2020 (written Oct 2 ’10; ed. May 10 ‘20 by riwa)

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