The Elf and the Orc


Note: I’m not too familiar with the characteristics of these two creatures. So I hope you’ll give me a little leeway in case I messed things up about them.

Beala splashed in the river. She hadn’t bathed in weeks. It felt good to wash the smell off her body.

There were very few opportunities to address hygiene during wartime. They were constantly on the move. Any water they came across had to be preserved for drinking.

She’d come across the river during one of her patrols. But it was too far away for an encampment. Besides the territory was dangerously close to the orcs.

She was high enough in the hierarchy to grant herself some private time. Thus, she’d taken some time off. She’d said it was to see to her family. In actuality, it was to bathe at the river.

She thought she should feel more guilty. After all, what would her superiors say to this? There was little time for pleasantries such as bathing. The best she could hope for was a few minutes to herself to prepare for battle.

Beala was certain she was alone. She’d searched the area thoroughly. She’d seen no life to threaten her, certainly no orcs in the immediate vicinity.

The fishing net had been a curiosity. But it looked like it had been abandoned for several weeks. Someone must have come to fish the waters, only to be driven off by the marauding bands of orcs… and her kind as well.

She had few regrets over those she’d killed. War had become a part of life to her. It was hoped that innocent villagers might be spared. But they often found themselves caught up in the conflict, frequently suffering great casualties at the hands of the orcs. Was that why she hated them so much?

As an elf her ears were normally much sharper. But the river was just noisy enough for her to miss detecting the activity on the shore. The rustling of the breeze through the trees did not help matters.

It came flying through the air before she could think to react. Then the fishing net was upon her. Her instincts to fight only tangled her up in it more.

She nearly drowned herself. Beala finally stopped struggling to take stock of her situation. That’s when the orc emerged from the trees.

She let out a gasp and a shudder. Her clothes were there on the shore. She was totally exposed.

The orc waded down into the water. He held his battle axe at the ready. One wrong move and the fishing net would not protect her.

The orc pulled her in and quickly untangled her. She was too far away from her clothes and her weapons. Beala’s heart beat fast.

Her mind raced as she tried to process any and all options. But she was quickly reduced to polar opposites. She could resist and be slaughtered. Or she could submit. For now she chose the latter.

The orc produced some rope and bound her arms behind her back. The creature’s close proximity to her made her wrinkle her nose in disgust. Now she needed another dip in the river.

The orc studied her intently. Beala blushed in spite of herself. She did not like the way she was being gazed upon. Surely the results of such an inspection were not going to be pleasant.

The orc removed his battle dress until he was completely naked. A large erection sprang free. Beala shuddered with revulsion.

She had chosen the wrong option. She should have chosen slaughter. Now she was going to be violated.

The orc wasted no time, especially since she was already naked and trembling. He spun her around and bent her over a convenient tree stump. Then he thrust hard into her womanhood.

Beala let out a cry at the painful intrusion. She’d mated before with some of the other warrior elves. But an orc’s member was much bigger.

He plunged his thick appendage hard into her slit. Beala cried out with each thrust. She had no idea mating could be so painful.

The orc rammed her until she felt him spew his hot seed into her. That was humiliating enough. Now she feared the possibility she might bear the disgusting creature’s child.

He was not content to abuse her just the one time. He turned her around and forced her to kneel. His disgusting organ hung at face level.

The thought was revolting. Beala shook her head. The creature simply grabbed her head and forced her lips open before pushing the organ inside her.

Beala had suffered many humiliations during her life. But none matched what was now happening to her. She wished the orc would just use his axe, remove her head and be done with it.

She swallowed the disgusting organ. Then the orc stretched out flat on his back. Beala was forced to straddle him, impaled once again upon his member.

He bounced her up and down as he savagely groped her breasts. Beala shed tears of shame. Her humiliation increased at the horrific realization her body was starting to betray her.

She winced as she closed her eyes and shook her head. The orc bounced her even harder upon his quivering shaft. It filled her unlike any organ she’d previously been impaled with.

The creature had gone without sex for some time. It was obvious; his appetite was ravenous. Beala cried out again as she felt hot seed spurt inside her.

She was pulled off and forced to take it into her mouth once more, gagging on it again. No doubt the creature expected her to clean his member. She winced as she tasted her fluids on the disgusting erection.

The creature threw her onto the ground on her back. She was uncomfortable lying on her bound arms. Then the creature was upon her, thrusting hard into her womanhood.

Beala closed her eyes as she shed more tears. She shook her head as if to deny the situation. Now she could feel her orifice trying to suck the beast deeper inside her.

The orc seemed amused. He pulled out and then thrust back in. Beala winced as her body responded.

The creature howled with glee as he fell over onto his back again. Beala was pulled on top and impaled once more. Her breasts were savagely groped.

He was thoroughly enjoying himself. And curse the gods, she was enjoying it too. She could not make her body stop responding.

The orc was not a dimwitted creature. He quickly took notice of her reaction. He lifted her onto her knees, bent her over the stump and entered her from behind again.

Beala tried to think of something else. She tried to think of the worst possible scene she could remember from battle. But her body still responded.

