My summer with Stan 3


For the next couple of days I put all my energy into what Stan and I were doing during the day. I felt all self-conscious about Glenn and being out in the hot tub with him. A part of me wanted to go out and breath-hold with him again. But I couldn’t make myself do it.

A couple of times I caught him out there with his sister late at night. It made me horny imagining the kind of breath-hold games they might be playing with each other. So I had to do something about it.

I went into the bathroom, filled the tub with water, and then practiced lying flat on the bottom. It stung getting water up my nose. But after a while I started getting used to it.

I would lay there stroking myself while holding my breath. At times I would think about what Glenn and his sister Frieda might be doing out in their hot tub. Wondering if they were breath-holding while getting each other off never failed to give me an erection.

What got me hard even quicker was remembering what Glenn and I had done together out in the hot tub while holding our breath. Thinking about the way he’d stroked and sucked me never failed to get me horny. I would hold my breath in the bathtub until I ended up shooting ropes of cum into the water.

One night when it was really late I saw Glenn and Frieda out in the hot tub again. So I went into the bathroom and drew me a bath. Just thinking about them out there was getting me hard again.

I went under a couple of times to get used to water up my nose. Then I went under for a long breath-hold. My stroked myself as I thought about the last time Glenn and I had been together in the hot tub.

It never occurred to me to lock the bathroom door. So I was caught by surprise when I saw Glenn suddenly looking down on me. I quickly rose up and gasped for breath as I sat upright in the tub all red-faced.

“Holding your breath in here; eh, Jeff? Frieda and I have noticed you haven’t been coming out to the hot tub lately.”

“I, uh… I didn’t want to bother you two out there.”

“Oh it’s no bother. I had to come in to pee and noticed you were breath-holding in the tub. You don’t mind, do you?”

“No, I don’t mind.” After all, it was their house. Why should I mind?

“You go back to holding your breath, buddy. I’ll just get my business done before leaving.”

He smiled at me as I filled my lungs and submerged. I went flat on my back as I heard the sound of him tinkling. When he was done he came over to look down on me.

I came back up gasping for breath. He just smiled as he told me, “That’s hot, Jeff. Mind doing a couple of breath-holds for me?”

“Uh… sure; no problem.”

“Mind if I help?”

“I, uh… I guess not.” I could feel my cock stiffening at his presence and it embarrassed me a little.

I filled my lungs and submerged, bubbles trickling out of my nose. Then I settled in for a longer one. My cock got harder as Glenn looked down at me.

I reached down and hesitantly stroked myself. He just grinned as he pushed down on my chest. Then he reached for my cock.

He brushed my hand away so he could wrap his fingers around my shaft. Then he started stroking me as he kept me submerged. I bubbled as he pulled on it, embarrassed over how good it felt.

He tugged it nice and slow as I felt the strain move into my chest. I couldn’t help thrusting a little up into his hand. He grinned as he told me, “That’s hot, Jeff.”

It got harder to hold my breath. My lungs started heaving. Jeff cupped my balls, but for some reason he wouldn’t let me up.

I grunted and bubbled in growing alarm. He kept pushing me down until I released a burst of air. That’s when he finally let me go.

I sat up panting loudly for breath. He just smiled at me. “That was a good one, Jeff. Can you do one more for me? Do you mind if I give you a handjob until you cum for me while holding your breath?”

I seriously thought about telling him no. But to be honest I kind of liked it. So I nodded it would be ok with me.

“Let’s make it a long one, Jeff.” I nodded again as I filled my lungs and submerged. He pushed down on my chest again, forcing me to the bottom of the bathtub.

He reached down and started stroking me again as he kept me flat on the bottom. He really seemed to enjoy jerking my cock. I was a little embarrassed over how much I liked it.

He started talking while he was tugging. “I’ve been talking about you to Frieda, buddy. She wants you to come out to the hot tub with us. I told her you and I were stroking ourselves one night while holding our breath. She really wants to see that.”

I looked up at him in alarm. I wasn’t sure I wanted his sister to know about what we’d done together in the water. And I sure as hell didn’t want word to get back to Stan.

“She wants to watch me hold you down, Jeff. And she wants to watch you hold me down. You know my sister, right? She loves holding her breath. But she really gets turned on watching us guys do it too.”

I bubbled as I wriggled around a little. It felt good the way he was stroking me. Maybe it was because I was starting to feel the strain in my lungs.

“She wants to watch us stroke as we breath-hold, Jeff. She says that would be really hot. You have no idea how much she wants you to join us out there. I probably should have told you earlier.”

He stroked me harder as the burn in my lungs intensified. I was embarrassed he’d told his sister about that. But I didn’t know what do to about it.

“I even told her I sucked your cock underwater, Jeff. That really turned her on. She wants to see that more than anything else in the world.”

I jerked in alarm as I looked up at him in horror. I began to struggle as I released bubbles out of my nose. He just kept pushing into my chest as he stroked me…

“She thinks it’s so hot, Jeff. She wants to watch you cum in my mouth while you’re struggling to hold your breath. My sister has some pretty kinky ideas when it comes to breath-holding.”

