Kill the bitch (A Revy fanfiction)


She hadn’t counted on being told to go kill another woman. But Revy wasn’t no ordinary woman. She was a mercenary whose reputation had spread throughout the city.

Diane had learned Revy was deadly with a pair of Berettas in shoulder holsters. Apparently the young woman had no conscience whatsoever. She would kill at the drop of a hat, and she had a temper to match. Together it made for a dangerous combination.

Diane had accepted the assignment and had set out to find the woman. But finding her and surviving the encounter made her extra careful. After all, she’d been told the woman had an itchy trigger finger.

She finally caught up with the deadly mercenary at the sight of one of her hits. Revy roared in on her motorcycle, killed half a dozen men and then roared away. Two of the men had been unarmed, but the bitch hadn’t cared, simply shooting them both at point-blank range.

As it turned out, Diane just happened to be there to witness it. Seeing Revy in action was quite the education. Fortunately she had stayed hidden or she might have drawn a little fire in her direction. Still, the lethal mercenary had left several dead bodies in her wake.

Diane picked up the assassin’s trail and followed her to an apartment complex on the corner of Sherwood and Elm. There was another apartment building on the opposite corner. Diane picked out the room she wanted, “convinced” the tenants that moving out would be a wise decision, and then put in an application for a short lease.

She moved in with very few personal items. She only needed a bed, some clothes and a pair of binoculars to watch the apartment across the street. The place that needed watching was on the corner on the second floor with three handy windows to look inside.

One evening she saw the lights come on across the street. The lethal mercenary was back. The blinds had been left up so she had a clear view inside. Apparently the hitwoman did not expect anyone to be looking in on her, certainly not if they knew what was good for them.

That first night she learned Revy was a heavy smoker and drinker. The assassin didn’t do much other than watch a little TV. Diane suspected this was going to be a boring stakeout until her opportunity to take the woman out finally presented itself.

It was on the second night that she began to get an education. She watched through a window as Revy went into the bathroom to strip. Diane took in the toned legs, the tight abs and firm breasts. She was dealing with a woman who was in much better shape than she’d anticipated. She would have to be careful.

Diane watched through the uncovered window that gave her a direct view into the bathroom. She was surprised the way the mercenary seemed not to care whether or not anyone might be looking in through the open windows. Perhaps those who had tried in the past had ended up regretting it.

She saw Revy peeing on the toilet with a cigarette in her hand, a rather intimate thing to be witnessing. Then the assassin stood up and went into the shower. She took a razor with her and began scraping off what little hair was visible in her crotch.

Diane was more than a little surprised. This woman actually took care of her lady-parts? Was the appearance of her vagina that important to her??

When the shaving was done, Revy came out of the bathroom and retired to her bed. But she didn’t bother putting anything on. It seemed she slept nude. But this night Diane discovered Revy wasn’t the least bit interested in sleeping.

She watched in surprise as the toned young woman began touching herself, swirling her nub with a finger. Now this was interesting! She’d heard a report of a shooting over by the docks earlier in the day and had assumed it was her handiwork. Was she now actually getting herself off after what had been a successful kill? Had she no conscience whatsoever??

She observed as the lethal mercenary continued to touch herself. It wasn’t long until she saw the woman’s labia become swollen from the attention, her pussy beginning to glisten with moisture. Revy rubbed harder and faster until she tipped her head back, her body quaking. Damn, was the deadly assassin actually experiencing an orgasm??

“The fucking slut,” Diane murmured to herself as she watched with her binoculars. “So she likes to masturbate, does she? Since that was probably her work down at the docks, does this mean she likes to come home and get off after a successful kill?”

She found herself getting aroused watching the mercenary masturbate. Then she got disgusted with herself for becoming so turned on. She’d seen enough for one night; it was time to get some shut-eye. Besides, she was expecting a call in a few days to authorize the hit. Then she would be done with her once and for all.

There wasn’t much activity the next day. Revy went out and returned with Chinese takeout. She spent much of the day smoking, drinking and relaxing. But that evening the assassin masturbated again. What the hell??

The third day Diane tailed her to a bar. She seemed to be well known there. But even among the people she knew, her temper was not moderated. In fact she almost came to blows with someone.

Diane followed her back to the apartment, watching from a discreet distance as she took some guy home with her. He seemed to be an acquaintance of hers. Diane thought this might prove to be interesting.

She got home, got her binoculars and looked across the street. The blinds were still open. She had visible access to what was going on inside.