It swelled within her despite her best efforts to stop it. Then it crashed over her as the orc emptied himself inside her yet again. She let out an elfish cry of shame as pleasure shuddered through her being.

Once more she found herself back on her knees cleaning the creature’s appendage with her mouth. She could taste her cum and his cream on his erection. Humiliation was heaping mounds of shameful lust upon her head.

She fought against the urge to please him. But she could not bring herself to resist. She slobbered all over the dick that had shamefully wrought such great pleasure within her.

The orc stretched out on his back and impaled her again. Beala was bounced up and down until she could stand it no longer. Another orgasmic cry was torn from her lips.

The creature bent her over the stump again. Then she felt him violate her anus. She screamed from the pain. But it subsided as humiliation gave way to more shameful lusts.

She was violated until she became sore. Then the orc pulled out. Once more she was thrown onto the ground where the creature pounced.

He forced himself inside her yet again. Beala shed tears of shameful pleasure. She bit her lips to keep from urging the disgusting creature to fully have his way with her.

She did not know how long it was before the orc finally tired of her. She was filled in all holes with his disgusting cream. She needed the river again in the worst way.

The creature bent her over the tree stump yet again. Would there be more? Then she looked up to see the orc hefting his battle axe.

Relief washed over her. At last. Her shame would be hidden forever. None of her people would know of what had just been done to her. The humiliation was about to be slaughtered right out of her.

She looked up at the creature with resignation. Then she submissively laid her neck across the stump of the tree. At least she would not have to bathe.

There was hesitation. Then the orc let out a cry as he hefted his battle ax. Beala closed her eyes and prepared for the final moment.

She’d seen beheadings in battle. She had always wondered what it had felt like. Now she would know for herself.

There was a big whump into the ground in front of her. But Beala’s neck remained unscathed. She looked up with surprise and confusion, seeing the blade of the axe buried in the ground right in front of her.

The orc loosened her bonds behind her back. Then he turned and walked away. And just like that her life had been returned to her.

Beala blinked in surprise. She worked the bonds until they came free. Then she stood up, looking in the direction the orc had gone. He did not return. But she would probably not fare so well if any of his kind stumbled across her path.

At risk of life and limb she got into the river. She gave herself a very short time to wash the disgust off her. Then she hurriedly got dressed.

She gathered her weapons, checking to see if the orc might come back for her. Perhaps it would be best if she were not here to be found. And with that Beala began the long journey back.

Beala did not feel well. It was her stomach. Something was wrong.

The feeling passed. But the next morning was more of the same. It was an ominous reminder of the incident by the river with the orc.

At the encampment she did not seek anyone out for confirmation. She already sensed the truth. This was something she could not bear to live with.

Immediately she began seeking extra duty. Beala actively sought out dangerous missions. She hoped she would ultimately be killed in battle or by a war party, thus putting an end to the shame she would bring to her people if what she feared was indeed true.

The battle was fierce. Orcs and elves met in sustained bloodshed. There was death all around her.

Time and time she rushed in to save others, constantly risking her life. Her comrades just kept falling. The orcs fared no better.

A glancing blow felled her to the ground. She waited for the killing blow. Then a body fell on top of her and she lost conscious.

Beala was unaware of the passage of time. She awakened to push the dead orc off her. The stench of death was especially disgusting.

She arose and scanned the field. There were none standing. Bodies lay everywhere.

There was movement a short distance away. Beala went over to investigate. Perhaps she had not survived alone.

An orc was stirring, trapped under two bodies of his kind. Beala grabbed for his battle axe. She would take care of this last one herself.

She raised the axe, preparing to slay the creature with his own weapon. Then recognition set in. She looked at the blade and saw familiar markings she had seen before.

She saw him look up at her with resignation. She let out a cry as she raised the axe. Then she brought it down hard. It thumped a couple feet above the head of her dreaded adversary.

She could not do it. She owed him her life. He had willfully spared her. She was honor-bound to do likewise.

She helped move the bodies of his fallen comrades off him. Then he rose to his feet. She bowed her head and dropped submissively to one knee.

He looked at her dismissively. Then he retrieved his battle axe. The orc headed off in the direction of the forest.

Beala did not know what to do. Her comrades had all been slain, or so she thought. So she set off after the orc.

He heard her following and turned. She thought he was going to strike. She made no move to get out of the way.

The creature sized her up. Then he turned and headed off. Beala dutifully followed behind at a respectful distance.

They walked many miles. Beala did not know what awaited her. But she believed she could not go back. What was there to go back to? Weren’t they all dead anyway?

The pair slowed as they approached what looked like a former encampment on the edge of a town. The orc came to a halt. Beala walked up next to him and stared.

Fallen orcs lay everywhere. The shafts of arrows were a dead giveaway. This had been done by her people.

The orc looked at her accusingly. Beala bowed her head submissively. She did not try to run.

He angrily stripped her of her garments. Then he bound her hands behind her back. This time Beala was forced to walk ahead of the creature.

Where was he taking her? Was he taking her for summary judgement? The slaughter had been committed by her own people. She deserved no less.

