Terrie meets the Belmont sisters


This gal does bear a faint resemblance to me…Terrie St. A

28-Aug-2018 06:44
This story still gets me off every time…..gawd!
Terrie St. A

7-Aug-2015 05:13
Oh gawd- i shuddered in death…………I’m shaking right now while reading this!

I have been strangled before with ladies to either side, and it is DELICIOUS! There is no way to overpower two of them, and they laugh and mock my feeble attempts to strangle one then the other with a single weak hand. It brings back some very sexy memories….

Thanks Luv!!!!!!!!!

Terrie meets the Belmont sisters

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Terrie never had a clue the big-breasted Belmont sisters had such an incestuous relationship… or that they were so into breath-play during their murderous one-night stands. First they took turns smothering her face with their pussies while the other sister would violently fuck her cunt with a huge toy. Each time she passed out, the one sitting on her face would cum all over her lips. Then they would change positions while giving Terrie a chance to recover.

Next, they took turns breast-smothering her while the other ate out her dripping pussy. Terrie would cum so violently that she would pass out from lack of air, which made both sisters gleeful. Then they would change positions and then do it all over again.

Finally they shoved a couple of toys in her holes before lying side by side right on top of her. They each took hold of her necklace, using it to strangle her together as they gleefully watched. Terrie helplessly stared in horror, unable to breathe as she furiously clenched around the toys in her holes. Both sisters got to watch at the same time as she faded away into oblivion.

They pulled out the toys before one started licking that death cum out of her pussy while the other sat on her face again and rode her to another orgasm. This time Terrie lay with her arms out, her expression begging them to use and abuse her. Then the toys made a return, one shoved deep up her cunt while the other was shoved clear down her throat.

Finally they went back to their favorite position: one sitting on her face while the other licked her pussy. They rode her hard, the one sitting on her face violently grinding her cunt against her lips. Terrie willingly took it all, “eagerly swallowing” each sister’s flowing juices. She even went so far as to give them a little shudder, her pussy moistening from the last of her death cum. Apparently a good time was had by all…

Terrie’s latest attempt to seduce a shemale failed when a friend showed up and took her intended victim away. She sighed heavily as she ordered another drink. Ten minutes later she was joined by a couple of big-breasted blondes.

“You want to be alone? Or would you like some company?”

Terrie looked at them both and smiled. They looked positively delicious. And their large breasts pushing through those tops looked incredible.

She joined them at a booth where they introduced themselves as the Belmont sisters. They were twins – Junie and Janie. Terrie tried to imagine how the night might end if the three of them were to get it on together.

They complimented her over and over, telling her how sexy she looked. Then they asked her if she liked girls. Terrie couldn’t very well say no, especially with those gorgeous mounds as well as the alcohol talking.

They asked her if she liked seedy motels. Terrie got wet just thinking about it. She wondered what kind of raunchy fun the three of them could have together.

They paid her bar bill, which helped seal the deal. Then she followed their car to a rundown motel on the outskirts of town. The whole situation felt deliciously dangerous to her.

Janie went in and paid for the room in cash. She returned with a key to a back room. Junie parked their car in one slot while Terrie parked hers in the other.

Once inside they wasted no time kissing her all over. Hands were everywhere as clothes started coming off. Terrie found herself getting hot and wet with arousal.

She got into a 69 with Janie while Junie rubbed them all over. Then she produced a toy out of her purse. She used it on Terrie’s pussy as Janie nibbled on her nub.

After the two feasting women experienced orgasms Janie got on top of Terrie and straddled her, rubbing her tits as her sister Junie began licking Terrie’s dripping cunt. Terrie gasped with joy as she groped the sister’s mounds in return. Soon the two women were seriously groping and pawing each other.

Janie gave her a sly grin as she panted, “Terrie, have you every engaged in erotic asphyxiation?” Terrie felt an erotic jolt at the question. She’d played several times, but she wasn’t sure how to respond. So she decided to play ignorant.

“Erotic asphyxiation? What’s that?”

