I’ve loved being in the water for as long as I can remember. Whenever we took a family vacation I always begged mom and dad to make sure the motel we stopped at had a swimming pool. Often I had to be dragged out of the water long after my fingers started to wrinkle.

When I got older I got better at holding my breath. I loved staying down at the bottom of a pool for as long as possible. And I loved being face up because I loved the sensation of water going up my nose into my sinuses.

It didn’t take long for me to learn the pleasures of masturbation underwater. I would go to the bottom of a pool and hold my breath for as long as possible while fingering myself. Those breathless orgasms are the best.

When I started dating I always made sure my boyfriend liked the water as well. It was no fun if he didn’t want to get wet with me. If he didn’t like pools then I moved on to someone who did.

I had one boyfriend who would dunk me repeatedly. Forcing me to hold my breath always gives me a thrill. I don’t know how many times I’ve cum while being kept under.

Sex underwater is the best. Nothing gets me off like being fucked underwater while holding my breath. The idea I might drown is such a turn-on. And of course I loved to be fucked lying face up so I can feel water up my nose.

I guess you could say I’m an exhibitionist when it comes to being in the water. I love masturbating on the bottom while a guy is watching me. Seeing the tent in his trunks is such a turn-on.

I love swimming naked in front of the guys. Seeing how aroused they become while staring at me always gets me hot. I don’t know how many times I’ve stripped off in a pool just to see who might be watching. And I don’t mind turning on the girls either.

I get a thrill whenever some guy wants to drown me, especially if he gets an erection. You have no idea what a turn-on that is. Being forced to hold my breath – knowing I might start inhaling water at any moment – is a feeling I don’t know how to describe. It’s simply incredible.

Like I say, I love it when a guy gets hard watching me in the water. I can’t help myself. Seeing the bulge in his trunks really turns me on.

That’s not the only thing. A few times I’ve actually gone up to him, taken it out of his suit and stroked him just to tease him. Then I’ll ask him if he’d like to drown me. That’s usually good enough to get him to jump into the water with me and start dunking the shit out of me.

One boyfriend had a tank in his basement. He loved to put on shows for his friends. And I was the star.

I don’t know how many times I “drowned” in that tank. I perfected my spasms and convulsions until I could make it look pretty good. Then I put on these shows where I “drowned” for his friends. Seeing all those bulges really got me going.

I guess I got kind of lucky in that regard. Meeting one guy with a tank in his basement frequently led to me meeting someone else. I ended up in the basements of several drowning enthusiasts.

One guy had this round, glass tank I would perform in. He would fill it nice and slow while my wrists were chained to the floor. The excitement of rising water while all those guys were standing there watching made me so hot. A lot of times I would cum without even touching myself.

I love sexual drowning games. I’ve been lucky in that I’ve met several guys who like having sex underwater. I just love “drowning” for them with a dick up my cunt.

There’s one type of “drowning” I love to act out that always makes me hot. That’s when a guy ties my arms behind my back. Then he ties them to some sort of pole.

After that I’m at his mercy as he dunks me up and down in the water. Being forced to hold my breath for a really long time is such a turn-on. And there’s this delicious fear that he might not let me back up.

It’s best when there’s a group of guys watching. He pulls me naked out of the water so I can grab a quick gasp for breath while the others are looking on. Then I’m shoved right back down.

You have no idea how hot that gets me. I release bubbles out of my nose as I put up a struggle for the guys. All those eyes on my naked body gives me such a thrill.

It’s not just the guys watching that turn me on. I’ve run into a couple of females who are pretty domineering when it comes to me being in the water. The way they force me under is so exciting, especially since they are often so much rougher than the guys are.

One woman I knew used to love tying me up. Then she would fill her bathtub. I don’t know how many times she dunked me. A couple times I thought she was actually going to drown me. Those orgasms were the hardest I’ve ever experienced.

It hasn’t been just swimming pools either. I’ve been out in open water on several occasions. Those have led to some pretty erotic plays.

I had a boyfriend who was a good freediver. We would jump naked into the water. Then he would pull on my ankle, pulling me down to “drown” me. You have no idea how much that turned me on seeing how hard his cock would get.

I love the “scuba diver drowning the damsel in distress” scenario. I just love it when I’m pulled under. Then he holds onto me until my lungs are screaming at me before he lets me go. I’ve had a couple of huge orgasms that way.

I love it when I’m tethered to the bottom of a pool with my arms tied behind my back. And I love it when a ring of guys are standing around watching me. The idea of drowning for them gives me such an erotic thrill.

I guess I’d have to say my favorite is when a guy forces me under and “drowns” me. The way he holds me down and won’t let me breathe really gets my heart pumping. I spew up bubbles as I struggle to surface. But it’s that erection I see in his trunks that gets me every time.

The look on his face as he forces me under always gives me a thrill. I can see how excited he gets. It always makes me wonder if he might take me too far. On those occasions I almost find myself hoping he will.

I always try to give them a good ending. Floating face down at the surface is something I love doing for the guys. I love hearing the comments, some of which are so dirty and demeaning. But as an exhibitionist I know I’m putting on a performance. So I love the attention.

Being dunked is great. I’ve been dunked several times, usually with a lot of people gathered to watch. A lot of us females end up getting wet in clothes that sometimes become transparent. But it’s always worth it seeing how many guys are sporting a huge bulge in their trousers.

Bondage is best. I don’t know how many times I’ve been tied up. And being hung upside down and dunked in water is a special thrill.

Once I was staked out on a beach as the tide came in. The water came rushing up and flowed over me before I was set free. You have no idea how hard that made me cum.

So that’s my story. One of these days I expect some guy will take me too far. But I won’t hold it against him.

Maybe it will be in the ocean. He’ll be behind me, holding onto me as his erection pokes me in the ass. Maybe he’ll cum the moment I start swallowing water. Wouldn’t that be a thrill?

2019 (written Apr 17 ’19 by riwa)

(Illustrated with pictures in my archives I found on the Internet.)

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