Gambling your life away (Part 5)


Part V

Dorothy hesitated long enough for the attendant to come over and begin assisting her. Perhaps she was numb from having just witnessed the deaths of her sisters. Now she was about to join them.

“There – there,” Monique said as she got the young woman out of her clothes. “At least you got to witness some exciting executions. Now you’ll get to experience our entertainment stage for yourself.”

“Well said, my dear,” the club co-owner remarked with a smile to his attendant.

“Not at all, Mr. Rick. You’ve been more than gracious with your guests. Hasn’t he, miss? After all, he could have executed your sisters without a moment’s thought. The fact he allowed you to gamble for their lives shows how generous he is, wouldn’t you agree?”

“I… I don’t… I s-suppose…”

Dorothy blushed as she ended up standing there completely naked. The club co-owner reached under the table and pulled out a length of rope. He handed it to his attendant as he remarked, “I suppose it would only be proper if the condemned was led out with her hands tied behind her back. Don’t you think so?”

“I agree, Mr. Rick. It puts her in her proper role. Hold still, miss, while I secure your wrists behind your back.”

“R-right now?? You’re going to t-take me out and hang me right NOW??”

“I see no point in delaying the inevitable. I’ve certainly enjoyed our time together. I thought you and your sisters were going to take some money from me before your visit with us concluded. But now it’s time for you to pay the piper, so to speak.”

“But what about my sisters??”

“We’ll save their heads, of course. Their meat will be prepared for our guests. But rest assured, we’ll make sure some can be shipped to your parents once you give us their address.”

“I, uh… maybe you shouldn’t… daddy might have a coronary…”

“I can understand your hesitation miss.”

“There,” Monique declared as she finished with a flourish. “All set, Mr. Rick.”

“I’ve already alerted the Entertainment stage. There should be a nice crowd waiting for us. Shall we go, miss?”

“Right now? You mean… like this??”

“You’re going to hang naked on the stage,” Monique told her with a smile. “There’s no reason for you to wear anything else before we get there, not unless Mr. Rick suggests otherwise.”

The attendant looked at the club co-owner who smiled back at her. “Quite correct, my dear. There’s no need to cover such a fine body. Besides, anyone still loitering around the machines might be curious to see what kind of a fine female specimen we’ll be hanging up onstage.” Then he motioned grandly at the door. “Shall we proceed?”

Dorothy nearly wet herself as Monique grabbed an arm and steered her toward the door. She paused long enough to get one last look at her three dead sisters. It still seemed so surreal.

The look on Zilpha’s severed skull seemed to be one of surprise. Emily’s naked body looked singed in the chair, her eyes wide and her mouth open. Winifred drifted up and down in the drowning tank, her eyes staring vacantly as her mouth gaped open from the horror of her drowning. A solitary bubble slipped out of her mouth. Then Dorothy was escorted out of the room, those images forever burned in her brain.

Being led naked through the club was more humiliating than she could have possibly imagined. Many of the gamblers paused to take a good look at her. She almost wet herself as she struggled to control her bladder.

What was it going to feel like to hang to death? Her nipples grew hard, her pussy moist as she thought about it. It was a helpful distraction as so many eyes kept gazing at her nakedness.

Dorothy was embarrassed beyond belief. She was also filled with a horrific arousal. They were actually going to hang her now!

There was a red glow up in the ceiling. It caused some of the gamblers to murmur to each other. Others were too focused on their gambling to notice. But there was enough interest that Dorothy’s escort turned into a small parade as it wound its way through the casino.

They rounded a corner and saw the Entertainment stage with its many implements of execution. A crowd had already gathered, most of them staring at her to see who was going up onstage. Dorothy blushed again at so many eyes studying her quivering, naked body.

There were more murmurs and bits of conversation. Dorothy could hear some of them talking about her. “Is that the one they’re going to hang?”  “She looks lovely!”  “Damn, they’re hanging her? She’s going to look great in the noose!”  “Wow, what a sexy hanging victim!”

