Kimona and Mahina on Santamos Island


An impoverished Caribbean island nation nears bankruptcy.  In order to raise cash income from “tourists”, the nation’s leaders in desperation pass a law — consensual executions of sane and un-coerced foreigners by other foreigners will be legal in public execution areas on the island. Arachnid’s Santamos Island universe

Kimona and the Santamos Island lottery

Meet Kimona. She came over from Jamaica to participate in the Santamos island lottery with her friends. This was her sexy fate.

Lottery season on Santamos Island runs from August 1st to October 31st of each year. It is a program that was instituted by the government to bring more tourist dollars to this little island nation. Each year it has gained in popularity.

Started in 2012, it is now in its 7th season. It started with a drawing every weekday. There were three drawings on Friday to account for the executions through the weekend.

Originally there were more numbers than participants, leading to days were there were no executions. In 2013 the government modified the system to cater to the tourists who came to witness an execution but ended up going home disappointed. Thus, a system was put in place guaranteeing a drawing on Friday followed by an execution sometime during the weekend.

The program grew in popularity until the government added a second lottery drawing midweek in 2015 as all the numbers available were now being chosen or assigned. That meant there were guaranteed executions midweek as well as on the weekends. But an influx of tourists from all over the world meant there were now more participants than numbers.

In 2017 the government again tweaked the Santamos Island Lottery, a system that still stands today. There are now three drawings that take place per week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The program is more popular than ever, allowing tourists to get their lottery number on the mainland in advance. Once chosen, they have 24 hours to report to Santamos Island to arrange for their execution.

Kimona was a resident of Jamaica and requested her number in late June of 2018. Her number was drawn September 13th. She arrived the next day with four of her friends.

She requested a hanging just off the beach on Saturday September 15th so she could enjoy the view during her execution. The paperwork was signed, and a notice was posted indicating her hanging would be open to public viewing. It was later learned she had a goodbye dinner with her friends.

What happened during her final hours is not fully known, although her friend Mia indicated there was much revelry and merriment with each other as well as members of the opposite sex. At 10 AM, the morning of the 15th Kimona reported to the beach for her hanging. A special post was erected to accommodate her request.

The cheerful, sexy Jamaican had requested she be allowed to hang herself. So a small tripod stool was provided. She stood upon the stool and was noosed while her friend Mia shackled her wrists and ankles together.

She displayed a nervousness with the knowledge her young life was about to come to an end. A large crowd had gathered to watch. This apparently excited the young woman.

She thanked her friends for a night to remember. Then she thanked all those who had shown up to witness her hanging. After she was done speaking she smiled bravely before gingerly stepping off the stool.

Kimona’s hanging was animated and erotic. Afterwards her friend Mia related how turned on she’d become observing what she referred to as “one hell of a sexy air-dance.” With a thick noose, Kimona lasted approximately six and a half minutes before she gently swayed back and forth in death.

She received polite applause from the spectators before they slowly departed. Kimona’s friends remained behind to observe the corpse. Mia told us, “I never knew Kimona would look so sexy hanging there naked like that.”

The friends enjoyed the dangling body for several minutes. Then they departed to hold a Celebration of Life gathering as they called it. Kimona was left dangling for one hour at her request so that she could “enjoy” the view.

There have been many others after Kimona. Tourists and residents alike have participated in the lottery. 2019 promises to be another year of excitement.

So make your plans now to reserve a number. They have been going fast over the last couple of years. Officials are in discussions to add a special drawing once a week to accommodate demand.

So come to Santamos Island and witness an execution for yourself. Get your number early if you wish to take part in the yearly drawing. There are travel discounts for those whose number has been drawn and will be flying in to end their lives. We look forward to seeing you on our fair island.

(May 26, 2019)

(Inspired by renders by Mike Hunt)

Mahina’s self-decapitation

She ran into me when she burst out of the door. She was wearing a skimpy bikini that looked almost transparent on her. She quickly apologized for not watching where she was going. I told her it was all right.

She said her name was Mahina and I told her mine. She said she spent her entire life savings just to come to the island. She’d heard all about Santamos and wanted to experience it for herself.

She looked at me for a long moment. Then she grinned as she asked, “How’d you like to execute me?”

“I beg your pardon?”

“The form is already signed. I can be executed any time. How would you like to execute me?”

She seemed so cavalier about it for someone so young to have made such a serious decision. So I asked, “Why do you want to die?”

“Oh, I don’t want to die. I just want to be executed. I think it would be exciting.”

