The birthday of Suzan Rose


Suzan’s birthday was approaching. Her girlfriend Klotiana wanted to do something special for her up at the cabin. Suzan had an idea what that might involve: some sort of sexy BDSM game followed by a peril or snuff-play.

Klotiana started making preparations. Suzan was left out of the loop so she had no idea what was being planned for her. But she suspected the end result would mean a large number of orgasms.

As the date of her birthday drew closer, Suzan spent a lot of time trying to figure out what her girlfriend was going to do to her. It was not long before her imagination began to run away with her. At night she began having dreams both erotic and ominous…

On the sixth night before her birthday Suzan dreamed she was at the cabin with Klotiana and Jakub on her birthday. At two pm she was stripped naked before being taken down to the basement. Then her arms were pulled up into the air with ropes, leaving her standing there wearing only her heels.

Jakub proceeded to use a bullwhip on her. Suzan cried out as he lashed her backside again and again. It left nasty looking welts all over her body.

He came around front and whipped her tits and crotch. Suzan screamed from the pain. But her pussy dripped from an incredible arousal.

Afterwards he pulled out his cock and fucked her cunt from behind. It led to the orgasm she needed so badly. Suzan cried out in ecstasy as he fucked her hard while reaching around to pinch and twist her nipples.

After he was finished Suzan saw her girlfriend enter the room. Klotiana was wearing a strap-on around her waist. Suzan noticed how large it looked. It made her tremble with fear and excitement.

Klotiana came around front and knelt in front of her. Then her girlfriend started licking between her legs. Suzan writhed and trembled until another orgasm was licked out of her.

Klotiana stood up and moved behind her. “I have a special birthday present for you, bitch!” Then Suzan felt the strap-on being forced into her ass.

She cried out as her girlfriend cruelly fucked her. Klotiana reached around and fingered Suzan’s swollen nub. “I like to make my whores cum,” she hissed into Suzan’s ear.

Suzan screamed from another devastating orgasm. It was humiliating being fucked in the ass while being forced to cum. But the orgasm had felt wonderful.

She was panting for breath when Klotiana whispered into her ear,” Now for your special present, bitch!” A moment later a plastic bag was pulled down over Suzan’s head. Her eyes flew open in alarm as her girlfriend began fucking her ass hard again.

She tried to take deep breaths, only for the bag to inflate and then deflate. The air became stale as the bag clung tighter to her face. She inhaled with growing terror until the plastic clung greedily to her mouth and nose.

She heard Klotiana laugh behind her as she started getting dizzy. Her ass was sore from the strap-on thrusting in and out of her. Once more she felt a finger on her swollen nub.

Suzan tried to breathe, but the plastic suffocated her. Then she was cumming and cumming and cumming as consciousness spiraled away. Then she woke up, discovering she’d soaked her bed with her flowing juices.

The dream had been scary as well as erotic. The next day Suzan tried to find out what Klotiana was going to do to her up at the cabin. Her girlfriend just gave her a sinister smile as she replied, “Oh, you’ll find out.”

On the fifth night before her birthday Suzan dreamed she was at the cabin with Jakub and Klotiana on her birthday. At two pm she got naked before they went to a bedroom for some sexy fun. Suzan got on her hands and knees and sucked Jakub’s cock while he was lying on the bed.

After she got a mouthful of cum she rolled over and lay in Jakub’s lap. Klotiana climbed into the bed with her and spread her legs. Suzan began to writhe and moan as her girlfriend ate her out.

Suzan was on the verge of an orgasm when a cord was suddenly wrapped around her throat from behind. Jakub began garroting her as Klotiana grinned at her. “Happy birthday, bitch! I hope you enjoy your present from the two of us.” Then her girlfriend began licking her aggressively.

Suzan fought to breathe as she struggled in the bed. But Jakub had a good grip on the garrote around her throat. Klotiana licked hungrily before sticking a couple fingers up Suzan’s quivering, clenching ass.

Suzan shuddered in orgasm, squirting all over her girlfriend’s face. Then she felt herself spiraling away into oblivion. She was cumming and cumming as she was being garroted to death. Then she woke up.

Once more she discovered her bed had been soaked from her fluids. It had been a terribly erotic dream. But why was she dreaming of Klotiana killing her?

