Confessions of a Male Club Attendant (m/m, m/f)


I met them in the produce section of the local grocery store. To be more precise, I met Bert Stimps.

He saw me eyeing one of the women shoppers. He came up to me and remarked, “She’s hot; isn’t she?” I quietly told him that I certainly thought so.

He pointed at another one who was checking out cantaloupes. “What about that one? Would you like to bang that one?”

I looked around to make sure I wasn’t being set up. Then I told him, “Nice tits, tight ass, blonde hair. Yeah, I suppose I would under the right conditions.”

He gave me a knowing smile as he asked, “What would you say if I were to tell you I could make that happen?”

I gave him a stern look. “What the hell makes you think you could make that happen?”

“I’m married to her.”

“You’re crazy!”

I turned to head off in the opposite direction. He just grabbed my arm to stop me. “Wait; she’s coming over.”

I turned to see her approaching us. She had a smile on her face. “I hope I didn’t upset you by sending my husband over to introduce us. My name is Millie Stimps. This is my husband Bert.” I just nodded without speaking, believing I was truly being set-up.

“Did Bert tell you he could make arrangements for you to fuck me?”

Playing it safe, I decided to lie. “Well, he didn’t say anything like that. He only mentioned how hot you looked.”

“Bert, I wanted you to tell him he could fuck me!”

“I told him that, Millie!”

“You did?”

She eyed me as though judging how naughty I had been for being caught in a lie. “Well, no matter, Mr. uh…”

“Coxson. Jack Coxson.”

“Love the name. Anyway, the offer still stands. You see, my husband loves to watch me having sex with other men. He gets off on it.”

“How do I know I won’t get a bullet in the back of my skull?”

“A fair question. The answer is: you won’t. In fact, if this whole thing works out, we’d love to have you over more often. The last two guys we tried this with didn’t work out very well.”

I was still hesitant. But she looked bangable. I attract my fair share of propositions from women I come across. So I felt as though I had to take her offer somewhat seriously.

She could see it in my expression. “Bert, give Mr. Coxson $200.”

“Yes, dear.” Then he pulled out his wallet and gave me four $50s. I looked at him in confusion as I accepted them.

She asked, “You know the motel down the street?”

“I’ve been by it many times.”

“Go rent us a room. Tell the desk you’re waiting for Millie. I’ll be there in an hour.”

“And if I don’t show?”

“Well, Mr. Coxson. For a handsome young man who’s just been given some cash and an opportunity for a fuck, I expected you to be a lot brighter than that.”

She checked her watch. “See you at 3:00. C’mon, Bert. I want to go home and get ready for my fuck with Mr. Coxson here so I can rub it in your face when I get back home.” Then they both turned and left.

Hearing her talk like that made me a little horny. So I decided to see what might happen. Besides, I was already up $200 without having even done a damn thing.

She showed up promptly at 3:00pm. She was wearing something slinky when I let her in.

She told me she wanted to record me so her husband could watch. But she suspected I wouldn’t allow it. She was right.

We proceeded to bang for the next three hours. The crazy bitch let me fuck her in all three holes. She was crazy orgasmic, crying out like a banshee whenever she climaxed.

She worked three cums out of me, filling three condoms. Then she got dressed. “Helluva workout you gave me, Mr. Coxson. I can’t wait to get home and give my husband every minute detail about how you had your way with me.”

She gave me another $200. Then she gave me her address and phone number. “If you’d like a little more grocery money, call us Friday evening if you want to have another session with a slut like me while my adoring husband is forced to watch.” Then she got dressed and left.

I watched her leave. Then I looked at the paper she’d given me with her address written on it. I shrugged my shoulders and put it in my wallet. I was already up $224, having spent only $176 for the room. What did I have to lose?

That Friday night was the strangest sexual night of my life. Bert was naked, sporting an erection the entire time. What Millie was wearing was even slinkier than what she’d worn to that motel.

She started by blowing me in front of her husband. Then we fucked like rabbits. She degraded and emasculated him the entire time.

The first time, I came in her mouth. She kept it and shared it with her husband in a very sloppy kiss. Then she made him swallow it all. He stroked his dick until it oozed his spunk.

The second time, I came in her pussy. Millie made her husband come over and lick her clean. She even forced him to suck out all my cream before swallowing it. He stroked his dick until he came again.