I shook my head at her command of logic. “I’m not sure I’m the one you’re looking for. I’m not sure I could execute someone so young, vibrant and full of life.”

“Sure you can!”

“I’m really not sure.”

“Why don’t you walk with me for a while? You can do that, can’t you?”

I thought about it for a moment. I figured taking a walk with her shouldn’t get me in too much trouble. So I told her I’d be happy to go along with her.

She eagerly led me out to the firing range. But she was disappointed when there were no executions taking place to witness. “Want to shoot me?” she asked excitedly.

“Do you want me to shoot you?”

“I think it would be exciting. Don’t you?”

“I’m not so sure.”

She saw the hesitation in my eyes and accommodated me. “Ok – ok; you don’t have to shoot me.” Then she grabbed my arm. “C’mon; let’s go check out the beach.”

We headed off until we found where the tidal stakes were. There was no one around. “Want to watch me drown?” she gasped excitedly.

I looked at the water and the stakes. Then I told her, “That could take a while. It looks like the tide is going out.”

“Too long. I don’t want to wait that long.” And with that she eagerly led me off in another direction.

We made a stop by the gallows. It was also not being used. She seemed disappointed there were no executions taking place.

“How’d you like to hang me?” she gasped excitedly. “I promise I’ll kick real hard for you.”

“I witnessed a hanging yesterday. It looked kind of painful. I’m not sure I’d like to see you suffer.”

“Aww, you’re no fun. C’mon; let’s go see what else they have!” She sure seemed anxious to get herself killed.

We walked along the boardwalk until we came to a block and axe. “This looks like fun!” she gasped. “I’d love for you to take my head! I’ll even suck my executioner’s cock before I expose my neck to your blade. How about it?”

I hesitated, although she was starting to wear me down. She saw it in my eyes and sagged unhappily. “You act like you really don’t want to execute anyone, do you.” She sounded disappointed.

“Maybe I just haven’t met the right person yet.”

“Well, you’ve met me. Let’s look around and see what else we can find!”

“Fine with me.”

We walked around a while until we encountered something I hadn’t seen before. It was a small, makeshift guillotine behind a building. It was all in metal, with a lever to pull to release the blade. It was unlike the wooden guillotine I’d seen on the other side of the island.

“Wow, would you look at that!”

She rushed up to have a look. I stayed back as though the damned thing was going to bite me. Besides, I was starting to experience some disturbing sensations down in my crotch.

She looked almost naked as she ran her hand all over it. She inspected every inch, although there wasn’t much to inspect. The more she touched it, the more her nipples started to protrude through that top of hers.

“Wow! Just look at it! It’s beautiful!”

“I never thought a guillotine could ever be considered as beautiful.”

“That’s because you don’t appreciate it like I do!”

She kept touching it as though she was in love with it or something. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. Did she really have a death wish? Or was it the machine she was so fascinated by?

She looked at me and smiled. “It’s perfect… just my size! Wow! I could really lose my head over this thing!”

“Mahina, are you sure you want to…”

“Look. I’m really excited about this guillotine. You’re not going to spoil this for me, are you?”

“Do you want me to go?”

“I want you to stay and watch. I’m so excited right now. But there’s no one around. I’d really like someone to stay and watch. You’ll do that for me, won’t you?”

I looked all around. But we were alone. I didn’t want to abandon her. So I told her, “I suppose I can do that.”

“I’m so horny right now. I could do this to myself so easy! I think that’s the way they built it, don’t you?

They made it so you can behead yourself! Isn’t that wild?”

She bent forward onto the metal bench-bar. Her breasts hung down on either side of it. “Wow!” she gasped excitedly.

“Mahina, please don’t…”

“Are you as excited as I am right now? Please tell me you’re excited! I know I sure am!”

I reluctantly nodded. “Yes, Mahina. I’m a little excited here. But I don’t want to encourage you to…”

“Oh, it’s too late for that. I’m really horny right now!”

She adjusted her position on the bar that served as sort of a bench. She wriggled around a little. Then she put her head through the opening.

“Wow! You have no idea what this is doing to me!” Then she brought the lunette down onto her neck. A moment later she reached out and grabbed the lever.


“I’m so excited right now! I can touch myself and everything!” Then she brushed her braids out of the path of the blade.

I wanted to tell her to be careful. But I didn’t think it would do any good. She was really excited, and I didn’t want to put a damper on things, even though I knew she was playing with fire.

She looked up at me with a huge grin. Then she looked lower and smiled. “Aha! I knew it! I knew you would get all turned on seeing me like this!”