The man in the apartment smoked and drank with the deadly assassin as though they knew each other. For a moment Diane thought there was a brief flare-up as though he’d said something that had angered his companion. Then she took him by the front of his white shirt, slammed him up against the wall and kissed him hard. Now that was interesting!

She watched curiously as the mercenary allowed the man to undress her. There were a few scars Diane hadn’t noticed the day before, although a couple of wounds appeared to blend right in with those tattoos she’d seen earlier. But the breasts were still nice and firm, the stomach toned and lean.

She watched Revy get undressed before roughly jamming the male’s face into her crotch. So she was making him eat her out, eh? Diane noticed right away how the mercenary seemed to be running the show concerning their sexual encounter.

It wasn’t long before he appeared to have given her an orgasm from licking her out. Only then did she allow him to strip. She laid him flat on the bed and stripped him of his pants until his cock stood erect. Then she climbed aboard and rode him, crying out until she appeared to have another orgasm.

Diane found herself getting aroused again watching the amateur porn taking place right across the street through the uncovered windows. She had no idea the lethal mercenary over there liked having so much sexual pleasure. First it was masturbating… and now it was outright fucking. Apparently the slut enjoyed other pleasures besides killing.

Diane watched for a while before she found herself becoming horny again. There was no point watching them have sex and getting aroused by it. She finally put down her binoculars and went to bed. But her mind was on the couple having sex in the apartment across the street as she drifted off to sleep.

There was very little activity the next day. That evening Diane watched as Revy smoked and drank again. She also saw the assassin strip out of her clothes, lie on the bed with the pillow between her thighs and hump the damned thing. Hell, was there anything that lethal bitch wouldn’t fuck??

The apartment appeared easy to enter. Getting in shouldn’t be too hard. If she wasn’t seen, she might be able to slip into that corner apartment, get in and make her kill, and then get out before anyone was the wiser.

She watched the other inhabitants of the building come and go to learn the best time when to slip inside. When Revy wasn’t there or was not on assignment she could usually be found at that bar with those same familiar faces. Diane was starting to pick up on her habits… starting to develop a plan of attack.

On the sixth day there was another killing. Revy’s handprints were all over it. Afterwards Diane followed her home from a safe distance.

That night Revy took a shower, razored her pussy again, and then retired to her bed. She pulled out a toy she started using. It looked like some sort of vibrating dildo.

Diane couldn’t believe it. Did that bitch need to cum again after taking another life earlier that day? What a fucking slut!

The next day three more men bought it down at a warehouse. The murders reeked of Revy’s handiwork. Diane hadn’t seen it happen, but she’d seen Revy in the vicinity on that motorbike of hers.

She followed her home where that female she’d seen at the bar showed up. At first it looked like there was some sort of argument until it appeared the two were going to come to blows. Then Revy slammed her companion against the wall and started kissing her.

Diane watched with interest, quietly muttering, “Is she drunk? What the hell? She fights and then she wants to make out? Who is this slut??”

The two women stripped out of their clothes. Then there appeared to be another minor conflict over something. She watched as Revy finally forced the woman’s head into her crotch.

They settled down as Diane observed some female sex. Damn! That horny mercenary didn’t seem to care with who or what she fucked! Male or female, dildo or pillow, none of it made any difference!

Diane found herself getting horny again. Revy did have a nice body. Hell, if she wasn’t so dangerous and unpredictable, she might have been interested in a nice little hookup. But here she was – staring across the street like a voyeur while waiting for word to kill the mercenary.

Diane was getting horny again. So she went to bed and rubbed herself until she fell asleep. She was starting to get jealous of all that pleasure that assassin seemed to be enjoying every damn night… and now it was starting to piss her off.

The next day Diane got word: kill the fucking bitch. She decided she would make her move that night if it were possible. But there were too many bodies going in and coming out. So she put it off until a better time.

The next day she tailed Revy to a business, just to see if an opportunity might present itself. But shots rang out before Revy came rushing out, hopping onto her motorbike and speeding off. Diane paused long enough to observe two more males had bought the farm, courtesy of that murderous slut.

That night she went back to her leased room and prepared to go over. But she had to wait until Revy showed up. Apparently the bitch was hanging out at that bar with those friends of hers, no doubt regaling them with her murderous exploits.

Diane watched as the slut finally came home, noting she was alone. But there was a little too much activity going in and out of the building. She hesitated to make a move.

She got out her binoculars and witnessed Revy smoking and drinking once more. Then she saw the lethal assassin taking all her clothes off. Fuck, was she horny again?

Had killing those two at that business made her horny? Did it turn her on taking the life of another? Apparently she hadn’t had any luck bringing someone home from the bar to fuck. So it looked like she was going to take care of it herself.

