Halal Slaughter

an edited repost from years ago

Part 1

Even now Dorothy didn’t know why she’d agreed to go through with it. The man on the Internet had described it in perfectly ghastly detail. And yet it had given her the erotic shakes something fierce.

Alisher Khan had come across to her in a rather sympathetic manner, telling her it wouldn’t take long and that it wouldn’t hurt much. He’d told her he would do it humanely, if you could even call such a grisly act humane. It was something more suited to cattle or wild game than it was to any human being. And yet she couldn’t stop thinking about it.

He told her he could give her drugs to ease the pain at the final moment. But he said the drugs would probably hamper any orgasm she might have, although she would no doubt piss herself during the moment of truth. Dorothy told him she wanted the full experience and would probably ride it out without any drugs.

He gave her every chance to back out, telling her he could easily find someone else to replace her if she chose not to give her consent. That’s when she’d watched herself type the words, “Don’t give this to anyone else, love. You’ve got me all worked up. I’ll be there with bells on.”

Now she found herself sitting there staring at her computer screen, wondering if she’d gone stark raving mad. Had she given her consent because she was jealous he might get some other woman to go through with it? Or was it something much deeper, some dark fantasy far more lethal than anything she’d ever considered before?

It was impossible to sleep that night. She kept imagining herself at the crucial moment, cumming up a storm as her bladder gave way. It was crazy – she was a bloody fool for even considering it! And yet she felt like now she couldn’t back out. After all, she’d told him she would be there.

She should have known it wouldn’t be that easy the moment her friend appeared at her door the next day. Dottie instantly tried to put on her best face, hoping to get past her visit with Lindsey without giving up her deep, dark secret. For some reason Lindsey always seemed to know when she was up to something particularly kinky.

“What brings you to my humble abode?” Dorothy asked, trying to act casual. Lindsey simply eyed her dubiously.

“You can cut the crap, Dottie. I know something’s up with you. I don’t know how, but I always know. It’s like I can feel it in the air or something. So what did you get yourself into this time?”

“What makes you think I’m into something?” Dorothy asked innocently.

“Don’t try to con me, love. I woke up this morning and just had this gut feeling. But now that I’m here I can see it in your face.”

“You always were the suspicious one,” Dottie remarked, trying to downplay it. But she already knew in her heart she wasn’t going to be able to hide this one from her friend.

“I have every right to be suspicious about you and your kinks, you silly bitch. The last time you had that look on your face you allowed that guy to take you to his pool and dunk the shit out of you. As I recall, you ended up half-drowned, remember? I’ll bet you still get the erotic shakes remembering how that bloke nearly drowned you.”

Dottie’s face flushed crimson as memories of that intensely erotic event filled her mind. Almost immediately she could feel her pussy moisten. She thought she could even feel a faint strain in her lungs as she remembered how long he’d made her hold her breath until the air had burst out of her mouth. She was getting all turned on just remembering the bloody event, even though it had happened some time ago.

“See?” Lindsey crowed triumphantly, pointing right at her. “You’re thinking about it right now, aren’t you, you silly bitch! And the time before that you hired that guy to strap you down to your caning horse. Somehow I knew you were up to something that time as well before you even gave in to him. You told me afterwards how he caned you within an inch of your kinky life and that you’d passed out on that bloody horse from one orgasm after another.” Now Dorothy was really embarrassed.

“So what is it this time?” Lindsey wanted to know. “Firing squad? Don’t tell me you found someone with a working guillotine. Did someone talk you into burning at the stake along the coast?”

Dorothy felt her heart skip a beat. Lindsey always knew how to tease her… how to get her motor running. At least she could truthfully tell her it was none of the things she’d mentioned.

“It’s nothing, hun; nothing at all. It’s just that I…”

She felt her heart rate increase dramatically as she thought again about where she would be going. There was no use trying to deceive her friend. In a trembling voice she told her, “I do have to take a little trip tomorrow.”

Gawd! Why the hell was she so breathless right now??

“AHA!” Lindsey crowed again. “I KNEW it! You ARE up to something, you silly bitch! What are you up to this time?”

“It’s nothing,” Dorothy sputtered much too quickly. “It’s just a trip I’ve got to take is all.”

Lindsey wasn’t buying it for a second. “Unh hunh! Mind telling me where you’re going, love?”