Dorothy was taken to the steps leading up to the Entertainment stage. That’s when she saw the noose and the little gallows platform. She let out a gasp and then promptly wet herself.

Mr. Rick stepped out of the way to allow Monique to do her job. She escorted Dorothy up the steps, urging her to watch her step. They wanted a slow hanging, not an accidental broken neck.

The attendant had served at many such executions before and had learned to work the crowd. So she stopped Dorothy in front of the gallows, turning her to face the spectators. The young woman saw all those eyes on her and grew weak in the knees, almost collapsing in a heap.

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for coming. We have a special treat for you. Earlier tonight we had four sisters gamble in a private room with our club co-owner. This is the last surviving sister.”

“Each one gambled and lost in several games of chance. I want to assure you there will be video of each death available to you before you leave the club tonight. These deaths include a beheading, death by electrocution, and a drowning. So there should be something fun to fit your specific tastes.”

Her words generated several murmurs of interest. There appeared to be some curiosity over who had been executed. Dorothy felt all eyes upon her and wished she could hide behind the attendant.

“Here we have the last sister. She will be soon be dancing on our gallows for your viewing pleasure. Ladies and gentlemen, please give her a nice round of applause.”

The spectators cheered and applauded. Some sounded eager to watch her hang. Dorothy blushed as she stood there, humiliated beyond belief.

“Our club co-owner has been most gracious serving as host to these lovely sisters. He gave the ladies a sporting chance even after they had lost. But when the last sister had gambled her life away, he could only think of sharing the spoils with the rest of the Club by hanging her out here on the Entertainment stage. Let’s give him a nice round of applause. Ladies and gentlemen… Mr. Rick!”

Monique motioned at him as the spectators cheered and applauded. Mr. Rick acknowledged all the attention with a nod and an embarrassed smile. Dorothy squirmed on the stage as she died of embarrassment at standing there nude, almost wishing they would just get on with it.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Rick’s thoughts were only of the welfare of the sisters even as they were losing. And his thoughts were only of the entertainment value to you, our cherished guests here at our fair Club. So I’d like him to come up here to receive a special reward. “Come on up, Mr. Rick.”

The spectators clapped again as he tried to give her a dismissive wave. But she kept waving for him to come join her up on the stage. The cheers got louder as he climbed the steps and stood next to her.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the lovely young lady here has gambled her life away. Mr. Rick has condemned her to hang. Don’t you think she should show her gratitude for his kindness and generosity by sucking his dick?”

The room exploded in cheers and applause. Mr. Rick blushed as he lowered his head in embarrassment. Dorothy was humiliated over the way she was now required to service the club co-owner before her hanging.

Monique forced the naked young lady to kneel right in front of Mr. Rick. He smiled with embarrassment as he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly, bringing out a noticeable erection. The cheers grew louder as the attendant made the young woman take his cock between her lips.

Monique forced Dorothy to suck until she began to bob her head on her own. The young woman was utterly humiliated. Everyone cheered her effort as she was filled with shame as well as a perverse arousal.

Some of the audience began to chant, “Suck – suck – suck – SUCK!” Other voices cried out for him to gag her. Monique smiled at her employer as Mr. Rick took Dorothy’s head and thrust harder into her mouth, much to the delight of the gathered spectators.

Dorothy was flush with arousal and humiliation. She could feel her bladder wanting to give way again. She could hardly believe she was going to be hanged as soon as she obtained a mouthful of cum.

The co-owner began to grunt as he thrust harder. Dorothy felt excited yet embarrassed that her oral skills had not diminished. A moment later her head was grabbed as her face was fucked hard.

The crowd cheered as she got one… two… three spurts in her mouth. Then he pulled out. The spectators roared as a big glob of spunk splattered her cheeks, almost getting into her eye.

Monique smiled at her employer. Mr. Rick quickly zipped back up before thanking both her and Dorothy for the release. Then the attendant helped the young woman back onto her feet.

