Sally’s horse hanging



It was a day like all the others. The sheriff came for me like he always does, bringing an extra horse so I could ride comfortably. So I waited until we were well out of town before I took off my blouse for the ride, just to thank him for my own horse like I always did.

We were headed off to the place we always go whenever he wants to have sex with me. It’s an empty cabin about 5 miles from town. It’s a quiet place where we can go have sex without fear of the townspeople finding out.

You see the sheriff and I have this arrangement. I let him taste my wares whenever he’s in that mood… and I get to keep my business without fear of being arrested. It’s a handy little arrangement for the two of us. Besides, the sheriff is pretty good with that cock of his!

The first indication that something was wrong was when we approached some trees. Right away I noticed a noose hanging down from one of the branches, a noose that made my breath quicken! What the hell was it doing there out in the middle of nowhere??!!

shh1The sheriff guided us to it and then brought his horse right up alongside mine as we approached the noose. “Tom?” I gasped in alarm. “What’s all this?” I suddenly had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach!

“Sorry, Sally,” he told me sadly. “All the women in town signed a petition and delivered it to Mayor Johnson. They’re tired of you meeting with their husbands all the time. They want you gone so the mayor agreed.”

I felt a jolt of horror and I started to breathe heavily, especially when he took a length of rope and started to tie my wrists behind my back. “Tom??” I panted anxiously, trying my best not to panic.

“It’s better this way, Sally,” he told me as he sat on his horse right next to me. “The town wanted a public lynching, but I wouldn’t have it. In fact I’m the only one who stood up for you… said you were good for business. But they were insistent. So I told them I’d take care of it personally. Besides,” he added somewhat conspiratorially. “Once they find out I’ve been seeing you on the side along with the rest of them, they’ll want my badge for sure! And then they’ll send ME packing!”

“But TOM!!!” I panted heavily, realizing the noose that now framed my face was indeed meant for me. “I thought… I thought we HAD something!!”

“We did, Sally,” he sighed heavily as he finished tying my arms behind my back. “But sadly it’s over now. Don’t worry, sweetheart; this won’t take long.” Oh, so I was his sweetheart now, especially now that he was about to hang me??!!

I couldn’t believe this was happening to me!! I wanted to scream but I couldn’t; my mouth was too dry!! I just couldn’t believe Tom was DOING this to me!! After all, this was Tom we’re talking about here… the man who had stood up for me and had protected me and had made love to me all these many months!! How could he just up and HANG me like this???!!!

I was starting to breathe pretty heavily when he took the noose and looped it around my head. I think that’s when it became all too real, especially when I felt that rough hemp scratch my throat. I gasped instinctively when he tightened the knot near my left ear.

Now I’ve seen hangings before, but those were different! There were those two cattle rustlers who were dropped on the gallows at the courthouse. Their necks broke right away, although they kicked and jerked afterwards for several minutes.

Then there was Mrs. Sherman who was found guilty of putting a rattlesnake in bed with her husband. He got bit three times and it took him a whole four hours to die! They long-dropped her as well and her neck snapped like a toothpick when she bounced at the end of the rope.

But this was much different!! There was going to be hardly any drop with me at all and it terrified me out of my mind!! My neck wasn’t going to break; I was going to strangle to death!!

Miss Lola once told me she’d witnessed a lynching during her trip out West. It seems some guy had raped this poor girl on the trail where there were no judges around. So she said they took him and hung him from a nearby tree. She told me it took quite awhile for him to finally stop kicking and expire!!

“Tom???!!!” I tried one last time. I certainly didn’t want to hang, didn’t want to strangle to death!!

He just got down off his horse and then walked it over to a tree where he tied it off. I was left sitting there on my horse, hoping to gawd it wouldn’t move or anything! Otherwise I was going to slide right out of the saddle and hang to death!!

He came right back and took hold of the bridle to my horse. I was frightened out of my wits, unable to comprehend this was really going to happen to me! Then he looked over toward something in the ground just beyond the bush.

I followed his gaze with my eyes; what the hell was he looking at?? Then I saw it and the blood drained from my face!! OH MY GAWD!!! IT WAS A GRAVE, FRESHLY DUG!!! I promptly wet myself right then and there; I was absolutely terrified!!

shh2The sheriff saw my facial expression and he softened a little. I got the impression that a part of him didn’t really want to do this! But I could tell there was a part of him that did!! THAT was the part that was going to get me hanged!!

“Don’t worry, Sally,” Tom said, nodding at the freshly dug grave. “I’ll see you get a good burial.” Then he began to walk my horse out from underneath me!!!