Dorothy was certain Lindsey would have her committed if she knew. “If I told you, you’d try to talk me out of it.”

Now she was trembling like a leaf. She couldn’t stop thinking about where she was going and what was going to happen to her. She was dripping from a shameful arousal right in front of her friend.

Lindsey looked at her closely as though peering right into her soul. “Bloody hell, love. I can tell this one’s really got you all worked up. You look like you’ve been cumming all day long.”

Dorothy blushed again, knowing her friend wasn’t that far off. “I, uh… it HAS been a long day.”

Lindsey snorted, “I’ll BET it has, you silly bitch! That good, is it? So what’s it going to be this time? What’s it going to be that requires you to fly out of the country? I assume you ARE flying out of the country; aren’t you, love?”

“Yes, I’m flying out,” Dorothy admitted, her body trembling like mad. There really was no use hiding it from her. Lindsey was going to find out one way or the other.

“So what’s it going to be?” her friend persisted. “Burning at the stake? Cement shoes in somebody’s backyard pool? Does he want to take your bloody head off? What’s he going to do to you, you silly bitch?”

For the moment there was no way she was telling Lindsey about her plans. All she could do was sputter, “You, uh… you don’t want to know.”

Dorothy couldn’t get the image out of her mind, the word picture he’d described of her final moments in such vivid detail. It sounded horribly graphic. She still didn’t know why she’d given her consent.

Lindsey frowned, intently studying her friend’s face for anything that might give her a clue as to what the crazy bitch might be up to. Then she sighed heavily, shaking her head. “Maybe I’d better tag along on this one, love.”

Dorothy looked at her and gulped nervously. She wasn’t sure it was a good idea allowing Lindsey to come along with her. After all, she’d given the guy her consent. Once she found out, her friend would no doubt try to talk her out of it.

But what if she chose not to interfere? What if Lindsey went along and calmly watched it all happen like an impartial observer? Hell, what if she actually got off on it??

The thought of Lindsey getting turned on watching what he was going to do to her gave Dorothy an erotic rush. Her knees almost buckled underneath her. Then she gave it a little more thought.

What if he decided to do Lindsey as well? That thought was particularly unsettling. But oddly it was terribly erotic imagining him doing her friend right after he’d done her.

Dorothy took a deep breath. Then she told her, “I really don’t think you want to be coming along.”

Lindsey was suddenly adamant. “What? And miss all the fun? You deserve a good caning, love, just for getting yourself all worked up like this. Whatever he’s going to do to you must be something special if it’s got your liver in such a quiver. I really think I should be there when it happens; don’t you? If it’s got you this bloody excited, I just might want to consider joining in on all the fun.”

“Trust me; you don’t want in on this one.” But she was already having arousing mental images of what might happen to her friend if she got all caught up in it as well. What the hell had she been drinking to consent to such a crazy proposition??

Lindsey was highly suspicious and wasn’t about to back down. That’s when she put her foot down. “I’m tagging along on this one, love, whether you like it or not, ok?”

Dorothy exhaled heavily. There was no way of saying no to her friend, not when she was this determined. “All right – all right; you can tag along. But I’m doing this all by myself; ok? Trust me on this. At least you’ll be there to watch me when it happens. You’ll probably get a kick out of it, telling me it serves me right.”

Lindsey grinned at her. “You definitely are a kinky one, you silly bitch. Now tell me where we’re flying off to.”

Dorothy took a deep breath before telling her the crazy news. “Islamabad, Lindsey. Tomorrow we’re flying off to Islamabad.”

The mental image of what was going to happen to her returned in a rush. Dorothy could not help trembling noticeably. Lindsey was understandably shocked.

“Islamabad?? Bloody hell, love! What the hell did you get yourself into this time??”

Dorothy had to make preparations before they left for the airport. So she shaved her pubes, put her blonde hair up into a pony tail and then picked out a nice dress to wear along with some nice earrings. She also urinated a couple of times, both from her fear and from an intense arousal.

Now that she was on the plane in midair, Dorothy’s head was in another world. She’d nearly orgasmed when they’d stepped on board. She simply couldn’t stop thinking about it… and she couldn’t stop trembling. Even with her friend tagging along she didn’t think she could make herself put a stop to it.

What was she thinking when she’d accepted his proposal? Was she insane? Was having the orgasm to end all orgasms worth the price she was about to pay??