On the fourth night before her birthday Suzan dreamed she was at the cabin with Jakub and Klotiana on her birthday. At two pm she was stripped naked. Then Klotiana filled the large bathtub with water.

Suzan’s arms were tied behind her back. Then Jakub and her girlfriend helped her into the tub. The water level was deep and she trembled with fear and arousal.

“Can you hold your breath, bitch?” Then Klotiana pushed her flat on her back. Suzan writhed and bubbled.

Her lungs began to burn as she felt a jolt of fear and arousal. Was Klotiana going to drown her? Then her head was pulled up out of the water so she could breathe.

“I think you need a distraction while holding your breath, bitch!” Then her girlfriend cruelly shoved a large vibrating dildo up her cunt. When she turned it on Suzan felt waves of pleasure ripple through her body.

Once more she was forced to the bottom of the tub. Suzan tried to hold her breath. But the buzzing dildo made her writhe and bubble, her back arching as she humped the water.

Klotiana pulled her head up and laughed in her face. Then she pushed her right back down. Suzan struggled and bubbled as the vibrator send erotic jolts through her body.

She was pushed to her breath-holding limits and was losing air with Klotiana pulled her head up. “I think you need another distraction, bitch!” Then she shoved a large vibrating dildo up Suzan’s ass.

Once more the birthday girl was forced to hold her breath. She writhed and bubbled as she struggled not to give in and inhale. The buzzing in her holes was so erotic that it made it hard not to lose her air.

A huge eruption of bubbles came up before Klotiana pulled her head up out of the water. “Now for your birthday surprise, bitch!” Then a naked Jakub got into the water with her.

He shoved his cock down her throat. Then she was forced to the bottom of the tub again. “Have a good birthday death, bitch!” Klotiana gloated as she leaned closer to watch.

Suzan struggled to hold her breath. But the vibrating toys in her cunt and ass made it difficult. And Jakub’s cock filled her mouth and was hitting the back of her throat.

She started gagging up bubbles as she slowly lost her breath. Her stomach began to convulse as her lungs burned. She was running out of air.

She grunted as she struggled in the water. But Jakub kept her pinned down, his cock wedged firmly between her lips. Suzan let out a muffled grunt as she struggled not to inhale. Then the vibrating dildos made her cum.

She thrashed about as a wave of white hot pleasure flowed through her. Then Jakub was cumming in her mouth. A moment later she snorted water into her nose.

Suzan began to drown, a cock down her throat and vibrating toys in her cunt and ass. She bucked and shuddered as she orgasmed violently. Then she felt consciousness spiraling away. That’s when she woke up.

Suzan sat up and panted for breath. Then she winced with dismay. The sheets were soaked again. Why was she having such intensely erotic dreams filled with orgasms and death??

On the third night before her birthday Suzan dreamed she was at the cabin with Jakub and Klotiana on her birthday. At two pm her clothes were removed and she was taken down to the basement. When they arrived she saw that a guillotine had been set up.

Suzan gasped in alarm as she was forced to lie flat on her back. She looked up to see the blade above her head. Then Klotiana took hold of the rope and forced it between her teeth.

“Just a friendly word of advice, bitch,” she cackled. “I wouldn’t open my mouth if I were you. I’d hate for you to lose your head on your birthday. Now it’s time for Jakub and his friends to have some fun.”

Suzan nearly cried out when the first cock pushed its way into her cunt. She grunted as she got a good, hard fucking. It took everything she had to keep the rope between her teeth.

She felt a cock go off inside her, filling her with warm cream. Then it pulled out and was replaced with another. She heard Klotiana laugh, “Can you keep that rope between your teeth for a second fuck, bitch?”

Suzan got fucked hard. Her body rocked as she struggled not to open her mouth. She almost screamed in orgasm when the second cock went off inside her. Then it pulled out and another took its place.

She heard her girlfriend laugh, “Here’s cock number three, bitch. Don’t worry… it’s nothing to lose your head over.” She cackled at her own pun.

Suzan’s body rocked as she was fucked good and hard. She could feel an orgasm coming on strong. But she tried to hold it back, afraid she might open her mouth to scream in pleasure and lose the rope.

She felt the third cock go off inside her. She winced as she tried hard not to cum. Her mouth was starting to get sore, her jaws threatening to give way.

