Playing with handcuffs


(edited with 600 additional words and reposted)

Sabrina woke up with a familiar tingle in that region down between her legs. She’d been dreaming about her boyfriend again.

She yawned and looked over at the alarm clock… 8 am! That meant he’d already left for work. Crap! She wouldn’t get to see him until later that evening.

She tried to go back to sleep, but remnants of the dream stayed with her, keeping her wide awake and horny. After another half hour of tossing and turning, she reluctantly crawled out of bed. Might as well get the day started!

She walked into the bathroom wearing only her panties as she usually slept topless in the summer months. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled at her appearance, especially her firm breasts. ‘Not bad,’ she thought with a smile. ‘Mark likes ‘em…. Well… at least, that’s what he TELLS me every chance he gets.’

Thinking of her boyfriend reminded her of the dream she’d just had, sending another pleasant shiver quivering through her. She rubbed her breasts and sighed, wishing he had the day off. The way she was feeling now, she’d probably attack him and wear him out by noon!

She glanced over at the tub and was struck by a marvelous idea! How about a nice, warm sensuous bath? It would be perfect, just the thing to release her pent-up tingles! She could even practice her breath-holding!

She turned on the faucet and then started rummaging around looking for her nose clip. She really needed to start practicing without it, but it was so convenient. Besides, her sinuses always burned something fierce every time she got water in them. She tracked the clip down and then slipped out of her panties just as the tub finished filling up.

She slowly climbed into the tub, sighing pleasantly as her body settled down into the warm liquid. It swirled around her, caressing her gently and maintaining her feelings of arousal. As she settled deeper into the tub, she felt a strong stirring down below as her nipples hardened.

It wasn’t Mark or his hard cock. But it was the best she could do in her present condition. This should work fine until her boyfriend came home later that evening. Then she could jump his bones and fuck him silly.

She tipped her head back, completely soaking her blonde locks. Then she carefully put the nose clip in place. Now she wouldn’t have to worry about water getting into her sinuses.

01 PICT0196‘Time to get serious,’ she thought eagerly. Taking a nice, deep breath, Sabrina slowly submerged until she was flat on her back, arms at her sides. She lifted her legs and propped them up against the back wall so she wouldn’t have the tendency to bob back up to the surface. She blurped a couple of bubbles and then watched the surface of the tub settle above her.

Nice, warm and sensuous… just the way she liked her baths. No oils or bubble bath this time… especially since she was going to breath-hold with her eyes open. She opened her mouth and looked up as though she’d just drowned… one of her boyfriend’s favorite expression!

02 PICT0209It wasn’t long before her pussy started to tingle pleasantly. As she held her breath, she felt the sensations down below begin to increase in intensity. She blew a small burst of bubbles, watching them erupt up at the surface and causing the water to ripple outward in every direction. She squirmed pleasurably and then resumed her ‘drowned’ look just for the fun of it.

03 PICT0202Sabrina luxuriated in the warmth of the water, imagining it was her lover’s warm body that now embraced her. In order to extend her time underwater she concentrated on the beating of her heart as her chest began to burn. She tried to focus on the sensations stirring within her rather than the demands her lungs were starting to make on her.

04 PICT0207It wasn’t long before she felt that first spasm in her chest, that familiar signal from her lungs that they wanted fresh air. She stubbornly pushed herself, sending up little bursts of bubbles to the surface. She squirmed uncomfortably as her chest spasmed again. Her cheeks began to bulge until the air exploded out of her mouth in a bigger burst, churning the water above her.

05 PICT0204The sensations increased in her loins as her chest began heaving insistently. She finally blew the rest of her air away before pushing herself up to the surface, gasping heavily. The tingling between her legs faded.

She paused for a couple of minutes to catch her breath as the thumping of her heart subsided. When she was ready, she began taking long, deep breaths to prepare herself again. She thought briefly about climbing out and getting her watch to time herself, but she decided against it. Besides, she didn’t want to get out of the tub right now. She was too comfortable to go climbing out for some stupid watch.

Sabrina took another deep breath and then submerged again. She held her breath so there’d be no bubbles to ripple the surface above her. The water began to settle as she opened her mouth and looked up seductively. She imagined her lover looking down at her, imagined how aroused he would be and how rapid his breathing would become at the erotic sight before him.

She’d turned him on many times before, breath-holding in the tub for him like this. It was the quickest way she knew to get him ‘in the mood’. Besides, he really went nuts whenever she put on her ‘drowned face’ for him.

