Club cuckold


They were sitting on the sofa together watching a movie while their daughter was in bed. A steamy love scene was introduced. Amelia cuddled closer to her husband James as they watched.

“Didn’t leave much to the imagination, did they, love,” she told him with a lustful smile. The scene had made her horny.

“It was certainly interesting how much love-making they showed,” he smiled in return. Then he paused for a long moment as though deep in thought.

“What are you thinking?” she asked, confident she already knew the answer.

“I was just wondering what it would be like to watch you having sex with another man.”

She looked at her husband in utter astonishment. What the hell was making him think that?? “James, are you bloody crazy?”

“Not at all, darling. It’s just that I love seeing my wife in bliss. So I was wondering if another man could possibly have the same effect on you.”

“You’re crazy!” she blurted as she stood up. “You’re absolutely crazy!”

Her suspicions were immediately aroused. “What’s going on, James? Are you seeing someone behind my back?”

“Not at all, darling. I was just thinking…”

“Well I don’t believe you! You can’t come up with a statement like that without something going on! Just for that you can sleep right here in the bloody living room!” And with that she stormed off to the bedroom, leaving him wondering whether or not he should have kept his crazy fantasies to himself.

A few days later they were sharing a lunch together, the incident mostly forgotten. James had gotten time off from work to eat with his beloved bride. Amelia was in a good mood.

He wondered if she’d finally settled down from him having sprung it on her so abruptly. So he decided to try again. “Darling? I was just wondering whether or not you’ve thought any more about it.”

“Thought about what, James?”

“Having sex with another man while I’m watching? In fact I was kind of wondering what it would be like to see you take on two men at the same time.”

She stared at him in utter disbelief as she dropped her fork. “Bloody hell, James! Are you serious? I think I just lost my appetite!”

“Darling, I just can’t help myself. I keep imagining how you would react as another man or a couple of men were pleasuring you.”

“Well you can stop imagining it, ok?” And with that Amelia got up and stormed out of the restaurant, leaving her husband to finish the meal alone.

He noticed several eyes on him as the argument had attracted some attention. “That went well,” he observed wryly. Then he went back to finishing his part of the meal before paying the bill.

Amelia was so upset with her husband that she temporarily cut off all sex from him. What the hell was wrong with him?? How dare he ask her to fuck another man, much less two of them?

Was he insane? Or was he having an affair at work and starting to feel guilty about it? It wasn’t long before Amelia began to feel insecure in her relationship.

A week went by with no mention of his crazy fantasy. It was difficult staying angry with him. She couldn’t help herself as she was still so much in love with him after all those years.

One night they found themselves sitting on the sofa watching another movie. There was some room between them as she was still trying to be angry with him. But over the last few days she’d been inching closer to him.

There was another love scene in the program they were watching. Amelia couldn’t help looking at her husband with longing. It had been a while since they’d made love. She was beginning to miss feeling him inside her.

“They certainly show a lot of skin these days, don’t they, darling?”

“It’s lovely,” she replied as she began inching closer. She finally wrapped her arms around him and started to cuddle. But once more he said the wrong thing…

“I was still wondering what it would be like watching you in the arms of another man.”

Amelia was shocked. Instantly she slid away from him in dismay. Why was he still going on about that??

“James, that’s so disgusting! I can’t believe you’re still hung up on that” Then she got up and left the living room feeling horny and frustrated.

It wasn’t that she was all that angry with him. It’s just that lately she’d found herself dwelling on the idea of what it might be like to make love to another man. It was disturbing the way it made her feel strangely excited whenever he brought it up. But it also made her uncomfortable just thinking about it.

Two weeks went by. The impromptu sex boycott was still in effect. But Amelia was starting to wear down.

She really wanted to make love to her husband. He always knew just how to please her. She yearned to feel him taking her, yearned to feel his cock deep inside her.

But that wasn’t the only issue. Lately she’d really been entertaining thoughts about having sex with another man. She found the idea disturbing, yet strangely arousing.