“Ok, Mahina; I’ll admit it. I’m getting a little turned on over here. But I…”

“No ‘buts’, ok? Just let me enjoy this!”

She grabbed onto the red handle. To my surprise she started stroking it like a cock. I don’t know why it made my dick twitch.”

I started to put up a protest. But this time I held my tongue. I was afraid she might get angry and send me away.

So why was I sticking around? Was I trying to see to her welfare? At this rate she wouldn’t be around long enough to need much more protection.

Was I sticking around to see if she would pull the lever? She was certainly acting like she wanted to. There was nothing that indicated she had any qualms about bringing the blade down on herself.

“Wow! I’m so excited! This feels incredible!”

She didn’t even bother looking up at me. She just looked down where her head would land if the blade came down. Then she slipped her left hand back underneath her.

She began panting and moaning. I could tell she was fingering herself. Her breathing became heavy and labored as she started to writhe.

“I’m so excited! You have no idea how turned on I am right now! You’re turned on too, aren’t you?”

“Yes… yes I am.” I didn’t want to admit it to her, but I figured she really did want to know.

“I knew it!” she declared as she looked down at my crotch. Then she began fingering herself harder.

“You want to see me do it, don’t you? Tell me you want to see me do it! I’m so excited right now I could just burst.”

“You want the truth, Mahina?”

“Tell me the truth.”

“I’m ashamed to admit this. But I think I do want to see you pull the lever.”

“Oh, FUCK! That is so hot!”

She gasped for breath as she fingered herself harder. She stroked that handle as though she was giving it a handjob. My cock was straining in my pants.

“You’ll use me after I’m dead, won’t you? You’ll use my body to get off, ok? I really want you to!”

My breath caught in my throat as I nodded. “Yes, Mahina. If you want me too, I’ll use you after you’re beheaded.”

“You promise?”

“I promise.”

“Oh, FUCK! I think I’m gonna cum!”

She stroked the handle harder. For a moment I was afraid she was actually going to pull it. What shamed me was the moment I reached the point where I really wanted her to do it.

Her breathing became labored as she furiously fingered herself. Her hand flew up and down the handle of the lever. It was as though she was really giving a handjob. What the hell was she trying to do: make the lever cream itself before she pulled it??

“I’m so… oh fuck, this is… I’m getting close!”

“I’m right with you, Mahina.”

She looked up and saw I’d pulled my cock out and was stroking it. She stroked the handle harder. I tried to match her.

She was all caught up in some sort of sexual obsession. There was no way I could stop her now, not that I wanted to. I was ashamed to admit that to myself.

She really wanted to go through with this. She writhed and wriggled as she stretched out on that bench-bar. “Together!” she panted.

“I’m sorry; say again?”

“We’re all going to cum together… you… me… the guillotine.”

What the hell? Did she think that handle was going to spurt or something?? Was the guillotine supposed to orgasm? Or was she talking about it “cumming” by releasing the blade the way us males have our own release?


I shamefully stroked harder. Her hand was a blur on the handle. Wait, was she starting to pull it??

By now I was too far gone. I didn’t want to stop her. I really wanted the silly bitch to pull the damned thing.

Mahina suddenly started to scream. At the same time I thought I saw her arm jerk the lever. All I know is I heard a distinct click.

The blade whooshed right down, silencing her forever. Her head dropped abruptly as her hand suddenly let go of the lever. That’s when her ass jerked upward.

The poor thing went off, bucking and shuddering on that bench-bar. Her legs started to kick a little as she wobbled from side to side. I don’t know how she stayed on, but she managed.

Her head bounced off the stony ground. I’m sure that must have hurt a little. I half expected her to cry out. Then I remembered she couldn’t speak anymore.

I stepped forward as my cock went off. My cream arced into the air, just missing her head. The way she was looking up, I’m almost certain she saw me spurting.

Her body stopped wobbling and began to settle down. Her legs bent at the knees until the bench-bar took her full weight. The arm formerly holding onto the handle finally hung limp at her side.

She had this strange look on her face. Then I looked and saw her hand was still wedged in her crotch. Was she still fingering herself? It seemed unlikely, but at this point in my day I figured anything was possible.

I couldn’t believe it! She was still twitching and spasming. It’s as though her brain was somehow sending haphazard signals through the air, causing her muscles to randomly fire off.

Her ass still jerked around a little. I saw her long, slender legs twitching and wriggling. Her breasts bounced as they hung down on either side of that bench-bar. It was arousing as hell.

Through it all her hand remained wedged in her crotch. It was as though she was still trying to get herself off, even in death. I had spurted and should have started to soften. But the whole damned thing kept me rock hard.

