Slaughter in accordance with the law


Note: an older re-edited story

Aneeqa was giggling as she sat behind the wheel and roared down the highway. Her companion Dorothy was every bit as intoxicated. “You know we probably shouldn’t be out on the road like this, love,” she chuckled.

“I’m fine; I can drive!” Aneeqa told her indignantly. “I’m just getting us home as quick as I can!” Then she started giggling again, causing them both to break out in peals of laughter.

“If you can drive, then where are we?” Dorothy wanted to know, chuckling good-naturedly as she looked out the windows at the darkness all around them. “It’s almost midnight you know!”

“I don’t know, love,” Aneeqa replied with a laugh. “All I know is that we just blew through some small town.”

They heard a siren behind them. A moment later, the interior of their car was illuminated from the glow of approaching, flashing red lights. Dorothy sighed as she shook her head.

“That was bloody good, love… blowing right through a speed trap.”

“I didn’t see any signs telling me I needed to slow down!”

“Better just pull over, love.” Dorothy pointing forward as she added, “There’s a pullout up ahead by that row of trees.”

Aneeqa pulled over. The police car followed them over to the pullout. Now the interior was filled with the bright glow of flashing red lights.

Aneeqa put her hands on the steering wheel and woodenly looked straight ahead. Dorothy sat ramrod straight and looked forward. “Maybe they won’t notice we’ve been drinking,” Aneeqa murmured softly.

“Well for heaven’s sake, don’t breathe into his face!” Dorothy replied. It made both women start to giggle again.

A stern looking man in a patrolman’s uniform came up to the driver’s side window. He tapped it with his flashlight. “Roll down your window, miss,” he told her evenly.

Aneeqa did as she was told. Dorothy saw another patrolman standing right next to her window. It made her try to sit up even straighter.

“License and registration, miss?” Aneeqa reached over to the glove box and pulled out the form. She was thankful it was right where it was supposed to be.

As she retrieved her license from her purse, she saw her companion trying to look straight ahead as though she was a mannequin or something. But Dorothy couldn’t stifle her giggle. It became contagious as Aneeqa started giggling as well.

The patrolman flashed his light into Aneeqa’s eyes. Then he examined the documents that were handed to him. His partner dutifully stayed on the other side of the vehicle.

“Do you know why I pulled you over, miss?”

“Haven’t the foggiest, officer.” Her words only made Dorothy break out into peals of laughter at the word ‘foggiest’. Aneeqa couldn’t help chuckling back at her.

“You were going 20 kilometers over the speed limit when you went through our town back there, miss. We take a pretty dim view around here of motorists speeding through our town.”

Dorothy soberly responded, “Things would be pretty dim all right… especially if it was foggy out.” That cracked up Aneeqa, and they both broke out laughing again.

The officer shined his light into the interior of the vehicle, flashing it into both faces. “Have you ladies been drinking?” he asked quietly.

“Only a little,” Dorothy piped up. The two started giggling again.

“Drinking and driving,” the officer responded coldly. “You realize that’s a serious offence in this county; don’t you, miss?”

“I’m sorry, officer,” Aneeqa replied apologetically. “I sure didn’t mean to offend anyone.” There was a pause before her and Dorothy both broke up into peals of laughter again.

“I’ll have to ask you to step out of the vehicle, miss,” the officer instructed her. “You two, miss,” he told Dorothy, shining his light in her face.

“Bloody hell!” Dorothy protested, lifting her hands up to block the light. “You don’t have to blind me, love!”

Both women struggled with their door latches before climbing out of the car. Aneeqa’s officer smelled her breath as the one near Dorothy took a sniff in her direction. “I smell alcohol here,” he noted.

“Same with this one,” the other responded. “Looks like a capital offense to me.”


“Bloody HELL??” Dorothy blurted out as her officer got a grip on her arm. “What do you mean ‘capital offense’??”

“Speeding through our town is a serious matter,” the officer gripping Aneeqa’s arm responded. “I’m afraid you two have compounded that by getting behind the wheel while being intoxicated.”

“But I wasn’t driving!”

Aneeqa gave her an angry glare. “That’s right lovely of you: leaving me all out in the cold like that, Dottie!”

“What’s that?” Dorothy asked innocently. “I didn’t know you were cold.” That broke Aneeqa up again as the two women burst out laughing.

“Over here, ladies,” the officer holding Dorothy commanded, pulling them toward the trees. “These will work just fine.”

“Just fine for what?” Aneeqa wanted to know.

“Why for hanging you two of course,” her escorting officer told her soberly.

“HANGING US?!” Dorothy blurted out in horror, suddenly sobering right up. “YOU CAN’T HANG US?!”

“I’m afraid in this county we can, miss,” he explained as the two officers marched them over. Then he told his partner, “You want to go fetch the ropes?”

As his partner went back to the squad car, the patrolman spoke to the two suddenly frightened women. “You ladies will need to strip. We hang everyone in these parts naked, you see… especially when they’ve been drinking, driving and speeding.”

“But I wasn’t even behind the wheel!” Dorothy protested. “You can’t hang me?!”

“Public drunkenness is a capital offense in these parts, miss.”

“Bloody hell!”

As the patrolman returned with the ropes, Aneeqa decided to strip. “Isn’t there some way we can talk you out of this?” she asked as she started to undress.

“That’s right!” Dorothy added hopefully. “Can’t we just pay a fine? At least take us to jail or something!”

“There are no jails in this county, miss,” the patrolman watching over Aneeqa explained. “This is how we handle crime in our county.”