The third time, she let me fuck her ass. Once I shot another load inside her, she made Bert come over. Then she squeezed it back out, making him swallow it. He masturbated a third time while he was eating it all.

We all got dressed. I was asked if I wanted to return. I told them I’d found it quite arousing, and was willing to come back for more.

Before I left, Millie kissed me at the door. She told me she loved humiliating her man. And since Bert loved it too, they were a very happy couple.

She asked me if I had any limitations. I told her I didn’t know. She said we could always find out when I came back next Friday. That was my cue to leave. So I thanked her before departing, having surprisingly earned another $200 for my efforts.

The next Friday was more of the same, with one small exception. Bert got a little more involved. But it was not the kind of involvement I was expecting.

Millie started out by sucking my dick. Halfway through, she made Bert come over. Then husband and wife took turns sucking me. Bert wasn’t half bad, but I suspected he’d already had practice with their previous playmates.

The first time I came was in Bert’s mouth while he was stroking his dick. He ended up shooting his load a few seconds later. His wife called him a sissy and a faggot.

Next, I fucked Millie’s cunt. Bert was right there, sucking my cock clean whenever I took it out before I shoved it back inside her. When I left my load in her snatch, he was forced to lick me clean. Then he had to lick her and suck out all my cream, resulting in yet another humiliating climax for him.

Finally, I fucked Millie’s ass. Again, Bert was forced to suck my cock whenever I pulled it out before I put it back where it belonged. After leaving a third deposit, Bert again sucked my cock clean before swallowing all the cream Millie could squeeze out of her anal passage.

I left with my balls drained and another $200 in my pocket…

There were more Fridays. And things continued to escalate. Sometimes Bert was tied up and blindfolded so he could only listen. And still, he got hard.

Millie began using a strap-on. Bert was forced to suck both her and me. Then we would fuck him in both ends, with me usually being the one getting the blowjob. Afterwards, I would fuck Millie senseless, after which Bert would be forced to clean her up.

Asphyxiation was soon introduced into our play. We started out with me asphyxiating Millie while Bert oversaw things. They were cautious at first. But they soon got to where they could trust me.

Next, Bert was tied up and helpless while I fucked and asphyxiated Millie. She taunted him by saying I could strangle her and there would be nothing he could do about it. Bert amazed me by how hard he got during each and every one of our kinky plays.

One night, she had Bert tied to a wooden chair. Then she sat on his lap, impaled upon his dick. It was one of the few times she ever let him inside her during my visits.

She started by strangling him. Then she bagged him. Finally she ran a noose around his neck and up through an eyebolt in the ceiling. She pulled on the rope, strangling him as she rode him until he shot a load up into her.

She would suck my cock while she was strangling him. Then she made me shoot my loads all over his face. It was so degrading, but he really seemed to love it. It made that slut Millie orgasm like crazy.

Things took another turn when Millie asked me to fuck her husband. It was the first time I’d ever had my cock up another man’s ass. But my inhibitions had been lowered to the point where it didn’t seem to be such a big deal anymore, not with him sucking my cock all the time.

We took turns fucking him in both ends. Then she had me fuck him while she was bagging and strangling him. It made his ass tighten up so much that he always squeezed a cum right out of me. It also made him cum as well.

One Friday night, we all ended up at the Club. Bert and Millie had asked if I would accompany them. And since they were paying me extra, I told them I’d be willing.

Millie wore a scantily-clad outfit. Bert wore a collar and leash as though he was his wife’s pet. While having some sort of sensor inserted into her navel, Millie made sure the attendants treated me as though I was in charge of the whole thing.

We got a lot of looks once we were inside the place. Millie took us to the lounge to dance while Bert sat in a booth and watched us. There was a certain amount of embarrassment to the whole thing, especially with everyone looking in our direction.

I briefly mentioned my discomfort to Millie. She told me it was ok with them if it was ok with me. Besides, she’d put me in the position of power, and I was supposed to enjoy myself.

I had long since learned to accept the strange requests that came from the Stimps. They certainly had an unusual relationship. But the benefits always outweighed the negatives, so I learned to roll with it.

Afterwards, we went off to what was called a snuff room. The place kind of shocked me. Bert and Millie acted as though it was no big deal. I suspected they had been there before.

We started out with me getting the usual blowjob from Bert and Millie while they were both naked. By now, I’d learned to be rough with them both. So I fucked their faces pretty good as though I was the master of the situation.

