The House on Last Gasp Lane (3-4)


Part 3

Melissa couldn’t believe Ida Mae had so casually hanged the young woman named Chelsey. Now she suspected she was about to strangle that poor girl in the chair named Christine. She had to do something!

She tried to move forward to intervene. But her feet felt frozen to the floor. All she could do was stare in horror, unable to tear her eyes away from the scene before her.

Christine tried to shake her head. But she could hardly move it, what with the rope snug around her throat. “Please, Ida Mae!” she croaked, struggling to pull in each labored breath. “Please don’t… kill me!”

The old man’s daughter moved beside her, gently running her hands over the quivering woman’s glistening breasts while fingering those stiff little nipples. She seemed intrigued at the prospects of hurting the poor woman. Tears trickled down Christine’s cheeks as her body trembled from the sensual assault it was being subjected to.

Ida Mae slowly ran her hands all over the poor girl’s body as though caressing a lover. The bound woman choked back a sob, sensing all was lost. Then the sadistic young woman reached down and found the trembling woman’s sticky slit.

Her eyes opened wider with interest. Then she began rubbing her fingers back and forth. Christine moaned involuntarily.

It was then that Ida Mae stuck her fingers into the poor girl’s slit. At the same time she reached behind the chair, grabbed the handle and slowly turned it. Christine’s eyes went wide.

She began to gawk and squirm, her torso starting to shudder. Her chest heaved as it became harder to breath, her opening even wider in fright. She rasped for breath, struggling to get the words out to tell the old man’s daughter to stop… “NO…” awwk… “PLEASE…” gasp… “DON’T… KILL…”

It looked to Melissa like Ida Mae was thrusting her fingers in and out. Christine suddenly shuddered, her torso thrusting against the fingers inside her. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

The old man’s daughter turned the handle the other way. The bound woman suddenly relaxed, gasping loudly while pulling in a tortured breath. She breathed easier, gratefulness in her eyes.

For a moment Melissa wondered if Ida Mae was going to allow the young girl to live. The old man’s daughter stuck her sticky fingers into her mouth and sucked on them, smiling with satisfaction. Then she began stroking Christine all over again as though reassuring a pet, caressing her neck, breasts, legs and thighs.

Melissa saw the bound girl shiver. The poor thing glanced up at the dangling body of her dead friend. More tears streamed down her mournful face. “Oh, Chelsey!” she sobbed mournfully.

Melissa glanced over at Chelsey’s body and saw it was barely swaying at all now. She felt another horrific shiver of arousal course through her body. It seemed so unreal that for a moment she considered the possibility she was dreaming.

Yes; that had to explain it! No human being could be so cruel as to hang one young girl only to turn around and strangle another. Right now she was upstairs in bed with Robert. This was only a horrible nightmare, dredged up in her mind because of the name of the road and the spookiness of the residence.

What was it her husband had called it… the house on last gasp lane? She had to be dreaming! If only she could just wake up!!

She heard a grunt of pain come from the direction of the chair. She turned back and saw that Ida Mae’s fingers were shoved up into the poor girl’s slit again. Her other hand was once more on the handle, her face staring with awe into that of her victim.

Melissa stifled a cry of horror as Christine’s face turned a deep crimson. Her mouth opened and closed in a vain effort to breathe, her eyes widening in terror. Her nipples looked painfully erect.

She began struggling in the chair, thrashing about in an attempt to get free as her chest heaved. It looked like her torso was involuntarily thrusting against the fingers inside her. Her face began to turn a horrible shade of blue as her tongue slithered out of her mouth.

‘OH MY GAWD – SHE’S GOING TO KILL HER! I GOTTA STOP HER!’ But Melissa still couldn’t move, her muscles refusing to obey her commands.


She watched in disbelief as the woman in the chair thrashed about, every muscle seemingly going off at once. Her mouth opened wide in one last, desperate attempt to pull air into her lungs. Her breasts heaved as her eyes rolled. Then her body appeared to go into spasms.

For a moment Melissa speculated the woman might be having some kind of orgasmic reaction to what was happening to her. Then the poor girl’s body simply collapsed in the chair. Her lifeless eyes gazed outward in pure terror as her head lolled to one side.