“Not bad, bitch. But now it’s my turn.”

Suzan felt a dildo being pushed into her cunt. Then it was turned on. She grunted as she bit down hard on the rope between her teeth.

Another dildo was shoved up her ass. Then it was turned on. The double sensation of dueling dildos nearly sent her over the edge.

“I know you can’t resist my lips, bitch!” Then Klotiana began licking and nibbling on her swollen clit. It sent an erotic jolt through Suzan’s body.

She began grunting and shaking her head. She felt the rope almost slip through her teeth. Then Klotiana began sucking on her clit.

Suzan closed her eyes, fighting hard to hold it back. Then her lips parted as she began to scream in orgasm. A moment later she heard a thud followed by a sharp pain in her neck.

She was dizzy and disoriented. Then she could see clearly. Klotiana kissed her lips before turning her head around to show a naked, spasming body jerking around on the bench, a severed neck gushing blood. And then she woke up.

Suzan sat up in bed, panting like crazy. Then she noticed the sheets were wet again. Damn!

What did the dreams mean? Was Klotiana planning something particularly wicked for her at the cabin on her birthday? Suzan felt an erotic chill of dread.

On the second night before her birthday Suzan dreamed she was at the cabin with Jakub and Klotiana on her birthday. At two pm she was taken down to the basement. Suzan was almost dreading what they were going to do to her.

She was stripped naked before being tied to a Saint Andrews cross. Then Jakub lashed her with a bullwhip. Blows rained down on her tits, stomach and up into her crotch.

Suzan screamed as she got wet with pain and excitement. The whipping paused as Klotiana moved in and licked up her dripping fluids. Then she was whipped again.

Once more the whipping was stopped. And once again her girlfriend moved in to lick her dripping pussy. Then the bullwhip was applied to her tender flesh yet again.

A third time the whipping was stopped. Klotiana moved in and licked her clenching cunt. Suzan finally cried out in orgasm as she shuddered hard.

“So the bitch wants to cum, eh? Let’s make her cum, Jakub!” Then Suzan was set free from the Saint Andrews cross.

She was taken into another room. She saw a sybian on top of a platform. Jakub and her girlfriend walked her over and impaled her on the metal pole sticking up out of it.

Her arms were tied behind her back. Then her ankles and knees were locked down. Now Suzan would be forced to ride the sybian to orgasm after orgasm until they set her free.

The metal pole began to thrust up and down inside her dripping cunt. She grunted as the machine began to buzz against her clit. Suzan panted for breath, wincing as it swelled within her until she experienced a devastating orgasm.

All of the sudden something changed. Suzan felt the pole push upward. Her eyes flew open in horror and she screamed as it ruptured her cervix.

The pole began to thrust up and down inside her again. It felt like the metal pole had ridges to rub the insides of her pussy. The pain combined with the pleasure until she screamed again in orgasm.

Once more the pole began to push upward. Suzan let out a shriek as it started pushing organs aside. Then she felt a great agony in her stomach until it ruptured.

She screamed again as the pole fucked her once more, new ridges rubbing her pussy and teasing her G-spot. Blood and fluids began to leak out of her cunt. Then she experienced yet another painful orgasm.

The pole began to rise again. Suzan felt it moving up into her esophagus. She tried to swallow it back down, but to no avail.

She tried to vomit, but she could get nothing up or down. The pole rose up her windpipe. Then she felt it at the back of her throat.

Her head was forced to tip back until she was looking up at the ceiling. A moment later the spit emerged out of her mouth. Suzan blinked in shock and horror.

Her girlfriend gleefully cried out, “Happy birthday, bitch!” Then the pole came alive with painful shocks. It had been electrified.

Suzan jerked and grunted, her body hitching with each shock she received. She kept trying to swallow, but with no success as the pole went up and down, giving her the ultimate fuck. Then she was cumming and dying…

…and then she woke up.

Susan sat up in bed, her body damp with sweat. She had wet the sheets again. She cursed before getting up and going to the bathroom. She discovered she had not been impaled after all and that her plumbing still worked as she sat on the toilet.

The dreams were starting to concern her. Were they premonitions of something ominous that was going to happen on her birthday? Suzan did not know. All she knew was that Klotiana was getting more and more excited about her coming birthday.