Millie loved taking my cum. But she preferred to humiliate her husband. So Bert always got my load. Afterwards, they kissed each other, sharing it back and forth before Bert swallowed it all.

Next, Bert had his arms tied behind his back. We laid him over the corner of the bed. Then he got it in both ends from me and Millie’s strap-on. I left the usual deposit deep up his ass while Millie made him deep-throat her toy.

Millie really wanted to humiliate her husband. So she strapped him into the electric chair. One of the posts went right up his ass, causing his cock to remain erect.

She and I started fucking each other, while she operated the remote to his chair. She really jolted him as I gave it to her good and hard. She loved seeing him jerk around, crying out from the pain.

The chair made him cream himself a couple times. It was amazing how hard he remained. I think it was partly due to that pill she’d made him take earlier.

She had me ejaculate all over his face while he was locked in the chair. Then we fucked some more. We did the usual name-calling at him as he sat in the chair, especially since Millie liked to degrade him. But he seemed to enjoy it as well.

We finally released him from the chair. He was limp as a wet rag, covered with his cum and mine. So we tied him up on the bed, giving him a good view as we fucked each other again.

Occasionally we went over and fucked his face, as it was near the edge of the bed. Millie still wore her strap-on. Bert stayed hard the entire time.

We got him onto his knees and fucked him in both ends again. Then Millie started strangling him while I fucked him. His cock went off yet again as I shot a load deep up his clenching ass.

We left him recovering on the floor as we fucked again. Millie screamed out a couple of orgasms. Then she said Bert was feeling left out.

His arms were still tied behind his back as we got him to his knees. Millie made him suck my cock. Then she brought down the noose dangling from the ceiling.

“Ready to hang for us, faggot-boy?” He eagerly nodded his head. Bert really seemed to enjoy sexual asphyxiation.

She looped the noose over his head. Then she told him to suck off his executioner. He sucked me as though he was hungry for my cream yet again.

When I was ready to shoot my load, Millie made me pull out of his mouth. I shot it all over Bert’s face instead. Then she used the noose’s remote to pull him up onto his feet.

We had sex again while he stood there watching us. His cock, as usual, was quite hard. Millie said the horny faggot deserved to stand there with the noose around his neck as he watched her get fucked.

She used the remote to lift him up a little more. I fucked her ass from behind as she watched her husband shuffle around on his feet, partially strangled. His cock dripped his arousal.

She called out, “Gawd, I’m being fucked so good! I think it’s time to trade you in on a better model, faggot-boy. Is my faggot boy ready to hang for me?”

Amazingly, I saw him nod. Millie used the remote to lower him until he was flat on his feet. Then she handed me the remote.

“Jack will be your executioner, faggot-boy. If you want to hang, you’d better tell him to do it.”

Bert looked right at me as I kept thrusting into his wife. He actually said the words, “I want you to hang me, Jack. Hang your faggot-boy.”

“Are you sure?” I asked, wondering how far this was supposed to go.

“I’ve wanted this for a long time, Jack. Please hang your faggot-boy.”

I stopped thrusting as I addressed his wife. “Millie, won’t we get in trouble? That noose looks kind of dangerous.”

“Jack, don’t stop fucking my ass!” So I resumed thrusting in and out.

“Gawd, that hurts so good. Jack, I’m really looking forward to watching this faggot-boy hang to death. Better do as he asks.”

“Please hang me, Jack. I’ve been looking forward to this moment for a long time now.”

Millie became maniacal. “Hang the faggot-boy, Jack! I’m going to cum as he hangs!”

“Are you sure?”


I activated the remote. Bert went right up into the air. A moment later, he began to kick and pedal.

“HANG, FAGGOT-BOY! GAWD, THAT’S SO HOT! HANG FOR ME, BABY!” Then Millie screamed her pleasure.

Bert began thrusting with his hips. Then his cock went off. Cum arced out until it splattered his wife in the face, as we were that close.

She screamed in orgasm again. Bert wriggled like a fish. Then Millie cried out, “Let him down – let him down!”

I quickly lowered him until his feet found the floor. “Now give me the remote!” she panted heavily. I handed it to her, glad I was not responsible anymore.

“Now go give him a flying fuck, Jack!”

I was going to protest, but I decided not to. Things were already well out of hand. Besides, they’d been paying me handsomely up to this point.

