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Snuff Teri 5.0 (Ch 6 Garrote Teri) 4.2 (18)

The next Teri is sitting in a chair with a rope around her neck. My escort enjoys strangling her with a garrote as I get another blowjob. Continue reading

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Premonitions 3.5 (17)

After an accident that claims someone she knows, she begins having premonitions about diving too deep. Continue reading

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Riwa’s Stories at Patreon 4 (5)

Coming March rewards The 5th chapter to Chloe. The 5th chapter to Aravanna. The 5th chapter to Katia. Her last swimming lesson occurs in a bathtub. A train fantasy. A grandmother’s fetish. Jodi has a swimming lesson of her own. … Continue reading

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A scene from Zerrin’s last night 3.4 (19)

I have orders from the Organization to eliminate my lover Zerrin by using a knife. But she willingly bares her neck to me in one last submissive act as we make frantic love with each other for the very last time. Continue reading

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AF’s The Bet 3.9 (24)

Nikki bets Bridget $100 that she can’t get the pool man to fuck her underwater. Bridget accepts the bet, only to discover that once she gets underwater, things are not as they appear. Continue reading

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Donna’s shore leave 5 4.5 (17)

Donna’s former lover is captured by the two curious creatures. But when she finally locates her, she finds her high up in a tree with a noose around her neck. Continue reading

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Shelly in Cancun 5 3.5 (19)

Shelly and Andria spend some time with a couple of Asian scuba divers. They all explore the sunken vessel and then engage in a little breath-holding. Continue reading

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