06 PICT0208Those wonderful feelings returned between her legs, causing her to release another burst of air. It burst up at the surface as she squirmed delightedly, creating turbulence in the tub. She focused on the feelings down below and then squeezed her legs together. For the moment it was easy to hold her breath, especially since she had other, more pleasant distractions to focus on. Then she released another burst of air that erupted up at the surface.

07 PICT0212She figured she’d been under about a minute when the sensations between her legs dramatically increased. A part of her wanted to help things along by fingering her clit, but this time she hesitated. She wondered if she could make it happen without touching herself… wondered if the combination of warm water, breath-holding and the dream she’d had would be enough. Determined to find out, she kept her arms at her side, even foregoing the incredible urge to caress her breasts. She simply squeezed those muscles around her pussy as she rubbed her thighs together.

She felt that familiar burn in her chest as the sensations increased. She found herself moving her head from side to side, causing the water to ripple and shimmer all around her. Air spewed out of her mouth as she focused on holding her breath for as long as she could. The tingles intensified, and it was all she could do to keep from reaching down and fingering herself!

08 PICT0206Her chest heaved ominously but her pussy was tingling like crazy. She was so close! If she could just hold her breath for a few seconds more! Her lungs heaved in her chest, the fire aching to be put out with a fresh breath. Sabrina squeezed her thighs together one more time, suspecting she was so very close.

Something went off inside her, causing a warm wave to wash over her. She burbled away her air in a cry of pleasure as she stiffened and squeezed. Then she shuddered delightedly as the orgasm fully enveloped her, her breath bursting out of her lungs as she cried out over how good it felt.

09 PICT0203Her lungs suddenly heaved painfully; Sabrina was out of breath. She burst up out of the water panting like crazy as delicious aftershocks rippled through her body. ‘That felt good,’ she thought with a pleasant little shudder. ‘I wonder what I could do for an encore!’ Then she remembered the handcuffs and how she liked a little bondage…

Sabrina climbed out of the tub and dashed into the bedroom, dripping wet. She was so excited about wearing the cuffs in the tub that she neglected to dry herself. She even left her nose clip on!

She opened the drawer that contained the manacles and found some other accessories to go along with them. “Hmm,” she said out loud with a smile. “Why not? All I’m gonna do is get ’em wet. Can’t hurt anything… and I know I’ll feel sexy wearing them!”

She grabbed the two sets of cuffs along with the nylons and thong and then hurried back to the bathroom, leaving a trail of droplets behind her in the carpeting. She entered the bathroom, sat down on the toilet lid and then proceeded to pull her long black nylons up each leg. They came up her thighs, stopping just short of her crotch.

She stood up and pulled on her black thong. It was nothing more than a piece of fabric that covered her pussy. A thin strap wrapped completely around her waist while another went down her back between her ass cheeks and connected to the bottom of the fabric in the front. It was not very practical, but it sure made her feel sexy.

She noticed one of the straps was frayed, making her wonder if it might come apart on her unexpectedly. But she decided to take her chances. So she sat back down on the toilet and proceeded to snap one set of cuffs around her ankles. Then she stood up and stared dubiously at the other set in her hands.

“How am I going to get these on my wrists behind my back?” she asked herself. “This could be interesting!”

She sighed as she clatched a cuff onto her right wrist and then brought it behind her back. She ran her left hand around her back and fumbled for the cuffs until she snagged the one on her wrist. It was going easier than she’d anticipated.

10 PICT0193“Got it,” she breathed as she grabbed it. She used her right hand to work it onto her left wrist. She had to fumble around a little bit but she finally succeeded in snapping it on.

11 PICT0194‘Ok, let’s see,’ she thought as she yanked on the cuffs behind her wrists. They were firmly attached. She looked at the tub and felt her heart thump excitedly in her chest.

12 PICT0195Now she had a new problem: how to get back into the bathtub with handcuffs on her ankles and on her wrists behind her back. She sat down on the edge of the tub and braced herself as she swung her legs over. She accidentally hooked them onto the faucet, causing her to lose her balance as she slipped into the tub with a splash.

13 PICT0191Sabrina burbled frantically as she tried to unhook her feet from the faucet and get her hands underneath her. She hadn’t gotten a good breath when she’d slipped in and she felt the first stirrings of panic, even as her pussy began to tingle. The water churned violently as she tried to rise up, another burst of air exploding out of her lungs to burst up at the surface.

14 PICT0211Sabrina finally got some leverage enough to lift herself up out of the tub. She gasped mightily for breath, her heart thumping wildly in her chest. Then she shook the hair out of her eyes…

Damn! That was quite an exciting moment, wasn’t it!