In response Janie wrapped her fingers around Terrie’s throat and began to squeeze. “Now lick her really good, sis!” she called out. In response Junie licked and fingered the writhing woman’s cunt.

Terrie reached up and wrapped her fingers around Janie, trying to squeeze back. “Can I play too?” she rasped.

“You can try,” Janie giggled as she squeezed tighter.

It wasn’t long until Terrie began to see stars. She tried to get Janie to stop choking her but the sister just kept squeezing. Between her legs Junie kept licking and slurping while using the toy on her until it swelled within her.

Terrie could hardly breathe as she tried to squeeze Janie’s neck harder. Janie just laughed at her. A moment later Terrie was cumming as she faded away into unconsciousness.

She awakened to the sensation of a tongue in her twat. She looked down to see Janie feasting on her pussy. Then she was aware of Junie straddling her head before the sister sat on her face.

Terrie dutifully licked her dripping cunt, reaching up to grope her tits as Junie rode her face while massaging her mounds. She hoped she wouldn’t be choked again. She wasn’t in a very good position to defend herself.

It wasn’t long before she began to find it hard to breathe again. She tried to push Junie off her face, but she didn’t have any leverage. She was being smothered by a wet pussy!

The toy returned to her cunt as a tongue licked and nibbled on her nub. Not being able to breathe was both scary and arousing. This wasn’t at all what she’d planned as she’d wanted to be on the giving end, strangling both of these sexy sisters instead of them smothering her.

She began to struggle, trying to push Junie off. Janie licked harder while fucking her enthusiastically with the toy. Terrie didn’t have the strength to fight her off, and she felt herself being battered to unconsciousness by yet another orgasm.

When she awakened she discovered she was lying backwards in Janie’s lap. Something was wrapped around her neck as Junie licked her crotch while fucking her with the toy. “Strangle the sexy bitch, sis!” Junie gasped with delight. “This slut loves cumming while being asphyxiated!”

Terrie tried to figure out what Janie was using to strangle her with. Her eyes lit on the curtains freely hanging closed, preventing anyone outside from looking in. The sash was missing to keep them open; it had to be what Janie was using on her.

She struggled to pry it off from around her neck as she was beginning to see stars again. Janie just laughed at her. “You can’t stop me, Terrie. I’m going to strangle you while sis fucks another cum out of you.”

“Strangle her hard, sis; I think she’s going to cum again!” Then Junie attacked Terrie’s swollen nub with her lips while fucking her hard with the toy.

Terrie weakly tried to claw at the sash around her neck. Her vision began to blur as her body started to buck and shudder. Then she was cumming again… cumming while spiraling away into unconsciousness.

When she awakened both sisters were lying on either side of her. They were groping her mounds while sucking on her nipples. She felt fingers wriggling in her wet slit.

“You awake, Terrie?” Janie giggled, lying on her left. “That’s so cool. We just love watching you pass out.”

“You look so sexy cumming and going,” Junie added on her right. Together they pulled on both ends of the sash still wrapped around her throat.

Terrie began to panic, even as their fingers wriggled sexual excitement into her quivering twat. She reached over and grabbed Junie’s neck, trying to wrap her fingers around her throat. “That’s so cute,” the sister laughed. “You really think you can choke me?” Then both sisters pulled hard on the sash.

Terrie’s arms flailed as she tried to make them stop. She reached over and tried to choke Janie. “Pathetic!” the sister laughed as they both pulled even harder.

Terrie saw stars once more. Then she was cumming… cumming and spiraling away into unconsciousness yet again. She could hear the two sisters laughing sadistically until she couldn’t hear them anymore.

Terrie awakened to two mouths sucking on her nipples. The toy was back in her pussy while a finger swirled over her swollen nub. The sash felt loose around her throat.

She reached over and tried to grab Junie’s neck with both hands. The sisters just laughed as they grabbed the sash and pulled. “You’re so pitiful, Terrie,” Janie laughed. “We could kill you so easy right now.”

The sisters pulled hard on the sash again. Terrie’s hands flew away from Junie’s neck as she tried to pull the sash off her throat. She rasped and choked as Junie forced the toy up her ass while Janie thrust four fingers up her slit and gave her a sadistic finger-fucking.