She watched Revy strip down, stretch out on the bed and begin to masturbate again. Her vagina was soon glistening, her labia becoming red and swollen. Diane watched as the young woman worked herself up into a lather. Damn, she was starting to get aroused again watching the little slut!

How many times had it been this past week? How often did the bitch play with herself? How many years had she been getting off like that every damned night? Didn’t this mercenary ever give her kitty a rest??

She watched as Revy rolled over and put her pillow between her legs. “Time to fuck the bed linen, I see,” Diane muttered to herself. Perhaps now was a good time to go over while the unsuspecting woman was flat on her stomach humping her pillow.

She was just about to walk out the door when her cellphone rang. She picked it up and heard the voice of the crime boss who had ordered the hit. Only now he was putting a hold on it.

Diane was astonished… “What the fuck?? Now you don’t want me to kill her??”

“I’m going to hire her… give her a chance to work for me instead.”

“I thought you wanted the bitch dead!”

“Not if I can get her to work for me against the other crime bosses.”

“What the hell am I supposed to do now?? I just finished learning her routine and was about to go put one right between her eyes!”

“Don’t kill her! I may have a job for her. She’s damn good at what she does! She’s left a trail of bodies in her wake!”

“So what do I do now? Do I pack up and go home? You still owe me for my surveillance work!”

“I want you to stay there and keep an eye on her. If this doesn’t work out, I’m going to want her dead pretty damn quick!”

“How long will this take before you know one way or the other?”

“Two weeks. Maybe longer.”

“What?? You want me to watch her fuck and masturbate for two more weeks??”

“What the hell are you talking about??”

“Nothing! Shit! So you want me to stay put and watch her?”

“That’s right.”

“This is gonna cost you extra.”

“I’ll pay it. Just stay put. I’ll be in touch.” Then the line went dead.

Diane was pissed. “You mean I have to watch that slut fuck and masturbate night after night for another two fucking weeks?? I’ll go stark raving mad!” Then she cursed as she threw her cell phone onto the bed.

She looked out the window and saw the mercenary fucking her pillow in the apartment across the street. “Enjoy it while you can, you fucking slut!” Diane growled in her direction. “I’ll wait as long as I have to. But sooner or later you’re going to make a mistake. Then I’m gonna give that pussy of yours a little lead poisoning!”

Diane bided her time. But it was galling looking out the window with the binoculars every night and seeing the slut either masturbating or fucking one of her two friends. And it was always the same two. She suspected the mercenary had more than a casual acquaintance with them both.

After another week had passed, she snuck over to case out the apartment. She managed to pick the lock and get inside. She figured she’d better take a closer look in case word came back from the boss that he’d changed his mind and wanted to put her down. And Diane had a funny feeling that was just what he was going to do.

The room smelled of cigarettes and alcohol. There were ashtrays lying around. Empty vodka and whiskey bottles littered the floor as though she couldn’t be bothered picking them up and disposing of them.

She checked the bathroom and found Revy’s shaving supplies for making her vagina pretty. Diane scowled at the contents. That bitch seemed to love her pretty pussy so damn much that apparently she had to play with it every single day!

She snorted at the feminine hygiene products. This slut was a murderer, not a woman. She just had the tits, ass and vagina of one. But in every other aspect she was cold, heartless and cruel. It was not a good combination one might seek out in a girlfriend.

She found Revy’s sexual playtoys and snorted in disgust. How many times had they gone in and out of that vagina? How long had the mercenary had them in her possession? Hell, as much as she masturbated, for all she knew the slut might have had them since all the way back to her teen years.

Diane decided she’d seen enough. The place smelled bad and she wanted to get out. She assumed Revy’s playmates were just as heavy smokers and drinkers as she was. So the smell probably didn’t bother them in the slightest.

She slipped out and snuck back to her apartment across the street. Now all she could do was wait and watch for any change in the mercenary’s habits. As for her boss changing his mind and wanting Revy to be put down? Well, Diane had a feeling that was going to happen sooner rather than later.

She wasn’t all that surprised when she got a call a couple of days later. But it wasn’t from the boss. It was from one of his lieutenants.

It seems Revy had accepted a contract from a rival crime syndicate and had just shot up the place. The boss had been shot and was now in the hospital under close supervision by several of his men. He was afraid Revy was going to come back and finish the job.

Diane told the caller she wasn’t a bit surprised. The lieutenant just cursed her as he told her the boss had naturally experienced a change of heart as to Revy’s position in the company. As of right this minute he wanted the bitch’s head on a platter… not the body; just the head.