Picturing James watching her while another man was fucking her made her blush. Yet the more she thought about it, the more it was starting to appeal to her. Why was it making her feel this way? Was it wrong to feel aroused thinking about it? After all, it had been James’ idea from the very beginning.

One night they found themselves alone on the sofa watching another movie while their daughter was spending the night with her sister Dottie. But there were way too many romantic scenes for Amelia’s peace of mind. She was becoming so aroused that she was ready to give in to her husband’s crazy fantasy so long as she would finally get to make love to him.

“So much sex on the telly,” James observed, shaking his head. Then he pulled his bride into his lap. She did not object in the slightest.

It wasn’t long before he was groping and pawing her. Amelia began getting all hot and bothered. She wanted to have sex with her husband in the worst way.

Bloody hell, she wanted him to take her any way he wanted. It had been much too long. She was going through serious withdrawal!

She moaned as he slipped a hand under her bra and groped her breasts. A hand went down to her crotch and rubbed her. Amelia moaned again before panting, “Take me, James. Make love to me. Take me any way you want!”

“I want you, darling. But I can’t stop thinking about watching another man take you as well, just to see what your reaction would be.”

“Darling, would you stop already?? There’s no bloody way I’ll ever… ohhhhh.”

He lifted up the hem of her dress and rubbed her panties. She was wet with desire. “Take me, darling!” she breathed in desperation. “Fuck me any bloody way you want! It’s been too long!”

“I was just wondering if another man could make you moan like that.”

“James, would you please stop?”

“Ok, I’ll stop.” And with that he stopped rubbing and touching her.

“No! I didn’t mean ‘stop what you’re doing’! I meant ‘stop talking about me fucking another man’!”

He went back to rubbing her crotch again. Her panties were thoroughly soaked. It really had been a long time.

“James, please!” and she fumbled for the belt to his trousers. She unzipped his fly and got his cock out. It was hard and eager for her.

“I can’t help it, love. I’m curious to see if you would be this eager with another man’s cock.”

“James, stop it!”

“Ok, I’ll stop.” Then he stopped touching her before putting his cock back into his pants.

“Bloody hell; I didn’t mean that!”

He reached down and moved her panties aside. Then he began fingering her. Amelia wriggled and moaned as she panted, “Oh James!”

“Are you sure you don’t want to fuck another man while I watch?”

“Darling, why are you so obsessed over this? Are you having an affair at work?”

“The only one I’m interested in having sex with is you, darling.”

“Then take me, damn you!”

He thrust his fingers up into her pussy. Amelia writhed and moaned as she struggled to take his cock back out. “Darling, I want to suck it!”

He stopped her before taking a long look at her. Darling? “What if I want to watch you suck another man’s cock?”

“Bloody hell, James! Will you just stop already? I don’t want to suck… no – no, take it back out – take it back out!”

“You want to suck my cock?”

“Bloody hell – yes; I want to suck your cock!”

“How about another man?”

“James, please!”

“Tell me you’ll think about sucking another man and I’ll let you have a taste.”

“James, you’re crazy – don’t put it back?! All right, damn you!”

“You’ll suck another man’s cock for me?”

“I’ll THINK about it!”

“Close enough.” And with that Amelia finally got to take him into her mouth.

It had been such a long time. She really wanted to taste him. But what she wanted most was to feel him deep inside her womanhood.

Amelia eagerly slobbered all over it, the television program having long since been forgotten. Then she started begging. “Fuck me, darling. It’s been so long!”

He pushed her off the sofa and bent her over the end of it. He lifted up the hem of her dress and pulled her panties aside. Then he pressed his cock against her wet opening.

She shivered with desire; she wanted him so badly. “Fuck me, damn you!” She couldn’t believe how desperate she was to feel him inside her.

“Not until you agree to let me watch you fuck another man.”

“Bloody hell, James!”

Amelia could feel herself giving in. The more he pushed her, the more she found herself thinking about it. She didn’t want to sound eager, but he was really starting to wear her down.

