Girl’s night out 7


…then we hear a loud cheer.

“That means we have a winner,” she (the brunette) tells me with a sly grin. “The first one is in the air. Want to go out and see why everybody showed up tonight?”

A part of me is nervous. I don’t want to end up in the noose again. But she assures me she will not try to hang me in any way, shape or form.

Another part of me is curious. Maybe I shouldn’t be. But this is something I’m ashamed to admit I really want to see.

She sees it in my eyes. She doesn’t say a word. She just nods with a knowing smile as the two of us head out the door. Then my brunette escort leads us toward the loud music and cheering females.

Part 7

I’m still a bit wobbly from my time in the noose. The brunette chuckles as she helps me remain upright. “Quite the experience, wasn’t it?”

“One I’m not interested in repeating,” I reply.

She gives me a coy smile. “Relax, Amanda. I promise not to hang you. Well, what I mean to say is… if anyone hangs you, I promise it won’t be me.”

I feel a sudden surge of alarm, followed by a perverse excitement. “Nobody’s going to hang me, are they?”

“Just stay beside me; ok? They usually don’t come around picking women out of the crowd. You have to deliberately volunteer for this.”

“Are you sure?”

“Well… if you get too close to the entrance to the hanging pit, it’s possible you might find yourself going for a spin out on the ‘dance floor’. Just stay close to me, and you should be all right.”

She pulls me close and hugs me tight as though trying to put me at ease. “Relax, Amanda. I’d love to see you swing. But I wouldn’t mind you hanging around a while. Maybe we’ll even get to see each other again the next time they hold one of these hanging parties. Now we’d better get going or we’re going to miss the show.”

She grabs my arm and pulls me down the hall. I’m definitely filled with a certain amount of trepidation. But my curiosity is such that I don’t resist her.

The music gets louder the closer we approach. But for the moment, the cheers seem to have died down, although there’s still excitement in the air. It makes me wonder what’s going on in there.

The music hits me full in the face the moment we emerge into a large gathering. There are naked women everywhere, most of them dancing and gyrating to the music. They seem to be on either side of some sort of large, sectioned off pit in the center of the room.

I can just make out a track running across the ceiling over the pit. It runs the full length of the room, with hooks spaced out every few feet. One end of the track disappears at one end of the room through some sort of heavy, black plastic folds or sheets.

“What’s on that end?” I cry out into the brunette’s ear so she can hear me.

“That’s for disposal!” she says loudly into my ear. “They collect all the bodies back there! It must be one incredible body-pile after the night is over! Must be some sort of truck parked there to haul them away somewhere! I’ve never seen it, so I don’t really know! That part doesn’t interest me, although it certainly turns some ladies on!”

The other end of the track comes down into the room near the opposite wall. The hooks swing down on that end, appearing from somewhere up in the ceiling. I assume they’re designed to hold the nooses.

One naked woman who looks to be in her thirties is on some sort of step stool. Another who I can’t see passes a ready-made noose up to her. The ropes have small coils on one end to slip over each hook, leaving the noose end to dangle freely.

There are too many bodies from where we’re standing to be able to see the hanging area. But I do see an empty noose by the edge of the pit at that end of the room. No one seems to have taken it yet. I wonder why.

I see a second empty noose dangling over the pit. But the third and farthest noose forward is not empty. I focus on it enough to notice the head of some short-haired blonde sticking up, just above the naked bodies in front of me.

She appears to be dangling with a thick coil around her neck. And it looks like she’s swinging back and forth a little. So they really are hanging women in here!

She doesn’t seem to be kicking very much, at least not from what I can see. The brunette quickly spots her as well. “They’ve got one dancing!” she says loudly into my ear. “She must have been the first one! That explains the cheer we heard! Let’s go have a look!”

She drags me forward into the mass of female flesh. She pushes and nudges her way forward as she calls out, “Excuse us… got a newbie here… she wants to see all the action!”

The ladies considerately move out of our way. I get playfully pawed and groped a few times. A couple of loud voices from nearby indicate I’d look good hanging in the pit.

I stiffen with alarm as my breath catches in my throat. I don’t know whether to be flattered at the compliment or alarmed they want to see me swing.

It suddenly hits me full-on. What the hell am I doing here? Why did my sister have to drag me to something like this in the first place??

We finally get to a railing that barely comes up to my hips. We have to keep from being pushed over into the pit. That’s when I get a good look at the woman in the first noose.

Her wrists have been cuffed behind her back. Her chest heaves as though she’s desperately trying to get a few breaths. I was right when I thought I saw short, blonde hair.

