Famous at the end – Nikki’s bagging


Cynthia Packmaster was sitting at her desk reviewing the ratings from their latest airing when her assistant buzzed the intercom. “Cynthia, there’s a Nikki Lotharinga here to see you. She wants to be on our show.”

Cynthia calmly put the paperwork away in a drawer. “Send her in, Jessie.” A moment later the door opened.

Cynthia took a long look at the pretty young blonde in the short black dress standing in the doorway. The top of the dress was showing an ample amount of cleavage from a set of large, attractive breasts. The hem of the garment barely concealed what was being worn underneath.

She was carrying a small paper bag that didn’t look like it contained very much. Cynthia wondered what this attractive woman could offer them and why she might want to kill herself. She motioned for her to have the seat directly in front of her desk.

The young woman accepted as she sat down. Clearly she was excited. In fact, she seemed to be trembling.

“Thank you very much, Mrs. Packmaster. I’ll get right to the point. My name is Nikki Lotharinga. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“How can we help you, Miss Lotharinga?

Nikki paused before smiling excitedly. “It’s simple really. I want to be on your show.”

“Do you understand the seriousness of what you are saying to me, Miss Lotharinga?”

“I fully understand, Miss Packmaster.”

Cynthia sat back in her chair and crossed her fingers. “Tell me why you want to be on our show, Miss Lotharinga?”

“I recently watched your show with Daisy, Miss Packwood… the one where she strangled herself to death on the bed? I could tell how turned on she was as she died. I want to die like that too. I want to be famous at the end.”

“What do you have to offer us, Nikki?”

“Just this, Miss Packwood.”

Nikki reached into her sack and pulled out a clear plastic bag. Cynthia looked at it skeptically. “You want to bag yourself, Miss Lotharinga?”

“Yes, ma’am. I want to bag myself on a bed just like what happened to Daisy.”

“I see.” Then she paused before adding, “It looks like I’ll need to call for an assistant after we sign all the paperwork.”

“Oh no, ma’am,” Nikki reassured her. “I can do all this myself. All you need to do is set up the cameras.”

“Are you sure?”

“Oh yes, ma’am. I’ve had lots of practice getting off while bagging myself. I can do all this on my own.”

“So is that all you will be doing for us, Miss Lotharinga?”

“Oh no, ma’am. I plan on cumming two or three times before I die. You see…” and she blushed with embarrassment. “Right now I have a vibrating egg in my pussy. And I have the remote in the sack. Once I get started I’ll simply turn it on and cum up a storm while I struggle to breathe.”

“And how do you propose to carry this out, Miss Lotharinga?”

“I’ll bag myself once as a practice run to show everyone what happens. I’ll even explain what’s happening to me. Afterwards I’ll remove the bag to catch my breath. Then I’ll do the second one for real.”

Cynthia leaned forward, intrigued at this young woman and her proposal. “Are you sure you want to go through with this, Miss Lotharinga? You realize we will not be able to bring you back.”

“Oh yes, Ma’am. A bunch of the girls from the sorority will be watching. They dared me to do this, and I want them to be watching when I go through with it. Besides, I’m hoping my airing gets better ratings than Daisy’s. I admired her enthusiasm and the way she went out. It looked very erotic.”

“Well, we can certainly record it for tomorrow night’s airing if you wish.”

“I’d really like that, Miss Packwood. In fact I’m so excited that I’m ready to get started. Besides, I’ve had this egg inside me for a while now and I really need to cum.”

“What do you plan on wearing for the show?”

“Oh, I’m just going to wear this, Miss Packwood. I don’t have to strip naked for this one. Besides, I think it shows how sexy I look without taking anything off. Everyone will still be able to tell when I’m cumming.

“Very well,” Cynthia said with a smile as she reached into a drawer. “I’m intrigued to see what you have planned for us, Miss Lotharinga. Let’s get the paperwork signed and get you into a room.”

Nikki sat on the bed and smiled at the camera. She’d already pulled out the items she would need from her bag. She was horny from having the egg inside her all day. She was eager to get started.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen,” she said to the camera positioned directly in front of her. “My name is Nikki Lotharinga. Tonight I’m going to be bagging myself for your viewing pleasure. I’m going to be Famous at the End.”

“I’d like to give a shout-out to all the sorority girls at Phi Omicron Rho Nu. I bet you didn’t think I was going to go through with it, did you. Well you were wrong. Bagging has always been a sexual thrill for me. Tonight I plan on cumming up a storm while I die for your viewing pleasure. So let’s get started.”

She reached down and grabbed the bag she’d brought with her. “This is a clear, sealed bag,” she explained to the camera as she held it up. “Sometimes when I’m bagging myself I like to watch myself in a mirror. There’s a little monitor right here on this camera in front of me so I can watch what I’m doing. After all, I want to make sure I give you all a good show.”

