Victor’s Guillotine 3



I was tempted to stay and watch Victoria with Louisa. But it was early with the guillotine as I had just ridden it first. Besides, I wanted a good, stiff drink to steady my nerves.

Dorothy could tell I needed something. “C’mon, love,” she said as she grabbed my arm. “I know just what you need.” And with that we left the ladies to have their guillotine fun as we headed upstairs.

James followed us up as we went to the main floor. Dorothy led us over to a wetbar. A nice looking woman named Lorraine who might have been Victor’s wife was there to fix something for us.

Dottie ordered something for me she told me she liked that usually settled her nerves. Lorraine promptly fixed the same drink for all three of us. I took a gulp and felt the warmth of the refreshing concoction go right through me.

It did seem to make me feel better. Then Dorothy’s husband smiled as he asked, “So tell me, Julie. How did you like your first ride in the guillotine?”

“It was… I was… I guess I don’t know how to answer that, James. I was scared… excited… terrified… aroused… I don’t know. I sure was wet and embarrassed the way I was licked and fingered. But watching that timer tick on the wall in front of me was bloody unsettling, even though I was the first one to use it. I kept thinking, ‘I have to ride this for five minutes?? What if the blade comes down early? What if I lose my head?’ “

Dorothy chuckled at me as she took another sip of her drink. “Helluva rush, wouldn’t you agree?”

“I don’t think I ever want to do that again, Dorothy. I don’t know how you do it. I mean, the orgasm was intense as hell. Yet I could feel this massive surge of terror ripple through me as though I’d just made the biggest mistake of my life.”

“So you’re never going to ride it again; is that it?” James looked at me dubiously as though he wasn’t sure he believed me.

“Oh hell no! Never in a million… well, never in a thousand… I can’t imagine I’d ever…” I paused as I thought about it before quietly murmuring, “Oh bloody hell.”

“She’s going to ride it again, James! I can see it in her eyes!”

He laughed at his wife’s reaction. I stared at her incredulously. “Dorothy?? Are you bloody crazy?”

“I can tell, love. You hesitated while you were talking about it. You’re already thinking about riding it again, aren’t you?”

“No, I’m bloody hell not!”

“Hah!” Then she held her glass in a toast to her husband as she declared, “Here’s to watching Julie riding the guillotine again before we go home.”

James responded by making a toast of his own. “Here’s to me wondering if my blushing bride will still have her head attached when we leave.” Dorothy just got this faraway look in her eyes before hastily downing the rest of her drink.

We wandered around meeting people before getting a little bite to eat. We saw Victoria and Louisa had returned to the main floor. She loudly told Victor he wouldn’t be cooking Louisa right now, but he might get another shot later in the afternoon. That generated some laughter and applause.

It was a very informal get-together. People milled around visiting with each other. I could hear some of his guests talking sports and politics. But those were topics I had no interest in. My mind was on that bloody machine set up down in the basement.

I saw Dorothy start to get all fidgety. Then she looped her arm through her husband’s. “Wanna go downstairs for some guillotine roulette, love?”

“Are you trying to make me a widow? Or are you simply interested in seeing if Victor can fix me a special plate of your sweet ass medium rare?”

“You’ll never know unless we go on down and give it a whirl, love. Besides, your cock gets so hard when you’re fucking me in the guillotine. Deep down I think you want to feel what my body will do once the blade drops.”

There was something in her eyes that made me think she was itching to go back down and try it out. “How about you, love?” she asked me with a knowing smile. “Care to give it another go?”

“I’m not sure,” I stammered nervously.

Thing of it is: I was actually giving it some thought. But I had no one to fuck me. And I didn’t want to ask Dorothy if I could borrow her husband once I got the nerve.

“Let’s go see who’s riding the guillotine,” she told me with a smile as she grabbed my arm. I could tell she was becoming rather breathless about the whole thing. I didn’t think she was going to be satisfied until she had a go at it.

I looked at James who just shook his head good-naturedly. I wasn’t sure I would have been so accepting of risking my spouse for a game of guillotine roulette. But I could certainly understand what Dottie saw in taking the crazy chance.

We made our way downstairs, only to hear voices drifting up from the basement. It sounded like there were people down in his guillotine room. Would James and Dottie have an audience when they took their turn?

When we got down there I saw 4 couples. One was using the machine while the others cheered them on. Some were dressed and some were naked.