She really had no idea. But she had to admit she was thankful for her Lindsey’s presence. It had a calming effect on her… that is, until her mind would drift once again to what she mentally pictured would happen to her at that fateful moment.

During the flight Lindsey tried several times to get the truth out of her. But Dorothy’s lips remained sealed. She simply couldn’t risk sharing with her friend what was going to happen to her until the very end when it would be too late. Otherwise she was sure Lindsey would try to talk her out of it.

The problem was: at this point she didn’t know if she even could be talked out of it! She kept reminding herself how she’d given her consent. Thus, he was supposedly waiting for her at the airport. She felt like she had to keep her word regardless of the consequences.

Dorothy had been in a constant state of arousal ever since her last chat with him over the Internet. The fact she was soon going to give her life away only intensified her feelings. Even with the comforting presence of Lindsey sitting next to her she still couldn’t help herself.

Lindsey had been right of course. Somehow her friend always seemed to know when something big was up or when she was about to engage in some particularly kinky play. Lindsey could read her like a book. Dottie sighed, realizing it shouldn’t have been all that surprising for her to show up at her door unexpectedly, much less deciding to accompany her.

So what would happen once they arrived at their destination? Would Lindsey put up a protest? Or would she calmly sit back and watch, giving in to her friend’s crazy desires by witnessing her final moments?

Would she get off on it? Would Lindsey gleefully watch her get what she had coming to her? Dorothy shuddered from a terrible arousal. But she was also experiencing a gnawing dread as she now experienced the last few hours of her life.

‘But what about Lindsey?’ she wondered uncertainly. ‘What if he decided he couldn’t allow any witnesses? What if he tied up her friend and did the same thing to her? What if Lindsey was so aroused that she volunteered to go next? Bloody hell; was that even possible??’

Dorothy gasped and trembled, getting the shakes something fierce. Now she was imagining Alisher Khan doing Lindsey as well. Wouldn’t it be terribly erotic watching him do her friend first?? Bloody hell; this was insanity!

Dorothy sighed as she reclined in her seat. Lindsey gave her a dubious look before shaking her head and sighing heavily. “That bad; eh, you silly bitch? Something tells me I’m going to get far more than I bargained for by tagging along on this crazy venture of yours.”

Dorothy looked back at her before smiling sheepishly. She was in too deep now. All she could do was play it out and see what would happen once they arrived at their destination.

Her Internet contact was waiting for them at the airport when they landed in Pakistan. The minute she saw his familiar Arab features from the pictures he sent, both her fear and arousal intensified exponentially. He bowed as he greeted her, telling her everything was ready.

He looked alarmed when she motioned at her companion. “This is my friend Lindsey,” Dorothy explained in a trembling voice. “She insisted on coming.”

“I see,” he responded carefully. “Is she also going to…?”

“No, she’s not,” Dorothy told him quickly. “She’s just here to observe.”

“The hell I am!” Lindsey spoke up indignantly. “I’m in this up to my eyeballs now, love! Whatever you do to Dottie, you’re also doing to me! Understand?”

He looked at her with a knowing smile before nodding agreeably. Dorothy’s eyes flew open in horror. “No!” she squawked in a quivering voice, her arousal intensifying. “Not this time! You don’t understand!” But Lindsey was adamant.

“I’ve come this far, love. I’ll be damned if I’m going to miss out on all the fun! If you’re this bloody riled up, that means it’s got to be good.”

“No!” Dottie gasped again, shaking her head.

The Arab lifted up a hand to silence them. “It is ok,” he declared solemnly. “She can change her mind once we reach our destination.”

Dottie looked at him and nodded. But she saw a look of sheer determination on the face of her friend. Now she was really worked up, her body trembling from an insane arousal. Was Lindsey really going to take part once she found out what was going to happen to her??

Part 2

Dorothy became anxious the longer it took them to drive up into the hills. They both sat quietly in the back seat of his American Continental. It was a vehicle he had thoughtfully arranged so they could ride in comfort.

The two friends sat quietly, both deep in thought. Dorothy was the more fidgety of the two. She couldn’t help wondering what was going through Lindsey’s mind at that very moment.

She had to keep telling herself this was really going to happen. He’d told her the trip would only take 40 minutes. She would be dead in less than an hour. She was so terribly excited that her body almost felt like it was one gigantic orgasm in progress.