On the night before her birthday Suzan dreamed she was at the cabin with Jakub and Klotiana on her birthday. At two pm she was made to strip. Then her arms were tied behind her back.

Jakub and Klotiana took her out for a walk in the woods. Suzan began to feel a growing concern. Where were they taking her? What was going to happen?

They went down a path and entered a circle of trees. That’s when Suzan saw the noose dangling from a limb. Klotiana grinned at her before motioning at it.

“What do you think of it, bitch? Do you like your birthday present?”

“My p-present?”

Jakub smiled as he suggested, “Maybe she wants to try it on first.”

Klotiana grabbed the noose and looped it around Suzan’s throat. “How does it feel?” she asked with a sinister smile. “Do you like it? I went to a lot of trouble to set it up for you, bitch.”

“It’s n-nice,” Suzan stammered. Now she was frightened out of her wits. But she was also aroused beyond belief.

“Maybe she wants to feel it a little tighter,” Jakub observed with a smile.

“Good idea,” Klotiana agreed. So she grabbed the loose end and gave it a pull.

Suzan felt the noose tighten around her neck. She rasped and coughed. “What do you think about it now?” her girlfriend wanted to know.

“I th-think I want to g-go back.”

“Go back?? You haven’t even been lifted up onto your toes yet!” Then Klotiana pulled harder.

Suzan rasped as she was lifted up onto her bare toes. She tried to shuffle around, but it didn’t help. Then she noticed the bulge in Jakub’s trousers.

Klotiana saw it too. “See what you did, bitch? You made him hard! Now I have to suck him off! Jakub, help me with this rope so I can blow you without being distracted.”

Jakub took the rope from her and pulled Suzan up into the air. Klotiana got his fly open and pulled out his dick. Then she began sucking as Suzan began to kick.

Klotiana began to moan as Suzan rasped and gurgled. Then Jakub let Suzan back down onto her bare feet. She wobbled uncertainly, the noose still uncomfortable around her throat.

“You like it now?” her girlfriend asked with a grin as she knelt in front of Jakub’s cock.

“Please…. get mmmm….. cckkkkkk…”

“Oh, you like your present, bitch? I guess she likes her present, Jakub. Take her back up.”

Suzan tried to shake her head no. Then Jakub gave a good, hard pull. Suzan was pulled almost a foot into the air.

She began to kick and choke as her girlfriend sucked Jakub’s cock. She twisted and struggled in the noose, her pussy dripping like crazy. She tried to reach out with a foot in the hopes of standing on Klotiana. But her girlfriend was out of reach, enjoying the cock she was sucking as she knelt in the dirt.

Jakub let Suzan back down as Klotiana stopped sucking. Suzan nearly toppled over, her legs feeling all rubbery. So her girlfriend helped her to stand upright.

“Is that better? Feeling better now?” Suzan weakly nodded.

“Do you want an orgasm?” Suzan nodded again.

“Sure thing, bitch!” Then Klotiana knelt and began licking Suzan’s dripping slit, mouthing and sucking on her swollen nub.

Suzan writhed and moaned, her eyes rolling as she winced. She began to hump her girlfriend’s mouth. Klotiana gasped, “I think she’s ready for her orgasm, Jakub. Take her back up.”

Jakub gave the rope a good, hard pull. Suzan was hauled up into the air, her eyes flying open as she started to kick. Then her thighs came together as she hitched and jerked until she squirted her orgasm.

“There it is!” Klotiana declared triumphantly. “That’s what we were looking for! Tie her off, Jakub!”

He took the rope and wrapped it around a nearby limb. Suzan’s eyes widened in horror. Then she really started to kick as the noose tightened around her throat.

“That’s the way, bitch!” Klotiana gasped as she began sucking on Jakub’s cock again. “Cum in the noose, you fucking whore! Kick your life away! Dance on your birthday for us, bitch!” Then she took him down her throat, gagging on his cock.

Suzan kicked and struggled as she jerked her arms behind her back. They were really going to let her hang to death! Then she thrust her chest out as she began humping the air, her body all caught up in yet another orgasm. Then she woke up.

Suzan sat up in bed panting heavily for breath. She brought a hand up to her throat. But she did not feel any rope around it.

