Wicked Wanda – Kim gives in


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Ladies and Gentlemen, Famous at the End is proud to introduce to you…

Wicked Wanda!

Four bare-chested men in jeans sit in a mostly bare white room, waiting patiently. Chet sits on a bed reading a book, clearly growing impatient. Allan sits on a stool while going through his iPhone. Manny is on the other side of the room looking at a porno mag. Derek watches porn on a laptop sitting on a desk.

They do not know each other. But they are here for one purpose. They have gathered together to gangbang a prostitute being provided to them.

The door slides open and Wanda appears. She’s a full figured, sultry blonde standing at about five feet five inches. She is shorter than the men in the room.

She wears a very short black dress, fishnet stockings, and high heels. Her outfit proudly proclaims she is a slut. But she is here only for herself.

She walks right up to Chet sitting on the bed, now having his full attention. She paws his chest as he smiles at her. She teasingly rubs his crotch where a bulge starts to grow. Then she haughtily pushes him backward onto the bed.

She walks over to Allan who is all but drooling. She examines him closely, taking in the heady aroma of his manliness. She moves close to kiss his lips. But she smiles as she puts a hand between them, giving him a “humpf” before moving on.

She walks across to Manny who has been watching the entire time. He gives her his most charming smile. She runs a hand over his bare chest, noticing the growing bulge in his jeans. Then she gives him a derisive “Hah” before giving him the cold shoulder.

She goes over to Derek and gives him a good looking over. He eyes her up and down, no doubt looking forward to sticking his dick in one of her holes. She just snorts with disgust.

Wanda moves to the middle of the room as the guys get up and come over to surround her. She examines them all a second time. Then she rolls her eyes and looks upward as though asking, “Really? This is all you’ve got for me?”

They reach out to touch her body. But she shows no enthusiasm. They feel her up and grope her mounds. But she acts bored.

A couple try to kiss her. But she coldly turns her head away. She’s not the least bit interested.

They start lifting the hem of her short dress to feel up the skimpy garment covering her holes. She does not respond. Seeing her lack of enthusiasm makes them become frustrated.

Chet angrily goes over to the bed and grabs a remote control. One button makes a small section of ceiling slide open. Another causes a thick, black noose to lower.

He gives Wanda an ominous, leering look. She looks up at the noose and snorts. Her expression says, “Really? That’s all you’ve got for me?”

Manny grabs the noose and rubs it all over her as though trying to intimidate her. She doesn’t act the slightest bit afraid. As a result, her “customers” become more irritated.

Hands grope and paw, working together to force her out of her dress. She’s left in a thin black top that partially covers her mounds. A small set of bottoms protect her crotch. Both pieces have little white, plastic clips holding each one together.

On her right Manny pulls the noose down and loops it around her throat. She doesn’t even acknowledge his presence. He snugs it up, tightening it up behind her right ear. She doesn’t resist.

The fishnet stockings and heels are roughly removed. She grunts once, but otherwise she makes no move to stop them. It’s as though she believes they are beneath her and are not a threat.

The men pull her top aside, exposing her mounds. Her nipples are erect, her breasts quivering. But she doesn’t seem to mind, even as she casually loops one hand over Chet’s shoulder while another goes over Derek’s. It’s as though she doesn’t care what they do to her.

Manny takes the remote and activates the controls. The noose tightens, tipping her head. Amazingly she continues with her haughty attitude.

Derek and Chet start sucking on her nipples. Wanda acts uninterested. That’s when Allan pops the little clips to her top, allowing it to fall into his hands.

He tugs on the noose while looking at the others. They all nod in agreement. That’s when he grabs Wanda’s arms and forcefully pulls them behind her back, securing her wrists with her top. Wanda forces a yawn to indicate her lack of interest.

Chet and Derek pop the little white clips holding her bottoms in place. The garment falls away. Then all four begin groping, fondling and molesting her.

Hands and mouths are all over her. Fingers slide in and out of her cunt, which has slickened from her juices. She may act disinterested. But her body cannot reject the sensations she is experiencing.

The guys all nod at each other. Then they step back, giving Wanda all the space she needs. Manny operates the controls to the remote, and the rope pulls Wanda to her toes.

She trembles as she shifts around on the balls of her feet. The guys watch her for any signs of contrition. But there are none.

They all remove their jeans and briefs, revealing four impressive erections. Wanda doesn’t acknowledge their lust and desire in the slightest. She tries to fake another yawn, even as the rope makes it a challenge to breathe.

The guys silently motion at Wanda as though trying to figure out what to do with her. Chet grabs an imaginary noose around his neck and pulls, tilting his head to one side and making a face while sticking his tongue out as though telling them, “Let’s hang the bitch.” The others nod in agreement.