Melissa stared in shock as Ida Mae studied the dead woman with great interest. She sighed in rapture at the young woman’s wild-eyed expression. For some perverse reason the woman’s death had fascinated her.

There was a death rattle that came from somewhere deep inside Christine. Her body hitched. Then she was mostly still save for an occasional twitch from spasming flesh.

Ida Mae stuck her sticky fingers back into her mouth, nodding thoughtfully as she sucked them clean. Then she began pawing the woman’s body again. She caressed the breasts, thighs and slit with seemingly clinical interest.

Melissa was horrified to feel another orgasm course through her body. She clamped her lips shut in an effort not to give herself away as tears trickled down her cheeks. Her eyes widened in horror and shame as a choked sob slipped past her lips.

Ida Mae stopped and abruptly looked toward her position just inside the darkened alcove. Melissa gasped with fright. A moment later her muscles began to function.

She backed up toward the door, fumbling behind her for the handle as her heart hammered loudly in her chest. She got the door open and backed out into the hallway. She closed the door and turned to go, only to cry out when she saw the old man standing right in front of her.

Melissa froze in place, unable to move. He gazed at her curiously. “What are you doing down here?”

She opened her mouth to speak. But the words wouldn’t come. She found herself backing away from him, instantly coming up against the door to that unspeakable chamber of horrors behind her.

“You weren’t supposed to come down here, miss. You were supposed to stay in your room.”

Melissa finally found her voice. She struggled for something to say that would keep her alive. “I, uh… heard a noise and I, uh… thought it was your daughter, and I, uh… thought she was in trouble… and I, uh…”

Melissa trembling as the panic welled up inside her. Her mind screamed at her to wake up. She desperately wanted out of this nightmare she was in.

“What’s the matter? See something you weren’t supposed to see?” It wasn’t a question.

Melissa felt the blood drain from her face. “I won’t tell a soul; honest, I won’t!” Her voice quivered as she shook her head.

“I’m sure you won’t!” he answered with an amused chuckle.

The door suddenly opened behind her. Ida Mae stepped through in her nakedness. Melissa turned toward her, gasping in terror before trying to back away from the horrible woman.

The old man smiled at his daughter. “I guess you’ll get to play with her after all, my dear.” She beamed at him with great joy.


Ida Mae’s hands lashed out and grabbed her throat. Then she began to squeeze. Melissa gasped as she instinctively reached up with her hands, desperately trying to free herself from such an incredible grip.

She was right; the girl was strong and athletic. A moment later her vision began to blur. Her face took on a reddish hue as she gawked and gagged.

“Where do you want her, my dear?” she heard the old man’s voice as if in a haze. “Shall I put her in the tank for you?” She had just enough vision left to see Ida Mae nod eagerly in response to his question.

Tank? What tank??

Melissa rasped as she struggled to pull air into her lungs. “That’s what I thought you’d want, my dear.” It sounded like his voice was fading away.

Darkness closed in around her. Melissa thought she was dreaming when she heard him say, “She has your mother’s face, don’t you think?”

Everything began going to black. With her fading consciousness she realized she wasn’t dreaming at all. A moment later she collapsed, falling back into the old man’s arms. She never saw the young girl nod eagerly at her father with growing excitement.

Part 4

Melissa awoke on the floor with a dull ache throbbing in her skull. She stirred as she blinked her eyes before trying to rise to her feet. That’s when she discovered she was naked.

She looked around for her clothes, only to discover she was in a tank. It was glassed on three sides with a wall on the fourth. It was a narrow structure, five feet by five feet in dimension.

Melissa looked upward. She saw a wire mesh grate over the top of her prison. It looked to be a mere six inches from the top of the tank.

She stood up in alarm, only to feel something attached to her ankles. She looked down in horror, her heart pounding in her chest. Someone had placed her in soft ankle restraints attached to small O-rings set into the floor. They were two feet apart, forcing her to face forward with her legs spread, putting the wall directly behind her.

Two thin plastic cables approximately two feet in length attached each ankle to each O-ring. She yanked on one of the cables to her legs. But she couldn’t yank it free.

She turned toward the wall, suspecting it was her only way in or out. She saw the framing of an oval and tried to step back toward it. Then she reach with her hand and felt around for some way to open the damned thing.

“Like it?” a voice asked.

