Bathtub punishment (He says/she says)



Hmmm… now what could I do to you, you naughty woman? My tub is not very deep. But it doesn’t have to be deep, not as long as all that’s going into the water is your head.

Your hands are cuffed behind your back, your naked body totally exposed to me. I make you kneel next to it as I begin to fill it. “What are you going to do to me?” you ask wide-eyed.

“Punish you.”

“Why? What did I do? What didn’t I do?”

“You didn’t wear that sexy nightie I like while you served me dinner.” Of course, any reason will do for the plans I have for you.

“What?! That’s crazy! You’re punishing me for – URPBL!”

I grab your head and force it down into the rising water. You end up bent over at the waist. You bubble for several moments before I pull you up.

“No talking back – you’re being punished.”

“How was I supposed to know you wanted me to wear – URPBLE!”

Down you go again, you insolent bitch. This time I hold you down a little longer. At the same time, I start fingering your wet pussy.

When I pull you back up, you gasp and sputter. “You don’t learn very well, do you!”

“Ah, c’mon! You can’t punish me for something as stupid as – URPBLE!”

Down you go again. I start fingering you once more, thrusting two fingers into your wet cunt. You burble and squirm, strongly suspecting I’m going to hold you down longer.

I pull you back up. You gasp and sputter. I feel your pussy contract around my fingers still inside you.

“Are you through protesting, bitch? It’s only going to get worse.”

“It can’t get any worse than what you’re already doing to me, you bastard!”

“Stubborn and foolish. I see it’s time to use the watch.” Then I set the timer.

“Congratulations, bitch. You’ve just earned yourself a minute thirty.”

“A MINUTE THIRTY?! I can’t hold it that long!”

“Liar!” Back down you go as I activate the timer.

“Oh by the way. Did I neglect to tell you I’ll be finger-fucking you the entire time? You need the proper motivation to become the submissive slut you’re supposed to be.”

I slide two fingers into you. Then I start working them in and out. I feel you squirm in my grip.

You try to lift your head up. But my hand is firmly entangled in your hair as I push your head down. You give off a burst of bubbles.

It isn’t long before I feel your pussy contract around my fingers. I call out “30 seconds” as I get a brief glimpse of the watch.

You burble in response as your lungs begin to burn. You’d probably be able to hold your breath easier if I wasn’t thrusting two fingers into your cunt…


Ohhhhfuck Ray, OMG………….uuunnnnnnnnghhhh


Oh shit, this is getting intense………I need to come up now……

I try to surface. But with my hands behind my back and your other hand firmly on my head, I cannot move closer to the air my body is craving.

“45 seconds bitch……are you enjoying this?”

I hear you laugh, mocking my predicament. I’m only half way. I don’t think I can make it.

If I was calm, floating face down in a pool, relaxed with no fear of drowning, then maybe. But this? I don’t think I can……………….

Ooooooh fuck! No…..not like that……..uuuuuuuunnnnnnnnhhhhhh……….

Your fingers have changed their motion now. It’s no longer the low build up in and out. No, now it’s something much worse.

You begin a circling motion pressing to the front of my pussy. Your thick fingers are buried to the knuckle. OMG no Ray…………ooooooooooooooooohhhhhh!

I feel my pussy spasm in a warning sign of something much bigger. Something more significant is building deep in the core of my body. My chest tightens; I want to breathe now, Ray!

“1 minute, you slut!” you roar into the rising water. I hear you clearly despite the pounding of my heart in my ears and the sound of water rapidly filling the tub. I try to concentrate on holding my breath. BUT…’s ….oooo …..NOT…..oooh fuck ……EASY….uuuunngh…

I let out a burst of air as my lungs protest. I can’t stop another blooop following close behind. You note the air bursting from my wracked lungs. I hear you laughing.

“Perhaps you need something to block that pretty mouth of yours, you whore!” you yell into the rising water.

My pussy is spasming now, I clamp onto your fingers. So close now….uuuuunnnnhhhh………..

I try to lift my head again. I find you allowing me to rise.  Thank goodness you’re going to let me breathe! Then your hand clamps cruelly on the back of my head again.

