I had reached the end of my time with Mistress. It had been a nice, long run. But she had finally grown tired of me. I think it was the younger girls she’d brought in that were distracting her from spending more time with me.

I missed our time together and her erotic abuse. The orgasms she’d forced upon me were incredible. I would have given anything to have regained her attention. But it was not to be, not with her spending time with those younger bitches.

When she told me it was time to go, she gave me my choice of erotic demises. What I missed most were our times together in the water. So I told her I wanted her to drown me.

As soon as I’d said it, she perked right up. I knew then I’d gotten her attention. She loved abusing bitches in the water.

It was her favorite way of torturing a girl. And I knew she loved drowning them most of all. So I’d chosen for her to enjoy our last moment together by her drowning me.

That afternoon I found myself tied up and helpless in her fishtank. She loved to call it her “tank of sexy bubbles”. I called it her “underwater torture tank” as the orgasms I received in it were exquisite torture.

When she got in with me I saw she’d put on her strap-on. That meant I was going to get an underwater fucking. Did she want me to cum as I drowned?

She savagely dunked me a few times; oh, how she dunked me! It scared me as it always did. But it also gave me such an erotic thrill to be used for her sadistic purposes.

She pulled my head up, allowing me to gasp for breath. Then she lovingly caressed my hair. That’s when I realized just how much I had missed her attention.

“So this is the way you want to go?” she purred at me.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“You know I love drowning sexy bitches, right?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Suck water, bitch!” and down I went.

I bubbled after having been caught off guard. She reached under and groped my tits. I moaned and bubbled some more.

She pulled me back up, allowing me to gasp for breath again. “You know I’m looking forward to drowning your sweet ass; right?” Then she pulled me over backward, taking me down on top of her.

I struggled in her grasp, knowing how much it turned her on. I tried to hold my breath. But my heart was pounding a mile a minute from my fear and arousal.

I felt the dildo in the small of my back as she made me hold my breath. She is much better at breath-holding than I. I knew I could drown if she decided to keep me down long enough. But I suspected she didn’t want to drown me without first allowing me to feel the strap-on.

She let me back up and I came up gasping. Then she forced me back down on my knees, her hand grabbing onto my hair again as I bubbled helplessly. Up at the surface I heard her gasp, “You wanna get fucked, Sasha?”

I bubbled and nodded. My response was not satisfactory. “I said ‘Do you wanna get fucked’??” I nodded and bubbled again.

She let me up and I came up gasping. Then she worked herself around in front of me. “Get my cock, ready!” and she pulled my head down.

She forced it between my lips and fucked my mouth hard. I gagged up bubbles as she hit the back of my throat. “Do you want to drown for me, Sasha?” I grunted and nodded with a mouthful of “cock”.

She pulled me up for a quick gasp for breath before pulling me right back down. My heart was going a mile a minute. I was growing more fearful, even as my arousal intensified.

She gagged me with her “cock” several times before letting me up to catch my breath. I gasped loudly, panting like crazy. I could tell by her erect nipples as well as the look in her eyes just how turned on she was. It had been too long.

She turned me around and forced my head back down. “Shall I fuck you as you drown, Sasha?” I bubbled as I nodded. “I said ‘Shall I fuck you as I drown you’?” I nodded as I bubbled again.

My head was still being forced underwater when I felt her push it inside me. Then she really started ramming me with it. I cried out with fear and excitement, bubbling like crazy.

She pulled my head up out of the water, reaching around to maul my tits. “Don’t you dare cum yet!” she hissed into my ear. “Now beg me to fuck your ass and drown you!” Then she forced my head back down into the water as she really fucked me hard.

“FUCK ME!” I bubbled as she thrust pleasure into my throbbing cunt with that strap-on. “FUCK ME HARD! DROWN ME, MISTRESS!” After all, her excitement was my excitement.

She pulled me up for one quick gasp for breath. Then my head was shoved back under as she fucked me hard. I bubbled as I cried out.

She pushed my lungs until I was sure she was going to drown me. But I heard her voice telling me I couldn’t cum yet. I wasn’t sure I could hold off from the fear and arousal.

Another quick breath and then back down and fucked. Another quick breath and then submerged again. I cried out as it swelled within me.


“YES, MISTRESS!” I cried out in a froth of bubbles. My lungs were heaving like crazy.


It swelled within me until I couldn’t hold back. Then I was cumming like crazy. My lungs were on fire; I was sure I couldn’t hold my breath another second longer. Then she pulled my head up.

I came up gasping wildly for breath. The orgasm had been intense and welcome. Gawd; how I’d missed them!

“I had no idea how much I missed playing with you underwater,” Mistress told me as she panted for breath. Then she reached for the dive mask and snorkel she’d left on a nearby table. “I’m glad you chose drowning. I’m going to love watching you drown.”

“I live for your pleasure, Mistress.”

I felt an erotic jolt as she got herself ready. “Now, baby,” she told me with affection in her eyes. “Now I’m going to get off watching you drown.”

I felt another erotic jolt as she submerged. Then she grabbed my chest rope and pulled me down. I bubbled as I was hit with a surge of fear and incredible arousal.

She moaned with lust as she looked right at me. In no time at all I felt my lungs start to burn. I hadn’t gotten much of a breath. But I think she wanted it this way.

She kept me down with her as my lungs really began to ache. I saw the lust in her eyes. She was really looking forward to watching me drown.

It wasn’t long before I felt a surge of panic. I struggled violently in her grasp. But I could not escape, nor would she release me.

I heard her moan, “Yes – yes – YES!” Then my lungs gave out. My eyes flew open in horror as I started swallowing water.

Mistress went nuts… “Yes, baby; yes! Drown for me! Fuck; I’m cumming hard!” Then I was cumming right along with her as my lungs opened up.

I was cumming up a storm, but the drowning hurt like hell. Mistress screamed her orgasm as she held onto me. I shuddered one last time before going limp.

Mistress kept me down for the longest time, panting into the snorkel as she looked at my lifeless eyes. “Fuck, Sasha; that was incredible! I’m going to remember this moment for as long as I live!” Had I still been alive I would have been thankful for bringing her such pleasure.

(Aug 30 ’17)

(Inspired by pics from

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