Ricky’s revenge


Ricky got a job as a groundskeeper. It turned out to be the best – and worst – job of his young life.

The Johnsons had two spoiled daughters, Elizabeth and Rebekah, who went by Beth and Becky. Elizabeth the brunette was going to be a sophomore at a prestigious school back East. Rebekah the dirty blonde was starting the fall as a freshman.

Both sisters had many suitors and orbiters. They also shamelessly rode the cock carousel. But for some reason Ricky was not invited to be a part of their harem.

They really enjoyed taunting and teasing him. They would often sunbathe nude out by the pool where he could see them. They delighted in seeing just how much of a bulge developed in his shorts before calling him a pervert.

They were merciless, dropping things into the bottom of the deep end of the pool and then making poor Ricky jump in and fetch them. And they were always playing hard to get. They would lure him close and then drive him away with a cruel laugh, telling him he was no match for their other admirers.

They once lured him to go skinny-dipping with them. They wore flesh-colored outfits under their bikinis, which he did not discover until it was too late. Then they climbed out of the water and laughed at him at the very moment their friends arrived for a pool party they’d made sure not to tell him about. Ricky left the pool embarrassed and humiliated.

Another time, they sent him to the gardener’s shed to fetch a spray to kill some weeds they’d discovered. They told him they would tell their father if he didn’t take care of it right away. But when he got to the shed and opened it up, he was overcome with fumes from a bottle the girls had deliberately left open. He was found a half hour later by their father.

Ricky was given a good dressing down for leaving bottles open to potentially noxious fumes. Once more he was totally humiliated. But it was pretty obvious who had set him up.

Summer was drawing to a close. The girls did all they could to make life miserable for him when they weren’t out dating or riding the cock carousel. It didn’t help matters any when the Johnsons went away on vacation. He was ultimately left alone on the grounds at the mercy of their cruel daughters.

The last straw was when the sisters made him strip for them while they were reclining in their swim suits on patio loungers. They made him work nude upon threat of making up some allegation that would get him fired. They even made him jump into the pool naked in order to fetch things they deliberately threw in for him to retrieve.

After a while Ricky managed to get away from them for a few minutes. He’d finally reached his breaking point. He went and retrieved a white cloth, soaking it with the chemical that had made him unconscious earlier that summer. Then he hid it nearby.

He went back to fetch Elizabeth, telling her Tony had arrived and wanted to see her. Supposedly he had tickets to a play she’d been trying to attend for weeks. But it had been sold out, and daddy had not been able to get her seats despite her whiny protests.

Beth smiled at her sister Becky when she heard Tony was on the grounds. “Guess what? I’m going to that play after all!”

Rebekah instantly became jealous. “You lucky bitch! I want to go too!”

Elizabeth grinned sadistically at their groundskeeper. “Let’s go, naked boy.”

“Go where?” Ricky wanted to know.

“You’re taking me back to where Tony is waiting for me, remember?”

“You mean naked?? Like this??”

“Unless you don’t want to work here anymore once daddy gets back.” Elizabeth was cruel, smug and arrogant.

Ricky sighed as he led her back toward the house, still naked with his cock at half-staff. But before he got her there, he dipped behind a bush and retrieved the cloth he’d hidden. Quick as a wink, he forced it against Elizabeth’s face.

She let out a muffled cry of surprise. But the fumes were too noxious. Within moments she’d collapsed onto the ground and was out like a light.

Ricky headed back to the pool area. There was one other sister to deal with. When he got there he saw Rebekah pouting on her patio lounger.

“Where’s Beth?”

“She’s with Tony.”

“Did he have an extra ticket for me?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t stick around long enough to find out.”

She scowled as she noticed the white rag in his hand. “What’s with the cloth?”

“Elizabeth told me to wipe down her lounger. She wanted it nice and clean before she returned.”