She has a few tattoos on her. I notice one on her back, and another on her neck. A third is just above her cleanly shaved crotch, which seems to be glistening. Is she aroused? Or has she wet herself?

For the moment, there’s nobody else in the hanging pit. She’s clearly the first. There are no nooses dangling from the hooks ahead of her, and the noose dangling behind her in the pit is also empty.

Up near the edge of the pit stands a middle-aged woman with brown hair down to her shoulders. She has the next noose in her hands, ready to loop it around the head of another volunteer. She keeps looking around while calling out, “Any takers?”

A voice cries out, “You should ride it for us!” That brings about a bunch of laughter and cheers. She ignores them as she looks around to see who else might want to go for a ride. I assume she’s simply there to help expedite the process.

Another woman stands next to her, with a small table sitting nearby. I see what looks like a pile of gleaming handcuffs on top. Apparently, they’re handy so they can be quickly attached to the wrists of each new volunteer.

Once again, I focus on the lone woman now hanging in the pit. She’s being slowly pulled along until she’s almost dangling right in front of us. The track in the ceiling is slowly taking her to our left toward the far wall and the waiting disposal unit beyond.

She takes one look in our direction and winces in agony. Then she starts kicking again. Has she found her second wind?

I look at the brunette in disbelief, my mind swirling from the craziness on display. But she doesn’t notice I’m looking in her direction. Instead, she’s studying the poor blonde with rapt fascination.

One of her hands has strayed down to her crotch. A finger swirls over her swollen button. Is she really getting off to that girl’s suffering in the hanging pit??

The blonde’s knees suddenly bend backward as she thrusts her hips forward. Her breasts bounce a little as she shimmies in the noose. Her nipples are incredibly hard, and she’s dripping out of her crotch.

She begins to gyrate with greater urgency. “Looks like she’s going!” the brunette calls out into my ear. “Erotic as hell; isn’t it?” Then she fingers herself harder.

Women around us and across the pit on the other side are engaged in similar actions. Some of them masturbate freely. Others grope a nearby companion. All of them appear to have lustful expressions on their faces.

In the pit, the blonde’s chest thrusts forward as her hips hitch back. Her legs pedal as though she’s racing in midair, desperately searching for the floor. Sadly, she left it several minutes ago when she was standing on the edge of the pit.

The floor is well below her. It’s cut like a channel, and it’s deep enough for someone to stand in. There’s a thickly grated drain that runs the entire length.

At first, I’m not sure of the purpose of the drain. But it soon becomes apparent when the blonde’s bladder suddenly gives way. She shudders as urine splatters below and down her bare legs, resulting in another enthusiastic cheer from everyone watching.

I watch as her piss drips down off her feet into the channel. It quickly drains away… well, most of it anyway. It’s a bit of a shock seeing someone piss herself like that.

All around me, I see numerous naked woman fondling each other. Some are breathing heavily, while others have arms around neighbors and are groping breasts. I’d say almost all of them are in a state of sexual euphoria.

The blonde finally settles down as her noose takes her farther off to our left toward the end of the pit. The thick, black plastic folds await her dangling, naked body. I can’t help but wonder what the disposal unit looks like on the other side.

I look back toward the entrance to the pit. But there’s nobody else dangling in midair. A second empty noose has now joined the barren one ahead of it.

The brown-haired woman grasps onto the next noose. The female next to her has a set of cuffs at the ready. But no one steps forward.

“Is that it?” I call out into the brunette’s ear. “Is no one else going to hang tonight?” I don’t know whether I should be relieved or disappointed.

“Not necessarily!” she says into my ear as naked ladies dance to the music all around us while trying to cheer others to volunteer. “Sometimes there are big gaps during each hanging! And sometimes we can get a flood, one right after the other! Each night is often a totally different experience!”

A woman on my right suddenly taps me on the shoulder. Then she points over toward the entrance to the pit and asks, “Do you know that woman? I think she’s trying to get your attention.”

I turn to look. A small breasted blonde smiles and waves at me. Confused, I wave back at her in response.

My brunette escort turns to look. Her eyes light up as she calls out, “Isn’t that the nineteen year old we were talking to earlier while we were getting drinks?”

My eyes fly open in recognition. “I think it is!” I reply loudly with a nod. “Is she actually getting ready to hang??”

“Didn’t she say she wanted to hang for you?”

I’m shocked as I remember the teen’s words. “But I… I didn’t think she was serious?!”

The teen steps up and nods at the two women preparing each volunteer. Her hands are quickly cuffed behind her back. Almost immediately, the noose is looped over her head and snugged up, much to the delight of the whole chamber.

The process doesn’t take long. It’s a good thing, too. The track up in the ceiling slowly pulls her by her noose toward the edge of the pit.