I was rapidly running out of air. I was also alarmed over how much he’d told his sister. But now I really needed to be let up for a breath.

I grabbed his arm to make me let go. He just grinned as he shook his head. “Hunh – unh, Jeff. Not until you cum.”

My eyes flew open in horror. I shook my head as I started losing bubbles. He really jerked on my meat until ropes of cum finally started spurting out.

I thrashed about until I almost gulped water. Then he let me up. I shot up gasping like crazy until I was sitting upright.

“That was really hot, Jeff… just like sis. She really thrashes about when she’s running out of air. Then she starts heaving like she’s cumming up a storm. Why don’t you come out tomorrow night and join us, ok?”

He smiled and waved as he walked out of the bathroom. “See you tomorrow night, Jeff.” Then he closed the door and was gone.

I sat there for the longest time after he’d almost drowned me, struggling to get my breath back. I couldn’t believe he’d told his sister all that. But she sounded like she wanted me to come out and join them.

A part of me didn’t want to. But I decided I should probably give it a try at least once. Otherwise I might have regrets later on. I finally climbed out of the water and drained the tub, drying myself off before heading to bed.

I spent the next day with Stan, doing everything I could to distract myself. But I kept thinking about the hot tub with his brother and sister. It was getting late when he finally called it a night.

I went to my room, thinking I might just forget about going out to the hot tub for the evening. But twenty minutes later I got a knock on my door. It was Glenn in his black Speedos.

“You coming out, Jeff? Sis wants to see how long you can hold your breath.”

I thought about telling him no. But I was already starting to get an erection. “Be right out,” I told him.

I was excited, yet nervous as I got dressed and then went out in my trunks. Glenn and his sister were already out there. She was wearing a skimpy light blue bikini that looked like it was struggling to contain her breasts.

“Looks like we’re all here,” Glenn observed with a smile.

“Everybody but Stan,” his sister snorted.

“Stan doesn’t like the water much,” I remarked, an observation his siblings had already noted some time ago.

“If we’re gonna breath-hold, we’ve gotta strip,” Frieda declared. And just like that she took her top off. My cock hardened instantly at the sight of her gorgeous mounds.

She worked to remove her bottoms as Glenn got out of his Speedos. I was a little slower than they were. “C’mon, Jeff,” he urged. “Sis is setting the rules for tonight.”

His cock was already semi-erect when his Speedos came off. Mine was in the same condition as I reluctantly got out of my suit. Frieda looked at us both and smiled.

“Nice cocks, guys. Now let’s do some breath-holding. I want to see how hard you two can get. And I want to watch you stroke yourselves silly.”

“On the bottom?” Glenn suggested to me. Then he counted down from three. When he submerged I took a deep breath and went right under with him.

We sat on the bottom of the tub, our legs stretched across to brace against the opposite side. Glenn grabbed his erection, stroking himself into full hardness. I decided it was too late to be modest now, so I did the exact same thing.

I looked up to see Frieda looking down on us, watching excitedly. It was embarrassing at first. But she seemed to like it, and it became quite a turn-on having her watch us.

I had to go up first, no doubt because I was still a little nervous. Her brother came up twenty seconds later. “Nice,” she said to me, “Although I see Glenn can hold his breath longer.”

“Your turn, sis,” he told her. She wasn’t the least bit modest. She filled her lungs and quickly submerged buck-naked in a flurry of bubbles.

She sat on her ass on the bottom while she stretched her legs out like we did to help us stay down. Then she started touching herself all over. She bubbled as she groped her tits before reaching down to rub her crotch.

She was down longer than I was. I felt uncomfortable being the one who could not hold his breath longer than either one of them. I stayed hard the whole time while watching her. Then she came up and gasped for breath.

“Ok,” she panted. “Now’s when the fun begins. This is where we get to hold each other down.”

I looked at her uncertainly. She just pointed at her brother. “Jeff, Glenn’s gonna sit on the bottom. Drape your legs over his shoulders. Make sure he suffers before you let him back up, ok?”

Glenn smiled as he got into position in the water right in front of me. He really gasped for breath. Then he submerged as I brought my legs over his shoulders.

We watched as he bottomed out before reaching out to play with his cock and balls. I got hard again while watching him. “That’s so hot,” Frieda told me with a smile. “He knows what it does to me watching him stroke himself while he’d holding his breath. Make him stay down longer for me, ok?”

I nodded as my own cock stiffened even more. When I reached out to touch myself Frieda wasn’t the least bit offended. I was slowly losing my inhibitions.

Glenn finally started squirming as bubbles came up. “Keep him down longer,” Frieda urged. “I love it when he fights.”

Glenn’s chest was heaving when he tried to push my legs off. I held on tight while Frieda gasped, “Drown him, Jeff!” Glenn finally burst up gasping loudly for breath.

“My turn,” Frieda observed. She saw the look in her brother’s expression and grinned. “You’re going to make me pay, aren’t you.”

