Pamela in her hot tub


My next door neighbor Pamela caught me looking over her fence again. She was sitting naked in her hot tub in her back yard. This time she waved me to come over.

I felt my cock stir in my shorts as I went through the gate and entered her backyard. She smiled coyly at me as I approached. “I see you’ve been watching me again, Tim.”

“I can’t help it.”

“Like what you see?”

“Of course.”

“Would you like to see more?”

“Could I?” There wasn’t much more to see, especially since she was buck naked.

In response she blew me a kiss. “Watch this, Tim. I think you’re going to like it.”

She turned on the jets. Almost immediately the one in front of her started jetting bubbles. She moved closer to it as she smiled at me.

“You know what I like most about this hot tub, Tim?”

I smiled as I replied, “Tell me, Pamela.”

“I like the way these jets work. They’re situated in such strategic locations.”

“Strategic locations?” I repeated curiously.

“Would you like to see why?”


To my surprise she took a deep breath. Then she submerged. I just stood there staring at her, wondering what the hell she was going to do.

Pamela stayed under the water. I was impressed with how long she could hold her breath. But it looked like that wasn’t all she was doing down there.

She looked like she was shifting around underwater. It looked like that main jet was hitting her crotch. She seemed to adjust herself until she got a good flow blasting against her.

She stayed down for quite a while. She looked like she was rocking back and forth in the water. What the hell was she doing??

There was an eruption of bubbles. Then Pamela started to come up out of the water. Seeing her emerge like that made my cock stiffen in my shorts.

She panted as though trying to catch her breath. I nervously asked, “Are you all right, Pamela? You were under a long time.”

“I wanted to be, Tim,” she told me with a smile. “You know what I was doing down there?”

“No; what?”

She giggled coyly as though she knew something I didn’t. Then she filled her lungs. That’s when I saw her start to submerge back down into her hot tub.

Her legs spread even more as she stayed down. But I didn’t get a very good view of her crotch like I wanted. There were too many bubbles; the jets were obscuring my view.

I checked my watch to see how long she could hold her breath. She stayed down well over a minute. Once again I saw her rocking back and forth.

At first I was clueless. Then it occurred to me why she might be aiming the jets at her crotch. That made my cock harden even more.

There was a burst of bubbles around the one-forty mark. It looked like she was struggling. It was arousing as hell the way she seemed to be getting herself off with those jets.

There was another eruption of bubbles. A moment later Pamela’s head came up. “Tim; I’m gonna cum!” Then she took a really deep breath.

Back down she went. Once more I timed her. She deliberately stayed down a really long time.

She rocked back and forth in the water as though trying to work those jets against her crotch. I saw one eruption of bubbles followed by another. It was incredibly arousing.

Pamela suddenly shot up for a breath. She sat up, gasping like crazy. “Gawd; that was good! I came really hard that time.”

“You had an orgasm underwater, Pamela?” I was astonished. I was also horny as hell.

“I think a part of it was because you were watching me, Tim. Is my hot tub session having an effect on you?”

“It sure as hell is.”

“Are you hard?”

“I sure am.”

“Prove it. Take off your clothes. I want to see the type of effect I’m having on you.”

I took off all my clothes. It was a little embarrassing standing there naked. But she loved seeing my erection.

“Now I’m going to cum again, Tim. I want you to stand there and stroke as I cum underwater. Ok?”

I nodded my agreement as I started to stroke. She let out a moan before taking a big breath. Then she submerged in the midst of those bubbling jets.

She went all the way to the bottom. Once more she started rocking down there as though she was working the jets against her crotch. It was such an incredible turn-on.

She was down a really long time. I saw occasional eruptions of bubbles at the surface. It even looked like she might have been rubbing herself down there.

She suddenly burst up gasping like crazy. “Fuck; I just came again!” She panted heavily in an effort to get her breath back.

She adjusted herself in the water. It looked like she was making sure the jets were hitting her just right.  “Gawd, Tim! You have no idea how good it feels.”

She looked at me with glassy eyes. Then she told me, “I cum so hard when I’m holding my breath underwater. I see you like it too… when I cum underwater, I mean.”

She licked her lips as she glanced down at my erection. Then she filled her lungs. This time she simply tipped her head forward until her face was submerged.

I actually heard grunts and moans. She looked like she was writhing in the water. Once more I could see her rocking as though making sure the jets were hitting her just right.

There were more eruptions of bubbles. I heard a bubbly cry as she lost a big burst of air. Then she pulled her head up, gasping loudly for breath.

She looked at me and smiled. By now I was hard and dripping. “Are you ready to cum for me, Tim?”

“I sure am, Pamela.”

“I got something that should make you shoot your load. Want to see it?”

“You bet!”

“Hand me that beige weight belt over there, would you?”

“What are you going to do?” I asked as I retrieved it and handed it to her.

“I’m going to cum for you one more time, Tim. Only this time I’m going to drown myself.”

“Drown yourself??”

“That’s right, Tim. This time I’m going to drown for you. I expect you to shoot your load while I’m drowning, ok?” Then she submerged before I could put up a protest.

She settled on the bottom as I watched incredulously. I couldn’t believe it! She wasn’t really going to drown herself for me, was she??

I quickly checked my watch. I didn’t think she could hold her breath as long. After all, how many times had she cum already?

Once more I saw her rocking at the bottom of her hot tub. It looked like she was really trying to hit her crotch with those jets. My cock was rock hard as I shamelessly stroked my meat.

I watched as she held her breath for thirty seconds… then forty-five… and then a minute. About a minute ten she started hitching and bubbling. It looked like she was trying to reach the surface.

She really thrashed about on the bottom of her tub. That’s when my cock went off. It was incredible.

I was a little alarmed when she began to settle in the bottom of her tub. She was hardly moving at all. Shit; she’d really drowned herself!

I climbed in with her and pulled her head up. She had this dazed, glassy look in her eyes. I frantically shook her. That’s when she went into a coughing fit.

Thankfully she didn’t spew up too much water. I sat her up along the side of her hot tub. “Pamela, are you all right?”

“I am now, thanks to you. Did you cum when I drowned?”

She reached into my crotch to find out. My cock had softened a little. “You must have,” she giggled. I hope you enjoyed it. Why don’t you sit and soak with me for a while? Maybe in a few minutes after I’ve caught my breath we can come up with something fun to do right here in my hot tub.”

2019 (written Oct 23 ’19 by riwa)

(Inspired by a clip I found on the Internet, whose vidcaps I used as illustrations.)

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