“I figured hiring her was going to be a bad idea,” Diane told him with a wry smile.

“Shut up and kill the bitch, ok? And bring back her head! The boss wants her head!” Then the call was disconnected.

Diane nodded grimly. It was about fucking time. The wait was over. Tonight the bitch was going to die. In fact, she might not even get the chance to experience any last orgasms this evening…

Diane watched and waited. But the hour got late and the bitch hadn’t returned. Maybe she was still celebrating down at that bar.

She finally heard the motorbike pull up around ten pm. The slut was on it and she looked a little intoxicated. Diane waited until she got up to her apartment and turned on the lights to make sure it was her.

She looked through the window with the binoculars, watching as Revy got undressed and headed for the bathroom. Damn, was she going to shave again so she could play with her pussy in celebration? Diane figured if she got over there in time she just might get to put a stop to that.

She put down her binoculars, double-checked her weapon and then headed across the street. But there was foot traffic going in and out. She decided to try the back entrance to see if it was any less busy.

She slipped inside the building and made her way up to the second floor. There was no one in the hallway. She quickly made her way down to the end of the hall and the corner room. Then she started working on the door.

She listened intently. It sounded like the shower was running. With any luck she could catch her in the bathroom and put her down quick.

She heard voices coming up the stairs; she had to work fast. She picked the lock and quickly slipped inside. Her heart was beating fast; she had to calm herself down.

She listened intently, frowning when she noticed the shower had stopped. But Revy hadn’t come out of the bathroom yet. Diane drew her glock and advanced slowly.

She looked over and saw the shoulder holsters with both Berretas still in them sitting on the dresser. That didn’t mean Revy didn’t have access to another weapon where she was. But at least she had a better chance of taking her down without having to deal with any return gunfire.

She advanced carefully toward the bathroom, ready to fire at a moment’s notice. She could smell fresh cigarette smoke, could see a tendril coming out of the bathroom. She carefully peeked around the open door for a look.

Revy had a cigarette in one hand with her legs spread. It looked like she was getting started pleasuring herself by swirling her button using her fingers from the other hand. There was a dripping sound indicating she was still peeing.

The deadly assassin looked up at the same time Diane’s frame filled the doorway. She stiffened in alarm. “Who the fuck are you?”

“I’m your worst nightmare, bitch.”

“Can you at least give me some fucking privacy first before you kill me?”

“Oh hell no.” And with that Diane grabbed Revy by an arm and swung her off the toilet.

She let out a cry… “HEY!” Then she bounced off the sink, losing her cigarette. A trail of urine indicated she hadn’t been able to stop peeing when she’d been flung around.

Revy roared with fury as she got up and charged. Diane grabbed an arm and slung her around. Revy bounced off a wall and collapsed onto the floor in a heap.

The mercenary was enraged, her pride wounded from being assaulted in such humiliating fashion. She tried to get up, only to get caught in the stomach by a booted foot. She collapsed on the floor, doubling over in agony.

“I hear you shot up the wrong boss today,” Diane sneered at her.

“It’s none of your damn business who I work for, shithead!” Revy was wincing when she said it. But she still sounded defiant.

She tried to rise up, only for Diane to grab an arm and fling her against the toilet. Revy let out a grunt as she bounced off the porcelain. Diane kicked her in the groin again, causing the mercenary to double over in pain.

“I’ve been waiting for this for weeks, bitch! You have no idea how satisfying this is!”

“I hope you… get your… fucking jollies!”


Diane grabbed an arm as Revy tried to rise to her feet. She was flung into the bedroom and bounced off the side of the bed. She let out a muffled grunt as the wind was knocked out of her.

“Have fun murdering people today? Did you finish shaving so you could play with your little vagina to celebrate your kills?”

“What do you… know about it… shithead?”

“Plenty!” and Diane grabbed an arm and flung her into a wall. Revy bounced off with a grunt, eyeing her Berettas. But they were well out of reach.

“No, you can’t have those,” Diane snarled as she kicked her in the stomach, seeing what Revy was looking at. Revy bent over and clutched at her tummy… “Fucking… shithead!”

“No, you’re the one who’s been doing all the fucking! When it’s not that guy or that girl I see you with, it’s you sticking your fingers in your pussy or sticking some damn toy in there! Disgusting!”

“What… do you know…?”

“I’ve been watching through the windows, asshole! Don’t you know what blinds are for? It’s so your disgusting masturbation sessions won’t be seen by anyone from across the fucking street!”

