Brother and Sister at the Snuff Club 2



I think I scared him over wanting to go to the club because Stewart backed things off. For a couple days we didn’t even fuck… and he certainly didn’t hang me out in the garage. I didn’t want to pressure him or anything. But the fantasies remained strong… and my desire for orgasms even stronger.

One night I just had to experience what it was like to feel the noose around my neck again. Maybe it was because mom was up fucking another boy-toy in the master bedroom. Boy, were they loud! It made me horny as fuck!

I went off to locate Stew, hoping I could entice him to string me up in the garage. But he was masturbating alone in his bedroom. I felt bad he didn’t want to fuck me, so I left him alone.

I went off to the garage to play with myself. I stripped out of my clothes before stringing up the rope. Then I made a noose which I looped around my throat without using the strap to protect my skin.

I was feeling a little sorry for myself… or maybe I was really horny. Anyway I ran the other end through my crotch. Then I pulled on the free end through my pussy lips as I tried to apply some weight to the noose around my neck.

The rope dug into my cunt, which gave me wonderful pain and pleasure. But it wasn’t quite what I was looking for. I wanted more.

I paused and looked all around for a way to carefully hang myself. I was so horny that I wanted my breath to be cut off as I dangled a little. But I needed a way to get myself up into the air.

Daddy had a small tool box that looked sturdy enough to stand on. So I dragged it directly under the noose. Then I got the strap for my neck because I wanted to make things last longer.

I probably shouldn’t have, but I tied off one end of the rope, measuring the length of the noose hanging in the air. I carefully stepped up on daddy’s tool box and slipped my head through. I had to stretch up on my toes and pull it down around my neck, but I made it.

I had a little coil of rope in my hand which I used to try tying my hands behind my back. I wanted to feel that bondage experience while I was up in the air. It was awkward, and I nearly slipped off the tool box. But the thought of accidentally hanging myself for real was an incredible turn-on.

The noose wasn’t too tight yet, but it did give me a nice, choked feeling. I experimented by bending my knees a few times to put more pressure on the rope around my throat. I was a little unsteady; I was dripping wet; and the urge to just let go and hang myself was almost overwhelming.

The door to the garage suddenly opened. It startled me so much I lost my footing on the toolbox. I tried to get it back, but I couldn’t.

My breath was partially cut off as my toes fluttered six inches off the floor. Stew came over to me as I dangled right there in front of him. I was scared, but I was also so damned turned on knowing he was right there watching me. I decided if I didn’t make it at least he would have a good memory to jack off to.

The noose tightened more as I kicked a little. It got harder to breathe as my arms jerked around behind my back. My body wanted to free itself, but I couldn’t work that damned rope off my wrists.

Stew walked up to me and stood there for a moment. Then he pulled down his pants and briefs. He had a massive erection.

He had this look in his eyes as he stepped forward. I stretched my legs out and pulled him to me, impaling myself on his shaft. I think I wanted air more than I wanted to fuck him.

I was able to relieve the strain around my neck. Stew felt incredible filling me like that. Then I found myself wondering if he was fed up with me and whether or not he was going to give me a flying fuck before simply letting me hang.

Fuck; that did it! My pussy clenched around his cock inside me as I shuddered hard in orgasm. He didn’t have to do anything; my breathless, aching body did all the work.

I rode that 8 inch dick of his as the noose threatened to cut off my breath entirely. He just looked at me as though he couldn’t decide what to do with me. I heard him murmur, “I should let you hang for this!” Then he grabbed me and pulled me downward, increasing the strain around my neck.

“Should I leave you here, Janelle? Maybe I should let mom and dad find you out here. Or would you rather hang right in front of them as they watch you die.”

I gurgled as his cock went off inside me. That set me off again as I climaxed all over his dick. Then he slowly stepped away until I lost him with my legs.

I swung back and forth, my toes frantically fluttering for the floor that now seemed so far away. I could feel his cum leaking out of my pussy. My hands jerked feebly behind my back, but by the time I got them loose I knew it was going to be too late.

For a moment I thought for sure he was going to let me hang. The idea both terrified and thrilled me. Then he went over and pulled the knot in the rope I’d set.

I came crashing down none too gentle. Then he came over to me, shaking his head. “That wasn’t very smart, Janelle.”