She pulled the bag down over her head. Then she reached for some hosiery she’d brought with her. “These are my nylons,” she told the camera. “I wore them today into the studio. So I’m going to be sealing the bag with my own nylons.”

She wrapped then around her neck, securing them behind her head. She felt a surge of excitement at what she was doing. She hoped she hadn’t tied them too tightly as she wanted to give the viewing audience a couple of performances.

She smiled as she reached for another set of hosiery. “Next, I tie my arms behind my back so I can’t interfere with the fun I’m going to have. With my arms secured, it means I’m going to cum so hard having all this breathless fun.”

She finished securing her arms. Then she reached down behind her and activated the remote behind her back that was hidden out of sight. The egg instantly buzzed to life.

“There,” she panted breathlessly. “Now all I do is lie back and enjoy the orgasms.” And with that she went backward onto the bed, revealing the white panties she was wearing underneath her dress.

She began to writhe and moan as her breath got stale inside the bag. She wriggled and squirmed, her pussy clenching around the buzzing egg. “Oh gawd!” she moaned aloud.

The bag began to inflate and deflate as she lay there moaning like crazy. She writhed and wriggled until it finally crested. “FUCK!” she cried out as she stiffened and then shuddered hard in orgasm.

Nikki abruptly rose up into a sitting position. She frantically fumbled to shed the nylons securing her wrists together. It was obvious to one and all she was breathing heavy, the bag inflating and deflating.

She finally got her arms free. Nikki frantically unwound the nylons around her neck. Then she pulled the bag open, receiving an influx of fresh air.

She panted like crazy as she waved her hand across her face. “Wow,” she told the camera. “That one really got me off. I’ve been horny all day; I really needed that orgasm.”

“So that’s how I bag myself into having juicy orgasms,” she told the camera. “Now it’s time to go all the way. I’ll talk you through this as much as I can.” Then she paused before adding, “I’m so excited I might just cum again before I even get the bag over my head.”

She picked it back up and pulled it down over her head. “I should tell you all I have a vibrating egg inside my pussy, helping me with these wonderful orgasms. I’m really looking forward to this next one. Now I’ve got to get this all sealed up.”

She wrapped the nylons around her neck again. “They feel good around my throat,” she said in a quivering voice. “Gawd; I’m so fucking excited. Oops; sorry about my language.”

She grabbed the other nylons and worked them behind her. “Now I’m tying my wrists behind my back again. This time I’m putting a harder knot in them so I can’t get free. I don’t want to spoil the fun for all you viewers… especially my sisters back at the sorority.”

She got them as tight as she could. “Gawd, I feel another orgasm coming on! I think I’d better lie down for this one, folks!” Then she went over onto her back.

She panted like crazy as she began writhing and wriggling. Her moans were audible as she gasped, “Oh gawd… oh fuck… I’m really doing this… oh gawd; I’m going to cum!”

She began to wriggle and squirm as she gasped and moaned. Then she stiffened as she cried out, “FUCK, I’M… FUCK!” Then she shuddered hard in orgasm.

She rose up to smile at the camera, dizzy and breathless as the bag started to cling to her face. “This is it,” she said, struggling to breathe. “It’s getting… harder now… egg is buzzing… I think… I’m gonna have… one more…”

She tried to take in a decent breath, only to pull the plastic into her mouth. “Getting harder…” she tried to speak, only to suck the plastic hard into her mouth as she tried to breathe again.

She began to struggle, her arms jerking behind her back. The plastic kept sucking to her face until she exhaled. It was clear she was getting dizzy. She was also moaning as her body appeared to be wriggling and squirming.

She tried to look at the camera. But now her face was showing the agony from lack of air. It looked like she was beginning to panic.

She went over backward onto the bed, her body writhing. The moans were barely audible as she humped upon the bed. She appeared to stiffen before she shuddered hard.

Nikki’s lips began to turn blue as the bag clung to her face. It looked like she was hardly breathing at all. Her panties were visibly soaked as she humped a little more.

She shuddered hard again as though cumming one last time. But it appeared she was no longer breathing. She lifelessly gazed upward with a vacant expression on her face.

In the control room Cynthia watched the monitor with a glazed look in her eyes. She was extremely aroused as Nikki lay there unmoving. “Gawd!” she panted rapturously.

The scene remained like that for several minutes as the camera took a close-up of the lifeless woman’s face. Her eyes had glazed over and there was a bluish tint to her expression. Then the voice of Cynthia’s assistant climaxed the scene by saying, “There she is, ladies and gentlemen… Nikki Lotharinga… Famous at the End. Thank you so much, Nikki.” Then the image faded as the cameras were shut off…

© 2018 (written Jan 17 ’18 by riwa)

(vidcaps are from a clip I found and are used for illustration purposes only.)

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