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Late for work

A task-oriented underwater story where a female gets herself into trouble because she’s going to be late for work. Continue reading

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Victor’s Guillotine 3

After a while James, Dorothy and Julie go back down to the guillotine room. Several couples are already there taking turns riding it. Dorothy decides to take a turn as well. Continue reading

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Update – Riwas Reads and Patreon

My products to UWFetish are slowly being restored. In order to meet the requirements of the processing company, certain words and phrases had to be edited. It is taking time to restore products. In the meantime some are back up, … Continue reading

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Brother and Sister at the Snuff Club 2

Janelle convinces her brother to take her to the Snuff Club. They gather up the funds they need while Janelle finds something appropriate to wear, a garment that is seen by her mother and her boy-toy. Continue reading

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The Anniversary

They travel to a motel for their anniversary. But it’s clear something isn’t right. After dinner they use the pool because she likes sex underwater. But there’s more going on than meets the eye. Continue reading

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Victor’s Guillotine 2

Julie decides to experience being locked into the guillotine, only to discover she’s now got to ride it for five minutes. Continue reading

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August 3, 2017 UWFetish and Patreon

There was a recent payment issue with UWFetish. Some stories and video clips with certain content were pulled due to issues with payment processing. Certain words found in the titles and descriptions made them… squeamish, shall we say? In order … Continue reading

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