She took long, deep breaths to calm herself down. But it didn’t discourage her in the least from contemplating going back down into the water. On the contrary, the moment of excitement had been so stimulating she’d nearly orgasmed cum a second time! Now she wanted that more than every!

When she felt a little more prepared, she eased herself back down into the water and submerged herself. ‘That’s much better,’ she told herself. Now she was going to be able to hold her breath while roleplaying a little bondage situation. So as the water churned and began to settle, she assumed her ‘drowning pose’, the one that her boyfriend liked so much.

15 PICT0200She felt the muscles in her abs burn as she held her feet up away from the faucet. She didn’t want them to get hung up again. She tried to pull them apart, pretending she was in trouble… pretending she’d been cuffed, put in the tub and then left to drown. That’s when her pussy began to tingle excitedly all over again.

16 PICT0192Sabrina concentrated on holding her breath as her heart rate increased. She opened her mouth again while focusing on keeping the water out of her throat. She felt a quiet little warning spasm in her chest, but she ignored it as the erotic sensations down in her crotch intensified.

17 PICT0201She released more air out of her mouth in spurts as her lungs convulsed, her body strongly suggesting she rise up for a breath. But she didn’t want to rise up just yet. The feelings down between her legs were getting stronger, and she squeezed her thighs together as another warning spasm pulsed in her chest.

“Air… NOW!” her lungs demanded. She pushed herself up out of the water long enough to grab a deep breath. Then she slipped right back down below the surface again as the sensations inside her raced toward a climax. The water swirled as she began to quiver with growing excitement.

18 PICT0199Sabrina suddenly felt something give way down below! She forced herself up to the surface in a sitting position and looked down in disgust. Damn! The strap had given way, causing the thong to come apart.

She looked with dismay as it lay in the tub off to one side, totally useless. She worked herself up against the back of the tub, hooked the garment with her cuffed feet and then flopped it out of the tub onto the floor. Crap! What rotten timing! Not only did she need to go to the lingerie store to pick up another one sometime in the near future, but she’d actually been close to having a nice orgasm when it happened! Now the feelings in her loins had subsided considerably!

Oh well; no problem! Now that the damn thing had come off, she would receive a more direct stimulation from the turbulent water. Sabrina adjusted herself in the tub, raised her feet, took a deep breath and then submerged herself.

The sensations felt wonderful; she liked this much better. The strap had been digging uncomfortably between her ass cheeks anyway. She opened her mouth once more and assumed ‘the position’ as the turbulent water began to settle, her nipples popping up excitedly from her growing arousal.

19 PICT0197The sensations quickly returned; no surprise there. What’s more, it didn’t take long for them to intensify. She began moving her head from side to side, pretending she was struggling at the bottom of the tub in her bondage.

20 PICT0210She was getting closer; it was time to act out a little more. She started struggling a little with her handcuffs, acting like she couldn’t get her head back up to the surface. It gave her a deliciously erotic jolt as she groaned and bubbled.

She began to struggle a little harder as warning spasms began to settle into her chest again… I’m handcuffed… submerged in the tub and I can’t get out! Help me; somebody, help me! He’s gonna let me drown! Then she rolled onto her side and “struggled in panic” as though trying to break out of the cuffs. The sensations in her crotch intensified, and she rubbed her thighs together.

21 PICT0223She shivered pleasurably as her pussy responded to her wild imaginings. The sensations intensified as a spasm rippled through her chest, reminding her that she needed to breathe soon. She opened her mouth while struggling with the cuffs in an urgent attempt to hurry things along, her mind once again focusing on her peril fantasy…


She wriggled and squirmed, “desperate to get free”. As she fought with her cuffs she felt it swell within her before suddenly exploding with a white hot eruption of pleasurable heat. Sabrina shuddered as the orgasm washed over her like a tidal wave crashing onto the shore, the water in the tub sloshing everywhere as her eyes rolled, her body convulsing with breathless spasms.

23 PICT0217The pleasure passed only to be replaced with a fire in her lungs. But Sabrina was not yet finished with this little roleplay. She held her breath and assumed ‘the drowned look’, trying hard to maintain her position while bringing her fantasy to a sexy conclusion. The bad guy had drowned her, but at least she’d achieved one last orgasm before she’d succumbed.

24 PICT0233“AIR… RIGHT NOW!” her body screamed at her. Sabrina rolled onto her back and then fumbled for leverage to be able to push herself up out of the water. She came up gasping like mad, panting furiously as her chest heaving erotically while she struggled to get her breath back. Down below she felt erotic aftershocks teasing her quivering pussy.