“James, would you just fuck me already?”

“Not until you agree to let me watch you fuck another man.”

“That’s blackmail! You know how horny I am!”

“Maybe you’re just not that eager for it tonight.”

“Wait – wait! Put it in, damn you!”

“Darling, you sound like you’re eager to be fucked.”

“Yes I am, damn you! It’s been so long!”

“Then promise me you’ll let me watch you fuck another man.”


“Perhaps you don’t want me to fuck you as much as I thought you did.”

“Bloody hell, James!”

“Do you promise? Or do I put this thing away.”

“Damnit, you can’t do this to me!”

“Oh yes I can.”

“Damn you, James!”

“Sorry to have gotten you all hot and bothered, darling.”

“Don’t go – don’t go! All right – all right; you win! I’ll do it!”

“You’ll do what?”

“I’ll fuck another man! Just fuck me now, ok? I bloody well need it!”

“You promise?”

“I promise – I promise! Now fuck me, damn you!”

With one hard thrust he was in. Then he started thrusting hard and fast. Amelia needed it so bad that she popped off in orgasm mere moments after he started fucking her.

He slowed down as she panted for breath. “Blood hell; I needed that!” A moment later he started thrusting hard and fast again. Amelia let out a cry of joy before she was swept up again in bliss. She had finally given in to his crazy demands. But at least it would mean a night of intense pleasure as husband and wife.

On a Friday night James had his wife put on something slutty. It was something Amelia was not used to wearing outside the home. In fact, it probably would have been more suited to her sister Dottie. But her husband wanted her to dress up to attract men like a magnet.

They went out for a night on the town. They stopped at a tavern for a couple of drinks. James made sure they sat at the bar, making sure everyone got a good look at his blushing bride.

Amelia leaned close and whispered, “Darling, everyone’s staring at me! Why did you make me wear this?”

“I want everyone to see who I’m with. I want them all to lust after you as much as I do.”

“You’re not thinking of having me pick up one of these lads, are you?”

“No, darling. I just wanted to see if you were having the desired effect.”

“I think I am, love. It’s a little embarrassing. Can we go home now?”

“Not so fast. I have another place in mind.”

“James, are you really sure about all this?”

“Darling, I’ve had this on my mind for a long time. You have no idea how turned on I am right now knowing how many men are lusting after you. Don’t you find it the least bit flattering?”

“Yes, I do. But like I told you before… I’m so embarrassed.”

“Don’t be, darling. Tonight you’re a slut. Sluts don’t get embarrassed.”


She was grateful when they paid for their drinks and left. But instead of going home, they went down to a well-known club in town. Amelia recognized it immediately.

“James? Are you sure you want to go in here?”

“Yes, darling. I can think of no better place for you to meet total strangers than right in here.”

“You know how dangerous this place can be, right?”

“Darling, not to worry. You’re fully protected, am I right? We made the decision after our daughter was born not to have another one, right? So you’re making sure you don’t get pregnant again. Isn’t that right?”

“That’s right, darling. But there’s still a danger, isn’t there?”

“There shouldn’t be; not for you anyway. Now let’s go inside.”

They parked their vehicle before making the trek to the front doors. A long line of females tried to persuade them to take them inside with them. “Just ignore them, darling,” James told his wife. “I have something else in mind for you.”

They went inside where they checked in at the front desk. Amelia was given a pregnancy sensor to insert into her navel. She showed a reluctance to put it in, only for her husband to ask her to humor him this one time.

Once it was inserted they went inside. The sound of gambling immediately hit them full in the face. The place seemed busy for a Friday night.

James took his wife all throughout the facility. She was embarrassed at all the many blokes that looked her up and down as though they were mentally undressing her. Amelia couldn’t help wondering how many of those same lads were violating her in their minds. She also couldn’t help feeling disturbingly aroused.

They went to the lounge to have another drink, deciding to take up a booth. Amelia certainly needed something extra to calm her nerves. She was growing more nervous about the prospect of satisfying her husband’s kinky fantasies.

