Last thoughts (Judicial hanging)


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Dorothy’s thoughts: Are they waking us up? Where are we? What happened? How long have we been here? Last thing I remember was Zilpha and I at that… was it a Club? I don’t know what it was! But what the hell did they put in those drinks?

Zilpha’s thoughts: Where am I? Oh, there’s Dottie. I guess she’s here with me too. But where are we? I don’t remember much about last night; I think I’ve been asleep the whole time. Boy, am I hung over! Bloody hell; why does this guy want to take us somewhere all of the sudden??

We’re supposed to follow him? Where are we going so early in the morning? It isn’t even light out!

I wonder what kind of trouble she got us into this time. Last night I remember we were drinking and… were we the only Western girls in that place? And… did I see Dottie really blow all those blokes??

I can’t believe I saw Zilpha swinging from the chandelier! I guess she can’t hold her liquor any more than I can hold mine. Wow, am I hung over! What DID they put in those drinks??

Ok – ok; he doesn’t have to get so rough with us! We’re going – we’re going! I have no idea why everyone is in such a hurry. It isn’t even light outside.

Is this place some sort of jail or prison? Did we get arrested? Why can’t I remember anything?

I hope Dottie can get us out of this mess. She’s the one who’s supposed to know more about this stuff than I do. I have no idea what kind of trouble we’re in. Have we broken a law or something? Why the hell doesn’t Dottie call one of her contacts? Are we even going to get a phone call??


What the hell kind of trial was that?? We weren’t even given any kind of representation! The whole bloody thing was in a language I didn’t even understand. Zilpha looked just as scared as I feel right now.

Those people looked at us like we were some sort of common criminals or something! Did that guy have to get the whole room all worked up like that? I swear, they acted like they wanted our heads! Dottie sure looked frightened. I’m sure glad we’re out of there!

Were we convicted of something? Everyone was putting up such a stink. I couldn’t understand a word anyone was saying. Where the hell is our embassy in all this?? Isn’t there someone in this bloody country we can talk to??

I wonder where we’re going now. Are we going back to our cell? Are we going to have a chance to clean ourselves up? I must look a mess.

Zilpha seems to be handling this ok. Maybe I shouldn’t have brought her along with me on this trip. I wonder if she’s mad at me. She’s not saying anything. This guard sure makes me nervous.

Dottie seems to be ok. I just wonder what kind of trouble she’s gotten us into this time. I thought the Club was a little scary at first. But then we became so popular and people kept buying us drinks. What kind of a place is this? Why do I have a bad feeling about all of this?

Ok, it looks like they’re taking us back to our cell. Aren’t we going to get a phone call? Is there any way we can go to the ladies room? I really have to wee.

Back to the cell? Ok, here we are I suppose. Now what? What’s he saying? Wait a minute! He’s leaving us with only that bucket? We’re supposed to use the bucket?? What for?! Oh bloody hell! He really doesn’t expect us to use it for THAT, does he??


At least he came and took that bloody bucket away. It was really starting to smell. I wonder if Zilpha knows how embarrassing it was for me to squat and go with her watching me like that.

I can’t believe they left us a bucket as a toilet! But I’m glad they did. I thought for sure I was going to burst! Next time I’ll be more careful how much alcohol I consume. That wasn’t smart of me at all. Come to think of it, I think we were the only Western girls in that place.

Ok, at least the sun is starting to come up. So what happens to us now? Was that a trial we were at earlier? Isn’t anybody coming to see us from the embassy? I sure could use a friendly face right about now.

Dottie looks worried. And I must look a mess! What did they do with my purse? At least I could have used the compact in it to freshen up a bit. I don’t see anything in here that belongs to us. They took everything away but the clothes on our back?? What about our stuff back at the hotel??

What are we supposed to do now? The sun is coming up, but I couldn’t sleep even if I wanted to. Zilpha looks like she won’t be able to sleep either. Wait a minute; is that footsteps I hear?

Someone’s coming. Maybe they’re finally coming to get us out of here. Dottie looks just as relieved as I am. I’ll sure be glad when we get out of here and this is all over. This is some country they have!

Wait a minute! Those look like more guards! What are they all doing here??

Oh bloody hell! This doesn’t look good at all! Do they really want Dottie to take her clothes off??

Oh, NO! They’re making my sister strip! Bloody hell; what’s going to happen to us??

NO! Bloody hell! They’re not going to do what I THINK they’re going to do, are they??


That was AWFUL! And did they have to take our clothes away? I’ve got cum all over me, and I’ve got no way in hell to wipe it off!

My holes are sore. My bum hurts like blazes. Did they have to bugger me so hard??

I’m a mess! I have cum all over me and so does poor Zilpha! It’s all over her face! I can feel it leaking out of my bum and pussy! They didn’t even leave me a tissue to clean myself!

Bloody hell; I can feel cum oozing out my bum! I think they came several times in every one of my holes. I can’t believe they raped us like that! Poor Dottie looks a mess. I’ll bet I look just as bad as she does. This is bloody embarrassing!