“Night-night, bitch!” Junie laughed. “You look so sexy when we strangle you.” Then they both pulled hard on the sash.

Terrie reached out and tried to choke Janie. She had to do something to stop this! But the crazy bitch just laughed at her, telling her, “Don’t you know? You’re the one who’s going to strangle to death tonight!”

Laughter rang in her ears as the sash tightened ominously around her throat. The toy brutalized her ass as fingers were thrust cruelly into her cunt. Terrie’s eyes rolled as she shuddered again until she passed out.

When she awakened Terrie felt sore all over. She had no idea how long she’d been unconscious. Then Janie leaned over and kissed her lips.

“We’ve had fun choking you tonight, bitch. Now we’re going to strangle you until we kill you.”

When Janie pulled away it was Junie who moved in next and kissed her lips. “You really turn us on when you cum while you’re passing out, Terrie. Now we want to watch your expression as we strangle you to death. Afterwards we’re going to enjoy your corpse until we tire of you. Maybe the maid will find you in the morning and shove her broom handle up your fucking cunt.”

Terrie felt the sash tighten yet again as both sisters laughed. Her mind was foggy; she felt in a daze. One more she tried to reach out and choke one of them in an act of defense.

“Go ahead and try to choke me, bitch!” Janie laughed. “Seriously; is that all you’ve got?”

“She’s so cute when she tries to fight back,” Junie chuckled. ”Now let’s strangle her for good. I want to find out if we can make her corpse cum after she’s dead.”

“Let’s do it,” Janie agreed.

Terrie felt the sash tighten as the toy up her ass started to thrust in and out. She felt fingers fucking her totally drenched pussy. It was so hard to breathe!

She reached over and tried to choke Junie with her hand. “Harder, Terrie!” the sister laughed. “Harder; you can do it! If only you can squeeze a little…” Then she laughed as she told her, “Oh wait… I guess you can’t!” Both sister’s laughed maniacally.

Terrie felt the sash tighten around her neck as they both groped and fondled her boobs. Then they reached down to her crotch. Junie grabbed the toy and fucked her ass while Janie fingered her cunt.

Terrie tried to reach for Janie’s throat one last time. “You gotta try harder than that, bitch!” the sadistic sister laughed. Then they both pulled on the sash as hard as they could.

Terrie felt her vision start to spiral again. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as her lungs screamed for air. Then she was cumming… cumming and spiraling away into oblivion as far away voices declared, “Look, the bitch is cumming as she dies! She fucking loves it!” “Damn, she sure loves asphyxiation!”  “Look, Junie; I think she’s fading!”  “Have a nice death, you sexy bitch! We can see the light leaving your eyes!”

The last thing Terrie heard was the sound of laughter fading in her ears. She felt like she was caught up in a never-ending orgasm. Then she tried to scream, realizing she was dead; she couldn’t breathe; and she was cumming and cumming and cumming…

The sisters watched with wicked glee as Terrie faded away into oblivion. Her eyes glazed over as she stared upward in shock. They cruelly sucked on her tits while using the toy and their fingers in her other holes until the body appeared to shudder a little.

“Did she just cum, Junie?

“Damn! I think she did!”

“Fuck her pussy while I ride her face!”

Janie climbed on and ground her wet crotch against Terrie’s slack mouth as Junie took the toy and brutalized the quivering, twitching cunt. Terrie’s corpse seemed to twitch a little. Janie couldn’t help cumming all over Terrie’s mouth and face.

The two girls switched places. Junie rode Terrie’s face to an orgasm while her sister used the toy on the dead ass while finger-fucking the sloppy-wet cunt. The body seemed to twitch a little, perhaps from stray nerve endings firing. It made them both laugh deliriously.

They played with Terrie’s corpse for a couple of hours until they were spent. Then they got dressed. They laughed and made fun of her dead body, telling her the maid was going to cum in and abuse her before reporting her death to the authorities. Then they got in their car and left, leaving a third dead body in their wake over three states.


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