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Breath-hold bondage (m/m) 3.9 (14)

Alex and Dean experiment with a little breath-hold bondage after hours at the pool. Continue reading

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Drowning Emma 4.5 (21)

How would I drown Emma? I think I have an idea. How about a rising water peril? Continue reading

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Riwa’s Stories at Patreon 4 (4)

Coming November rewards The concluding Shelly in Cancun chapter. Another Santa and the asphyxia sisters chapter. Another Mr. Wayne and the club chapter. Another Melissa chapter. A story about Pat’s gasper girls. The two biker chicks are back. They’ve found … Continue reading

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If you cum, you die (graphic) 4 (27)

Jodie has a sexual encounter with a man who threatens her life if she should happen to cum. Continue reading

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Famous At The End – Faye and the audition clip 4.6 (32)

Faye and her husband Randy want to appear on the TV show Famous At The End. So they submit an audition tape in the hopes they will be accepted. Continue reading

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Boyfriend next door 1-4 4 (27)

Kristen’s boyfriend next door comes over to work on the pool shed. Mrs. K invites him to join her naked in the hot tub afterwards as her way of saying thanks. But Mr. K is already sitting there naked. And when Kristen joins in later, it becomes an erotic little session in the hot tub. Continue reading

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Cindy Lou finds a guillotine 4.2 (31)

Cindy Lou follows a strange figure who leads her around a backyard corner to a guillotine. The figure disappears, but she is strangely aroused and decides to stick her head in the lunette just for the experience. Then she masturbates as she imagines her beheading. Continue reading

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