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The nightclub hanging 4.6 (24)

A young woman volunteers to hang at a nightclub. Continue reading

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Riwa’s Stories at Patreon 4 (3)

Coming October rewards The final Joia chapter. Another Shelly chapter as we approach the climax to the story. Another Mr. Wayne chapter. A third chapter to Santa and the two sisters. A third chapter to the Melissa story. A “dry” … Continue reading

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AF’s Casting Call 3.9 (16)

A producer attempts to cast a woman in one of his films, only to accidentally drown her. When he attempts to cast a second actress he attempts to drown her as well. But the first one returns and saves her life, only for the producer to attempt to drown them both. Continue reading

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Luring a French maid (to her hanging) 4.1 (21)

Her winning costume earns her a photo shoot that turns deadly. Continue reading

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A short interrogation 2.4 (19)

What happens when Dorothy and her brothel girls are interrogated by the Gestapo during WW II and choose not to give satisfactory answers? Continue reading

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Acting out Riwa’s story 4.6 (31)

She decides to act out a Riwa story, even though it means she has to hold her breath a long time. Continue reading

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