Becky laughed cruelly. “Wipe it down good, Ricky,” she said as she began removing her swimsuit. “Be a good boy, and I might even let you cast your eyes on the goodies.”

He rolled his eyes as he shook his head. She deliberately shed her suit right in front of him. She wanted to see what kind of an erection she could give him.

He made a show of getting ready to wipe down the lounger Elizabeth had been lying upon. But he kept looking over at Rebekah. His cock stiffened at the glorious, naked sight before him.

Becky caught him gawking. She grinned at having made his cock hard. Then her face clouded as she snorted, “What are you looking at, asshole? Wipe down Beth’s lounger and then get back to work!”

Ricky suddenly lunged at her with the cloth in hand. He pushed it hard against her face. Before she realized what was happening, it was too late. Her muffled cry became a groan as she passed out in the lounger.

After she’d become unconscious, Ricky took a good look at her nudity. It really made his cock swell with arousal. Then he remembered the plan he was setting in motion.

He went back and retrieved Elizabeth’s body. He carried her over and placed her back into her patio lounger. Then he went to the gardener’s shed.

He retrieved several lengths of rope. Then he returned to the two unconscious sisters. He secured their ankles to the bottom legs of the patio loungers. Then he tied their wrists to the upper legs, leaving them spread-eagled and helpless.

The Johnson sisters finally awakened, only to discover a predicament they could not have possibly anticipated. They jerked their arms while struggling in vain on the loungers. But neither one could free herself.

They rained obscenities down upon the groundskeeper’s head. He was still naked, his cock having stiffened at the sight. He told them they’d fucked everyone else in the neighborhood. Now he was going to have his turn.

“Over my dead body!” Rebekah called out defiantly.

“I can live with that,” he replied in an ominous voice.

He grabbed Becky’s lounger and pulled her toward the steps to the spa. “You first,” he told her. Then he started to work her in head first.

Elizabeth was horrified at what was about to be done to her sister. “Ricky, DON’T!”

Becky just cried out, “Wait – wait – RICKY: WAIT!”

He paused before he could get her all the way down the steps into the spa. He looked at her as though he was dead-dog serious. “Well?” he asked casually. “Do I fuck you, or do I drown you?”

She glared daggers at him as she reluctantly told him, “All right – all right; you win!” She refrained from telling him he was so fired and that he would be arrested just as soon as daddy got home.

He straddled her on the lounger while it was still out of the water. He stuck his cock between her tits. Then he squeezed them together, fucking them with his cock. It felt better than he could have possibly imagined.

She couldn’t resist becoming defiant. “Enjoying yourself yet, asshole?”

In response he started to tip her in head first. She cried out, “Wait – WAIT!” Then her head was fully submerged.

She bubbled anxiously as she shook her head from side to side. Elizabeth looked over and anxiously cried out, “Pull her back up, Ricky! Pull her back up and I’ll do anything you want!”

Ricky tipped the lounger back up and stabilized it on the edge of the spa. Becky panted anxiously. It was embarrassing as hell, especially with her sister looking on.

Ricky climbed onto the patio lounger. He straddled her chest where he forced his cock down Rebekah’s throat. Then he started fucking her mouth.

She grunted and gurgled as a shameful arousal filled her. He grabbed her head and tipped it forward. Then he fucked her face hard.

“How about it, bitch?” he panted as he enjoyed himself. “Am I just as tasty as Thomas, Bradford, William and Dillon?” She grunted with embarrassment at the realization he knew all the guys she’d been fucking during the summer.

He finally climbed off. “Now I’m going to find out how tight your cunt is, bitch. I just have one question.”

Becky looked up at him in alarm. What was he going to ask her? Was he going to be brutal with her as he fucked her??

Elizabeth also became concerned. “What are you going to do to her, Ricky?”

He just smiled as he asked, “How long can you hold your breath, Becky?”

He calmly walked down the steps into the spa, his cock erect with anticipation. He grabbed the patio lounger she was secured to. Then he started pulling her in with him.