“Ok, darling,” he told her after they’d sat there for several minutes. “I’m going to slip away for a while as I don’t want my presence to hinder you. I want you to pick up a lad and take him to a sex room. Better yet, allow a lad to pick you up and take you. All the rooms have cameras and monitors, so don’t worry about a thing. You seem nervous, so I’ll just watch you having sex from one of the club monitors.”

“James, are you sure about all this?” He just touched her affectionately, telling her it was going to be fun and for her to enjoy herself this one time.

She nodded nervously as she finished her drink. He got up and calmly walked away, leaving her sitting there all by herself. An attendant soon came by with another glass. Amelia eagerly accepted it, all but gulping that one down as well.

After a couple of minutes an attractive man in his mid-thirties came into the lounge. He looked all around before spotting her. Then he slowly walked up to her booth.

Amelia felt an erotic jolt as he asked, “Are you alone tonight, miss?”

“No… er, uh… yes I am.”

“Can I buy you a drink?”

“I think they’re free in here.”

“Indeed they are. That’s a terrible line. Mind if I join you anyway?”

“Go right ahead.” After all, she figured her husband wanted her to meet someone. Better to get this over with as quickly as possible. So why was she so bloody aroused??

She was concerned over the way the attendant seemed to be keeping her well supplied with adult beverages.  Her inhibitions certainly felt like they were being lowered. If she didn’t know better she would think management was conspiring with her husband to get her as intoxicated as possible so as to quickly get her into a sex room.

She talked to the gentleman for several minutes. He certainly acted interested. At first Amelia was hesitant. But she remembered why her husband had brought her there in the first place. After all, she was certainly dressed for the part.

He finally asked if he could take her somewhere more private. Amelia agreed, the alcohol making her feel all warm inside. Maybe she’d had enough to where it would dull her senses long enough to get through this ordeal.

They left the lounge, found a sex room and opened it up, the man using his pager and credit to pay for it. Once inside he started kissing her passionately. Amelia found it easier to give in than she felt it should have.

He began kissing her all over, touching her everywhere. It made her hot with arousal. She wondered if a part of this was because of all those drinks she’d imbibed.

They ended up on the bed, the man slowly undressing her. She trembled with shameful desire. She felt like she should be putting up more resistance to his advances. But she didn’t.

There was a wall monitor showing different scenes around the club. An image of the room she was in suddenly came up. Amelia could see her and her lover on the bed making out while undressing each other.

At first she was horrified. A moment later she flushed with a strange excitement. It was a perverse thrill knowing so many people could be out there watching her in this very room with a total stranger.

He settled between her legs and started eating her out. Amelia felt a disturbing rush of pleasure. It was a little embarrassing knowing a man other than her James was feasting on her love-juice.

One of the images on the screen changed. Amelia saw her husband sitting down on a comfortable couch somewhere. He seemed to be looking up watching a monitor.

Was he watching her? Was he looking in on her right this very moment?? It was both horrifying, yet strangely exhilarating.

Her lover licked pleasure into her kitty until she shuddered from an embarrassing climax. From there she rose up and went straight for his erection. At that moment she thought she caught sight of a device that looked as though it was recording their every movement, especially with that tiny, flashing red light.

Amelia choose to look right at it. She took a deep breath as she inwardly told it, ‘Ok, darling… you wanted to see this!’ Then she slowly took the cock into her mouth.

She began to suck, licking the tip of the shaft while cupping the man’s balls. He softly moaned his pleasure. It was such a turn-on making another male respond to her sexual advances.

Amelia looked right at the place she thought was recording them as she took him deeper down her throat. The whole bloody thing felt crazy and surreal. But this was what her darling husband claimed he wanted to see. As an act of love she figured it was the least she could do.

Amelia got her anonymous lover nice and lubed up with her mouth and tongue. Then he moved around behind her. She made sure she was facing the recording device when she felt him enter her from behind.