She whipped around, gasping when she saw the old man looking at her curiously from the edge of the alcove just off to her left. She instinctively brought her hands up to cover her breasts and crotch.

“I got the idea from those submarines,” he said matter-of-factly. “The hatch is on the other side, of course. No one can get out once they’re locked inside, unless of course they try to get out through the top.”

He motioned upward. Then he smiled. “Somehow I don’t think you’ll be able to reach that grate with those cables on your feet. No matter. The wire mesh up there is welded in place. No one has ever gotten out that way.”

No one? You mean others had been in here before her??

Melissa found her voice. Indignantly she hollered, “GET ME OUT OF HERE, YOU BASTARD! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME!”

He tsked as he shook his head. “That’s no way to talk to your host, especially after the way I allowed you to stay in my humble home for the evening.”

Melissa quickly changed her tone. “I’m sorry – I’m sorry! Please… get me out of here, ok?”

“You can lower your hands, my dear,” he said kindly, waving her arms down from her chest. “I’ve seen it all before. No need to cover up on my account. Modesty will not help you in here. Besides, Ida Mae will be in shortly. She loves to see them nude, you see?”

Melissa’s eyes went wide as her breath caught in her throat. She remembered what she’d just witnessed a short time ago. “But your daughter! She… she… killed those girls!”

“Yes, she did.” There was no compassion, sympathy or regret in his voice.

“But… BUT WHY??”

“Ida Mae simply wishes to understand what happens to a woman when she is asphyxiated.”

“But why did she have to kill them??”

“To keep from killing herself, I suppose. She’s so curious. I think she wants to know what it’s like. She has a child-like intellect and she wants to understand these things. If I didn’t provide her with specimens from time to time, she would no doubt try these experiments on herself. I nearly lost her once.”

“Lost her?!”

“Four years ago I came home one day and couldn’t find her anywhere. I finally came down that stairwell and found her hanging in that room you saw her in. She was totally naked, of course.”

“I cut her down and managed to get her breathing again. But her vocal chords were damaged beyond repair. And there was significant brain damage. But her curiosity never wavered.”

“Ever since then I have worked hard to keep my daughter alive. I even provide her with… amusements, you might say.” Then he smiled mischievously.

“The greatest day of her life was the day I brought home her very first young woman. The joy on her face, the blissful rapture as she hanged that girl? Even now it brings tears to my eyes; she was so happy.”

Melissa stared in horrified shock, struggling to keep from sobbing at her dilemma. Panicking wasn’t going to help her now. She had to think of some way of talking him out of this. Meanwhile… WHERE THE HELL WAS ROBERT??

“What about your wife?” she asked anxiously, hoping to find someone else in the residence who would have some compassion over her current predicament. “What does she have to say about your daughter’s… interests?”

He sighed as though that particular subject held a certain sadness. “Ah, Doreen. I suspect she’s the reason my daughter has such an intense fascination with asphyxiation. I don’t think her interests fully blossomed until the day my wife hanged both her and her sister Loretta.”

“She WHAT??”

Melissa’s eyes opened wide again in astonishment. What kind of family was this??

“You see my daughters liked to play asphyxia games with each other,” he remarked thoughtfully, appearing to think back to an earlier time. “They were harmless little choking games, I suppose. Doreen caught them at it one day. She punished them both by strangling them until they passed out.” He shook his head as he added, “Somehow that only made them like it all the more.”

“Pretty soon my wife got involved. She joined them in their games. She would often choke or strangle them as punishment for some wrongdoing. Yet for some reason they were always getting into mischief, perhaps to earn themselves a good strangling. Everything seemed to be fine until she started hanging them.”

The old man shook his head sadly. Melissa saw a tear well up in the corner of one eye.

“She was always careful. I was always warning them to play safe. But one day it got a little out of hand.”

“Eight years ago while I was away, she stripped them naked and decided to hang them over some infraction… a forgotten chore perhaps. To this day I don’t know what it was. Anyway, she hanged them both in that very room you saw earlier.”

He sighed again. Melissa found her heart beating wildly in dreadful anticipation of what he was going to say next.

“I guess she must have miscalculated. By the time she cut them down Loretta was gone. She must have thought Ida Mae was dead too. She ran out of the house, threw herself into our backyard pool and drowned herself.”

