Shelly in Cancun 8


Chapter 8 – The case of the missing scuba tank

It’s about 20 seconds into our third breath-hold try when from out of the corner of my eye I see them appear at the railing above us. I try to be careful not to look directly at them as they cling to it. But I can tell they are anxiously looking down in our direction.

A moment later they bubble in alarm. Andria and her companion cry out as they tumble over the railing together. They are in a panicked dash to get to us.

I smile inwardly, doing my best to remain motionless. I allow any random current to gently nudge my “lifeless” body. I remain flat on my back with my mouth open, my eyes vacant as my arms are outstretched and slightly uplifted.

The belt around my waist holds me to the sea floor as my legs and upper body curl upward. I try to perfect the image of the drowned freediver. I only hope they don’t discover our ruse at the last moment.

I monitor their progress out of the corner of my eye as they anxiously fin downward. All the while, I try to keep my eyes “focused” on some faraway point so as not to give the game away until the very last moment. Besides, I’ve got something planned for Andria, that wicked little minx.

They’re almost on top of us when I launch myself up at her. She lets out a shriek, stunned by my response. It allowed me to yank the reg out of her mouth before placing it in mine to take a few puffs.

I’m all over her, wrapping my legs around her torso. Then I wrap an arm around her chest. She desperately tries to break free and get away.

The reg pops out of my mouth. Our struggle takes us out of reach of her diving companion’s scuba gear on her back while she checks her friend. Then we’re tumbling together as I savagely grope one of her breasts.

I reach around her body with my other hand. I slide it down inside her bottoms and find her pussy. ‘Take THAT, bitch!’ I think vengefully as I slam three of my fingers home.

Andria screams a froth of bubbles. Her body stiffens as I finger-fuck her hard. She flails wildly in an unsuccessful attempt to break out of my grasp.

Air spews freely out of her mouth as she squirms and thrashes about. I feel her cunt spasm around my wiggling digits. “NO, SHELLY!” she screams with a bubbly cry. “OHMYGAWD – NOOOO…!” Then she loses another burst of air as I finger-fuck her with wicked glee.

Our two struggling Japanese companions come into view as we settle onto the sea floor. I don’t know whether she got the idea from me, or if she already had it in her head. At any rate, my dive partner’s got her friend in a one-armed headlock.

The hose to the octopus hangs freely. But the other regulator is now in her mouth. I assume she caught her friend off guard like I did. I strongly suspect she managed to snatch it out of her companion’s lips before pressing it between her own.

Her legs are wrapped around her friend’s lower torso. She hangs onto her for dear life. It looks like her friend is trying to throw her off like some bucking bronco at a summer rodeo, desperately trying to shed its rider.

As Andria struggles in my grasp, I watch as my dive partner snatches up the loose hose. She grabs onto the spare regulator. An instant later she presses it against her friend’s barely covered crotch and purges it.

Her companion cries out in Japanese whimpers and squeaks of agony. Then she pulls the reg up and forces it between her lips. Her air-deprived friend grabs on with her hands, gratefully holding it in her mouth as she sucks hungrily.

It suddenly dawns on me I might lose Andria if I don’t do the same…

She flails helplessly in my grasp, too weakened from lack of air to resist that much. I pull us over to the tank lying on the sea bed. Then I track town the octopus to the scuba gear.

I bring the reg up to her mouth, only to watch with sadistic glee as she snatches it out of my hand. Then she sucks on it like crazy. That’s when I grab the other reg and place it between my lips, mentally warning her she’s really going to get it now.

Andria barely has time to refill her tortured lungs before I yank the reg out of her mouth. She lets out a startled cry as she grabs for it. I pull it down, place it against her crotch and purge it, just like my companion did to her friend.

Andria cries out a burst of bubbles. She starts to buck and spasm as she tries once more to escape my clutches. But I’ve got my arm wrapped around her chest.

My legs are locked around her torso, making sure she cannot escape my revenge. I hit her again and again with short little bursts out of the regulator. She jerks, humps and bubbles.

The torture continues for a good five minutes or so before we finally let them loose. We both make sure to deprive them of air several times while purging their pussies good and hard. Has Andria forgotten I can give as good as I get?

As a last act of vengeance, I force Andria’s head against my fabric-covered pussy. I hold her in place, wrapping my legs around her head. Then I savagely hump her face, sternly bubbling at her to “MOUTH MY PUSSY, BITCH!”

She burbles and cries out, but there’s nothing she can do. I’ve got her head locked into place. She knows what she has to do.