She winced as she realized she’d soaked the sheets yet again from her orgasms. This was really getting weird with all her crazy dreams. Was it an ominous sign?

Her birthday was tomorrow. She hoped the dreams would subside after her visit to the cabin. They were certainly erotic. But she was getting tired of washing her sheets every day.

On the day of her birthday Suzan went to the cabin with Jakub and Klotiana. There was birthday cake and ice cream. Five of her friends were there.

At 2 pm Jakub and Klotiana took her downstairs. The birthday girl was made to strip out of her clothes. Her arms were tied behind her back and a blindfold was put in place over her eyes.

Suzan began to experience a strong sense of déjà vu. She felt a ripple of concern as Jakub and Klotiana led her into another room. “What’s going on?” she gasped in growing alarm.

“Oh… nothing serious, bitch,” Klotiana laughed. Her attitude made Suzan shiver. Then she was suddenly stopped.

“We’re here,” her girlfriend told her. “You’re really going to love this, bitch.”

Suzan wanted to know why Klotiana was treating her so cruelly. Was this a part of some role-play that was about to start? But what about the others who had come to her birthday party?

She inhaled sharply as a coil of rope was looped around her neck. She began to hyperventilate as her pussy moistened. Then the rope tightened.

She gasped as she stood there, the rope threatening to tighten around her throat. She was still standing flat on her feet. But the coil around her neck made her whimper.

Hands started groping and pawing her. It felt like Jakub and her girlfriend were enjoying her nudity in the noose. “Like it, bitch?” Klotiana breathed into her ear. “I think this is going to be your best birthday ever.”

“Why? What’s going to h-happen to me?”

“Oh nothing much, bitch. We’re just going to enjoy seeing you in the noose is all. Come on in everybody! The bitch is ready!”

Suzan heard footsteps and voices. Then she felt more hands all over her. She recognized the voices of her friends as they pawed and groped her… “She looks sexy all noosed up like that.”  “Did you feel her crotch? She’s so wet right now!”  “She must really like it! See how hard her nipples are?”

Someone grabbed her nipples and twisted. She yelped and gasped. Then fingers thrust into her womanhood.

“She’s wet, all right. Damn! She must really like it!”  “I told you, didn’t I? Didn’t I tell you she loves to be all noosed up?” That last voice definitely belonged to Klotiana.

Suzan felt lips sucking her nipples. Then a thumb swirled over her clit. She writhed and moaned, embarrassed to be the subject of so much attention as she stood there naked and helpless.

“What does this do?” Suzan recognized that voice as belonging to Nela.

“Here, let me show you,” Klotiana replied.

The pawing hands withdrew. A moment later Suzan felt the application of a bullwhip on her breasts. She let out a cry of pain.

“Hit her again!” That was Moretta. A moment later she got another lash, this one into her crotch.

“Let me try!” That was Anton. Then the whip landed several times.

Suzan cried out with each blow until she screamed. “Try her now,” Klotiana said aloud.

Fingers returned to her dripping cunt. “She’s really wet now,” Nela observed.

Klotiana chuckled. “You think she’s wet now? Wait ‘til you get a load of this!”

Suzan suddenly rasped for breath as the noose tightened. It made her rise up onto her toes. Now she shuffled around, trying to find a way to stand that lessened the tension of the rope around her neck.

“Feel her now,” Klotiana challenged. Hands returned to paw her naked, quivering body. “Her nipples are really hard,” Anton observed before twisting them hard, causing Suzan to rasp in pain.

“Her cunt is really wet too,” Moretta observed. Suzan writhed and whimpered as fingers thrust in and out of her pussy.

“Well don’t just stand there with those hard cocks, boys. Suzan is ready to cum. All you have to do is shove something up one of her holes.”

She couldn’t believe what her girlfriend had just suggested… and right in front of everyone! She stiffened as someone stepped behind her. Suzan felt a cock push its way into her cunt. Then she was fucked as a hand reached around and fingered her nub.

She rasped for breath as she continued shuffling around on her toes. “Just look at her!” Nela declared with delight. “She fucking loves it!”

Apparently the male fucking her pussy couldn’t last long. One hard thrust and Suzan felt cum spurting into her cunt. That’s when she shuddered hard from a humiliating orgasm.

“Damn!” she heard Moretta blurt out. “That must have been a good one!”