The first thing I did was glance at the time on that monitor on the wall. It read 58:14… 58:15… 58:16. They were almost an hour into the two hour limit Victor had built into the damned thing.

A couple who must have been in their late forties or early fifties were standing there naked. Both looked like they were really tanned except for white outlines around her B-cup breasts and highlighting both their crotches, hers showing a bit of a bush. His cock was hard and she was absentmindedly stroking it.

There was an older couple standing there still dressed. He had a short, white beard and she had short, dark permed hair that was greying in spots. They hadn’t undressed, although I could tell he had a bulge. Did that mean they were going to use it soon? Or were they just enjoying the show?

I saw a naked young couple standing there watching. He had a long, thick cock that was noticeably hard. She had blonde hair that came down past her shoulders, and was almost a head shorter than her companion. She too was stroking his cock as they watched, with him reaching around her back to grope one of her large boobs.

Using the guillotine was a couple who looked to be in their early 40’s. She had short, dark blonde hair and was strapped in as her partner fucked her from behind. He had a receding hairline and was giving it to her good.

The early fifties couple saw us walk up. The female remarked, “It looks like Dorothy and James have arrived for a turn. You’ll have to wait until Ken and Sybil are done using it, love!” They smiled knowingly at us as though already assuming Dottie was going for a ride.

Dorothy looked excitedly at the couple in the guillotine. I’m not sure if it mattered if she was in it or whether it was someone else. Her reaction seemed to be the same: one of lustful excitement. As for James, I noticed he was already sporting a bulge.

Ken was really giving it to Sybil while she lay strapped down to the guillotine. They didn’t seem to mind some of the couples were naked while watching them. The early fifties couple caught my questioning look and smiled.

“I’m Joyce and this is my husband Warren. We’ve already had our turn. The Wylie’s are in it now, and the Sampson’s are thinking about going next. Isn’t that right?” she called over to them.

The naked young blonde smiled at us. “We might let Dottie go next. That will increase the risk and excitement for us if we wait. I’m Rita and this is my boyfriend Jeff. As you can tell…” and she pulled on his hard, thick manhood “…he’s really enjoying the show.”

I saw the timer on the wall pass the one hour mark. If anything it made Sybil gasp with excitement. She let out a cry of “Ohmygawd; I’m cumming!” as her husband rammed her hard.

She let out an orgasmic scream as he thrust hard into her pussy. I couldn’t believe I was watching her orgasm right there on the guillotine with others looking on. It made me blush… and yet I was terribly aroused.

He pulled out of her cunt, and I saw a little cream leak out of her pussy onto the bench. Joyce reached over and popped the latch to the lunette. The timer stopped at 1:02:47.

“Gawd, that was incredible!” Sybil gasped in the guillotine. “Every time I ride this bloody thing it just keeps getting better and better!”

“One of these days that blade’s going to fall,” her husband reminded her as he helped unstrap her. “What are we going to tell our kids then?”

“I guess you’ll just have to get them a new mum,” she panted. “This bloody thing’s addictive!”

When he helped her to her feet I saw moisture on the bench. The wife of the older, clothed couple smiled as she took a rag and wiped it down. “We’re Esther and Melvin Ryerson,” she told me. “I’m still working up the nerve to go for a ride.”

“You should definitely try it out!” Sybil gasped. I know she had just come off the thing with her head still intact and her body alive in orgasm. But what if that didn’t work out for the next couple??

“You’re next,” Melvin told the younger Sampsons. His wife looked admiringly at Jeff’s thick cock as though she was eager to watch him fuck his girlfriend with it.

“Shall we let Dottie go first?” she told her boyfriend. “We can let her go first if you want.”

“Oh no,” Dorothy waved at them. “You two can go next if you want. I’m willing to wait.” Was she really that willing to delay and risk a greater chance of losing her head?

“Dorothy always has such loud, lovely orgasms,” Joyce observed. “She can go next if she wants.” Then she gave a sly wink as she added, “Maybe this time James will get lucky.”

I was wondering how long this indecision was going to go on. James made the decision when he started helping undress his wife. “C’mon, love. Might as well go now. This may be your big moment, although it’s certainly nothing to lose your head over.”

Everyone had a good laugh at that as they both got undressed. I was beginning to feel a little self-conscious still being in my sundress. At least the older Ryersons were still fully clothed.