They look at Wanda as she looks back at them with disinterest despite the rope around her neck. She looks as though she doesn’t care and that she’s daring them to hang her. Manny’s face clouds angrily as he pushes a button.

Wanda gawks as she’s lifted up into the air. It is evident she’s in pain. But even now she tries not to show it.

Her legs flutter for the floor below, her toes wriggling and curling. Then she begins to kick. She’s certainly feeling it now. But she looks at them as though sneering, “Really?”

Derek and Manny walk up to her and grab her legs, obscenely splitting them apart. Chet walks up and sticks his dick into her. She rasps and gurgles as Allan savagely gropes her mounds while she’s being fucked.

After a nice, long fuck, Chet pulls out to leave a white creamy substance leaking out of her hole.  Allan steps up to take his place as Derek and Manny continue to keep her legs spread. But this time Allan forces his dick up her ass.

Wanda jerks and gurgles as he fucks her hard. When he eventually pulls out, a second load trickles down her inner thighs. Then Derek and Manny let go, allowing her to dangle as her legs kick weakly.

This time Chet and Allan grab her legs and pull them apart again, revealing Wanda’s well fucked pussy with cream leaking out. Manny moves in to add his load, fucking her hard while Derek savagely mauls her tits. Wanda jerks and gurgles, her face red and her neck appearing to lengthen a little.

When Manny is done, a second deposit has been uploaded into her cunt. That’s when Derek steps up and cruelly shoves his dick up her previously fucked ass. He gives it to her nice and hard, enjoying the way she flinches and jerks.

When he is done, he pulls out, leaving a matching second load leaking out of her ass. Then Chet and Allan let go of her legs. The guys all step back and stroke themselves as Wanda tiredly sways back and forth.

She hitches and jerks as a stream of urine trickles down her legs and splatters the floor. Her tongue protrudes out of her mouth as her eyes glaze over. Then the guys start pushing her naked body back and forth, setting it to swinging as they stroke themselves.

When it looks like she is gone, they step up to her one by one, shooting one last load on her pussy and tummy. Wanda gets all four loads to cream her naked body. Then the guys grab their clothes and walk out of the room, leaving Wanda’s naked body gently swaying back and forth as her well-fucked corpse twists and turns…

2018 (written for Sadie May 24 ‘18 by riwa)

(Inspired by a Sadie manip which I included.)

Kim gives in

Lawrence tried hard to get me to go out on a date with him. I dragged him along for weeks. In fact I found it so amusing the way he pursued me that I dragged it on for months. We kept flirting at the office, but every time he made a pass I politely turned him down. I didn’t want to give in, but I didn’t want to discourage him either as I was enjoying all the fun we were having.

His features were chiseled and rugged; he was handsome and dressed well. I don’t know what it was that made me drag things on like I did. Maybe I was just enjoying the game.

One night at an office party I had one drink too many. My inhibitions were lowered enough for Lawrence to make his move. When he invited me back to his place I was too horny and intoxicated to say no.

Once we got back to his place we wasted no time locking lips and making out. I was getting hornier by the moment. But I had enough presence of mind to know what I was doing and what I wanted.

I told him I wanted him bad, and he devoured me with his lips. But still he wouldn’t take me. Now I was getting frustrated.

“Please!” I begged as he kissed me all over. “Lawrence I want it so bad! This is your chance! You’ve been pursuing me for months!”

“How bad to you want it, Kim?” he murmured.

“Gawd; Lawrence; I’ll do anything!”


“Yes, damn you! I’m so fucking wet I can’t hardly stand it!”

He took me deeper into his home, making me hope we were heading to his bedroom. Instead we entered some sort of playroom. There was a wooden cross with straps, a bed with restraints on the corners, and a table with all sorts of sex toys. Off in a corner a thick noose dangled ominously.

I stiffened as I looked all around. “Who the hell are you, Lawrence?”

“I’m a man who wants to possess you tonight, Kim. Do you want to be possessed?”

“I… I don’t… damn, Lawrence!”

He removed his tie and slowly brought my arms behind my back. I stiffened, but for some reason I didn’t stop him as he tied my wrists together. Then he took me over and sat me underneath the noose on a raised stool.

“Lawrence, I don’t… I don’t want…” That’s when he pulled down a corner of my dress, deliberately exposing my left breast. I inhaled sharply, torn between desire and alarm.

He kissed and sucked on my nipple until I was writhing and moaning. “Fuck me, Lawrence; damn you!” In response he pulled down the noose, slipped it around my throat and then tightened it up.

“Lawrence?? What the fuck are you…?” Then he pulled down my panties. I was wet as hell.