“Ida Mae came around and freed herself. She went outside and found her mother at the bottom of the pool, poor thing. I didn’t get home until much later. My daughter told me everything that happened. That’s when I went out to the pool and found my wife’s body.”

Melissa stared in shock, unable to believe her ears. What a screwed up family this turned out to be!

“I always thought that would be the end of it for my daughter. If anything, it made her even more determined to experiment with it. I guess she wanted to keep asphyxiating herself. So she kept finding ways to strangle herself while trying to keep it a secret from me. If I hadn’t come home that one day when I did, she’d be gone too.”

He sighed again. He seemed to be a man with a heavy past. Melissa would’ve felt sorry for him were it not for the fact she was now locked in a glass tank.

“You know what my daughter said to me the day her mother died? I’ll never forget it. Ida Mae came up to me later that evening and said, ‘Father? You know what? I’m sad mother died today. But I wish I could have watched her drown, just to see what she went through’.”

That’s when it clicked in Melissa’s mind. Her eyes opened wide in horrific understanding. The tank she was in had a deeper meaning.

“You’re going to drown me??” she gasped in horrified realization.

She pressed up against the glass panel on his side as panic welled up inside her. She was no longer covering herself. Things had become far worse than a simple nudity issue.

“Of course not, my dear,” he answered pleasantly. “I could never do that. My daughter’s going to drown you.”

“Ida Mae? But why??”

“Because you remind her so much of her mother” and he motioned toward the opposite wall. “That’s why she looked at you so strangely when she saw you in the dining room.”

Melissa turned to look at a portrait on the wall. She gasped in astonishment. The similarities were uncanny.

Mae walked into the room totally nude. Her face beamed when she saw who was in the tank. She immediately walked over to the wall and opened a valve.

Melissa shrieked in terror as a geyser of cool water billowed up from the middle of the floor. “Enjoy yourself, my dear,” the old man bowed to his daughter. Then he turned and disappeared into the alcove.

Melissa screamed for him not to go. But there was the thump of a door closing somewhere. She was left alone with the old man’s daughter.

Melissa pressed herself up against the glass as the daughter turned and slowly approached the tank. “Ida Mae??” she pleaded her heart hammering in her chest. “Don’t do this! You don’t have to drown me! Please! I’ll do anything you ask!”

Her nipples were sticking out against the glass. She felt a familiar sexual tingle down below from the horrible excitement of it all. Surely this couldn’t be happening!

Ida Mae came up to the tank and began caressing the glass, that same caress Melissa recognized in the room with the two dead girls. She backed away in shock as the water slowly climbed her calves and reached her knees. The old man’s daughter simply stared at her, eyes wide in rapturous wonder.

“You don’t have to do this, Ida Mae! Don’t drown me – please, don’t drown me!” Then she looked down in horror as the water climbed steadily, wondering the whole time where her husband was.

Melissa pressed herself up against the glass again, begging and pleading. “Let me out, Ida Mae! You want to choke me? Let me out and you can choke me, ok? You can even hang me! Wouldn’t you like to hang me instead?”

The daughter was unmoved. But Melissa didn’t want to drown. “Ida Mae, get me out of here!”

She began banging on the glass with her fists, sobbing hysterically. The young girl continued to stare at her in fascination. Her hand slowly glided up and down the glass in a loving gesture.

‘There’s nothing there!’ Melissa thought bitterly, looking into the young woman’s eyes. ‘She’s hardly human anymore. Just what kind of brain damage does she have anyway? How can she stand there and watch me drown?’

She gasped as the water level reached her crotch and began climbing up her waist. It was rising fast; she had to get out of here. Maybe the door…

She turned and sloshed toward the back wall, the cables on her ankles pulling her up short. She reached out, desperately trying to find some way of opening the door. But there was nothing there to grab onto, no way to open it. There was nothing but a wall with an oval indentation where the doorway must be.

Melissa banged her fists on the glass. “RAW-BUUURRTT!! GET ME OUT OF HERE!! RAW-BUUURRTT!!”

She turned back toward the young girl in desperation. She pressed up against the barrier again, her breasts flattening against the glass. “You don’t want to drown your mother all over again, do you, Ida Mae? Don’t let your mother drown! Please don’t let your mother drown again!”