James cock sprung free as he dropped his briefs. Dorothy sat on the bench and gave him a few sucks to get him harder. I couldn’t believe she was blowing him right there in front of everyone!

She smiled at me as she said, “Guess I’d better do this now as I might not get another chance to taste him if my head comes off.” I could tell she was both nervous and excited. She almost looked like she was starting to become a little hesitant.

She finally stopped sucking him before laying herself out flat on the bench on her stomach. Her legs hung off the end, bent at the knees just like Sybil previously. Joyce and Sybil helped James strap her down. Then Joyce reached over for the latch as she smiled at Dorothy’s husband…

“Ready when you are, James.”

He nodded as he thrust into Dottie’s wet pussy. Joyce pulled the latch down, locking the lunette. Once more the timer on the wall began ticking.

“Oh bloody hell!” Dorothy gasped as her husband started shafting her. The women cheered her on while the guys watched and whistled appreciatively. Every cock was hard watching her get fucked in the guillotine.

I became breathless as I watched. My knickers were getting wet under my sundress. I couldn’t believe I was watching Dorothy and James fuck naked in the guillotine right in front of me! And I couldn’t believe I was actually considering going for a ride myself!!

The timer passed the 1:05:00 mark. James fucked her nice and slow as though he was taking his time. She gasped and moaned, her eyes glued to the timer in front of her.

“Gawd; look at her!” Sybil gasped appreciatively. “She really loves it!”

Ken smiled as he replied, “Maybe Victor will get a chance to roast her up if the blade falls.” James just smiled at them as Dottie gasped and whimpered.

They passed their five minutes in the guillotine and kept right on fucking. Dorothy became more and more excited as though she was about to go nuts. Then James rammed her really hard.

She screamed his name in orgasm as she shuddered hard while he pumped her full of his seed. I stared at the blade, watching in awe as I wondered if this might be the moment it might come plummeting down. Then James slowly pulled out, panting for breath.

I saw a little spunk leak out of her pussy onto the bench. This time it was Sybil who stepped up and popped the latch to the lunette. The clock stopped at 1:09:13

“Bloody hell that looked good!” young Rita gasped.

“Dottie always puts on a show,” Joyce replied with a smile. “That one looked like it was bloody good!”

James unstrapped her as Sybil helped pull the lunette up off her neck. Dorothy’s eyes were glazed over. A moment later she shivered as though she’d just endured an aftershock.

“Bloody hell, love!” she panted at her husband as she sat on the bench. She took his cock and sucked it clean while sitting there trying to compose herself. Then she got up from the bench on wobbly legs.

“Now that’s a lovely bird who enjoys riding the guillotine,” Melvin observed. He looked at his wife and asked, “So what do you think?”

“Maybe,” she panted, clutching her chest from the excitement of it all.

“I guess we’re next,” Rita told everyone with a smile. Esther quickly wiped off the bench with the rag, making sure she got all of James dripping cream. Then Rita took a seat.

She pulled Jeff to her and took his hardened member deep down her throat. I wondered if maybe she was showing off a little. Then she gasped as she took him out of her mouth, telling him, “Just in case that’s the last time I get to blow you, baby.”

She willingly sprawled out face down onto the bench. Jeff and a couple ladies helped strap her down to expedite the process. Then Joyce got ready to secure the latch that would start the timer.

“Ready for the ride of your life?” she asked Rita, patting her on the head. “Bloody hell; I’m so jealous of that cock of his!”

“You should be,” Rita chuckled. Then she gasped as Jeff pushed it all the way inside her. At the same time Joyce latched the lunette, triggering the timer.

She let out a cry of “Gawd, that feels good!” Then he started thrusting in and out as the timer resumed its mission. For some reason I felt a strange shudder of anticipation.

It happened so fast it caught us all off guard. One moment we were watching Rita get fucked by her boyfriend. The next the blade came down with a whoosh, bottoming out with a loud thump. Rita’s head just disappeared into the wicker basket below as blood started pouring out of her severed neck. The timer had stopped at 1:10:51, barely a minute and a half in.

We all jumped with an “AAUUGGHH!” the moment the blade fell. Jeff cried out, “BLOODY HELL!” as his girlfriend’s headless body started hitching and jerking around on the bench. Dorothy let out an orgasmic cry… and then promptly fainted dead away. After all, had she delayed, that would now be her lying there without that pretty head on her shoulders…

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