August 24, 2015 The dog days of August


The move is completed and everything is mostly put away. But I’ve been feeling rather lethargic over the past couple of weeks. Writing has been like pulling teeth; it has been extremely hard to motivate myself. I’ve worked on stuff here and there, but lately the energy and enthusiasm are missing.

The good news is my doctor’s visits all turned out well, although my one doctor says I’ve gained 5 pounds since he last saw me. So I’ve been walking twice a day to get back to where I was and to improve my blood pressure numbers even more. Actually I’ve dropped 4 pounds in the past two weeks, a rather impressive feat since my eating habits can most certainly be improved in certain areas. Meanwhile it’s been hot, there’s been fires all around us, and we’ve had to deal with a lot of haze in the valley. And I’m still feeling lethargic.

I haven’t gone anywhere of significance in quite a while other than a couple of short drives to get out of town. Mom is talking about coming down and I’ve been talking about going up. But right now it’s just talk.

I’m just like my father in that it is easy to stay home and not spend money on gas when I could go for a drive somewhere and recharge my batteries. One friend has even suggested I take a drive up into the mountains. But for some reason I’m even stalling about doing that.

Today was my scheduled day to upload a story, and I simply had no interest. And tomorrow looks no better. So maybe I’d better take some time off.

When I write I feel like I don’t want to. But then when I try to take time off I feel like I should be writing something. You know how that is when you know you should work on something but don’t… or know you should take time off but keep working anyway.

So I’m going to try it anyway. Enjoy the rest of your August. And for you with kids back in school, I bet you are enjoying a little peace and quiet right about now.

Thanks for stopping by. I guess I’ll check back with you in September…

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