He reached under to grope her breasts as he fucked her on the bed on her hands and knees. Amelia blushed as she looked right at the recording device. “Oh James!” she murmured as her body rocked from the thrusts.

At that moment the door swooped open. Three men walked inside. Amelia blushed deeply, not having anticipated there would be any other visitors.

They all commented on how hot the slut on the bed looked. Amelia felt flush with shameful pleasure at the compliment. Then they started pulling their cocks out.

At first she was shocked and wanted to put a stop to things. She hesitated as one brought his dick close to her mouth. But she decided there was no point in putting up a fuss about it now.

Amelia parted her lips almost without thinking. A moment later the cock pushed its way inside. Amelia moaned as she found herself spitted in both ends.

She groaned from shameful pleasure as she sucked the cock in her mouth. The lovely lad behind her was fucking bliss into her pussy. It made her feel like such a slut as she was filled with dirty, shameful thoughts.

The other two gentlemen stepped forward. Amelia reached out with her hands to give them both handjobs. It felt so surreal the way she was now servicing four cocks at once. This was something that felt more suited to her slutty sister Dottie. If only she could see her now!

She groaned as she sucked on the one in her mouth while jerking on the other two. Had James set all this up? Was he deliberately sending males to her room? She had no idea, but she thought it was certainly not outside the realm of possibility.

She got another view of the monitor. A scene of James sitting in the couch came on. He appeared to have an erection in his pants as he looked up at that same monitor. She blushed red with embarrassment.

The guy behind her let out a cry. Then she felt his seed spurting deep inside her. Amelia cried out into the cock in her mouth, shuddering in orgasm.

He pulled out, only for one of the newcomers to take his place. She had no time to catch her breath. A cock was still in her mouth when a new one thrust into her from behind.

Amelia was aware she’d taken that first load unprotected. But she was already making sure she couldn’t get pregnant as they didn’t want another child. Her sensor wasn’t going to pop and condemn her… or was it?

Amelia ultimately threw herself into her role as slut. She sucked on the cocks in front of her as the new guy fucked her from behind. She could not believe how incredible it felt. Perhaps it was partly due to all those adult beverages she’d consumed.

There was a brief surge of guilt that swept through her. But that didn’t last long. There was no time for regrets, not when she had several cocks to take care of.

The scenes cycled through the monitor again. But James was no longer sitting there. Had he seen enough? Was he coming to take her away?

Another cock went off inside her throbbing pussy. Amelia couldn’t believe how slutty she felt. It gave her such an incredible feeling of power and pleasure.

She ended up on the bed with a guy underneath her. His cock easily went deep inside her as she began to ride it with enthusiasm. Then she felt a guy come up behind her.

She felt him push against her other hole. She started to cry out, not used to having anything inserted into that other one. Before she could protest a cock appeared in front of her and pushed its way between her lips.

She moaned as that cock thrust deep toward her tonsils. Then the dick behind her pushed its way into her arse. Amelia let out a cry of pain that diminished until she felt the pleasure of a cock in every one of her openings, just like a common whore.

Could James see her now? What did he think of his slut wife? Was this what he’d wanted to see all along: all these cocks fucking pleasure into her naked, quivering body?

It took her a good half hour to satisfy the three new cocks that had walked in the door. By then another one had arrived. Amelia went right ahead and started sucking on that one as soon as it presented itself.

Her inhibitions were long gone. This was her night. Something told her to enjoy it for as long as it lasted. There would be time for regrets later.

After the others left Amelia rode the new cock that had come into the room. She never learned the man’s name, nor did she know any of the others who had come in, fucked her, and left. But that was supposed to be the whole point of wild, anonymous sex, right?

The guy left another deposit deep up her pussy. Amelia was exhausted. He finally got dressed and left with a smile on his face as another attendant came into the room with yet another drink.

Amelia greedily gulped it down. It was refreshing, giving her a second wind. Then the door opened.