“I know,” I admitted with a raspy voice as he removed the noose and untied my wrists. “But I heard mom fucking… and you were masturbating and… and you didn’t want me and… and I was so fucking horny for the noose that I…”

“It’s not that I didn’t want you, sis. It’s just that I don’t want to… uh…” That’s when I saw it in his eyes.

“You want to hang me; don’t you, Stew.”

“No, Janelle. It’s just that I don’t, uh… want to lose control and, uh…”

“But you do want to lose control, don’t you, Stew. You want to hang me, don’t you.” That’s when he lowered his head in shame.

“I want you to fuck me, Stew. Then I want you to hang me.”

He looked at me and then lowered his head again. I rubbed my neck as it was just a little sore. “Ok, Stew. Tonight I’ll settle for just the fuck. How about that?”

He looked at me for a long moment. Then he gathered me up in his arms. I felt an erotic thrill as he carried me off to his bedroom.

I was pretty sure I was going to get it good. The idea of being roughly fucked by my brother made me horny as hell. My hanging could wait for another day…

He couldn’t talk me out of it. But deep down I think he wanted to watch me hang. Besides, I caught him more than once looking at that club website on the computer.

I suspected daddy looked at it too. The thought of him and Stew watching me hang to death on the Entertainment stage gave me a double thrill. Once I even imagined mom joining them to watch me. The mental image of the whole family watching me kick my life away made me wet as hell.

Occasionally we talked about when we were going to go to the club. He asked again about what mom and dad might think. I told him it got me hot imagining them watching me hang to death. But they were probably going to have to watch it on a video of the Club’s Greatest Hangings.

We pooled our resources and discovered we had more than enough to get inside. He told me we could always pick out a girl in line to take inside. I think he was wondering if we hung another girl maybe that would satisfy me.

I laughed as I told him that was always a possibility. Seeing another hanging would be a real turn-on. But I told him I knew he wanted to hang me and that I didn’t expect to make it out alive so he’d better start planning for that.

We weren’t sure when we were going to go. But fate made the decision for us. Actually, I think it was our parents who were the deciding factor.

Friday morning Daddy announced he had a business trip that was going to keep him away for the whole weekend. Mom gave him a knowing look, but said nothing. Stew and I suspected he had a hot slut he was going to be fucking while he was away.

That afternoon I overheard her placing a call. I recognized the name she used over the phone. She was calling in her favorite boy-toy for the weekend. That meant they were going to be fucking for hours.

I found Stew and told him I’d just heard mom on the phone and who she had coming over later. He looked at me as though he knew what would be going on between them over the weekend. Then he gave me this funny look as he quietly murmured, “Dad’s out of town… and tonight mom will be fucking for hours. Hmmm.”

I got those butterflies in my stomach as my face flushed with excitement. He was trying his best not to let it show. But I could tell he was thinking tonight might be a good night to hang me.

I got wet like you wouldn’t believe. Then this look of guilt spread across his face as he looked down at his feet. I almost got the shakes as I told him, “Let’s do it tonight, ok? I want to hang for you, Stew! I want to hang for you so fucking bad!”

He reluctantly agreed. Then he told me he was going to the bank to make a withdrawal. I told him I’d go through my closet to find something appropriate to wear.

I started going through my clothes, looking for something that would get my brother all excited about hanging me. I had something in mind that I’d seen mom wearing. That’s when it occurred to me I should probably go check out her clothes.

I went upstairs and started rummaging around through her things as we’re pretty much the same size. Mom came upstairs, caught me going through her stuff, and asked what I was up to. I smiled as I told her I had a date that night and wanted to wear something really slutty.

“How slutty, honey?”

I almost told her, “Sluttier than you, mom.” Instead I told her I wanted to wear something that would make all the guys lust after me.

She didn’t even bat an eye. She went through her closet until she found a pair of black fishnet stockings. She also located a black garter along with a pair of black heels for me to wear.

“How slutty, honey?” she asked again as she paused during her search and looked at me. “Are you hoping to get fucked?”

“Big time, mom,” I replied with a grin. I didn’t tell her I planned on the noose fucking me to death after riding my brother’s cock.

She went back into the closet and pulled out a skimpy black thong. I’m not sure what it was good for since a hole was cut into it to reveal everything. She tossed it at me, and I happily accepted it.