They really gave it to Zilpha good! She’s even got cum in her hair! Those bloody bastards didn’t even let up on my sister!

That silly bitch! I heard her scream; I know she had an orgasm! I think she had several, the slut! But I came too. I’m so ashamed!

Poor Zilpha. I can see it in her face. I’ve seen that look. She had a few orgasms and now she’s humiliated. She shouldn’t feel bad, as I got the same bloody treatment!

I think Dottie liked it, the silly bitch! I think she got used to it after a while. Those cocks were smelly and disgusting. But I just couldn’t help myself. Damn those bastards!

Is this our punishment for whatever they think we did? Is this it? Will they release us now? Will they give us our clothes back?

What happens to us now, I wonder? I’ve got a bad feeling about this…


Where are they taking us? Why won’t they give us any clothes? We’re covered in cum; don’t they care?

Where are we going? I’m not sure I like this. I think I’d feel safer back in our cell.

They’re taking us outside? Bloody hell; it’s the courtyard! And it looks like the whole bloody town has turned out!

Wait – wait! Bloody hell; take us back inside! No – no; don’t do this to us! Everyone can see us naked! What are you doing? Are you people barbarians??

Bloody hell; everyone is looking at us. I can hear them yelling something. They look like they’re jeering us. I’d recognize it anywhere, even if I didn’t know the language.

What are they doing dragging us outside in this mob?? Take us back inside already! I’d rather face a hundred guards over this!

Bloody hell! I can see a couple sets of stocks over there. They’re taking us over to the stocks?! This is bloody humiliating!

They’re not going to put us in those stocks are they?? I sure as hell hope not. Bloody hell; they’re leading us right to them! This mob scares the crap out of me. They sound like they want to stone us or something!

Bloody hell; they’re locking us in by our arms and necks! This can’t be happening! They’re going to leave us out here as a humiliation?! Bloody hell; I’ve really got to wee again!

They’re really going to lock us in! Dottie’s in and now it’s my turn! Bloody hell!! Everyone can see us naked with cum dripping down off our bodies! I can still feel it oozing out of my bum and pussy! Can’t these people show us some dignity?!

This is supposed to be our punishment?! Raped by the guards and now left naked in the stocks with the whole town jeering at us??!! I’m so humiliated! Bloody hell, I hope I don’t cum again! Now I’ve REALLY got to wee!

This is embarrassing! I wish Dottie would get us out of this. Doesn’t she have someone who knows where we are? Why haven’t they sent us someone from our embassy yet? This is inhumane! They can’t treat us like this?!

Is that a whip I see in his hands? Bloody hell; are they going to whip us??!!

Hell; they’re really going to whip us! This can’t be happening to us!! I’m so ashamed!


It hurts like bloody hell! And that crazy mob is jeering at us as though they’re enjoying it. I see them laughing at us. OW!! I think I’m going to scream!

Naked, raped, covered with cum… and now THIS?? Ohgawdohgawdohgawd; it bloody hell HURTS! Everyone is jeering at us! OW – OW – OW!



I can’t believe they left us here after our whipping. And where the hell did the locals get all those eggs? Don’t they know it’s better to eat them than waste them by tossing them at a couple of naked foreigners??

How long do we have to stay here like this? I’m covered in cum and eggs. I can’t believe Dottie wanted to travel to this barbaric country! Why are they doing this to us? Is it because of what happened back at that Club? But I don’t remember anything about last night! We’re doomed!

It stings like crazy, and I can’t stop crying. And I screamed another orgasm! I’m pretty sure Zilpha heard me, poor girl. This is all my fault.

Bloody hell; it stings! I’ll bet my bum is bleeding. Buggered and whipped is more Dottie’s style, not mine. Bloody hell; this is embarrassing!

How long do we have to stay out here in these stocks? The whippings are over, but this mob hasn’t left. They scare the shit out of me! They look like they want to stone us. I can hear them jeering at us, but I can’t understand a bloody word they’re saying.

This mob is crazy; I think they want to hurt us. The show’s over; why won’t they just go home? Wait; what’s this one bastard doing? He making strange gestures… and the people around him are laughing and nodding their heads. What is he talking about?

I think I can make out what some of them are motioning. The others are nodding while some are laughing. You don’t think they’re going to… oh bloody hell, Dottie! Don’t even think that! They wouldn’t, would they?

Wait a minute! Is he talking about a noose? Are they talking about hanging us?? I think they are! Bloody hell, Dottie; I think they want to hang us!


Thank gawd, we’re finally out of those stocks. But where are they taking us now? Bloody hell; they’re marching us right through town. We’re buck-naked, and everyone is pointing and jeering at us.

This is insane! Where the hell is our embassy in all this? Why the hell won’t they come to our aid? Do we even HAVE an embassy in this country??