I pulled out of her ass. Then I walked over behind Bert. He was shorter than I was, so my cock wouldn’t go in easily.

“Just a second, Jack!” Then Millie hit the remote. Bert was lifted up into the air until his ass was now within easy reach.

I thrust right into him as he dangled in mid-air. His ass was nice and tight, clenching like crazy from the effects of being strangled. I was more than a little familiar with it, being as how I’d been inside him so many times while he’d been previously asphyxiated.

He rasped and gurgled as he rode me. Millie was sitting upright in front of him, furiously fingering herself. “That is so fucking hot, Jack! Fuck my faggot-boy husband as he hangs to death! Fuck; I’m cumming again! Stroke his dick – stroke his dick!”

I reached around and stroked him. He spurted onto his wife’s face as he rasped and gurgled. Millie went nuts, cumming over and over again as she watched her husband impaled on my dick with a noose around his neck.

It swelled within me until I cried out a release of my own. “Stay in him, Jack! Stay inside that faggot-boy!” But Bert was clenching so hard that I didn’t soften all that much.

I kept stroking and squeezing cream out of his dick. His struggles lessened, and his dick got softer in my hands despite my best efforts. “Now pull out of him, Jack!”

I pulled out and stepped back. Bert had gone into little spasms. His body wriggled and twitched until his bladder gave way, urine streaming out of his cock and splattering the floor. Millie loved it so much that she orgasmed all over again.

She came over to me and kissed me deeply. “Fuck me one last time,” she panted. “Fuck me as we watch Bert dangle in the noose.”

We climbed up onto the bed. I got behind her while she was on her hands and knees. Then I entered her cunt as we both watched Bert simply dangle there.

I fucked her slowly at first, then faster and faster. I began choking her with my fingers. I figured she deserved as much choking and strangling as Bert had received.

She didn’t protest. Instead, she acted as though she loved it. We both climaxed one last time before collapsing tiredly onto the bed.

She looked at her husband for the longest time. She finally sighed, “Ok, Jack. Help me get him down.”

We used the remote to lower him. We got the noose and cuffs off him. Then we laid him out along the wall.

“That’s just fine, Jack,” Millie said as she took the cuffs from me.

She used the remote to lower the noose until it framed her face. She looped it over hear head and snugged it up. Then she handed the remote over to me before cuffing her own wrists behind her back.

“Just one more execution, Jack. Then our time together is done.”

I was astonished. “What? Millie, are you sure??”

“I’ve made all the arrangements. There’ll be a hefty sum deposited to your account once our death certificates are signed. I didn’t tell this to Bert, because his fantasy was to hang by himself while being humiliated and degraded. Had he known I was going to do this after he was gone, I don’t think he ever would have agreed to come here.”

“Millie, are you sure?”

“He’s been such a good sport the way I’ve treated him over the years. I did enjoy watching him hang. But I deserve this. I don’t know… maybe deep down, I’ve always wanted this just as much as he did.”

“But Millie–”

“No ‘buts’, Jack. I want you to hang me now. Use me; molest me; fuck me; I don’t care. Fuck me after I’m dead. I’m your snuff-slut now. Make me dance like I’m your noose-whore. These last minutes are all yours. Be creative.”

I activated the remote until it was almost snug. “Yes,” she breathed with a nod. “I deserve this. I want this.”

I reached out to caress her naked body. She sighed and trembled. I pinched her nipples, and she yelped before telling me she knew I had it in me.

I lifted her up onto her toes. She rasped and gurgled. Then I heard her gasp, “Gawd, this is… gonna hurt.”

“You want me to stop?”

“I want… more… gawd, this is… what am I thinking?”

I fingered her cunt. I could feel her clenching. Then I activated the remote until her toes left the ground.

Her feet wriggled as she rasped for breath. She really clenched around my fingers inside her. Then I lowered her back down.

I looked at her questioningly. She panted, “Gawd, that hurt. But I don’t want… you to stop… no matter what.”

I activated the remote again, lifting her back up. Then I fingered her again. She rasped as she humped and clenched.

My cock was hard. She saw it too. Then I lowered her back down until she could speak again.

“You’re hard, Jack. You want this too. It’s a win – win – win for everybody.”

“Are you sure?”

“Don’t stop, Jack, even if the pain makes me change my mind. I really want this.”

“Suit yourself.” Then I lifted her back up into the air.