She went back into her closet and looked around. Then she pulled out a sheer black wrap with sleeves. It covered the chest and stomach, but it didn’t do a very good job of hiding anything since it was almost see-through.

How’s that?” she asked as she tossed it to me.

“Mom, that’s perfect!” Then I spotted a black, metal studded collar lying on the floor.

“How about that?” I asked, pointing at it. She looked where I was pointing, reached down and picked it up. “Going for the entire look, honey?”

“I sure am, mom.”

She smiled as she handed it to me. “Let me have a look at you before you go, honey. I want to see how hot my daughter looks before she goes out tonight and gets some.”

“Thanks, mom!”

She seemed so proud. If only she knew. Hell, maybe deep down she suspected my intentions and wanted to make sure I looked right before my big debut up onstage.

I went downstairs and put everything on. It really made me wet when I saw myself in the mirror. I couldn’t wait for Stew to get home and see me.

Traffic must have been bad because Stew was delayed getting back. The doorbell rang so I went to open it while wearing what mom had picked out. You should have seen the look on Brad’s face as mom’s boy-toy gawked at me… “Uh, hi Janelle. You look, uh… uh…”

Mom came rushing up to the door to answer it. She wasn’t dressed much better than I. Apparently she wanted to look slutty for him.

“Brad, is that – holy shit, honey!”

“Like it, mom? I think Brad does.” Then I turned in place to model it for them.

She looked at me and then at Brad. He seemed flustered, but I could tell by the bulge in his pants how hard he’d become. “You’re going out just like that, honey?”

“Yeah, mom. It’s ok, isn’t it? It’s no worse than what you’re wearing for Brad, right?”

“You like my daughter’s attire, Brad?”

“Yeah, Tamara; I sure do. I hope you don’t mind.” Then he paused before hastily adding, “But you look sexy too.”

“Are you turned on, Brad?”

“Yeah, Tamara; I sure am.”

“You like turning him on, honey?”

“Yeah, mom; I do.” By then I was wet as hell.

“Then take it out.”

“Take what out, mom?”

“Take his cock out, honey. You turned him on… now you’ve got to do something about it.”

Brad and I both looked at her in astonishment. But I was so horny I rushed to pull him free of his confinement. I knelt as I opened his pants and unzipped his fly.

His dick was thick as Stewarts, and almost as long. I hear mom tell me, “Suck it, honey!” But I had already taken it into my mouth.

I gobbled him all the way down, deep-throating it right in front of mother. I don’t know if I was showing off to make her jealous or what. She came up to me and smiled as she gasped, “You can take it all the way down your throat?? Good girl!”

She pushed on the back of my head to make me suck it. She told me what a good slut I was and how some cock out there was going to get lucky tonight. Brad groaned as he told us he already knew one cock that was feeling extremely lucky.

To my shock mother got down on her knees right next to me. She took his balls into her mouth as I deep throated him. Then we both went up and down the length of his shaft together with our mouths.

We took turns sucking him until he gasped as he started to thrust. “I’d recognize that anywhere; he’s going to cum, honey.” Then she took him out of my mouth and told him to coat my face.

He started to spurt, giving me three good helpings before mom aimed his dick at her face. He gave her a couple more until we both had cum on our faces. She finished him off by taking him into her mouth and sucking the rest of his cream out of his balls.

Afterwards she told me to lick her face clean and swallow it all. I licked all the cum off her face, feeling wet as hell. Then mom returned the favor by licking my face off, swallowing everything she got.

“Have a good evening, honey,” she told me as she grabbed her boy-toy’s hand. “C’mon, Brad. Watching my daughter suck your cock has really gotten me horny.” Then they headed off through the house until I heard them thumping up the stairs to the master bedroom.

At that moment the door opened and Stew walked in. He stopped and stared at me as his jaw dropped to the floor. He finally blurted out, “Damn, sis; that’s hot!”

I blushed as I giggled, feeling the heat of arousal flush through me. Then he asked, “Did mom see you like that?”

“Yeah, Stew; she just did… and so did Brad.”

“Brad saw you like that, Janelle??”

“You’ll never believe what just happened, Stew.” Then I gave him a grin as though I’d recently done something extremely naughty…

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