Two men walked in, their skin a dark chocolate. Amelia gasped in surprise. Wait, weren’t they supposed to be a part of her sister’s greatest fantasy? Dottie was going to be so bloody jealous once she found out.

They both came up to her. Without even thinking Amelia found herself getting down onto the floor on her knees. Then she worked to get both cocks out of their confinement.

When she got them out she gasped in astonishment. Both dicks were long and thick. Would she even be able to get them inside her??

She did her best to suck them both, alternating back and forth. After this night she was finally going to be able to one-up her slutty sister. She couldn’t help wondering what Dottie would say once she heard about her night at the club with James.

One of them picked her up off the floor. He slowly impaled her with his massive erection. Amelia wrapped her legs around him to keep from falling, not that she was going to be able to slip off the monster inside her.

She winced as the one behind her pushed against her anal passage. She couldn’t believe it! She tried to resist, but her back door had already been used enough that it went in easier than she could have anticipated.

She felt both cocks inside her, thrusting in and out while rubbing against the thin membrane between each other. That’s when Amelia let out a scream. She didn’t know whether it was because of pain, pleasure or passion. Maybe it was a little bit of all three.

Once more she got a view of the monitor and its many screens cycling through. Something instantly caught her eye. It was James fucking a woman in another sex room!

She watched in astonishment for a long moment. Then she got a good view of the woman’s face. She was shocked beyond belief when she discovered it was her sister Dottie.

How could this be? What was that bitch doing here at the club?? Had she arranged this in advance with James just to get into his pants while keeping her sister occupied in a different sex room??

Amelia watched as though transfixed while her husband fucked her sister in the missionary position. Then the screen shifted to another scene. Now she had no idea what to believe!

Her two dark skinned lovers fucked her mercilessly as they held her aloft between them. Both cocks thickly rubbed in and out. Amelia swooned as she got dizzy from the pain and pleasure of such an incredible shafting.

The cock in her pussy went off, filling her until it felt like she was overflowing. The one in her arse spurted a few seconds later. Amelia screamed so hard that she passed out from the pain and pleasure of it all.

When consciousness returned she was dimly aware of being fucked again on the bed. She had no idea what had happened or who was now taking her. She felt a warmth from the buzz of all that alcohol she’d swallowed while it seemed one lad after another came in to make use of her holes.

She tried to look at the monitor again. She saw it cycle through the screens until she saw her sister on her hands and knees being fucked from behind by her husband. Amelia didn’t know whether to be aroused or horrified.

Was this what James had wanted all along? Did he want to distract her with cocks just so he could have a go at her slutty sister? Amelia didn’t know what to think!

The dicks just kept coming. So did the drinks. Amelia wasn’t sure what was going on anymore, other than the knowledge she kept getting cocks up her cunt, in her bum or down her throat. She’d long since lost track of all the orgasms she was experiencing.

Someone suggested they make a pilgrimage to the Entertainment stage. Amelia was too drunk to say no. So several of the guys assisted her out the door.

She was paraded naked through the casino to the Entertainment stage. But she was too intoxicated to care about her nudity. Seeing all those people looking at her with lust in their eyes only made her feel all warm and happy inside.

They got her to the stage where she needed some help to keep from falling over. One of the guys suggested the bench to the black guillotine up on the platform. Amelia just giggled, wondering what she’d look like with her head lopped off.

She was given the number black seventeen as she was strapped down before her head was locked into the lunette. She saw people gather around the roulette wheel to place bets on her. She just laughed as she told some of the guys to come on up so she could give them some head while she still had one attached to her shoulders.

A man came up and unzipped his fly. He started fucking her from behind as another came up and thrust his cock into her mouth. Amelia could hardly think straight, especially since she felt so wonderful while she was getting pleasured right in front of the whole bloody club.

The wheel landed on red twenty one, the spectators sighing unhappily. Amelia got a load of cum up her pussy and another in her mouth. She thought it was hilarious the way everyone applauded her, especially since she was having the time of her life being treated like such a slut.

