Shelly in Cancun 5


Chapter 5 – The grand tour

We fin ourselves downward toward the two divers. They appear to be waiting patiently for us as they hover over the bow of the wreck. Andria is eager to meet them.

I’m a bit more apprehensive. Maybe it’s all the premonitions and dreams I’ve had. Maybe it’s simply the fact I feel I don’t have nearly as much control over the situation as I would like to have.

As we approach neither diver makes what I would interpret as an aggressive move toward us. I see they each have a spare hose and regulator attached to their scuba tanks. My memory dredges up the name “octopus” from some fleeting images of a scuba class I once took with Andria a few years ago.

To my astonishment the diver closest to me grabs hers and offers it to me. Her companion offer hers to Andria as well. I smile and nod politely as I accept it from her before placing the reg between my lips.

The young woman I accept the octopus from appears to be of Asian descent. She’s Japanese, I would guess. She looks like she might be about my age.

Her breasts are smaller but well-rounded. They are almost showing through that skimpy blue bikini top of hers. It looks to be a “tan-thru” model, and her erect nipples poke through her suit.

I can make out her neatly trimmed bush showing through her thong. I guess she likes to tan everything. Her nearly coal-black hair hangs loosely just beyond her shoulder blades. Her dark, piercing eyes peer at me with what I can only describe as “hunger”.

She takes my hand in hers. That’s when I feel it: a spark, a jolt. A shiver ripples through my body.

I look at her with wide open eyes. It’s as though I can tell she feels it too. Her breath exhales through her regulator.

She looks at my face and then gazes down my body. I can’t help feeling another shiver. It’s as though she’s removing what little I have on with her eyes.

I’ve always had a fondness for Asian women. But for some reason this one seems to be taking my breath away. I’m tingly all over, and I have to remind myself to breathe calmly through the regulator.

I abruptly feel Andria tugging on me to get my attention. She cries out excitedly through her reg while giving me a thumb’s up. She eagerly nods her head up and down.

Her companion is another Asian who I suspect is also of Japanese descent. Looking at her is like taking in an Asian replica of Andria. She’s well endowed, with a similar tan-thru outfit that is a mixture of dark blue swirls. It barely covers her breasts and that pussy of hers.

She has dark brown hair that keeps trying to settle just below the shoulders. There’s an all-too-noticeable playfulness to her demeanor, especially her facial expression. Andria is almost giddy as she looks at me with an excited expression… “Look who we just found!”

It’s been a while, but I haven’t totally forgotten how to do it. In a few moments I’m breathing normally through the reg in my mouth. It’s nice not being forced back to the surface every couple of minutes to breathe.

My companion seems to pick up on the fact I’m at ease with the octopus. She pulls on my arm… “Let’s go”. I sense she’s the leader of the two, but I feel no discomfort by her presence.

Together we start finning hand in hand downward along the port side of the ship, the side facing the reef. A quick glance behind us reveals Andria and her new-found friend are following a short distance away. They look like they’re amused about something.

We slowly fin together along the side of the wreck. I allow my new scuba partner to lead. She slowly works us down to the sandy bottom where I see the hull is embedded in the sea floor.

From there we fin back up to look into the portholes. There’s a corridor of sorts running just inside the hull. She looks at me and smiles as though we’re both thinking the same thing… “We definitely gotta go inside before we leave!”

We slowly make our way to the stern of the wreck. The only sound I hear is that of the bubbles we both exhale. I can faintly detect the bubbles of our two companions lagging behind us.

I can’t believe I’m in the ocean breathing off a scuba tank. It’s amazing how this day is turning out. A part of me hopes like hell I’m not dreaming again because I’m feeling all tingly and excited.

A quick glance back reveals Andria is having a ball. The two of them are motioning and pointing at everything. Their eyes twinkle as they grin through their regulators.

We pause at the rear of the craft, slowly examining the hull. Then we move on to fin along the starboard side. I can’t resist giving my scuba partner an appreciative squeeze of her hand.

She looks at me and squeezes back before focusing on where she’s taking us. But I don’t miss the look in her eye. A quick glance down at her breasts reveal nipples that are swollen and pointed.

Mine are the same: erect and starting to ache a little. I’m aroused at the turn this day has taken. I can’t help wondering if we might get an opportunity later on to, uh… well…

She suddenly fins us upward as we near the bow. I stay right beside her. The next thing I know we’re popping into the shack that houses the pilothouse.

There’s not much that interests me. I see knobs, gauges, levers and a small metal worktable against the wall that looks as though it was used for laying out maps and charts. The windows are broken out.

There’s debris on the floor. I also spy a couple of pipes and some loose pieces of metal. Contents from several open cabinets and drawers are strewn all over, disintegrating from exposure to the ocean.

Nothing looks interesting or salvageable. No doubt it’s been picked clean by those who’ve been here before us. So we head back out.