“What if we make it worth your while?” Dorothy asked in growing desperation, her heart pounding in her chest. Then she tried to smile seductively. “What if we could… make it up to you somehow?”

“What do you mean?” the officer tending to her asked warily.

“I mean… what if we like… paid you something? Or how about…?” and she looked right at Aneeqa who was smiling knowingly, nodding in agreement. “How about if we give you both like… blowjobs or something?”

“Are you trying to bribe us?” the patrolman overseeing Aneeqa’s disrobing asked ominously. “Miss, that’s even more serious than speeding and driving while intoxicated.”

“But we’ll do anything you want!” she blurted out anxiously.

“Right now we want you both to get out of your bloody clothes.”

“All right – all right!” That’s when Dorothy quickly began to strip as well, not knowing what else to do.

In no time at all both women were standing naked in front of the two officers. The cool night air made their nipples harden as two sets of pussies glistened from the fear and embarrassment of the moment. That’s when the patrolmen took a couple small lengths of rope and tied their arms behind their backs.

“Drinking, driving and speeding combine into a capital offense, ladies,” they were told as the officer monitoring Dorothy began tossing the ropes up over a couple of sturdy branches. “Normally this means death by hanging. But you two have compounded your crimes by attempting to bribe us with money and sexual favors. That means there will be an added punishment.”

“What do you mean by ‘added’?” Aneeqa blurted out in horror. “If you’re going to kill us, what MORE can you do?”

“A simple capital offense results in death by hanging,” the officer explained. “Your relatives are contacted and they’re allowed to retrieve the bodies for burial. By adding bribes to your charges, there will be no burials.”

“What does that mean?” Dorothy asked as a lump developed in her throat.

In response, both patrolmen pushed Dorothy and Aneeqa over onto the ground. The two blurted out in protest, wriggling and squirming underneath the branches containing their ropes. Then the officers took both ropes and wrapped them around each woman’s ankles while they were prone upon the ground.

“You are to be slaughtered,” the patrolmen in charge of Aneeqa explained emotionlessly. “You will be slaughtered and left up here overnight as a warning to other would-be criminals. The next morning a disposal unit will come by and take your bodies down. Then you will be delivered to a nearby processing plant where your bodies will be tossed into the mincer to be fed to the county pigs.”

“Bloody hell!” Dorothy gasped.

“You can’t MEAN that!” Aneeqa blurted out.

In response, the two men emotionlessly pulled on the ropes. Their bodies were lifted up off the ground until they were hanging upside down in midair. Then the ropes were tied off, leaving Dorothy and Aneeqa to softly sway back and forth, their heads about 4 feet up off the ground.

“Any last words, ladies?” the officer in charge of Aneeqa asked as he reached into his uniform and pulled out a wicked looking dagger. His companion did the same, causing Dorothy’s eyes to fly open in pure horror…


“You CAN’T!” Aneeqa begged. “Please don’t do this to us!”

“You’ve been found guilty of drinking and driving, speeding, and attempting to bribe an officer of the law. The punishment is death by slaughter. Afterwards, your bodies are to be ground up and fed to the pigs. Do the condemned have any last words?”

Aneeqa blinked in shock as words failed her. Dorothy began hyperventilating like crazy. The only good thing in all this was her gratitude that she hadn’t invited her sister along for the ride. Otherwise, there might be three to be slaughtered instead of two.

The two officers grabbed each woman by a handful of hair, pulling her head back to expose her neck to their blades. “We now slaughter you both in accordance with our laws,” the two men announced emotionlessly in unison as they brought their daggers up to the throats of the condemned.

“BLOODY HELL!” Aneeqa blurted out, her eyes focusing on her friend.

“Aneeqa… NO!” Dorothy gasped, abruptly wetting herself. Then both daggers slashed through muscle and tissue.

Aneeqa jerked and gurgled, her nude body wriggling like a fish on a line. Her eyes blinked in horror as she tried to take in a breath of air. Blood poured out of the wound in her neck, pumping in spurts as her wildly beating heart helped empty her of the fluid necessary for her survival.

Dorothy gurgled right next to her, her naked body madly jerking around. Blood poured out of her severed neck as she wriggled upside down on the rope attached to her ankles. She had no time to think… not time to even say goodbye to her friend.

Both officers stepped back as the two naked bodies wriggled and twisted. “It won’t be long now, ladies,” one of the officers murmured. “Being slaughtered like this, along with the way your bodies are to be left on display and then disposed of, may be the worst way to go. But at least you’ll die quickly.”

In no time at all Aneeqa’s eyes glazed over. Her struggles lessened until her naked body softly swayed back and forth in the breeze. Her head hung from her severed neck at an obscene angle.

Dorothy faded away at almost the same time. Her body writhed and wriggled a few seconds more before she also hung limp. Her head was askew as she too swayed back and forth in the night air.

The officers stood there for another minute. They waited until the two slaughtered ladies had all but bled out. Then they quietly gathered up the garments and personal possessions of both women.

One of them took possession of the vehicle. Then they drove away together, leaving both naked bodies to hang slaughtered for the remainder of the evening. It was a stark reminder that crime does not pay in that county.

Later that night a report was filed. Next of kin were notified, but only as a courtesy. The next morning a vehicle came by to collect the dangling corpses and haul them to the slaughterhouse where they were ground up and then taken to the county pig farm…

2012; 2021 (written for Aneeqa and Dorothy Dec 4 ’12; ed. Aug 27 ‘21 by riwa)

(Inspired by an idea by diomedes on another forum)

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