That really did it; that jarred me firmly into the reality that I was going to die here! That’s when I finally found my voice and I started to scream. But the noose immediately tightened around my neck as I slid off the saddle! A moment later I couldn’t scream at all as the rope bore my weight from the limb of that tree!!

Almost immediately my legs started to fly as though I was trying to kick my boots off!! It surely succeeded as they both went flying! I must’ve been a sight to behold swinging back and forth with my legs going all crazy like that!!

shh3I think my mind tried to tell my bare feet to find something solid to stand upon. But there was nothing beneath me other than bare ground… and that was well over a foot below me!! It only succeeded in making me kick all the harder!!

I had no idea hanging could hurt as bad as mine did! My neck hadn’t broken; in fact I could even get a little air!! But all I could do was choke and rasp for what little breath I DID get!!

shh4It was bad; it was really bad!! My body wanted air; I wanted to breathe so badly!! And when I couldn’t hardly get any, my legs started to kick as though they no longer cared what my brain was telling them!!

shh5Tom stood there the whole time watching me! I simply couldn’t believe he was standing there letting me hang to death, not after all the times we’d had sex together!! What’s more, I was shocked when I saw a bulge begin to develop right there in his pants just as plain as day!!!

shh6I wanted to breathe; I needed to breathe; I really, really needed to breathe!!! I jerked my knees up and that loosened the noose just a bit, enough to give me a quick breath! But that only made the rope tighten around my neck and I choked and gasped even more!! How cruel!!! The harder I kicked, the tighter my noose became!!!

shh7I couldn’t help myself; I kicked my legs every which way as my body twisted and swung back and forth!! Then I frantically jerked my knees up again! That did give me another quick little breath. But it wasn’t nearly as much as the last one and I really needed a good breath of air!! Not getting hardly anything in my lungs REALLY made me panic!!!

shh8I got glimpses of Tom as I twisted and turned, glimpses of him and that damned bulge in his pants!! What horrified me was the little wet spot I suddenly saw!! He must’ve had an eruption in there while I was hanging!!! How could it be so sexual for him seeing me suffer??!! How the hell could he enjoy my hanging so much???!!!

shh9It felt like an eternity feeling that noose tighten around my neck! When I tried jerking my knees up a third time, it didn’t work!! I didn’t get any air at all!! It really scared me when I felt my chest heaving and I couldn’t get any air in or out of my lungs!!!

I finally started feeling new sensations in my body… new agonies to match the pain of the noose around my neck!! Everything hurt like hell inside me and I couldn’t feel my arms and legs anymore!! My body may have been aroused but I sure as hell couldn’t tell, not with all the pain I was experiencing!!

I finally stopped struggling and just hung there as my vision started to fade! I couldn’t believe I was still conscious, nor could I believe how much it hurt!! I just wanted for it to be over!!!

I was vaguely aware of Tom coming up to me, aware of him caressing my legs. His hands came up to touch and fondle my breasts but I couldn’t feel them. I just hung there rasping for breath, my body twitching as I jerked in the noose.

“You were a good lay, Sally; I’m going to miss you,” he said softly. But I didn’t hear him. Then there was a rattle from somewhere deep in my chest.

I vaguely sensed my bladder giving way, felt my pee trickling down my legs and soiling my bottoms. But I was too far gone to care. My eyes stayed open but I could no longer see.

shh10I shuddered one more time before finally slipping away. My body slowly swayed back and forth but my soul was no longer inside me. I was Tom’s dead whore, hanging at the end of a rope because of a town full of jealous bitches!!

He stood there looking at me for the longest time. But the bastard left me up the whole time just to make sure I was good and dead. After thirty minutes or so he finally took me down.

After that I guess I became just another corpse to him because he tossed me unceremoniously into that grave he must have dug the night before. Then he tossed my boots and blouse in with me. Finally he used that spade he had set aside to cover me up with the soil of the earth.

He never said any words; he never cried; he never did anything but shovel! Dirt landed on my face, on my tits, on my pussy, in my eyes, in my hair. He showed no emotions at all as he covered me up! Perhaps if I would have known he was so cold-hearted, I might not have been so eager to allow him to enjoy my womanly charms, the bastard!!

To make matters worse he never left a marker for me or anything. There was nothing more than a little mound of dirt to mark where he buried me. And out here that wasn’t going to last very long!

For all anyone knew I had simply disappeared off the face of the earth! Sally the town whore was gone! No one knew what had become of me because Tom never told a soul. And no one mourned my passing either, that’s for damn sure!! But I guess that’s what those bitches in town had wanted in the first place, right? So I guess they got their wish…

(written for a member of DFN Jan 29 ’14 by riwa)

(Vidcaps are from an old Rue Morgue clip and are for illustration purposes only.)

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