“You’re damned right I am. Watch this, Jeff.”

He went back to his seat before she got into the water right in front of him. She took deep breaths before submerging with a smile, a few bubbles trickling up. Immediately Glenn brought his legs over her shoulders.

In no time at all she started touching herself. I saw Glenn’s foot playing in her crotch. She didn’t seem to mind that at all.

Frieda flirted with me the whole time she was down holding her breath. She blew bubbles up at me as she touched and groped herself. Then I saw her reach down and start to finger her pussy.

After a while I saw the strain start to show in her lungs. Her chest began to heave as she pushed herself. That’s when Glenn locked his legs tighter around his sister’s shoulders.

She lost more bubbles before motioning for him to let her go. If anything he hooked his legs harder over her shoulders. She started losing more air as she struggled to get out from underneath him.

She finally wriggled free, shooting up to the surface and gasping for breath. “Bastard,” she sputtered good-naturedly. But she didn’t seem all that angry.

By now my cock was rock hard. “Your turn, Jeff,” Frieda told me. So I moved right in front of her.

For a long moment I stared at her boobs and again at her pussy. Then I turned and faced Glenn. He just bulged his cheeks as though I’d better get myself a really good breath.

I inhaled deeply before I submerged. Almost immediately Frieda’s legs came over my shoulders. Her tootsies wriggled playfully around my erection as I lost bubbles out of my nose.

Glenn motioned I should stroke myself. I was a little hesitant at first. But I figured I might as well go right ahead since both of them had played with themselves underwater.

I started to stroke as I held my breath, determined to stay down for as long as I could. I wanted to prove myself to them. If I couldn’t beat them, at least I wanted to come close to matching their times underwater.

It wasn’t long until I could feel the strain in my lungs. Frieda shifted her legs on my shoulders. But it felt like she was not getting ready to let me up anytime soon.

It got worse as I stroked myself. I began wriggling and squirming as I lost little bursts of air. I wanted up, but Frieda just laughed at me while Glenn stroked his cock as he watched me.

I finally pushed her legs off and shot up for a breath. I panted like crazy, dizzy as hell. “That was hot!” Glenn observed.

“Now we switch partners,” Frieda told me with a grin. “So now you get to pay me back.”

She moved into position directly in front of me. “Make her suffer,” Glenn told me with a sly grin as she began taking long, deep breaths. Then she submerged in a flurry of bubbles.

I brought my legs down over her shoulders, holding her down. Almost immediately Glenn started stroking himself again. Frieda began fondling herself all over as she held her breath with my legs draped over her shoulders.

I was impressed with how long she could hold her breath. It was such a turn-on seeing her naked and bubbling like that. Glenn showed no inhibitions whatsoever, getting off while watching his naked sister holding her breath underwater.

Her chest began to heave as she lost more of her air. I held on tight as she started to wriggle. Her brother grinned at me as he loudly suggested, “You should drown her, Jeff.”

Frieda shook her head, losing more air. She began to struggle under my legs as she tried to wriggle out from underneath me. Glenn urged me to keep her under longer. But I wasn’t that sadistic and eventually let her go.

She burst up gasping wildly for breath. “That was hot!” she panted. Then she looked at her brother before telling him, “Now you’re going to pay for that remark.”

He got ready to go down right in front of her. He began taking long, deep breaths to get ready. Then he submerged, bubbles coming out of his nose.

Frieda wrapped her legs over his shoulders. “He’s not coming up until he cums,” she told me with a grin. “I love seeing those ropy streams of cream shooting into the water.”

I got turned on again, and I started to stroke a little. She seemed to love seeing me touching myself. She even told me, “You should get off while I drown him for you, Jeff.”

Glenn stroked his meat as he held his breath. He was down for quite a while. I finally saw his stomach start to ripple, indicating he was running out of air.

“Gonna drown you now, asshole!” Frieda called down to him. “We’re both going to enjoy watching you drown!” I didn’t know if she meant it or not, but it sure had the effect of turning me on even more.

Glenn began to wriggle and squirm as he lost more bubbles out of his nose. He grunted as he began pulling at her legs, trying to pry them off. “Hunh – unh; not yet!” she called down with a laugh.

More bubbles came up; Glenn was really struggling. I had no idea his sister could be so cruel. But it was a hell of a lot of fun to watch.

All of the sudden his cock went off, shooting ropy streams into the water. It looked like he was coughing up bubbles. With a mighty shove he worked her legs off enough to shoot up and gasp for breath.

“Damn!” Frieda panted. “That was so fucking hot, Glenn! I nearly came just watching you!”

“Bitch,” he retorted. But he didn’t seem angry or anything. He panted for several seconds until he began to catch his breath.

Frieda looked at Glenn. He looked back at his sister. Then they both smiled before looking my way.

“Looks like you’re next, Jeff,” Glenn observed with a sadistic smile. That’s when I felt an erotic shudder. I couldn’t help wondering just how long they were going to force me to stay under.

(Jun 4 ’19)

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