Quite a crowd had gathered. Amelia wasn’t the least bit inhibited. She was far too intoxicated to care. If she was lucky maybe she wouldn’t remember any of this in the morning.

Another guy she didn’t know came up to fuck her from behind as a nice lad unzipped and gave her something nice to suck on. More bets were placed on the roulette wheel in anticipation of it being spun for a second time. Amelia drunkenly thought it was all great fun.

They were just concluding placing their bets when she saw her husband walk up toward the stage with her slutty sister in tow. They stared up at her in astonishment, wondering how she’d gotten herself locked into a guillotine. She would have told them, but she really had no idea herself. Besides, her mouth was full of man-meat and she couldn’t speak.

The wheel was spun and she felt a jolt of excitement. The marble spit out into red thirty-six. She got another load of cum in her rapidly filling pussy as she swallowed another mouthful of man-cream.

Her husband asked what she thought she was doing. “I’m being the slut you wanted,” she giggled drunkenly.

The executrix asked her if she wanted to go for another ride. Amelia didn’t seem to mind. Then she giggled again as she drunkenly told her sister, “You fucked my husband, love. Now you should come up here and go for a ride with me. Come on up and pick a lucky number! There’s room for one more!”

Dottie wasn’t sure she wanted to have a go at that. Amelia urged her to give it a try. “Aw, c’mon, love! You fucked my husband! Up here you’ll get a cock in each end! Come on up; a slut like you should really love this!”

Her sister looked embarrassed. But the spectators began urging her to go up and fill the second guillotine. They were all hoping to witness a beheading.

A guy came up and asked if he could fuck Amelia in the guillotine while her husband stood there. James was agreeable as he didn’t think there was any reason why the lad shouldn’t be allowed. His wife had taken so many cocks that night. One more wouldn’t make much difference. Besides, the bloke had already put up some money for the privilege of fucking his wife in the guillotine, just like the others had done.

Amelia urged her sister to come on up. James motioned that Dottie might as well go on up and join her sister so they could be sluts together. She’d already acted slutty in private, so it shouldn’t make all that much difference being a slut in front of the whole club, right?

Dottie seemed self-conscious and a little hesitant at the idea of being naked and fucked in full view of such a huge audience. Her sister urged her to come on up anyway. She was getting such a lovely shafting and promised her sister would get one too.

“Amelia, you’re drunk!”

“Don’t I know it!” she laughed. “Bloody hell; this is wonderful! It feels so good when they shag me up here! I’m so popular right now!”

Another of the spectators offered to pay for the privilege of fucking Dottie in the other guillotine. “You’ll love it!” Amelia told her. “Besides, you’re the slut of the family. You’re the one who should be up here instead of me.”

More spectators urged her hesitant sister to give it a go. There was quite a bit of action taking place around the roulette wheel. Several wanted Dottie to go up and climb into the other guillotine so they could make wagers on her.

Dottie finally agreed, taking the number red twenty-five. She was embarrassed as hell as she climbed the stage. The audience whooped and hollered, cheering loudly when they were informed that two sisters would now be riding the guillotines.

She was helped out of her clothes to the whoops and hollers of her admirers. Then she was assisted down onto the bench of her guillotine. She was strapped down tight, her head locked into the lunette before the guy who’d paid for the privilege of shagging her eagerly started thrusting his dick up her wet, dripping twat.

She let out a cry as he began shafting her. James didn’t know what to do as he stood there watching his wife and her sister being fucked in the guillotines. The rest of the spectators loudly cheered and applauded.

Two other gents paid for the privilege of getting blowjobs. They eagerly went up on stage to collect. Both sisters were soon rocking in their guillotines as they were fucked in both ends.

The bets were finalized down on the roulette wheel. Then it was given a spin. Everyone held their breath, hoping to witness a beheading. But with two numbers chosen out of a total of thirty-eight, that seemed highly unlikely.

The whole damned thing seemed surreal. Amelia was drunk as a skunk as she got shafted in both ends. Her sister writhed and moaned at the two cocks she was receiving.