Diane kicked her again, this time right between her legs. Revy cried out in pain, wincing from the blow. “You’re going to fucking… pay for that, shithead!”

“You don’t get it, do you! Last night was your last masturbation session! No more orgasms for you, bitch… not after I get through with you!”

“Then fucking… get it over with!”

“No, I think I want to take a look at that pussy one last time before I put a slug in it. After all, you went to all the trouble of shaving for me, didn’t you?”

“Go to hell!” Then she screamed as Diane kicked her hard between her legs.

“Do you like that? Want another one? Or are you going to part your legs and show me your fucking pussy?”

“Bitch!” and Revy tried to kick out at her.

It was a totally futile gesture as she didn’t even come close. But another well placed kick from Diane hit her crotch just right. Revy cried out in agony… “All right; all right!”

She weakly spread her legs while lying on the floor so Diane could have a look. “There! Are you… fucking… satisfied?”

“What; are you fucking wet already? Are you horny again? I beat the shit out of you and it looks like you want to cum? What kind of assassin are you??”

“What the fuck… business is it… of yours?”

“Because I’ve been watching you for the past three weeks, asshole!” And with that Diane kicked her in the crotch again.

Revy let out a cry as she grabbed her crotch. But now she was too wounded and bruised to resist anymore. “Just fucking… finish me off already.”

“I’m gonna do more than that, bitch! I’m gonna do more than that!”

Diane grabbed a nearby vodka bottle and rammed the neck of it into Revy’s vagina. The wounded mercenary cried out from the pain and agony. “What the fuck?” she winced, her body aching all over.

“What? Doesn’t that feel good? I saw your toys, honey! You’ll stick anything up your pussy, won’t you?”

“Fucking… pervert!”

“Not as much as you are, I think. You even fuck the pillow, honey. Don’t you think you should take it out to dinner first… maybe a movie later if you’re going to use it just to satisfy your sexual needs?”

Revy winced, wanting to find the energy to spit out an obscenity. But she was hurt too bad. She wondered if she might have internal injuries because it sure hurt like hell.

She cried out again as Diane fucked her by ramming the neck of the bottle up her cunt. Her pussy squished as she winced and writhed. She couldn’t believe how bad it hurt.

“Hell, you have enough empties lying around in here, I’m surprised you didn’t use one of them as a sexual aid!”

“Go to… hell!”

“You first, bitch!”

The angry hitwoman kicked the end of the bottle, driving the neck deeper inside the wounded mercenary. There was a brief splatter of fluids as though Revy was squirting. Diane was astonished.

“What; are you having another orgasm?? Fucking bitch! I’ll put an end to that!”

She came around from behind, pulling Revy back against her. Then she pulled out a wicked looking dagger. “Boss wants your head, bitch. So I’m gonna give it to him. And I want you to feel it as I cut it off!”

With a slash she cut deeply through Revy’s neck. The mercenary gurgled as her body twitched and spasmed. Blood spilled everywhere, but Diane no longer cared.

“Just wait until… your friends get over here… and find you… with a bottle shoved up your twat!” She sliced with each pause of her words until she hit bone. One last slash and the head came off in her hand.

Revy’s body jerked as blood burbled up out of her severed neck. Her muscles twitched as though wondering what had happened to those signals coming in from the brain. She stared in horror, no longer able to blink her eyes or move her lips.

“Enjoy your last orgasm, bitch? I know I sure enjoyed giving it to you. How about a kiss?”

Diane kissed Revy’s head on the lips, tasting alcohol and cigarettes. She finally spit in her face. “Tastes like eating ashes out of an ashtray.”

Revy’s eyelids flickered. Then the light of life faded from her pupils. Her expression sagged as death finally claimed her.

Diane took the severed head, pulled the bottle out of the pussy and then pushed Revy’s lips to her labia. “How do you taste, bitch? Like how wet you are? Did you enjoy your last cum? I sure as hell hope so, because it’s the last one you’re ever going to feel.”

She pushed the neck of the bottle back inside the beheaded woman’s twat. She gave it a couple of good kicks with her booted foot just because. Then she went into the bathroom.

She cleaned up as fast as she could, unwilling to tarry too long lest the assassin’s friends might show up. Then she wrapped the head in a towel. She left Revy lying on the floor in a pool of blood, her legs parted with a vodka bottle shoved up her twat. Then she beat a hasty retreat.

The next day the boss got a special delivery up in his hospital room. He nearly cried out in shock when he opened a box and saw the severed head of the dead mercenary inside. With it came a note from Diane. All it said was…


© 2016 (written for “Revy” Dec 24 ’16 by riwa)

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