‘DAMN, THAT FELT GOOD!’ she thought as the pounding of her heart began to subside. She’d have to try this with Mark sometime… maybe even tonight! She had a feeling he’d really get off watching her breath-hold and then orgasm in the tub.

As she thought about how she could turn him on, she realized there was one position she hadn’t tried yet with the cuffs on her wrists. It was probably the best position for her fantasy: lying face down in the tub as though she was being forced under! It might also be the best position for holding her breath the longest.

She began taking long, deep breaths in preparation as a thrill of excitement swept through her. Her pussy began to tingle again as she contemplated the best way to turn over onto her face. Taking one last, deep breath, she lay on her back and then carefully rolled over onto her stomach.

Sabrina held her breath and tried to be still, allowing the water to settle all around her. She wanted to portray the image of the drowned woman face down in her tub. She imagined the look that would be on her boyfriend’s face when he saw her ass sticking up so temptingly.

25 PICT0226She wiggled her legs a little as they stuck up out of the tub. It added to the overall eroticism of her situation. Then Sabrina went back to her fantasy, pretending she was face down in the tub and unable to prevent herself from drowning.

26 PICT0227‘NO!’ her mind screamed as she released air out of her mouth and nose. ‘PLEASE DON’T DROWN ME! LET ME UP!’ Then she began fighting with the cuffs as her hair swirled around her head, more air slipping out past her lips to bubble up at the surface. As the sensations increased down below, she found herself furiously rubbing her thighs together.

27 PICT0215She tried to roll over onto her side in an effort to raise her head up for a quick breath. Then she rolled back into position so that she was face down again, imagining the bad guy had just forced her back into her original position. She burbled and squirmed excitedly as an erotic jolt made her pussy quiver with excitement.

28 PICT0214She felt the sensations down below blossom into a raging fire. She squirmed and burbled, moving about in the tub as her lungs began to protest. She imagined a hand on her back, imagined it being the bad guy determined to do the dirty deed!

It dawned on her this one was going to be close! She needed to come up for air soon, but she really wanted this orgasm before she surfaced! It felt like it was going to be more powerful than her previous ones this morning!

She jerked and pulled against the handcuffs for her roleplay as her chest began to convulse, demanding that she refill her lungs. She forced herself to remain under as she imagined the bad guy’s laughter filling the bathroom as he drowned her. It was erotic as hell; she was going to cum any second now!

She felt every muscle tense up as it swelled inside her. Then she started to shudder as the orgasm slammed into her, causing her to blow away most of her air in a bubbly cry of pleasure. Sabrina thrashed about wildly in the tub, causing water to slosh everywhere as she luxuriated in the wonderful orgasm she was experiencing.

29 PICT0213The orgasm seemed to roll on and on for several wonderful seconds, leaving her weak and breathless. Then she felt a massive convulsion in her chest, warning her that she needed to refill her aching lungs. Sabrina tried to roll over onto her side, but another convulsion made her slip and roll back over until she was floating face down.

A surge of panic swelled within her as she tried to roll over again. She had to get up for air or she was going to drown for real! Sabrina struggled to turn completely over as her heart beat wildly in her chest.

30 PICT0221She felt a jolt of real panic, causing her to thrash about in the tub. Water sloshed everywhere as she tried to roll herself over onto her back. Her chest kept heaving insistently, her lungs on fire as her mind screamed, WHAT A STUPID WAY TO DIE!

She gurgled… swallowed water… rolled over… scrabbled with her hands to try to push herself up! She coughed, gagged, pushed with all her might! Then she burst up out of the water, coughing and wheezing. Somehow Sabrina managed to keep her head out of the water as she sputtered and gasped, her heart beating wildly in her chest. The water in the tub boiled around her and then started to settle.

31 PICT0219‘DAMN!’ she thought as her body trembled fearfully. ‘THAT WAS TOO FUCKING CLOSE!’

She sat there panting wildly for breath while trying to regain her composure. Then she reached forward with a nylon-covered foot and popped the plug up out of the drain. It dawned on her just how easily she could have swallowed water and drowned in her own tub acting out a fantasy.

“I think I’m ready to get out,” she muttered shakily. It was time to get these cuffs off and get herself all dried off and deal with the day before her

© 2005; 2015 (written for spazeman Feb 19 ’05; ed Aug 17 ‘15 by riwa)

(Pictures provided by spazeman and are for illustration purposes only.)

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