There was nothing I could do for her now. She’d gone and done it all on her own. The guillotine had certainly worked the way it was intended, the handle being pulled by the one riding the mechanism.

I slowly walked all the way around, examining her thoroughly. There were still stray muscles firing off. Her body just kept twitching with the occasional spasm.

I looked down at her head and studied the expression in her eyes. There was this incredible look of bliss on her face. How could she feel the pleasure her dying body was experiencing if her brain had been severed from the rest of her? It sure looked as though that was exactly what was happening.

I looked at her from behind and saw how wet her skimpy thong had become. I don’t know if it was from urine or sexual arousal. Maybe it didn’t matter.

I looked at her face one more time. I couldn’t tell, but it was almost as though she was begging me to enjoy her. Her headless body certainly looked sexy as hell.

I couldn’t fathom how I could still be so hard. Everything about the scene seemed so surreal. And yet I was turned on like never before.

I looked at her for a long moment, trying to decide how best to use her. It felt… awkward thinking about using her head to give me head. For the time being I decided that was out.

I walked around behind her and had a good look. Her left hand was still in place. But she wasn’t fingering herself anymore.

I gently reached out and grabbed her thong. I pulled it down her legs. Her pussy was wet and dripping, no doubt from the orgasm she’d experienced at the moment of her beheading.

What had those last moments felt like for her, feeling the blade slice through muscle and bone? What had gone through her head the moment cold steel sliced through her neck? Had the blade severed her ability to feel her last orgasm?

I stood there inspecting her wet pussy. Then I noticed the puckered anus directly above. She certainly wasn’t going to object if that’s what I was interested in.

I began rubbing her pussy, feeling it with my fingers. It was wet all the way inside. She must have experienced one hell of an O… at least what she was able to feel before the blade came down.

I suddenly felt I needed to ask her permission. So I walked around until I saw her head. She was staring up at me, her eyes lifeless and glazed over.

I started to ask if it was ok. Then a stray muscle fired. It was as though she was smiling at me, giving me her permission. Hell, I think she really wanted me to.

I picked her head up and tenderly kissed her lips. I thanked her for running into me and letting me watch her drop the blade on herself. Otherwise I might have missed out as she probably would have found this machine and beheaded herself anyway.

I gently set her head back down. Then I headed around behind her. My cock was hard and I needed some relief again.

I fingered her pussy, getting my digits all lubed up. Then I wiped them around the rim of her ass. I slowly pushed them inside, lubricating her.

It was a surreal experience as I pushed my fingers in deeper. I tried to open her up. Then I pushed my dick against her opening.

I slowly worked my way inside. She was incredibly tight. It felt amazing.

I began to fuck her, slowly at first, but then harder and faster. Her body rocked in the guillotine. I smacked her ass a couple of times for good measure.

She never gave me an ounce of protest or resistance. It felt strange fucking the ass of a dead woman. But Mahina didn’t seem to mind. Hell, the look in her lifeless eyes almost gave me the impression she was enjoying the way I was using her.

I pulled out of her ass and thrust into her wet pussy. It was just as tight. It was also wet and warm. It felt wonderful.

Her body rocked from each thrust. Was it me or did it feel like she was getting wetter? I assumed it was just my imagination.

I pulled out and thrust into her ass again. I fucked her good and hard. Her body rocked until we seemed to develop a rhythm… if you could call it that.

Her ass suddenly spasmed, milking a cum right out of me. I rammed my dick in hard, depositing my seed deep in her rectum. Then I pulled out and looked at her.

Her eyes were all vacant and lifeless. But there was something in her expression. Was she happy I was using her? Or had the whole damned thing affected my ability for rational thought?

I didn’t soften all that much. For some reason I couldn’t. So I used her pussy and ass again.

I finally came around front and picked up her head. I fucked her mouth until the tip of my dick poked out through her severed stump. Then I pulled her head off and thrust through the whole in flesh and bone.

It was incredible the way my dick poked out past her lips. It didn’t take long for me to cum one last time. This time I shot my load out of her mouth over the lunette onto her backside.

I switched her head around and used her mouth to clean my cock. Afterwards I gently placed her head on her ass. Then I went to go tell someone they had a body that needed to be tended to. I also found myself hoping I might run into another young woman who wanted a man to watch her die. Maybe this time I would have the nerve to help execute her.

2019 (written for Mike Hunt Jul 18 ’19 by riwa)

(Inspired by the renders courtesy of Mike Hunt.)

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