“Can us girls have a turn?” That was Dana’s voice.

“Of course,” Klotiana said with amusement in her voice. “Here, use these.”

Suzan trembled as she shuffled around on her toes. Then she felt something being pushed into her cunt as a warm naked body pressed against her. It felt like a large dildo… perhaps a strap-on?

A moment later she felt another one being shoved up her ass. Someone was standing behind her. She was being double-teamed by a couple of her female friends!

“Fuck her, girls!” Klotiana said with a laugh. “Fuck that sexy bitch in the noose!”

The two females thrust their strap-ons in and out of her clenching holes. Suzan writhed and gurgled as she tried to shuffle around to ease the tension around her throat. It embarrassed her the way they were treating her while everyone seemed to be watching. Not being able to see a damned thing made it all the worse.

“Damn, this is hot!” Dana said from behind her.

“It sure is!” Nela added from in front of her. Suzan gawked as she tried to shuffle around again.

“Let me whip her again, girls!” That voice belong to Edvard.

Suzan felt the strap-ons being pulled out as the girls stepped back. Then the whip sang out until it lashed across her erect nipples. Suzan let out a garbled cry as she couldn’t push enough air past her vocal chords to emit a scream. The noose was getting ominously tight.

The whipping stopped. Then the two naked bodies sandwiched her again. Once more she felt strap-ons being thrust into her cunt and ass.

Suzan grunted as she was double-fucked. She tried to breathe, but the noose was cutting off the air she needed. A moment later she squirted from an intense orgasm.

“Damn, did she just cum?”

“She sure did, Moretta. That bitch loves to cum in the noose. Want to watch one of the guys give her a flying fuck?”

“Hell yeah!”

The toys were pulled out as the naked bodies stepped away. Suzan felt someone different move in front of her as a cock was slowly pushed up into her cunt. Then she was lifted up until her feet couldn’t find the floor anymore.

She wrapped her legs around the waist of the guy fucking her. Was it Jakub, Anton or Edvard? It probably didn’t matter who it was.

She gurgled as a voice declared, “She’s really milking me!” So it was Edvard after all. Then she heard Klotiana tell Anton to go ahead and use her other hole.

Suzan felt someone step behind her. A cock pushed against her anal opening. Then it was all the way inside her ass.

She was double-fucked as she rasped in the noose. She heard her female friends oohing and aahing. Then they started to comment on what they were seeing…

“Damn, that’s hot!”

“Just look at her take it!”

“See how hard her nipples are?”

“I told you girls this bitch was a noose-whore!”

“I guess we should have believed you after all, Klotiana!” There was laughter all around.

Suzan’s eyes rolled behind her blindfold as one cock went off in her cunt. The other went off in her ass a few seconds later. Then the guys slowly pulled out.

She lost her support and began to kick as she swung back and forth. She could feel cum trickling down her legs. Suzan found herself both humiliated and asphyxiated.

Her feet scrambled for the floor below. It felt like she was being lowered. Then her toes touched and she tried to push upward to ease the strain around her neck.

“Damn, that’s sexy! Look at all that cum leaking out of her holes!”

“Can we watch her swing again?”

“Sure thing, Dana! Pull on the rope, guys! Pull her back up into the air!”

Suzan tried to shake her head. Then her feet left the floor. She started to panic as she kicked and pedaled, frantically searching for solid footing.

A hand pushed her naked body, setting her to swinging back and forth. Another hand made her start to twist in place. Suzan stretched her legs out as she searched for the floor.

Her thighs suddenly came together. They rubbed until she threw her chest out, making her boobs bounce. Then she began fucking the air until she managed to obtain another orgasm for herself as she jerked around in the noose.

“Did you see that?” Moretta gasped as Suzan was finally lowered back down.

“That was so fucking sexy!” Dana sounded breathless.

“Damn! She really looks good hanging from the noose! Can we do it again?”

“Sure thing, Nela! Take her back up, guys!”

Suzan felt the rope pull her upward again. Her feet left the floor and she started kicking once more. It felt like the noose was getting really tight around her throat.

Again she got playfully pushed around, setting her to twisting and swaying. There were breathless gasps of delight from her friends as she rasped for breath. Then she was lowered until her feet once more found the floor.