Once more, she looks in my direction. He features indicate she might be a little anxious. But she also seems determined to go through with it.

There’s something in her expression that indicates she’s excited about her impending hanging. Her nipples sure are hard. Is she really looking forward to her death??

Her eyes are on me the entire time as women all around us start chanting “Go – go – go – GO!” The noose pulls her forward toward the edge of eternity. She takes a deep breath, smiles in my direction, and then deliberately steps forward into the hanging pit.

There’s a raucous cheer as she swings back and forth inside the pit. Women all around me lift their arms in celebration. Some of them raise a fist before giving her a thumbs down.

“Thumbs down?” I say loudly into the brunette’s ear.

“It’s a unique form of encouragement around here!” she says back into my ear. “Instead of giving them a thumbs up – sort of a ‘you go, girl’ – they get a thumbs down – sort of a ‘hang for us, honey. Your life is over, and we love it!’ She’s going to die for us now, and she knows it!”

On the other side of the pit, I notice women continuing to hug and molest each other. Some of them grab tits and pussies. It seems as though they’ve been whipped into a sexual frenzy by the volunteer hanging of that brave teen.

Naked women everywhere cheer her on. But she ignores them as she looks right in my direction while gently swinging back and forth. It’s as though she’s trying to see how long she can hold her position before she begins her involuntary fight with the noose.

The hook in the track above slowly pulls her forward. Behind her, it looks as though they are setting up another noose. But I don’t see anyone stepping forward to volunteer just yet.

The teen draws ever closer to our position along the railing. Her feet stretch downward as though she’s searching for the floor. Is she having second thoughts?

She begins to pedal her legs. Then she starts to swing a little. Is she in control of her functions? Or is her body swinging of its own accord?

Voices cry out, “Hang for us, honey!” Others cheer her on. She tries to smile, but she still only has eyes for me. I’m embarrassed… and yet I’m shamefully aroused.

Her legs suddenly spread as she gets closer. Her face takes on a grimace as though it hurts like hell. Then she deliberately splits her legs wide, revealing her dripping, winking pussy.

“Masturbate for her!” my escort hisses into my ear. “She’ll love you for it!”

I look at her in shock. She just nods her head… “Do it!”

Instinctively my hand reaches down, and I start to finger myself. I’m totally ashamed of what I’m doing. Surprisingly, the teen manages a look of agonized pleasure upon seeing my reaction.

Somehow, she begins humping in my direction. She throws out her chest, and then her torso. Then she throws out her chest again as she bends her legs back at the knees.

“Fuck; that’s hot!” the brunette cries out into my ear as she furiously masturbates by my side.

The teen writhes like a worm at the end of a fishing line. Then her legs kick wildly. It’s almost as though she’s trying to throw herself at me.

The track brings her almost across from where we’re standing as she breaks into an uninhibited dance. More cries of “Hang for us, honey!” cut through the air despite the music in the background. She suddenly squirts before becoming totally exhausted. That’s when she gently sways back and forth.

There are cheers to her orgasmic dance. I wince as I cum shamefully, and I’m embarrassed as hell. But I see something in her eyes that confuses me.

Did she like what I did, getting off to her hanging? Is that even possible??

There is another louder cheer. I’m confused as I don’t see the nineteen year old doing much more than dangling quietly. Then I hear the brunette in my ear telling me, “I knew Amber couldn’t resist!”

I look along the track toward the entrance to the hanging pit. A noose dangles empty behind the teen. But standing on the edge of the pit is Amber, her wrists secured behind her back. Her tattoos really stand out.

She doesn’t waste any time kicking it up for us once she’s pulled off solid footing into the hanging pit. She swings back and forth as her legs go every which way. Then she starts humping the air with her crotch.

“She sure popped off fast!” the brunette laughs into my ear. “I’m not the least bit surprised! I always thought she was a bit of a snuff-slut!”

I look back to see the nineteen year old gently spasming in the noose as the track slowly takes her past us. A moment later her bladder releases. There’s another cheer for her as urine trickles down her legs, splattering into the grating below.

At the end of the track, that short-haired blonde is already working through those big plastic sleeves. Her naked body slowly inches forward. Then she’s gone, the black folds closing up behind her. There are now two empty nooses between her and the teen.

The girl who wanted to hang for me is barely giving off stray muscle twitches. She looks like she’s pretty much gone. I still can’t help but wonder why she did it.

There’s an empty noose between her and Amber. It does kind of stand out, dangling by itself. It makes me wonder who the lucky female was who escaped its coil. But will that individual eventually end up succumbing to a later noose?