Ida Mae stared at her in wonder. Once more she caressed the glass where Melissa’s naked body was pressed up against it. That’s when the water level reached the frightened woman’s chest.

Melissa looked up at the grate above her. Then she looked down into the water at the cables attached to her ankles. She frantically made some mental calculations.

She pulled her right leg up, looking up again. But she didn’t have enough cable to stretch up and grab the grate. She would have to try to pulling the cables off her ankles if she was to have any kind of chance at all.

She took a deep breath and submerged into the rapidly rising water. She bent herself down and grabbing onto the cable to her left ankle. She pulled with all her might, air bursting out of her mouth as her face grimaced in agony. The cable refused to come free.

She stood back up in hopeless frustration and gasped for breath. The water was higher. Now it was up to her neck. She was running out of time.

“NO, IDA MAE! I’m your mother and I DEMAND you let me out of here! DO YOU HEAR ME?? IDA MAE?? LET ME OUT, GAWD-DAMNIT!!”

Melissa bubbled as she slipped under so her feet could touch the floor. She couldn’t stand anymore. The level had risen until she was forced to tread water.

Melissa began kicking, waving her arms in a desperate attempt to keep her head above water as the level rose higher. She reached up for the grate, straining with all her might. But it was just out of reach.

She moved directly over the spot where the cables were attached to the floor. Then she reached upward again, trying to obtain every spare inch of slack she could accumulate. Her fingers were two inches short.

Melissa felt a sudden swell of hopefulness as the old man’s daughter walked over toward the valve. “THAT’S IT, IDA MAE! TURN THE WATER OFF! DRAIN THE TANK, HONEY! PLEASE HURRY! THAT’S A GOOD GIRL!”

The young girl stood by the valve but did nothing. She simply watched with that same horrible look of fascination on her face. What the hell was wrong with her??

The water kept rising. Melissa reached the point where she had to tip her head back. She gasped for breath as the water level climbed.

She finally took a deep breath as the water climbed up her face. It slowly rose above her mouth and nose. Then she was forced to hold her breath as it rose up over her head.

This was it; she was going to drown now! She burbled in alarm as she straightened herself upright. Then she looked through the glass at the young girl.

She pleaded with her eyes for the sadistic daughter to turn the valve, the cables tethering her to the floor as she drifted in the tank. Instinctively she kicked her legs while pulling with her arms toward the air she couldn’t get to. She looked up and watched in horror as the water level kept rising until if finally reached and then surpassed the wire mesh above her.

Melissa stared at Ida Mae, her eyes wide in near hysteria. She shook her head, struggling to contain the air in her lungs. How long could she hold her breath? How long would it be before she couldn’t hold it anymore?

Panic welled up within her, threatening to overwhelm her. She wanted to reach out and pound on the glass in desperation. But the cables kept her body centered in the middle of the tank, making her face her captor.

Melissa struggled to remain calm, trying to hold her breath for as long as possible. It wasn’t going to do her much good as it would only prolong the inevitable. At least it was buying her a few more precious seconds of life.

Down between her thighs the terror of the whole situation was creating a horrific sexual excitement that threatened to boil over into an orgasmic eruption. If she came now it would cause her to lose her air. Then she would drown for sure, not that she could avoid that.

Melissa knew she was about to drown. And there wasn’t a damned thing she could do to stop it. Her lungs began to burn and she felt those warning spasms associated with a lack of air.

Her chest began to heave as air burst out past her clenched lips. She frantically covered her mouth, her eyes getting bigger. Her cheeks bulged as bubbles escaped through her nose.

To her shock she saw Ida Mae turn the valve. Melissa strained to detect any change in the water level. She looked up in time to see it dropping below the grating above her.

Her mind screamed, “HURRY; I CAN’T HOLD IT MUCH LONGER!” Melissa struggled for all she was worth. She worked to keep her mouth closed as her lungs heaved, her breasts bobbing up and down.

The water level was dropping faster now. She strained upward, her lips opening and closing as she bubbled. The cables kept her just below the surface.

Her head tipped back as she strained upwards with her face, her lips opening and closing. Her lungs were on fire, her body wanting to inhale. She fought the urge as the water level was dropping, getting closer and closer.


Melissa’s chest heaved insistently, her lungs screaming for another breath. Her body was going to give out on her any second now. She could feel an overwhelming urge to inhale coming on strong.