Lindsey looked at her and shook her head, rolling her eyes with amusement. Obviously the coming attraction had to be extra special to have Dottie so utterly distracted, and so obviously worked up. If it was going to be that good, she definitely wanted to take part.

This whole bloody thing was crazy as hell.  Dorothy much kinkier than she could ever be for herself. But she wasn’t without a few kinks of her own.

Time became precious to Dorothy as it raced toward her doom. Low moans kept bubbling up from somewhere deep inside her, forcing her to try to swallow them back down. Lindsey kept turning to look at her, only to shake her head in resignation. Stupid, silly bitch!

When Alisher pulled off the dirt road, Dorothy let out a low moan. She trembled like crazy as her friend looked all around. Lindsey was both confused and unnerved. There didn’t seem to be anything here!

“We will walk from here, ladies,” Alisher told them from the front seat. “It is not far. I have water for you both.”

He passed two bottles back to them. Each one gratefully accepted, gulping much of the liquid down. Then all three got out of the vehicle and began the hike into the hills.

It only took about ten minutes before they descended down into a small gully that was hidden from prying eyes. The friends saw what looked like a small encampment with a single pitched tent. Almost immediately Dorothy began hyperventilating.

“We have arrived,” he said plainly. Then he looked at Dorothy who was trembling violently. “Do you wish to wear that outfit you are in? Or would you like to be naked?”

Dorothy looked all around in horror, realizing she was about to die in this very spot. She blinked at him and then numbly started to strip. The entire time she could hear her mind screaming, “THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING! I’M REALLY HERE! I’M ABOUT TO DIE RIGHT HERE! WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING??”

Lindsey looked at her friend as though she was crazy. You’re stripping, love? Under this sun?? You’re going to burn yourself, you silly bitch!”

Dorothy moaned softly as she mechanically removed all her attire. Lindsey sighed as she shook her head. ‘When in Rome…’ she thought as she too began stripping out of her clothes.

“Silly bitch!” Lindsey muttered under her breath. “Ok, love! I’ll go along with you on this one, ok? But believe you me: this is the last time I get involved in one of your kinky plays; got it?”

Dorothy looked at her in astonishment. It was obvious she still didn’t understand. Dottie was so excited she thought she was going to orgasm right then and there. Her chest heaved as her heart raced.

For the life of her Lindsey simply couldn’t imagine what had gotten her friend all riled up. She had an uneasy feeling about all this. But she had already dismissed one disturbing thought as being far too unlikely.

Actually, she’d dismissed it ever since they’d taken the cab to the airport. She’d even tried to dismiss it on the plane. Now she began to feel a strange sense of foreboding as she neatly folded her clothes and added them to Dorothy’s pile.

While they undressed their host walked to the tent and appeared to rummage around inside. They were both naked when he returned with brown tape. Immediately he went to work binding their wrists behind their backs.

“Bondage, ah?” Lindsey said to her friend with an amused little smile. “Kinky… I should have guessed.” But something didn’t feel right. She was becoming more unnerved by the moment.

Dorothy wanted to say something to her friend about what was going to happen to them next. She wanted to say her goodbyes. Dorothy wanted to tell the truth about what she’d gotten them into.

Hell, she even wanted to apologize! But she was numb with fear and arousal. She couldn’t speak as her vocal chords had locked up on her.

The Arab pushed Dorothy onto her knees and then onto her stomach, facing downhill. “Hey!” Lindsey gasped in alarm when she saw what he was doing to her friend. “Is this really necessary?”

“Do not be alarmed,” he explained calmly. “It will be all right; I assure you.”

She looked at him dubiously, watching as he taped her friend’s ankles and knees together. Dorothy was left virtually hogtied and vulnerable, whimpering pitifully. “That’s a good look for you, love,” she tried to chuckle, even as alarm bells started going off in her head.

When he was finished with Dorothy he turned to her and grabbed her. He forced her down onto her knees and then onto her stomach as well. “What happens next, Dottie?” she asked, suddenly feeling a lot more anxious.

Lindsey tried a little humor to feel less apprehensive. “This is a good position for caning, I suppose. I hope he canes you really hard. You bloody well deserve it, you silly bitch. But I’ll just take a spanking; thank you very much.” The horrified look in her friend’s eyes only left her feeling even more alarmed.