Rebekah started to panic. “NO, RICKY; WAIT! DON’T DROWN ME??!!”

“I’ve seen you fuck in the pool, Becky. Let’s see how long you can hold your breath, ok?”

“NO; WAIT!” But he was already starting to lower her head first. Rebekah frantically filled her lungs before she was lowered into the water.

The patio lounger lay submerged at an angle. Becky’s legs and crotch stuck up out of the water. That’s when Ricky straddled her, stuck his hard dick into her cunt, and started fucking her.

Bubbles began coming up. Elizabeth gasped for breath, instinctively struggling against the patio lounger she was secured to. She couldn’t believe what that asshole was doing to her sister.

“You’re nice and tight, Becky,” Ricky called down to the submerged sister’s upper body. “Were you this tight when Dillon fucked you in the pool back in July? What; you mean you didn’t see me watching you guys out here?”

More bubbles came up. Ricky just thrust nice and slow as he looked down at her. “Do you know how long I’ve waited to do this to you? You didn’t have to be so mean to me this summer, you know. You could have given me a blowjob and I would have been happy. You should have been a whole lot nicer to me.”

Elizabeth began to get concerned as her sister started struggling in the water. “We’ll be nicer, Ricky; we PROMISE! Now get her out of there!”

“Oh, I’ll get to you in a minute, bitch!”

He continued to thrust nice and slow. More bubbles erupted at the surface. Then Rebekah began to thrash about as huge bursts of bubbles came up.

Elizabeth was horrified. She began shaking her head in alarm as she screamed, “Ricky; NO! GET HER UP NOW!” But he ignored her as he kept on fucking Becky.

Rebekah suddenly hitched as her lungs gave out. There were disturbing bursts of bubbles up at the surface as she spasmed and convulsed. Ricky just kept thrusting as he gasped, “Feels so good the way she’s clenching. I should have fucked you bitches like this long ago.”

It looked like Rebekah’s back was arching. More bubbles burst up at the surface. Then she began to settle down.

Fewer bubbles came up. Then Ricky climbed off. Rebekah looked up with lifeless eyes, a frozen look of horror in her expression as her mouth gasped open.

Ricky calmly walked over to Elizabeth, his cock still erect. “How about you, bitch? Do I get a blowjob from you now? Or do you want to soak in the spa next to Becky?”

Beth was horrified he’d just drowned her sister. But self-preservation quickly took over. “I’ll suck you, Ricky! Please don’t drown me!”

“What about your sister?”

It was far more important to remain alive than to stick up for Rebekah. “She was a bitch, Ricky! It was her idea to be mean to you! I’ll suck your cock; ok?”

He was not surprised at her change of attitude. He figured she was only trying to save her own skin. That’s when he climbed onto her patio lounger.

He straddled her chest, his hard cock within reach of her mouth. He pushed it between her lips and began thrusting. She grunted and gurgled, doing her best to get him off. Besides, the water in the spa was still rippling from the drowning of her sister. It was an ominous sign.

Ricky took his time with her. She seemed to be a lot more eager to please than her sister had been. Perhaps Becky had been too frightened to put forth a good effort. At least Beth was sucking him as though eager to please him.

He finally pulled out of her mouth. She panted anxiously, her eyes wide with fright. “Let me go, Ricky; ok? Let me go and I’ll give you the best fuck of your life!”

“I’ve got an even better idea, bitch.”

He pulled her lounger around to the edge of the steps to the spa. That’s when Elizabeth panicked. “Ricky; NO!”

“You’ve had a lot of cocks in the water too, Beth. I’ve watched you all summer long. Let’s see how long you can hold your breath while you’re being fucked.”


“I think you can, Beth. Give it your best shot, ok?”

He freed her legs from the end of the lounger. That’s when she tried to kick at him. He just shook his finger at her in warning… “Ah – ah – ahhh. Don’t do that. It might piss me off. And you don’t want to piss me off now, do you?”