She slipped deeper into the water and blew her air away, sending a froth of bubbles to the surface. Then she kicked up one last time. She tipped her head back and opened her mouth. Her body drew a great gulp of air into her chest.

Melissa coughed and gasped, pulling huge lungfuls of life-giving air into her body. She slipped back under the water, pulled herself back up and got another lungful of air. This time she didn’t have to tip her head back so much.

She gasped gratefully, thankful to still be alive. Her toes came in contact with the floor. At least she could rest a little. Maybe the dimwitted daughter had seen the light.

Ida Mae turned the valve once more. Then she walked over to the tank. She looked in at Melissa with wonder, once more caressing the glass as though she were caressing her body.

Melissa shivered as her heart pounded in her chest. At least she was still alive. Maybe Robert would wake up in time to rescue her.

“Thank you, Ida Mae!” she panted as she stood on the balls of her feet. Her chest heaved as she tried to calm down and get her breath back.

“That’s a good girl. Such a good girl. Now get me out of this tank, ok? Finish draining the tank and get me out of here; ok, sweetie?”

Ida Mae turned with a smile as she walked back to the valve. Melissa sighed gratefully as the young woman turned it. That’s when she felt the familiar sensation of water bubbling up into the tank from the floor, forcing her to strain to reach it with her toes.

“Ida Mae?! No, honey; you turned it the wrong way. Turn it the other way, Ida Mae. That’s a good girl – Ida Mae? You’ve got to turn it the other way!”

Melissa suddenly remembered what had happened in the room with those two young women. She remembered how the sadistic daughter had teased that poor girl in the noose, raising her up and then lowering her back down. And she’d toyed with that girl in the chair before ultimately strangling her. That’s when the blood drained from her face.

She wasn’t experimenting with her, was she? Was she teasing her, lowering and raising the water level before witnessing the main event? Was she going to get the same treatment as those poor girls in that room??

This was it! Now she was going to die, right here in this tank! Ida Mae had filled it, then lowered the water level enough so she could breathe for a few moments, long enough to see how the near drowning had affected her. Now the bitch was going to fill the tank back up and drown her… and all because she’d gotten too curious and poked her nose where it didn’t belong.

Soon Melissa was treading water again, straining to keep her head above the rising water level. The cables tugged against her feet, reminding her of her limitations. If this one was it then she didn’t have much time left for this earth.

Melissa choked back a sob, even as that area between her legs flared to life again from the terrible excitement. There was no point in begging for her life from Ida Mae anymore as it wouldn’t do any good. She might as well conserve her strength for her final breath hold.

She tread water to keep her head up, gasping for breath. The water level was rising again. She stretched upward against the cables tethering her ankles to the floor, straining with all her might.

She succeeded in pulling in one more deep breath before water began lapping over her mouth and nose. Then she resigned herself to the inevitable. Melissa allowed her body to drift vertically, tethered to the floor by the cables as she stared at the woman over by the valve.

Melissa was on her last breath now and she knew it. The water level was too high. She watched with bitterness as Ida Mae came forward and began stroking the glass again.

The sadistic young woman caressed and fondled it as she stared in at her, watching intently while waiting for her to drown. Melissa blinked back the tears that billowed up in her eyes. She didn’t want to give the bitch the satisfaction of seeing her agony.

A million thoughts raced through her mind, chief among them being what would happen to Robert now. It occurred to her if they were going to kill her, surely they weren’t going to allow her husband to leave in one piece. So what would they do to him?

Would they hang him? Would they strangle him like they’d done to that poor girl in the chair? Or would he end up here in the tank to suffer her fate?

Melissa felt a wave of calming resignation flow through her. It gave her a sense of sorrow knowing her husband would probably be joining her in death. She felt sorry they weren’t going to get the full, rich lives they both deserved, especially having children and grandchildren.

She felt the warning spasm in her chest and knew it wouldn’t be much longer. At the same time she felt that familiar fire of arousal down in her crotch. She regretted not getting to spend one more passionate night with her husband.

She figured she might be able to achieve that release if she wanted. Her body was certainly reacting to her situation. But Ida Mae was watching.

‘Fuck you, you bitch! I’m going to do it anyway!’