“Better let her breathe,” Klotiana said as she stepped forward. Then she began loosening the noose. Suzan felt a rush of air down her throat.

For a moment it made her dizzy. But it also made her feel better until she was able to stand and stabilize herself. “So what do you bitches want to do to her now?” Klotiana asked.

“Can we fuck her again?”

“Go right ahead, Nela.”

Suzan found her voice enough to beg them to set her free. But they were having none of it. The strap-ons returned as two of her female friends fucked her cunt and ass. This time it sounded like Dana and Moretta.

She gawked and gurgled, her face red with humiliation as well as her partially asphyxiated state. Then the strap-ons were pulled out. “Let’s try these,” she heard Klotiana declare with amusement.

The strap-ons returned – no, it wasn’t the strap-ons. One went up her cunt while another went up her ass. Then both started to buzz inside her.

The vibrations drove her wild as the toys double-fucked her. Then someone swung the bullwhip again. Suzan cried out as she experienced pain on her tits, stomach and ass.

“Let’s hang her again!” Dana blurted out enthusiastically.

“Ok, boys. You know what to do.” A moment later Suzan was pulled back up into the air, the toys still buzzing in her holes.

She kicked and struggled as she rasped for breath. She felt it swell within her, making her scissor and pedal like mad. Then her thighs came together as she thrust her chest out, fucking the air until she squirted once more.

“Damn! She just came again! That is so fucking hot!”

“I knew you’d like it, Nela.”

“Can the guys give her another flying fuck?”

“Sure thing. Jakub, why don’t you have a go at her? You haven’t fucked her yet.”

Suzan felt the toys being pulled out. Someone’s cock thrust up into her cunt. Then her ass was filled from behind.

She rasped and gurgled as they fucked her again. She was finding it increasingly hard to breathe. She could feel the noose getting tighter around her throat.

She felt the cock go off in her cunt, another deposit adding to her humiliation. The other one went off in her ass a short time later. Then the guys pulled out.

For a moment she was left to hang limp, cum leaking out of her well-fucked holes. Then she felt a mouth on her crotch. Someone was sucking out all the cream while licking her pussy.

She got a little support as her legs rested on someone’s shoulders. The noose was still tight, causing her to rasp and gurgle. Then she heard Klotiana ask, “What do you think, Dana?”

“It’s so fucking sexy! She’s got a tasty cum cocktail up her cunt! I still can’t believe you set all this up for us!”

“What can I say? It’s the bitch’s birthday. I wanted everyone to enjoy her hanging.”

“Maybe we’d better let her rest up for a bit.” Then Suzan heard some disappointed whines.

She was lowered until she was standing flat on her feet. The noose was loosened so she could breathe again. Then another mouth moved between her legs and started to lick, making her writhe and whimper.

“Damn, she really does taste good!”

“It’s all those orgasms mixed with the guys’ cum and the way she’s being strangled, Nela.”

The blindfold suddenly came off. Suzan blinked her eyes. That’s when a naked Klotiana stepped up and kissed her.

The others came around into her line of sight. Moretta smiled as she asked, “Can we like… hang her for real?”

“I don’t see why not,” Klotiana replied with a smile. Suzan was horrified.

“Hell yeah!” Dana declared. “Let’s hang the sexy bitch to death!”

Klotiane nodded as she said, “Good idea, girls. I’m sure she’ll go out with a bang. But let’s give her some time alone to think about it first.”

She took a dildo and wiped it across Suzan’s mouth. “This one’s for your cunt, you sexy bitch!” Then she slowly pushed it all the way in before turning it on.

Suzan began to writhe and moan. Then Klotiana retrieved the other one and rubbed it over her mouth as well. “And this one’s going back into your ass.”

She smiled before she went behind her girlfriend and slowly pushed it all the way inside. Then she turned it on. Both dildos buzzed a maddening pleasure into her holes.

“Here’s something for her titties!” Nela declared enthusiastically. Then she applied a couple of nipple clamps with little weights attached. Suzan gawked and gurgled from pain, humiliation, and a perverse arousal.

“Pull her up onto her toes, boys.” Suzan anxiously shook her head for them not to do it. A moment later the rope tightened, forcing her to stand on her toes.