They’re leading us toward the town square up ahead. Wait a minute! What is that I see up ahead? Is that a gallows?? Bloody hell; they’re going to hang us??!!

Ohgawdohgawdohgawd! They’re really going to hang us?! They’re marching us through town and then they’re going to hang us??!! I think I feel faint!

I feel weak all over. My bum hurts from being whipped and buggered. The guards are supporting poor Zilpha; I can hear them laughing at her. Everyone around us is laughing and jeering and pointing at us. Bloody hell; this is a nightmare!

I can hardly stand. They’re dragging me along. Damn; I’ve really got to wee! I can’t believe this is happening to us! Isn’t being raped and whipped and humiliated in the stocks enough for these barbarians?

We’re almost there. Bloody hell; I think they’re really going to hang us! And I don’t think we have one friend in the whole bloody bunch! The whole bloody town is going to watch us hang naked, all covered in cum and eggs!

We’ve stopped at the bottom of the steps. Maybe we aren’t going to be hanged after all. OW; bloody hell! Someone is shoving cotton up my bum! Why are they doing this to me? Is it to keep me from shitting?? I can hear everyone around us laughing and jeering! Ohgawd, I think they’re really going to hang us!

Bloody hell, this is really going to happen! Someone is stuffing cotton up my bum! If they didn’t want us to make a mess, why did the guards spray their spunk all over us?? And why throw eggs all over us?? I’m so humiliated! I hope I don’t embarrass myself and cum again.

Now they’re marching us up the stairs! It’s so bloody high up there! I feel faint! Bloody hell; I think they’re going to drop us naked in front of the whole bloody town! Have they no mercy?!

They’re going to hang us?! I think they’re going to hang us! They’re really going to do this!! Bloody hell; I can barely make it up the steps! They have to help Zilpha along, poor thing. What have I gotten her into?!

I feel faint – I feel faint! This can’t be happening – this can’t be happening!! I’m going to wake up any moment now! This has got to be a bloody nightmare!!

We’re almost there; we’re almost at the top! Now I’ve really got to wee! Can’t they stop and let us use a ladies room first? I don’t want to wee right in front of everyone! Bloody hell; this is humiliating!

We’re at the top! I can’t believe we’re at the top!! They’re marching Dottie over to her trap! And now they’re putting me on top of mine!! Bloody hell; I can’t stop trembling! This has GOT to be a nightmare! I can hardly breathe!

I’m on my trap now. I’m so bloody terrified! I can see poor Zilpha trembling next to me. She looks like she’s going to wet herself any moment now. I’m so sorry I got her into this. We should never have come on this trip. Now the whole bloody town’s going to watch us hang!

Is that the judge I hear below us? It sounds like the bastard from that courtroom… if that even WAS a courtroom. It sounds like he’s reading something.

What’s he doing? I hear him reading something. Is he reading our death sentence?! Why can’t they use English?? Oh gawd, I think I’m going to wet myself!

Now the whole town is yelling and cheering. I can hear some of them jeering at us. They must really want to watch a couple of naked, Western women dangle at the end of a noose. Oh bloody hell; they’re really going to hang us!

They’ve got the whole town up in a frenzy. I think the whole town wants to see us hang. Oh gawd, Zilpha; not you?! They can’t hang you!!

Dottie? Dottie?? Bloody hell; they’re about to hang us! I’m never going to see England again!! Poor Dottie’s screaming. They just put the noose over her neck… and now she’s screaming. I think she just had an orgasm, poor girl.

Bloody hell, I just had a cum! I just had a cum, and now the whole mob is roaring at me! They really want us dead! Bloody hell; they all want us dead! And now I see they’ve just noosed Zilpha! Not my sister??!! NOOO!!

I can’t believe this is happening to us! Raped, whipped and now hanged?? Ohgawd; I think the executioner just stepped back to the lever. I can hear the town roaring for our hanging!

Ohgawdohgawdohgawd… I can’t hardly breathe… Zilpha?? Nooooo….







Bashra Hazeem Reuters – Saturday Sep 29, 2012

Two females from the United Kingdom were executed this morning after being found guilty of immoral behavior at a local establishment the night before. The trial occurred in the early morning hours before anyone from the embassy of the United Kingdom could be notified.

An unnamed source reports the two women, who were sisters, were subjected to prison rape by the guards where they were incarcerated. Afterwards, they were taken out and flogged naked in the prison courtyard. Witnesses report both women were subjected to having eggs being thrown at them by many of the enraged villagers.

The two women were released from the stocks before being marched naked through the streets of town where they were hanged naked in the town square. According to witnesses, the judge read the death sentence before the execution took place around noon.

Sources say the bodies were left hanging until sundown. Some reports indicate villagers gathered during the afternoon to throw stones and eggs at the dangling bodies of the two Westerners before they were finally taken down at sundown and buried in a common grave.

More updates as the story develops.

2012; 2019 (written for Dorothy and Zilpha Sep 29 ’12; ed. Dec 14 ‘19 by riwa)

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