She let out a cry as he went down the steps into the spa. Then he pulled her in with him. He kept her head up out of the water as he pulled her lounger all the way in.

He smiled as he looked down on her face. “You’re going to give me a great underwater fuck; right, Beth?”

“I promise – I promise! Just don’t drown me!”

“Get me off, and I won’t drown you. Now take a deep breath.”

Elizabeth started to panic. She tried to calm herself back down as she frantically filled her lungs. She could only hope he wouldn’t drown her like he’d done to her sister.

He slowly lowered her into the water until the patio lounger lay flat on the bottom. Then he pulled her suit aside at the crotch. That’s when he lifted her ass up before pushing his cock into her.

Elizabeth felt him thrust inside her. Immediately she felt a horrific thrill. Was the bastard going to drown her while fucking her, just like he’d done to her sister??

Ricky thrust nice and slow. Beth groaned and bubbled as she clenched with all her might while her legs rode his shoulders. Her only hope now was to get him off before she lost her breath and drowned.

He took his time, sliding in and out nice and slow. Bubbles trickled out of her nose as her sinuses stung. But there was nothing she could do about that. She just had to hold her breath for as long as possible.

She became more alarmed at the way he was taking his time while fucking her. He didn’t seem to be in any kind of hurry. Then she felt it start to burn in her lungs as her stomach began to hitch. She would soon be running out of breath.

She wasn’t nearly as good underwater at holding her breath as her sister. And look what that had gotten Becky! Rebekah lay motionless in the spa right next to her, staring upward with a look of horror frozen on her race.

Elizabeth grunted as she tried to clench harder. Now she began to fuck him back. Ricky began to increase his tempo. But Beth’s lungs were starting to heave in warning.

More bubbles trickled out of her mouth and nose. She anxiously looked up into Ricky’s face. He didn’t seem the least bit interested in hurrying things along.

She began to squirm as her lungs heaved. That’s when he fucked her a little harder. Now Beth’s lungs were on fire, her chest heaving from breathless spasms.

She grunted as she bubbled, “GET ME UP, RICKY! DON’T LET ME DROWN!” He just shook his head as he looked down at her. Her nipples were hard, her labia swollen as her pussy throbbed.

He began fucking her hard and fast. Elizabeth’s chest heaved in warning. She lost a mouthful of bubbles. Then her lungs gave out.

She lost a huge burst of bubbles. Then she gulped and swallowed. A moment later she went into painful convulsions as she hitched and gurgled.

Her back arched as she reflexively tried to throw Ricky off. She could feel his cock inside her, pounding her ruthlessly. That’s when she felt an explosion of warmth shudder throughout her very being. She was cumming as she was drowning.

She spasmed and convulsed until she exhausted herself. Her struggles lessened until she stopped hitching. All she could do was stare upward in horror as Ricky kept pumping her.

She was dimly aware of his cock going off inside her. All summer long she’d wondered what kind of a fuck he might be. Now she knew.

…and then she was aware of nothing at all….

Ricky climbed off Elizabeth, only to go back to Rebekah. He pulled her all the way into the spa with her sister. Then he fucked her mouth again before pumping her pussy a second time.

He knew he would never get a second chance at this. So he went back and forth between the two drowned sisters until he satisfied himself. Then he climbed out of the spa.

When he looked down, he suddenly realized what his anger and vengeance had made him do. He quickly tracked down his clothes and got dressed. Then he gathered up any belongings on the property before making a hasty departure back to his place.

He loaded his vehicle with as much of his personal belongings as it would carry. Then he got into his car and headed west. He didn’t know what awaited him. All he had was the small consolation that he wouldn’t be humiliated anymore by those two spoiled, arrogant bitches.

2019 (written Dec 31 ’19 by riwa)

(Inspired by the renders of Itoshiki which I included as illustrations.)

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