James thought things had gone much farther then he’d ever intended. But his wife seemed to be having a good time. He’d even enjoyed shagging her sister.

Overall he found the whole thing bloody amusing… and more than a little arousing. What would happen if one of them lost her head? He found himself becoming shamefully aroused at the thought.

The wheel slowed down as the marble fell out of its track. Then it rattled home in green double zero. The entire assembly gasped in astonishment.

The executrix made both men getting blowjobs step back to avoid the blades. Then she smiled as she motioned grandly. That’s when she loudly declared, “It looks like both our lovely ladies have lost!”

Amelia looked up and drunkenly asked, “What’s going on?” Dottie’s eyes flew open in horror as she started to scream. James couldn’t believe it!

The executrix reached out and dramatically pulled both levers at the same time. The two blades whooshed down. Everyone seemed to jump at the sound of two steel blades bottoming out at the bottom of twin tracks.

Dottie’s horrified scream was abruptly silenced. She found herself experiencing a sharp pain in her neck. Her vision revealed nothing but wicker as something warm poured on top of her head.

Amelia was trying to question why the cock in her mouth had pulled out. Then her head dropped into the basket below. Strangely she lost sight of her sister in the guillotine at the exact same time.

At first she had no idea what the hell had happened. She could only see wicker as something warm poured down on her hair. She could feel a sharp pain running through her neck. What the bloody hell happened?

Both naked bodies hitched and jerked as spurts of blood continued to shoot out of both severed necks into the baskets below. The executrix reached down and pulled out both heads by a handful of bloodied hair. She pulled them up and displayed them to one and all to wild cheers and applause.

Amelia had a look of drunken surprise in her features. Dottie simply looked stunned, her mouth formed in the shape of an O at the moment of impact. Both sisters had suffered the same fate as a result of a highly improbably spin of the roulette wheel.

The spectators roared with delight at the sight of both bloody heads dripping crimson. James could only stare in shock and disbelief. But his cock had gone off in his trousers the moment the blades had come down, resulting in a distinct stain.

The executrix smiled as she presented both heads to the two men standing there with their dicks still hanging out. Immediately they stuck their cocks into the opened mouths to finish what they’d started, eagerly fucking both skulls. The audience roared its approval.

Amelia’s headless body still bucked and jerked around in her guillotine. She’d easily gotten off the guy who’d been fucking her, her cunt clenching tightly around the man’s dick until he’d left his load deep inside her. But it was one last cum deposit she never felt.

All she could see was the hair of the crotch in her face. Her mouth was filled with dick, although she was losing her sense of taste, smell and sight. She felt a strange openness in the back of her throat before she finally lost all consciousness, her expression sagging tiredly.

Dottie couldn’t believe what had happened. Her mouth was filled with cock, but she couldn’t feel a thing below her neck anymore. She was dimly aware of the roar of a crowd somewhere nearby. Then her expression also sagged tiredly.

The two men emptied their cocks into both skulls, only for their cum to drip out of the backs of each severed head to mix with the blood dripping out. Then they turned and held both heads aloft to the wild cheers of the spectators. They were now the most popular males on the planet.

Amelia and Dottie stared lifelessly at the crowd cheering their demise as their heads were held up. James still couldn’t believe what had just happened. He’d actually lost his wife as well as her sister on a single spin of the wheel!

He wasn’t sure what to do next. The executrix came down to him and politely asked what should be done with both heads as well as both bodies. He didn’t have a bloody clue.

It was suggested both sisters be roasted down in the kitchen and served to the guests. The heads could be preserved and displayed somewhere unless he wanted to take them home. James waved dismissively as he told her the club could do with them what it wanted.

He had a new dilemma on his hands. Now he had to figure out what he was going to do next. He also had to decide what he was going to tell his daughter staying back home at her grandparents about her recently deceased mum and aunt.

2019 (written for Emma and Dottie Jun 6 ’19 by riwa)

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