Andria and her friend remain behind to look around. But they show more enthusiasm than I did. Perhaps that’s because I’m starting to find myself a bit distracted by my new dive buddy.

We come to a stairwell that leads down into murky darkness. My companion starts to fin us downward. I balk, pulling against her hand.

I’m not quite certain I want to go down without any kind of hand-held illumination to light our way. She just smiles through her reg as she tugs on my hand. She nods at me as if to say “C’mon – it’ll be fine.”

For some reason I find myself not wanting to disappoint her. So I nod reluctantly. Together we start down, the octopus keeping me fairly close to her. Fortunately there’s enough room for the two of us to go down side by side.

She leads me down slowly, yet firmly. My comfort with her leadership grows stronger. I feel safe around her to the point where I believe she won’t deliberately get us into any kind of trouble.

We slowly penetrate the interior down into the stairwell. There’s a bit more illumination than I expected. Then we reach the bottom of the stairs where we pause for a moment.

I soon find my eyes adjusting to the dimness all around us. There’s more light down here than I expected. I can actually see the open doorway directly in front of us as we reach the bottom of the stairs. Between the portholes and the stairwell there’s just enough light to allow for some visibility.

My guide motions toward the doorway. I nod agreeably. We slowly move forward to peer inside.

It’s a cabin pressed into the bow of the wreck. It makes me think it belonged to the captain. But from our vantage point there isn’t that much to see.

It’s dim inside. The sea has deteriorated much of the room’s contents. Wooden furniture pieces and fixtures lie in a state of slow disintegration. A thin layer of silt covers much of it. Our curiosity is satisfied.

We turn and follow a very short hall. It makes a 90 degree angle into the long corridor we saw from the outside of the wreck. Light comes in through the portholes near the ceiling. There’s just enough sun to lighten our way, although there are dark shadows everywhere.

I feel a brief flicker of anxiety. I focus once more on where I’m at and who I’m diving with. That feeling of reassurance returns as my senses picking up everything.

I still can’t believe it! I’m diving with a sexy, young woman of Japanese descent while using an octopus attached to her scuba gear. Our exhalations are the only sounds at the bottom of the sea in a dimly lit wreck.

I can’t help getting all tingly and excited again. Once more I squeeze her hand. She grins and squeezes back before turning and leading us onward as a wave of calmness engulfs me.

We come up to a door on the left and slowly push it open. There isn’t much light. But what there is reveals some sort of cargo hold.

Again, there doesn’t seem to be much in here. No doubt it’s been picked clean by those who’ve come before us. My heart sinks, but only a little.

We probably won’t find anything of interest. But it doesn’t seem to matter all that much. Besides, I’m able to console myself with the exhilaration of simply being able to explore this wreck with the safety of scuba gear in the company of a dive partner who’s starting to have a serious effect on me.

We fin ourselves onward until we come upon another door, opening into a second cargo hold. This one is just as dimly lit as the first. It’s also just as empty.

There’s nothing but a few crumpled wooden crates that are coming apart. Obviously they were emptied some time ago. We look at each other and shrug our shoulders.

We move on, finning side by side down the passageway. We both breathe evenly through our regulators. The sound of our exhalations are quite noticeable in the empty corridor.

We reach the end of the passageway and make a turn. We’ve discovered the companionway at the stern along with a handful of doors. We push one open on the corridor side of the stairwell and slip inside.

There’s just enough illumination to see what looks to be the former galley for the crew. There’s no porthole in here. There’s just an opening in the ceiling allowing a small shaft of light to penetrate.

Appliances line one wall. There’s a cook stove and a small dining table. The contents of several drawers have spilled out.

I can make out bits and pieces of what looks like silverware poking up through the layer of mud. But nothing looks of value in here either. So we slip back out the doorway.

We try the door directly opposite the bottom of the stairwell. This one only opens partway. It seems to be jammed against something.

My dive partner manages to get her head in through the crack long enough to take a look. She pulls her head out and beckons for me to have a look-see if I’m interested. I take a quick look, the octopus giving me just enough slack to stick my head around the door.

It’s really dark inside. What I can see tells me it’s probably the engine room. I doubt there’s much in here I really want to see anyway.

I see Andria and her friend arrive. They slip inside the door to the galley. We check the door on the same wall on the other side of the stairwell.

This one has a couple of portholes up near the ceiling. Enough light shines in, revealing the crew’s quarters. There are metal frames for several bunks.

Cabinet doors swing open. But I figure there’s nothing of importance to find in here either. I motion to my friend that I’m ready to leave whenever she is.

She nods, and together we make our way to the stairwell. We fin our way upward, having gone as far as we can go. We’ve pretty much seen everything there is to see below decks.

There’s a structure at the top of the stairwell that sits directly over the room below to the engines. We fin our way inside. There’s plenty of light since all the windows are gone. But there’s nothing much in here either.