He began licking my pussy as I sat there, arms behind my back and that damned noose around my neck. It scared the shit out of me. But it was also more arousing than anything I’d ever experienced before. Besides, the bastard seemed to know exactly what he was doing.

I gasped; I moaned; I trembled; I leaked from an insane arousal. He knew exactly where and how to apply his tongue. I was going crazy with desire, my intoxication hindering my common sense just enough.

“Oh Lawrence!” I moaned. “Damn you!” Then he licked a cum right out of me. It was better than any time I had ever masturbated.

He finally paused to look me right in the eye. “Do you want more, Kim?”

“Damn you, Lawrence!”

“Do you want more?” Two fingers wriggled in my slit, making me writhe as I whimpered, “Yes, damn you!”

He grabbed on the end of the rope and pulled me to my feet. I gawked as the noose tightened. I gasped his name in alarm, only for him to pull me up onto the balls of my feet. Then he tied off that damned rope.

I shuffled around on my toes, trying like hell not to strangle myself. I gasped, “Lawrence… you’ve got… too… tight…” Then he unzipped his fly. Gawd; his dick looked incredible!

He came right up to me and rubbed it against me. “Do you want it, Kim?”

“Gawd, Lawrence! Take *rasp* take me down!” *gawk*

“Kim, do you want it?”


In desperation I wrapped my legs around him, strangling myself even more during the attempt. I tried to climb him until I finally felt the tip of his cock against my pussy. Somehow I wriggled around until I got him to impale me with it.

The sensation was incredible, unlike anything I’d ever felt before. The asphyxiation was doing strangely arousing things to me. He just stood there smiling at me.

I glurked an obscenity as I started riding him. Up and down, up and down… my hungering womanhood trying to take him deep. I found myself clenching around his thick shaft. When the bastard stuck a finger up my ass it really made me clamp on tight!

I was torn between my desire for his cock and my desire for air. I worked myself up and down, trying to ride him while at the same time working to ease the strain around my throat. My lusts won out as I strangled myself while impaling myself on his gorgeous member.

The orgasm that hit was as massive as it was unexpected. I stiffened and then shuddered as my pussy furiously milked him. It was unlike anything I’d ever felt before.

It was at that point he started fucking me. “I want you, Kim,” he breathed as he started to pump me. Gawd; it was such a fucking turn-on to be wanted by him like that – bound, noosed, strangled and fucked!

I felt him swell inside me. That’s when he stuck two fingers up my ass. I gawked as I clenched around his throbbing shaft until he emptied himself deep inside me. That’s when I came even harder than the last time.

We both panted for breath as I hung limp on his shaft, my legs dangling. Then he slowly pulled out, his cum running down my thighs. That’s when I realized I couldn’t find the floor!

My toes fluttered as he smiled at me. I tried to gasp my alarm, but I couldn’t force any words out. My windpipe had been all but closed off. When the hell had he tightened my noose??

He went over to his table and got a couple of toys as I kicked and twisted. “Let’s see how long you can keep these inside you, Kim.” Then he pushed a vibrating dildo up my cunt while shoving another up my ass.

I gawked as my legs started to kick. I furiously milked both toys inside me as I started to hump. I was fucking them while hanging from the noose! Gawd, I couldn’t stop fucking them!!

“I want you, Kim,” he breathed as he started to stroke himself. “I want you to hang so bad!” That’s when my eyes flew open in astonishment and horror.

I began to kick and jerk as I tried to shake the noose off from around my neck. My arms jerked behind my back as I tried to free myself. The whole time I clenched and fucked those two vibrating dildos up my holes. And he just stood there stroking himself the whole time as he watched me!!

Gawd; he was hanging me! He really wanted to hang me!! I couldn’t… I didn’t… this was insane! And yet… and yet I… and yet strangely it was as though I wanted to hang for him.

It swelled within me until I couldn’t hold back. Then I was humping the air, fucking those toys in my holes. That damned orgasm was the strongest one yet, and it battered me senseless.

It took everything out of me until I hung limp and lifeless. I could hardly breathe, could hardly think. I hear something hit the floor, and I vaguely realized I’d lost the one up my cunt.

“You want me to fuck you one last time; don’t you, Kim.” And with that the bastard stepped forward. He lifted me up and guided me until I felt part of his cock inside me.

I jerked and gurgled as I tried to fuck him… well, as my body instinctively tried to fuck him. My mind was in another plane as I hung between life and death. I felt a strange mixture of pain and pleasure.

My pussy clenched and spasmed until he started to swell inside me again. Then he was cumming… and I was cumming right along with him as I was fading away. I think I peed all over him. Then I spiraled away into oblivion, orgasming all the way down…

2017 (written Dec 3 ’17 by riwa)

(Inspired by a manip I found which I lncluded.)

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