Lindsey had her ankles and knees taped together just like he’d done to Dottie. “This is crazy, love,” she murmured at her friend. Dorothy just stared at her in shock, her mouth opening and closing, yet still unable to make any words come out.

“We are ready,” the Arab announced solemnly. “I will now retrieve the daggers.”

Dorothy inhaled sharply as he headed for the tent. She writhed and whimpered from a mixture of terror as well as an intense sexual excitement.

Lindsey looked over at her in alarm, her heart rate spiking. “Dottie, did he say ‘daggers’? What the hell haven’t you told me, love? Daggers??”

Dorothy was frozen with fear. Her life was about to end in mere moments. And now so was Lindsey’s.

Alisher Khan returned and ceremonially placed two curved daggers upon the sandy soil in front of the heads of both women. “BLOODY HELL!” Lindsey exclaimed as extreme fear gripped her heart. “DOTTIE, WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING??”

“You do not know?” he asked, looking at Dorothy in surprise. “She did not tell you? Then I will explain so that you will understand.”

He climbed on Lindsey’s back and straddled her, causing her to writhe and whimper anxiously. He took up the dagger and held it in front of her face. Then he began to speak slowly, talking to her as though calmly explaining the procedure to a child…

“This is Halal slaughter, the proper method of slaughtering animals for food. I will now cut your throat from ear to ear. This will sever your food pipe, your wind pipe and your two jugular veins. But I will not sever your spine as this would cause heart attack.”

“The cut will be very painful, but the pain will last only a few seconds before you lose consciousness. I will butcher you both and then eat you. Then we shall all become immortal together.”

Lindsey was horrified as she started to tremble. “Halal slaughter??!! BLOODY HELL!”

She began hyperventilating like crazy, staring at her friend in complete and utter shock. “DOTTIE, IS HE REALLY GOING TO KILL US AND EAT US?? BLOODY HELL, LOVE! IS THIS WHAT YOU AGREED TO?? WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING??!!”

She was almost in hysterics. All Dorothy could do was pant heavily, her eyes wide in horrific arousal. It was much too late to change anything now.

The Arab gently patted Lindsey on the head as though patting the head of a child. Then he grabbed her by a handful of hair. He calmly pulled her head back, exposing her vulnerable throat before bringing the dagger up against it.

“It is ok if you orgasm and pee,” he explained gently. “It will make the blood pump faster. It is no good for the body to be filled with blood. There are many germs in blood.”

Her mouth opened and closed as she tried to find the words. Her mind simply could not fathom what was happening to her. This had to be some horrific nightmare!

In one swift motion he brought the blade across her neck. It easily cut right through her throat as he declared, “Praise Allah!” Lindsey barely started to cry out before her voice was silenced forever…


Blood shot out of her neck in a thick stream. The flow pumped furiously out of her body as her heart pounded in her chest. Her eyes flew open in shock, her lips moving as she attempted to communicate.

Alisher Khan did not sever her spine. Thus, it allowed Lindsey’s heart to keep beating. It rapidly pumped the life’s blood out of her severed neck.

Her naked body instinctively bucked and twisted underneath him for several agonizing seconds. Lindsey was all caught up in a violent orgasm as her bladder released. But he was not distracted from his task in the slightest.

He kept her head tipped back for several seconds. The stream of blood lessened. It flowed downhill away from her, just as he had planned.

Her expression sagged as the pain finally took away her consciousness. Then the lack of blood and oxygen to her brain took away her life. Her dying heart continued to pump her dry.

Dorothy stared in utter horror as it swelled inside her. A moment later she promptly wet herself as the fear made her climax intensely. This would be her fate within the next few moments.

She moaned weakly, her mouth open in a silent scream. But she was unable to find her voice. Despite all her preparations and foreknowledge, it was far worse than she could have possibly imagined.

There was nothing cruel in Alisher’s posture. He simply appeared to be doing his work. But Dorothy’s mind was screaming now…LINDSEY! OHBLOODYHELL; LINDSEY! HE’S REALLY SLAUGHTERED YOU! AND NOW I’M NEXT!

Alisher gently lowered Lindsey’s head as though treating her with care. He carefully placed the bloody dagger upon the ground. Then he calmly rose up.

He moved and stood over Dorothy, causing her to gasp in horror. He lowered himself upon her, straddling her to keep her from writhing around. He sounded compassionate as he spoke to her.