I feel the fingers of your other hand exiting my turgid love tunnel. My body aches for you to finish what you’ve started. But my need for air is so strong now………..

What’s he up to now? Surely he must let me up………….


I suddenly pull you up, gasping and sputtering. Your body protests indignantly as your quivering cunt screams to be filled again. “Naughty, naughty,” I say, as though chiding a child who’s just gotten caught with her hands in the cookie jar. “That was only a minute twenty-three. That will never do.”

“MIMUTE TWENTY-THREE?!” You sputter in surprise. “Surely I was under longer than that?!”

“We’re going to have to try this again until you get it right.”

“Oh FUCK!”

“What did you say to me?”

Back down you go. You’re caught by surprise. You bubble away a little precious air before clamping your lips together.

You hear me turn the water off. You realize the water is high enough. Now I can easily drown your sexy, little ass.

You wait anxiously, your love tunnel desperate to be filled again. You’re desperate to have those probing fingers inside once more. You’re desperate to have something even larger slip inside and rub against the walls of your cunt. But you feel nothing!

You think, ‘Oh, FUCK! ‘This is even worse!’

It’s bad enough, struggling to hold your breath while your pussy is being fingered. It’s much worse when your quivering cunt is denied something that seemingly has been promised to it.

You squirm anxiously, your dripping hole screaming for attention. You lose another burst of air. Then you hear me declare, “30 seconds.”

A moment later you feel my hand on your shaved snatch; rubbing, fingering and caressing. But I don’t enter, not yet. You shudder in frustration.

Air bubbles out of your mouth. You might be able to make 30 seconds if this is all I do. But you want more… so much more.

“45,” you hear me say softly and seductively. You squirm and twitch, desperately trying to push against my hand. You try to entice my fingers to enter your love tunnel and explore its many treasures.

You tremble as your pussy quivers and clenches in frustration. You lose another burble of air out of your nose. Your lungs begin to burn.

It’s damned frustrating. But you think you can hold out. That’s until you hear me say, “One minute.”

The next thing you feel is a pair of fingers suddenly thrusting deep into your quivering, clenching slit…


….uuuuunggggh mmmmmmmmmm OMG that’s soooo good…………

I thrust back in time with your fingers. Please Ray, don’t ……….. oooooohhhh….. stop…………. uuuunnnnnnnngggggggghh

My chest heaves, my lungs demanding fresh air as my heartbeat rises again. You remove your fingers. I squirm as my body begs for satisfaction. I do not have long to wait……….

You release my head. Before I can surface, you quickly reach around to grab the front of my legs. You pull my lower body up while my head is sent to the bottom of the tub.

What the fuck???…………..oooooooohhhhhhhhhh UNNNNNNNGHHHH no Ray, not now OMG………

You spread my thighs. Then you drive your huge, throbbing member into the depths of my quivering cunt. My body surges with a pleasure so intense that I forget myself.

A burst of precious air leaves my pursed lips to bubble to the surface. You pound my cunt mercilessly. My mind is lost to the pleasure. I don’t care if I drown right now. Just don’t stop fucking me…………

My chest spasms again. I know there’s no escape from here. I doubt you are in any mood to watch the clock now.

I sense my growing orgasm. My cunt muscles pulsate on your huge hard cock…..OMG………its building like a freight train rumbling down the track! There’s no escaping it……….

I slam back into your torso. My cunt swallows all of your massive manhood. It stretches me, sending me over the top.

There’s so much pleasure! But my lungs will not allow me to continue without fresh air. Please Ray…………..OMG……………..

You slam into me, my whole body in the throes of infinite pleasure and acute pain. Your powerful thrusts turn the tub into a cauldron of lust. But I can’t hold out

The last of my air bursts out. Then it hits me, an orgasm so powerful. My head snaps back as my eyes open wide from a mix of terror and uncontrollable lust…………


I hear a bubbly scream. Then I feel your red hot love tunnel spasm around my throbbing shaft as you push back against me. It’s too much.

I can’t hold it back, nor can I delay it another second… not that I would want to in any event. My cock stiffens inside you. Then it erupts.