They went through the town. Beala let out a gasp when they came to an object on the other side. It was a gallows with a dangling noose.

The orc prodded her forward. She stiffened in alarm. This was not how she wanted it to end, not the humiliation of a rope!

He stopped behind her. Beala paused. What was he doing now?

She heard parts of his armor being shed. Then he pushed her forward. Something touched her butt. Was that an erection??

They paused when they got closer to the gallows. She turned to look at the orc. There was vengeance in his expression.

She carried his child… or at least she thought she did. And her people had destroyed his. Perhaps this was her fate… to suffer the punishment for the slaughter inflicted by her kind.

She climbed the steps to the gallows with obedient resignation. She stared at the dangling noose as a chill ran down her spine. This was not something she wished to face.

The orc grabbed her by the throat. He pushed up against her. She felt his erection behind her with her hands.

Her heart beat fast. Could she go through with it? What choice did she have?

Clearly he wanted retribution. She’d followed of her own accord. And she had not resisted when he’d bound her.

She felt around for his erection. It made her tummy do funny things. Perhaps one last humiliation… both for him and for her?

He had just moved her out onto the trap when she turned around. Beala slowly lowered herself to her knees. Before he could stop her she took his member between her lips.

Did the creature remember their previous encounter? Dimwitted perhaps, but certainly not in battle nor in warrior skills. She had skills of her own. And to the victor went the spoils of war and conquest.

Beala threw herself into her task. The appendage was just as nasty and disgusting as before. And yet she felt something shameful begin to well up within her.

The orc grunted as it thrust between her lips. Beala gagged several times. But she did not shy away. He deserved that much.

The orc promptly pulled her to her feet. He grabbed the noose and looped it around her throat. Beala panted for breath as she stiffened with anticipation.

What would the creature do now? She did not have to wait long to find out. She was bent forward as he thrust into her privates while maintaining a hold on the noose around her neck.

Beala let out a cry. It was a cry of humiliation. It was also a cry of shameful pleasure.

This was to be her penance for what her people had done. This was to cover the life she sensed was growing inside her. The orc had once spared her life. She was duty bound to put it back into his hands.

He thrust hard and powerfully. She sensed his anger combined with his lusts. Beala accepted it. Was it not wise to accept one final act of shameful pleasure before facing the humiliation of a criminal’s death?

How long would it take? How long would she hang before her soul left this world? How long would it hurt? As an elf she sensed it would not be a quick, nor an easy, death.

He pumped her as though his life depended upon it. Beala cried out in shameful pleasure. She could not make herself say the words aloud. But she could certainly try to transmit them telepathically… “Yes; I am guilty. Take your wrath and your pleasure from me.”

For a moment time stood still. She could see everything clearly. Then he pulled out, moving away from her.

Beala let out am anxious gasp. Then the platform dropped beneath her. The noose set tightly around her throat.

She rasped and gurgled as she started to dance. She swung back and forth in the noose, her naked body swaying wildly. It hurt far worse than she could have possibly imagined. What’s more, her neck had not broken.

She struggled to breathe as her body fought against the rope. Her legs kicked instinctively. The shame swelled within her again. With it came a strange rush of pleasure.

Was she imagining it? Was she hallucinating? Who could tell in this part of the kingdom?

She twisted around until she saw the orc watching her. He had another erection. Or was it the same one?

He stroked right in front of her. Beala tried to dance for his amusement. It was the least she could do for her people slaughtering his.

Her chest hurt; her lungs needed air. The noose was painfully tight around her throat. She was getting just enough air to breathe painfully.

She danced and jiggled in an effort to tighten the rope around her neck. It constricted a little tighter. Still, she could get air.

The pain got worse as she struggled in front of the orc. His anger seemed to be softening. In his face was… was that sadness?

Beala danced and danced, each kick a special agony. Her breasts bounced, juggled and danced as she fought the noose. The rope got tighter. Was the end in sight?

The orc approached the front of the platform. Then he sat down on the edge right in front of her. His erection hung at eye level.

Beala barely acknowledged it. She just wanted the pain to stop. Then she was reminded she shared a guilt in all this. She had to see it all the way through to the end.

He pulled her closer. He pushed his erection in her direction. It still smelled disgusting. But it filled her with a strange excitement.

He made her kiss it. Beala shuddered as internal organs started to die. Her mouth gaped open for him as her vision began to dim around the edges.

The first hot load hit her in the eyes, stinging and blinding her. Another load hit her cheek. A third load went into her open mouth.

Beala could not savor the disgusting flavor. But she could acknowledge the final kindness he’d bestowed upon her by hanging her and taking away her shame. The elf shuddered in her death throes. Then she quietly hung there, orc cum dripping off her face.

He sat there staring at her for the longest time. He watched as her bladder and bowels gave way. But he stayed through to the end as he had nowhere else to go.

He reached out and tenderly caressed her cheek. There was sadness in his expression. Yes, he remembered her back at the river. She had paid the price for her people. But he would never be the same as a result of their encounter.

2020 (written Mar 24 ’20 by riwa)

(Inspired by renders by Noosegirl)

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