Mr. Rick descended the steps as Dorothy was escorted up onto the gallows platform. She was red-faced from the spunk clinging to her face. She wondered what her sisters would think if they could only see her now. Maybe they were looking down on her from the afterlife, laughing their asses off.

Monique efficiently noosed Dorothy up, making sure the knot was secured behind her left ear. The young woman panted for breath. That’s when the crowd began cheering for her hanging. And that’s when Dorothy wet herself again.

A male voice in the audience cried out, “Hang the sexy bitch!” Others took up the cry. That’s when Monique smiled as she grabbed the lever.

She told Dorothy, “I hope you and your sisters enjoyed our fine Club. Too bad about your rotten luck. I hope you’ll put on a wonderful show for Mr. Rick and our valued clients.” Then she pulled the lever.

Dorothy let out a cry that was instantly cut off the moment the floor dropped away and the noose tightened around her throat. She didn’t fall very far, but it was enough. The noose tightened as her feet began flying every which way from the sudden strain on her neck. Then her knees came together as she started humping and fucking the air, squirting her orgasm for all to see.

There were cheers and wild applause at such an erotic display. Then she began her dance. It was lewd and uncoordinated as she jerked in the noose, fighting against the coil that tightened around her throat.

She rasped and gurgled as her body fought to live. Then she got a brief image of her sister Zilpha losing her head. It made her wonder if the poor thing had gotten off lucky being beheaded so quickly.

Her arms jerked upward behind her back as her toes cocked and curled. She threw her chest out as though wanting the entire room to see how hard her nipples had become. Her breasts bounced wildly as her legs kicked every which way.

Dorothy wanted the pain to end. But Monique had used a thicker noose on her. She was still getting a little air, enough to make the experience all the more agonizing since she couldn’t get a full breath.

Her legs flew outward, setting her to swinging back and forth. Dorothy was conscious enough that she tried really hard not to put on such a wild display. But she no longer had control of her motor functions as her body fought to live.

The humiliation of hanging naked swelled within her again. Her body wanted another release. A moment later she began thrusting her hips forward as though fucking the air until another orgasm washed warmly through her body.

Dorothy tried one last time to jerk her arms around behind her back as her feet stretched for a floor that was well out of reach. She jerked a couple of times as though trying to shed her noose. Then the fight seemed to evaporate right out of her.

She tiredly swung back and forth as though trying to conserve what little energy she had left. Stray muscles made her legs twitch. Her eyes felt like they were bugging out as her tongue began to protrude between her lips.

Monique waved for the club co-owner to come back up on stage. Mr. Rick shook his head, but she was not to be deterred. He finally took the steps and joined her to the cheers of the spectators.

Monique waved for him to have fun examining the body. Mr. Rick began pawing Dorothy’s naked flesh as she twitched and shuddered. He cupped her breasts and fingered her swollen nipples, much to the delight of those in attendance.

Monique whispered something into his ear. In response he reached down and stuck a couple fingers up Dorothy’s twitching twat, generating hoots of glee from the audience. There was still a little clenching going on.

Attendant and co-owner pawed and fondled the body until the noose completely closed off Dorothy’s windpipe. She shuddered as her bladder gave way one last time, allowing a trickle of urine down her legs. Her heart slowed as they groped and pawed her until it finally stopped beating.

Monique and Mr. Rick noticed Dorothy wasn’t with them anymore. So they stepped aside to allow the spectators a good, long look at her naked body as she dangled there. Monique loudly thanked them for enjoying Dorothy’s performance and for coming to the Club. Then they began to disperse, talking among themselves how good it had been.

Mr. Rick gave instructions to leave her up for an hour barring any future need of the gallows for the night. Then he instructed Monique to make sure all the skulls were gathered before the bodies were sent down to the kitchen. He thought the heads of the four sisters would make for a nice display.

He wanted a little tableau to describe their visit and what had occurred during their brief stay with the Club. That way they could serve as a warning for people to be careful not to gamble their lives away without fully understanding the risks. Then he thanked Monique for her service before the two parted for the evening.

2019 (written for Dorothy Mar 4 ’19 by riwa)

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