You’re just coming down from a massive orgasm. Your body is weakened, your air all but gone. Then you feel my warmth flow into you…


Your back arches as your cunt spasms uncontrollably. Your eyes roll as you attempt to expel the last of your breath. But you no longer have any in your system.

A second orgasm comes charging in hard, hot on the heels of the last. I hear a muffled grunt as I shudder pleasurably. I finish emptying myself into your hot, fuck-box.

I see you thrash about in the tub. Your hands and arms weakly attempt to push your head above water. I try to pull out of you, but your spasming cunt refuses to let go.

For the moment we’re locked together. I can’t pull you up. My eyes widen in alarm as I hear you gurgle.

Your pussy instinctively spasms hungrily around my throbbing shaft. I fumble for an arm while clawing at a leg. How the hell do I get you out??

I hear a bubbly sigh as your cunt lets go. I slide out and fall back, bouncing off the floor. You flail about weakly, your head still underwater.

I grab you and pull you out of the water. Your chest heaves. I don’t hear any breathing.

Panic fills my heart and soul. This wasn’t supposed to happen! Your eyes are rolled back in your head from a shocked expression of surprise and great pleasure as your mouth hangs open…


I lay you out on the bathroom floor. I tip your head sideways to drain the water out of your mouth. Then I pinch your nose shut and press my lips against yours.

They tingle instinctively, as though expecting a kiss in return. I frantically blow air into your lungs. It’s enough to trigger the breathing reflex.

You cough, spewing water out of your mouth. I get a little into mine before it dribbles back out. You immediately go into a series of spasms as you cough and sputter.

I’m immensely relieved to hear your ragged gasp for breath. I pull you to my chest, sobbing uncontrollably… “I’m so sorry… I got carried away… I should have paid more attention… can you ever forgive me?”

You try to speak, but can’t. I reach down and scoop you up. Then I carry you into our bedroom.

I gently lay you down on the bed, afraid I’m going to break you if I haven’t already. You see the panic in my face and the tear streaks down my cheeks. You smile weakly as you reach up and brush my face.

“I’m so sorry… I’m so sorry… I’m so sorry…” I can’t stop sobbing.

“I’m all right; really I am…” But your weakened voice triggers a new series of tears and sobs.

“We gotta get you to the emergency room!” But you grab my arm.

“Not yet. Let me get my breath back, babe.” Damn, if that doesn’t increase the tears and sobs.

“I’m ok – really! I’m fine – you got me out in time.” You seem more concerned about me than you are about almost drowning.

“But you swallowed water! You need to go see a doctor!”

You pat the bed invitingly. “I’ll be OK. Let’s just rest for a little while, all right? If I’m not feeling better after a while, you can take me to the clinic, OK?”

I don’t look reassured. You tell me, “The hospital is for real emergencies. It’s not for silly people like me who get a little water into their lungs!” Then you smile sweetly, melting my heart.

I crawl into bed with you. Then I start kissing you all over. I’m still all sobs and apologies.

I don’t know when it happens. But at some point in time, I fall asleep in your arms. Your soft coos of “I’m fine – I’ll be all right – there, there now, babe” soothe my troubled soul.

Several hours later I awaken to an empty bed. I hear the sound of the bathtub filling. Strange how I don’t remember emptying it.

I call out, “Babe?” But there’s no response.

I climb out of bed and realize I’m still naked. My mind instantly floods with memories of what happened a few terrifying hours ago. Concerned and alarmed, I rise up and head into the bathroom looking for you.

“Babe?” Then I gasp at what I see.

You’re naked and bent over the tub. Your ass sticks up invitingly. Your hands are clasped together behind your back, your head lowered in submission.

Your pussy is wet from the memories of the powerful orgasms you had earlier. Glutton that you are, you’re hungry for more. I stare at you in shock as my cock springs to attention.

“I’ve been bad, Ray,” you breathe seductively. There’s a look of lust in your face. “I need to be punished.”

Do you really want to risk it all over again? Were the orgasms worth it? Apparently they were.

You tremble excitedly as I approach. My cock salutes the position you’ve taken up. Then I push your head down into the water.

The erotic bubbles make my cock quiver…

2006; 2019 (Originally written as a chat Jul 12 ’06; ed. Dec 12 ’19 by riwa)

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