It looks like a gathering place for the crew. It also looks as though it was used as a place for storing tools, gear and the other necessities for the two cargo holds.

A few cabinet door hang open. What’s left of a table and a couple of chairs are in a heap in one corner. Once more there appears to be nothing of value.

Looking out the door I can see what appears to be a couple of large hatches to the cargo holds between here and the shack that holds the pilothouse. On either side is a walkway that follows along the ship’s railing up to the bow, disappearing around the pilothouse. It’s nothing more than a small cargo vessel… or at least it was until it met its fate right here, a short distance from the reef it was no doubt trying to beach itself upon.

…and thus ended the grand tour…

I turn to my dive companion and smile. I motion with my arms in an attempt to convey my thanks. I’m appreciative for her allowing me to share her scuba tank while exploring the wreck with her.

We could’ve explored some of those other rooms below a little more. But I honestly don’t think it would’ve born much fruit. I’m satisfied with the results. I just want her to know how grateful I am to be allowed to share her tank with her.

She smiles back at me. I feel those eyes start to bore into me again. A moment later she starts to run her hand up and down my arm.

The next thing I know she’s touching me everywhere with both hands. She caresses me softly as though exploring every inch of my suddenly quivering body. She brushes my face and cheeks, caresses my neck, slides her hands down my arms, and tentatively brushes across my trembling breasts.

My nipples are erect, calling out for attention. I shiver as I moan quietly into my regulator. Gawd; what is she doing to me?!

I inhale deeply. Then I exhale with a quiver as I close my eyes. My body trembles like crazy.

I have no idea who this young woman is. It’s as if she’s playing my body like a Stradivarius. Then I feel her hands on my breasts again, cupping them gently.

She caresses and fondles them, sending electric shocks tumbling down to my pussy region. For a long moment I actually forget to breathe. I’m forced to inhale sharply before exhaling with a quivering sigh.

I suddenly hear a bubbly cry. I open my eyes to see Andria and her scuba partner floating just inside the doorway. She points at me before waving a finger… “Naughty, naughty.”

She does not succeed in hiding her amusement. Her companion doesn’t even bother hiding hers. She simply grins at us like the Cheshire cat.

For a long moment the four of us drift there in place. My dive buddy and I are momentarily frozen at having been caught. Then Andria’s companion turns to her.

She makes a show of deliberately groping her breasts. Then she turns and points at us again. Her reg explodes with an exhalation of bubbles in laughter.

Andria laughs with her as my face goes beet red. My partner just looks exasperated at the two of them. I think she wishes she could’ve had a few more minutes of privacy with me. But the mood is broken.

She lets her hands fall to her sides as I try to compose myself. The four of us look at each other for a few moments. Andria shrugs her shoulders as if to say “Now what do we do?”

My companion points at her own mouthpiece. She makes a show of acting as though she’s going to remove it. Then she points at all of us in turn.

I nod in understanding. Andria nods too. I think we know what she’s planning.

She starts counting down from five with her fingers, folding each one in. She grabs her reg and prepares to remove it. When she reaches one we all take a deep breath before pulling our regs out of our mouths, holding them in our hands.

I no longer hear the sound of four females exhaling from their regulators. My dive buddy smiles, nodding in acknowledgement to her friend. Andria and I exchange glances.

Apparently we’re having some sort of impromptu breath-hold contest. I can see Andria’s competitive nature rise up within her. The expression on her face tells me she wants to beat me.

There’s no real way of timing ourselves because no one is wearing a watch. All we can do is look at each other, trying to gauge who’s about to give up first. But this time that one is easy as I can already see Andria’s chest start to heave.

Her smile fades as she starts to grimace. She looks at each one of us, no doubt hoping someone else will quit first. She finally gives up in exasperation after what I would conclude to be about a minute has gone by.

She stuffs her regulator back into her mouth. Her dive buddy grins and points at her with an “I beat you!” expression. I can’t help grinning at her myself. Andria just scowls at me.

A few moments later I feel my own lungs start to spasm. I look at our two Asian friends, hoping someone else is closer to giving up than I am. They both look at me with confident expressions, neither one appearing ready to give up just yet.

Andria’s dive partner seems to be struggling a little. But I don’t think I can wait that long. Shaking my head in disgust, I put my reg back between my lips before sucking down a breath of compressed air.

Andria’s scuba partner grins and points at the two of us as if to say “Ha – I beat you both!” Mine turns to me and smiles. Our new Asian underwater friends have done better this round.

It isn’t long before Andria’s Asian friend is forced to stuff her regulator back into her mouth. She grimaces and points unhappily at her friend who drifts by my side while still holding her breath. She’s obviously disappointed at who has managed to hold out the longest. That’s when my scuba partner grins and puts her reg back into her mouth, pointing at her own chest and giving herself a thumbs-up.

2007; 2020 (written Jul 27 ’07; ed. Aug 22 ‘20 by riwa)

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