“Do you understand now, Dorothy? I was merciful; it happened very fast. Now it is your turn. It was good I brought a second dagger. I do not wish to defile you with a soiled blade from a previous slaughter.”

He grabbed her by a handful of hair before pulling her head back, exposing her vulnerable throat. Dorothy panted heavily, her chest heaving as she whimpered and moaned. She could not find her voice to scream.

Alisher calmly picked up the dagger. Then he brought it against her neck. Dorothy inhaled sharply as he declared, “Praise Allah.”

Dorothy promptly wet herself as she climaxed so very, very hard. Her mind screamed, “BLOODY HELL, NOOOOOOOOO!” Then the blade cut deeply across her throat.

Her eyes flew open as she gurgled her life’s blood away. Her breath hissed out through her severed windpipe. Blood poured onto the ground, flowing downhill away from her as he had so carefully arranged.

Dorothy was aware of her bladder emptying itself. Her body shuddered from an orgasm so incredibly intense. Then her life flashed before her eyes.

Her senses began to diminish due to her brain’s lack of blood and oxygen. For a few seconds she found herself in the midst of a hallucination. Strangely she was back home in her basement, strapped down to her spanking horse.

Lindsey had the cane in her hand and was all but furious with her. “This is what you get for getting us killed, you silly, stupid bitch!” Then her friend started caning the shit out of her.

The last thing she heard were the screams in her mind. The last thing she felt was a fire on her bum as well as what felt like an orgasm to end all orgasms. Then everything went black, the darkness of oblivion…

Alisher gently lowered Dorothy’s head, taking a few moments to admire the look on her face. “You and your friend died well,” he told her. Then he placed the dagger upon the ground as he had done the other one, careful to keep the blade elevated so as not to touch the soil.

Dorothy’s corpse was gently spasming as he got up. Alisher went into the tent and retrieved a couple sheets of plastic as well as some water for his hands. He returned and carefully laid out the sheets upon the ground.

He rolled Lindsey’s naked body onto one sheet onto her back. She stared upward with lifeless eyes, her mouth gaping in shock. She had been an unexpected bonus.

He rolled Dorothy onto her back on the other. Her naked corpse was barely twitching now. It was time to complete the work.

He started by finishing the task on both heads. First, he severed Lindsey’s spinal column before pulling her tongue down through her neck and severing it. Then he set her head upright as though she might want to observe his handiwork.

Dorothy’s head was next; her spinal cord severed. Then her tongue was pulled down through the neck and cut off. “You may want to observe,” he told her.

He propped her head up so her sightless eyes could view his handiwork. He cut off Lindsey’s hands and feet, setting them aside on a corner of the sheet. Then he cut her arms and legs in three places, also setting them aside. Finally he cut her open from her breastbone down to her pubic area.

He carefully removed all of her entrails, setting aside her liver. He cut off her nipples, saving those. Then he cut off the fatty tissue of her breasts, intending them for disposal.

Next he turned his attention to Dorothy. He washed his hands of Lindsey’s blood before cutting off her friend’s hands and legs. He removed her nipples and breasts the same way before gutting her.

He neatly set aside all the meaty parts. Then he retrieved some wrapping paper to preserve the edible material. Lastly he retrieved a spade from his tent.

He proceeded to dig a large hole. In it he threw what was not useable from both women. Into the hole went the hands, feet, breasts and other body parts.

He tossed their clothes in along with the entrails of both friends. Then he carefully took both heads. He lovingly set them into the hole he had dug so they were facing each other.

He could tell they had loved each other in life. Now he wanted them to face each other forever in the afterlife. When that was completed, he filled in the hole.

He quickly gathered up the wrapped meat and put it into a cooler he’d brought along. Then he carried the cooler along with several other items back to the car. It took several trips until there was no sign of the campsite other than the blood staining the ground. That would wash away come the next rains.

He got into his car and drove home. Then he put the meat away except for the nipples and livers of both women. These he cooked and ate so he could feel at one with them both.

Now he was a satisfied man. They would all be immortal together. He had fulfilled Dorothy’s greatest fantasy.

He was certain she had orgasmed intensely while watching her friend die before her. And he was fairly certain she had orgasmed again at the moment of her death. They would all meet again in the afterlife where they would share with him their experience of being halal slaughtered at his hands.

2012; 2020 (written for Dorothy and Lindsey Feb 3 ’12; ed. Jan 22 ‘20 by riwa)

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