Under the influence

They decided to spend the night at Katherine’s house. Samantha provided the liquor while Kate provided the food and a couple of joints. Soon the two friends were feeling no pain.

A beverage spill made Kate go into her bathroom to draw a bath. Sam followed her in where they started making out. The clothes quickly came off as they started kissing and fondling each other.

It wasn’t a very big bathtub. But it was certainly big enough for the two of them to crawl in together. Soon they were getting each other wet while laughing and making out some more.

They slipped until Kate found herself on top of Sam. Her friend let out a cry of surprise. Then they started laughing again.

Kate pushed her under and watched the bubbles come up. She let Sam back up, coughing and sputtering and laughing. She kissed her before pushing her back under.

More bubbles came up before Kate let her back up. Sam was still coughing and laughing. But now Kate was horny. And from the looks of her friend’s erect nipples, Sam was horny too.

She deliberately pushed her under. “Eat me!” she declared. Sam thrashed about, her legs kicking every which way as Kate sat on her face.

She let her back up, only to see Sam coughing and sputtering and laughing again. Eat me!” she repeated. Then she sat back down on Samantha’s face.

The woman underneath her settled down. Then Katherine felt a tongue start to poke and prod. She gasped, “That’s the spot!” as she tipped her head back and moaned.

She adjusted her position on top of her friend so the tongue could work its magic. Sam stopped struggling as she licked and tongued Kate’s labia and swollen nub. Katherine moaned as she rode the face in the water underneath her.

She let Samantha up for another breath. Sam sputtered, “Hey, bitch! I can only hold my breath so long, ok?”

“You can hold it long enough to get me off, right?” And with that Katherine pushed her back under before squatting on her face again.

The tongue returned, causing her to tip her head back and moan. Samantha wriggled a little, her hands flailing. But all Katherine cared about was the pleasure that mouth was working into her pussy.

She let Samantha back up for another breath. “What’s the matter, honey… can’t breathe down there?” Then she laughed as she squatted on her face again. Bubbles came up as Sam fumbled around with her hands.

Hands started to fondle and caress her breasts. Kate gasped with pleasure… “Gawd, baby; you’re going to make me cum!” Katherine must have heard her because she started groping and squeezing more aggressively.

She began to grind her cunt back and forth across Samantha’s face. Seeing the woman start to struggle beneath her was such a turn-on. Sam started to struggle again, but it only made Katherine even more aroused.

Sexy bubbles started coming up as Katherine felt it start to swell within her. She began humping Sam’s face as she gasped and moaned. In her drunken stupor, the only thing that concerned her was her approaching orgasm.

The more Sam struggled, the closer Katherine got. Then it swelled within her. She tipped her head back and screamed her orgasm as the water began to settle underneath her.

She winced and shuddered as it washed hotly through her body. It was amazing! She hadn’t cum like that in a long time. They would have to get together and make out in the tub more often if Sam’s tongue could do that to her along with all those tingly bubbles.

She shifted her position so her friend could rise up for another breath. “Damn, baby! You made me cum so fucking hard!” Samantha just stared up at her, eyes vacant and mouth gaping open.

“Ok, Sam. Damn, girl! You don’t have to show off how well you can hold your breath for me! Come up already; I had my orgasm!” But there was no movement from below.

“Sam? SAM?? WAKE UP!”

Kate pulled her friend’s head up out of the water. Samantha just stared with a vacant expression. There was no sharp intake of air from the need to catch her breath.

“Sam?? SAM?? OHMYGAWD; WAKE UP!” There was no response.

Katherine panicked as she let go of her friend’s head. Samantha’s head bounced until her face was fully submerged again as Kate climbed out of the tub. Then she started stumbling around, wondering what she should do. She finally stumbled out of the bathroom naked and dripping wet as she fumbled around trying to find a phone to call for an ambulance.

(Jul 24 ’18)

(Photos found on the Internet and used for illustration purposes.)

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