Purple-hair throws her chest out in our direction, much to the amusement and enthusiasm of the women standing all around us. She’s really getting into it. She tries to look in our direction until it gives me the impression she’s trying to dance for us, just like that teen who passed by a few moments ago.

Chants of “Go – go – go – GO” pick up. I look past a suffering Amber to see a distinguished looking redhead being prepared for the noose. I remember her because she’s a female I saw from earlier.

She was with a younger redhead. I was struck by their hair color, making me wonder if they might be somehow related. I also remember the large breasts and hair style of the older one.

I get the impression she’s been to a beauty salon recently. Did she get all made up just to hang in front of everyone?? Did she plan for this all along?

I stop paying attention to Amber as I watch the redhead on the edge of the pit. She’s cuffed by that one woman by the table. But it’s the younger redhead who takes the noose from the brown-haired female and nooses her up.

I notice they’re cutting things a little close. The track pulls her and the noose right up to the edge of the pit. But it’s the younger redhead behind her – I assume they’re together – who deliberately shoves her forward off the edge into the pit.

The noose immediately takes up her full weight. Being pushed in has set her to swinging back and forth. Once again, I’m reminded just how vulnerable I might be in here.

To my utter shock, the younger redhead jumps into the pit with her. She stands just tall enough to be able to reach the mature redhead’s crotch with her head. I can’t believe what I’m seeing once the younger one parts the legs and starts licking the older one.

The room breaks out into a cheer again. Everybody loves it. I had no idea an activity like that was even allowed!

Poor Amber hears the cheers. But she can’t see what’s going on as she’s facing away from the one behind her. Besides, she’s too busy kicking her life away to care whether or not another girl might be stealing her spotlight.

I turn to my escort and call into her ear, “Is that ok? Can she jump into the pit like that?”

“It’s not forbidden,” the brunette calls back into my ear. “I’ve seen it before! She’s probably trying to help her achieve an even greater orgasm!”

“A greater orgasm??” I shake my head in disbelief.

The mature redhead tries to rest her legs on her younger companion. She humps the girls face as she tries to remain calm in the noose. But it looks like her neck is still being squeezed, causing her to instinctively writhe and wriggle.

There are more cheers, with applause and cries of delight. Females everywhere are unashamedly touching themselves as they watch. Some masturbate quite openly, as though they’re turned on at the sight of death taking place right before their very eyes.

Amber is almost in front of us as she fights her noose. Something makes her throw her chest out. Then she begins to hump the air as women all around me give her an enthusiastic thumbs down while cheering her on.

Beside me, the brunette breathlessly shakes her head. I can just make out her words, “You go, girl!” Her breathing is heavy and labored as she masturbates to the incredible sight happening right in front of us.

I look at Amber and then to the mature redhead following up right behind her. By now, I’ve forgotten all about the nineteen year old. Besides, there are new, perverse images to shamefully distract me.

I cannot believe how turned on I’ve become watching the younger redhead eat out the noosed one. Of course, I experienced this back in that hanging room while I was all noosed up. So I have some idea of those sensations happening to her friend in the noose as the coil tries to tighten around her neck,

The movement of her hanged companion forces the younger one to keep moving along the grating. Then she pulls away, only to push the doomed woman. She watches with delight as her older companion kicks and swings until she begins to hump the air right in front of her.

The brunette touches my shoulder and points. I look to the entrance to the hanging pit. Several women chant “Go – go – go – GO!” as they’re getting another woman ready to hang.

Her back is to me, so I cannot see her face. Her wrists look like they’ve already been cuffed. She seems familiar, and she appears to be resisting a little.

Is she one of those ‘forced volunteers’ my brunette companion faintly alluded to? Does she not want to go for a ride? Did she get too close to the pit entrance, only for someone to ‘volunteer’ her?

There’s another woman noosing her up. It’s not the woman with the brown hair. I can’t make out the face very well, although I feel as though I should know her.

The cuffed woman is pulled backward toward the waiting pit. Those two remind me of my sister and niece. And is that Carrie’s lover Hilary standing nearby?

The ‘volunteer’ goes backward until she loses her footing and her balance. She swings backward into the hanging pit. A roar of excitement and enthusiasm fills the air, momentarily drowning out the drumbeat of background music.

The woman kicks wildly as she twists and swings. Now I’m all but certain that’s Carrie and Hilary on the edge of the pit. But who are they hanging?

The woman twists into view until I can see her face. I inhale sharply as a hand comes up to cover my mouth. It’s the brunette who confirms it as she says loudly into my ear, “Isn’t that your sister?”

2022 (written Feb 22 ’22 by riwa. Pictures found all over the internet as illustrations.)

Story inspired by the art below which I found on the Internet.

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