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Iron Maiden on New Year’s Eve 4.6 (32)

I show Zilpha an iron maiden on New Year’s Eve and invite her to try it out. Continue reading

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Chastity’s little fuck-toy part 1 (a Club story) 4.4 (31)

I meet Lexi in Chastity’s private pool. During an erotic swim the little lesbian gives me an underwater blowjob. Then she talks me into taking her up onstage where she wants me to fuck her right in front of everyone, giving her her very first cock in the drowning chamber. Continue reading

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Riwa’s Stories at Patreon 4 (4)

Coming January rewards A story about iron maidens. I dreamed I drowned them. Another Donna’s shore leave chapter. A fetish swim. Indoor spa fun. A woman gets bagged. Another Mr. Wayne chapter. Another drowning of Melissa chapter. A soccer mom … Continue reading

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The Elf and the Orc 4.5 (20)

A sexual encounter with an Elf impacts the life of an Orc. Continue reading

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Teaching Emma a lesson 4.2 (32)

Jess kidnaps Emma and takes her to Chanta so she can be taught a lesson for her defiant attitude and for being mouthy. Emma ends up suffering in Chanta’s pool and then in a Houdini tank down in Chanta’s dungeon. Chanta continues teaching Emma a lesson in the master bedroom – beginning with the sink and then moving into the Jacuzzi tub. Continue reading

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More Thor beheading shorts 3.6 (19)

Three short beheading stories inspired by the manips created by Thor. Continue reading

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Sorority hanging party 4.3 (45)

When Della and the other pledges fail the initiation process, they become the stars of the sorority’s private little hanging party. Continue reading

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