“We’ll leave you like this for a few minutes to think about your hanging, bitch. Have all the juicy orgasms you can before we come back down. Be careful you don’t strangle yourself before we return.” There was laughter as they all left the basement.

Suzan shuffled around on her feet, trying to find a good place to stand. The noose was tight around her throat. The buzzing in her cunt and ass drove her mad as her nipples stung from the weighted clamps.

She rasped and gurgled, struggling to get a good breath. She kept shuffling around on her toes. Every time she tried to stand flat the noose would tighten, causing her to rise back up on her toes.

Her pussy dripped like crazy as the toys buzzed her holes. Then the pain in her tits became too much. Suzan shuddered and squirted from a shameful orgasm.

It was getting harder to breathe. How much longer until they returned? If they didn’t come back soon she was going to strangle to death!

She heard excited voices in the stairwell as well as the sound of footsteps. They were coming back down. Surely they would take her down and wish her a happy birthday.

They gathered around to look at her. “She’s really strangled now,” Nela observed. “She looks sexy like that.”

“So what’s your vote, Nela?”

“I say we hang her.” Suzan trembled in alarm at the words of a friend.

“What about you, Dana?”

“Take her up and make her dance for us!”

“And you, Moretta?”

“I’ve always wanted to watch a naked bitch dance! I say we hang her.”

“The girls are unanimous,” Klotiana told her asphyxiated girlfriend with a smile. “Let’s see what the guys have to say. Anton?”

“Hang her.”


“She’s come this far. I say we take her all the way.”


“You’ve known my vote from the moment you set this all up.”

Klotiana looked around at their friends before walking up to Suzan. “It’s unanimous, bitch. We all want to see you hang. Thanks for doing this for us on your birthday.”

She gave her girlfriend a last lingering kiss. Then she stepped back. “Ok, boys. Take her up and tie the rope off.”

Suzan’s eyes flew open wide as she shook her head no. Then she was pulled up into the air. Her feet dangled well off the floor.

She found a burst of renewed energy as she started to kick in growing panic. She saw two of the guys stroke their cocks as Klotiana, Nela and Moretta began gingering themselves. Then were all going to get off to her hanging!

Her legs flew out as she jerked and swayed. Her holes were still buzzing, the nipple clamps still attached. It swelled within her until it exploded in a rush of pain and pleasure.

Suzan thrust her chest out as she fucked the air. Her cum streamed down her legs as she hitched and gurgled. The noose tightened to the point where she finally exhausted herself.

This time no one moved to take her down. Suzan was left to dangle. There was laughter as hands reached out and pushed her, setting her to twisting and swinging in the noose.

She saw Klotiana and tried to plead with her eyes to take her down. But her girlfriend looked at her with a murderous expression of lust in her face. The bitch was enjoying her suffering every bit as much as everyone else.

“That is so fucking sexy!” Moretta breathed.

“This is her best birthday ever!” Nela gasped. Now Dana fingered herself as the guys stood around stroking their cocks.

Jakob stepped up and shot his load all over Suzan’s upper legs. Anton also stepped forward and did the same. Edvard eventually came forward and added his spunk to the mixture.

Suzan’s vision began to blur. She tried to cry out for Klotiana to take her down. But she couldn’t make her lips move. And she couldn’t force air in or out of her throat.

Her body began to hitch and tremble. There was a sudden flow of urine as her bladder gave way. “Fucking hell!” Dana declared before she let out an orgasmic cry. Then Suzan was aware of nothing at all.

Her friends pushed her naked body around, setting her to swinging back and forth. A couple of the girls grabbed the toys and fucked her with them. Klotiana enjoyed jerking on the weights to the nipple clamps attached to her dead girlfriend.

The toys were eventually pulled out. Anton and Jakub gave the corpse a last flying fuck. Then Suzan was taken down.

Her body was laid out on the floor where she was enjoyed by one and all. Afterwards she was carried out into the woods where the guys dug a grave. She was buried naked and then covered up.

Her friends went back to the cabin and got drunk as they celebrated her birthday without her. Then they packed up and left the cabin. But as the weeks and months passed they never returned.

Eventually her friends all moved away. The cabin was sold and new people took over. But the grave was never located. Suzan remained buried all alone in a forgotten part of the woods where her body was never found.

2019 (written for Suzan Feb 4 ’19 by riwa)

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