She rasped and gurgled as she kicked and wriggled. I got close enough for her to instinctively reach out with her legs. She wrapped them around me, pulling me close until her cunt found my erection.

It was Bert all over again. The asphyxiation made her clench like crazy. It felt incredible.

I slowly backed away from her until she slid out. She swung back and forth, rasping for breath. I stepped forward until she found me with her legs again, impaling herself once more.

She fucked me as I stood there. Then I backed up until she lost me again. She swung and kicked before I lowered her to the floor.

She coughed and rasped. “You bastard! I should have known! You fucking love it!”

“Want me to stop?”

“Maybe I – AWK!”

I took her back up into the air. She kicked and swung, rasping for breath. Then I stepped close. She wrapped her legs around me again, once more impaling herself on my shaft.

She really rode me until it felt like she was cumming. I stepped back until she slid out. She urked as she swung back and forth until I lowered her again.

Once more, she rasped for breath. “Ok, Jack; I’ve changed my mind.”

I whispered into her ear, “I want to feel your ass while you’re alive one last time, Millie.” Then I lifted her up off the floor.

She kicked and pedaled as she swung around. I grabbed her hips and centered the tip of my shaft against her puckered anus. Then I pulled her down hard.

She let out a squawk as she gurgled again. Her clenching ass felt incredible. I was sure going to miss it.

I gave her a nice ride. Then I pulled out. She dangled a few moments until I let her down.

She rasped to regain her speech. “No, Jack! I’ve changed my mind!”

I smiled as I started stroking myself. Her eyes widened with understanding. Then she seemed to nod with resignation as she panted, “Yes, Jack. I want you to cum to my suffering. Besides, I’m so damned close. Just hang me and get it over with, Jack. Send me to be with Bert!”

“Goodbye, Millie.” Then I hoisted her up.

Her feet left the floor as she started to kick. Then I deliberately tossed the remote onto the bed. Her eyes went wide as I started stroking myself.

At first, she appeared to fight the noose. Then she seemed to give into it. She began humping in my direction as I stepped forward and stroked.

Her knees jerked upward. I think she squirted. Then she really kicked and wriggled.

I stroked even harder as I got closer. She tried to wrap her legs around me. I just batted them away, smiling as I breathed, “Dance for me, noose-whore.”

The words must have registered, because she really became animated. Her breasts bounced as she wriggled and shimmied in the noose. “Bert’s waiting for you, noose-whore. Can you feel him pulling you down, trying to strangle you in your noose?”

She urked as she shimmied some more. I stepped forward and cruelly finger-fucked her pussy. She wriggled and humped like crazy, no doubt orgasming yet again.

I aimed my cock at her until I splattered her lower stomach. She briefly became animated as she humped in my direction. Then with a sharp hitch, she went limp in the noose.

Millie gently swung back and forth. Then I stepped forward. This time, she did not try to loop her legs around me.

“You did say to fuck you after you were dead; am I right?” Then I thrust hard up her twat. She was not clenching as before.

I spun her around. “Now let’s try that ass, shall we?” Then I fucked her anal passage. Again, there was no clenching.

Her bladder finally gave way. I had to work twice as hard to avoid stepping in both his and hers. Then I retrieved the remote and let her down.

I removed the noose from around her throat. Then I tossed her onto the bed. I fucked her cunt and ass one more time, enjoying her cooling corpse.

I had just settled down into a chair to catch my breath when the door opened. An attendant came in with something to drink. I went pale as she took in both bodies.

She smiled as she offered the drink to me. Then she surprised me by asking, “Did you enjoy yourself, sir?”

“I’m afraid so, much as it pains me to say it.”

“Don’t feel bad. Please remain here for a moment; ok? Someone will be with you shortly.”

The drink really refreshed me. But I hadn’t gotten dressed yet when the door opened and a woman came in. Her outfit and persona indicated she was someone important.

She looked at the bodies and smiled. Then she told me, “Arrangements have already been made. Everything will be taken care of. Well done, my dear boy. Well done.”

I looked at her in confusion. “What do you mean?”

“It’s all been recorded. I think the video from the events in this room will be quite a seller. I’ll make sure you get a percentage.” Then she smiled as she added, “Around here, they call me Mistress Chastity. I’ve been getting enquiries about you from people who’ve been watching all of this on the monitors. How’d you like to work here?”

2022 (written Dec 22 ’22 by riwa)

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