Ida Mae’s wiring was already screwed up. Maybe seeing her get herself off would mess with her little mind even more. With any luck the bitch might drown herself one day while trying to figure out why her last victim had touched herself.

Melissa reached down with a hand, stuck two fingers into her wet slit and began to fuck herself as her lungs began to burn. She gave Ida Mae a wicked grin. Might as well try to get herself off one last time.

She was happy to see a look of shock and confusion in the girl’s expression. A moment later that hand caressing the glass suddenly pulled away as though it had become hot to the touch. ‘Get your attention, did I?’ Melissa thought as the agony in her lungs intensified.

She felt a spasm in her chest as her lungs began to protest. At least she’d found a sense of purpose now. She would pleasure herself while confusing the hell out of that bitch on the other side of the glass.

She burbled as she fingered herself harder, her lungs beginning to cry out in protest. ‘What’s the matter, bitch? Can’t figure out what I’m doing to myself? Why don’t you come in here and join me? I’d love to have you drown with me, you fucking whore!’

She burbled again, her chest heaving as her lungs insisted she pull in a breath of air. She knew she was nearing her limits. Melissa began finger-fucking herself harder.

New images flashed through her mind as she released bubbles out of her nose. They were images of her hands wrapped around Ida Mae’s throat, choking the very life out of the dimwitted young woman. It brought a smile of satisfaction to her face.

She pictured Ida Mae in the chair with her hand on the handle. She imagined tightening the rope until the young girl’s face was contorted in agony. She wanted it to be the same agony she’d put that poor, innocent young girl through.

As her chest heaved insistently Melissa pictured Ida Mae dangling from the noose, her body jerking and spasming. She could picture her face a satisfying crimson hue as drool dribbled off the tongue hanging out of her mouth. Then she pictured Ida Mae here in the tank, her ankles cabled to the floor while screaming a froth of bubbles, her nude body spasming as she drowned.

The orgasm swelled within her as her lungs screamed for air, her breasts heaving as her body demanded she inhale. She glared at Ida Mae, watching with a perverted sense of glee as the woman’s eyes opened wide with shock and uncertainty. Then the young woman nervously stepped away from the tank.

Melissa grinned at her, picturing the bitch’s death in each of her scenarios… collapsing in that damned chair and staring with vacant eyes… her naked body swaying softly in the noose… her nude form heaving in the throes of drowning. Then her muscles suddenly clenched around her fingers.

Her head tipped back, her body stiffening as she suddenly screamed a froth of air. The orgasm slammed into her, taking away what little breath she had left as she began to buck and jerk and thrash about. Then her lungs opened up.

Melissa sucked in a huge lungful of water, causing her eyes to snap open in shock. Her body reacted instantly as she jerked and convulsed tethered to the floor of her drowning chamber. She went from one series of spasms and convulsions into the next, her body coughing to expel the water out of her lungs.

Ida Mae stared in utter disbelief. She uneasily took another step back away from the tank. She’d never seen this before in any of the women she’d previously drowned. Something about it was downright… unnerving!

Melissa felt a second orgasm wash through her as her body thrashed about tethered to the floor of the tank. Her face took on a softened, almost dreamy look, even as the agony in her chest intensified. Her whole body shuddered until her muscles abruptly shut down.

Melissa hung tethered to the floor of the tank, her naked body gently swaying back and forth. A few stray bubbles dribbled out past her parted lips. Her last thought was the sincere hope Ida Mae would get to experience something similar real soon. Then the life flicked out of her eyes…

Ida Mae shivered as she stared at the body in the tank. It looked like the woman was looking at her accusingly. She suddenly felt a lump in her throat.


From out of nowhere, a sob billowed up within her, exploding out of her mouth in an unrecognizable gurgle. Then she ran up to the tank, embracing it as tears filled her eyes. She opened her mouth in an anguished wail that came out more as a guttural sigh.

She opened her eyes and looked once more at the dead woman swaying gently in the tank. She quickly backed away in shock. That was not her mother. And why had she poked her fingers inside her like that??

A moment later she bolted out of the room. Her mind swirled with strange thoughts and images. One of them was a growing desire to throw herself into the pool just to see what would happen to her…

2006; 2019 (written Jan 5 ’06; ed. Mar 30 ’19 by riwa)

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