She obediently mouths my crotch through my bottoms. The excitement of abusing her while nearly drowning her is too much. I cum hard, shuddering as I exhale heavily.

Afterwards, I can’t resist holding her in place a few moments longer. She cries out and burbles, her arms waving wildly at her sides. I delay furnishing the air she craves until she’s almost spasming like mad.

I finally release her, rewarding her by handing her the reg to the octopus. It turns me on seeing her frantically snatch it out of my hand. She crams it into her mouth, sucking on it like a newborn who’s starving for her next meal.

My companion and I give the naughty mischief-makers a few moments to catch their breath. Then we arrange to hook them back up to each other. We wag our fingers at them: naughty children who’ve just been caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

They bow their heads submissively. Andria acts properly chastised. She motions they’re very sorry.

I can’t help smiling at my dive partner. I notice the wicked glint in her eyes. Together we turn and glare at them, our message quite clear…

You mess with us and you’ll get it back in spades!

My diving companion motions at them. She raises three fingers and motions toward the bow and back and then toward the bow again. Is she asking if we should try again, only this time we go the length of the ship three separate times?

They look at each other before nodding with understanding. My companion points at our scuba tank. Then she waggles a finger at them… “Leave our air alone; ok?”

They obediently nod their heads. Maybe they’ve learned their lesson. But I’ve learned early on not to put my full trust in Andria when it comes to playing pranks.

My partner turns to look at me as she comes over and gets her gear back upon her shoulders. Her expression seems to ask if I want to do the length of the ship three times. I smile and nod, giving her a thumbs up.

Three lengths back and forth along the wreck shouldn’t be too hard. As long as we don’t dawdle along the way we should be fine. But we’d better be careful not to go crazy groping each other again.

The thought occurs to me: what if they try to steal our tank again? I motion at our air before turning to glare at Andria. She catches me looking at her and quickly lowers her head, avoiding eye contact.

Bitch! I’m still not sure I should trust you…

The four of us slowly fin ourselves up to the railing at the stern of the sunken vessel. Once again we’re paired off by the hoses of two sets of scuba gear. It doesn’t even occur to me whether or not we should call it a day. I’m enjoying myself too much.

Back on the stern my dive buddy removes her scuba gear. She props it up against the railing like she did the first time. The two of us continue to breathe off the hoses.

She makes a show of pointing at it. Then she motions toward the bow as though indicating what Andria and her mischievous friend should do… “Just put yours down at the bow and LEAVE it there, ok?” They nod with understanding.

She shoos them away with a wave of her hand. Then she shakes her head at me as if to say… “Those pranksters!” I roll my eyes and nod my head.

Andria and her dive buddy fin themselves around the shack. They slowly work their way forward. We watch through the open windows of the shack as they reach the bow.

They disappear behind a part of the pilot house. My partner nods at me. Then she removes her regulator from her mouth.

She gives it three short purges. Three streamers of bubbles flush upwards. Within a matter of seconds we see one solid spurt of air swirl up from the bow of the sunken vessel in response.

My dive buddy fills her lungs before removing her reg. She grandly motions… “After you.”

I smile as I take a deep breath. I remove the regulator from my mouth to gently place it down next to the tank. Then I grab her hand, tickled she’s allowing me to lead the way again.

I calmly take us around the shack to the stairwell. I’m no longer anxious about going down without a tank or a lantern. I grin broadly at her.

She warmly squeezes my hand with a big smile. Then we head down the stairwell into the darkness together. Soon we enter that short hall at the stern of the craft.

I lead us over toward the corridor that runs the length of the ship. It gets lighter once more from the portholes along that side of the vessel. We make the turn and fin ourselves easily down the length of the passageway.

It gets darker once we reach the other end. I’m reminded of our little groping session of a few minutes ago. It sets my pussy to tingling again.

We don’t have the time if we’re going to make three ship lengths on one breath. So I keep us moving, entering the little hall at the bow. That familiar shaft of illumination comes down through the stairwell, lighting the way.

We make our way up to the deck above us. Then we emerge into open ocean once more near the doorway to the pilothouse. Our eyes adjust to the light of the open sea and the sun that shines down from above.

My partner motions toward the bow, indicating we should probably go there first before heading back. I nod before leading us around the port side of the shack. Then we round the edge of the structure.

We immediately see a scuba tank sitting on the deck at the bow. It’s right where it’s supposed to be. We nod at each other with a wry smile.

I motion it’s her turn to take over. She acknowledges with a nod. Then she takes us up over the top of the pilothouse.

The entire length of the ship comes into view. We slowly fin our way back over the top of the wreck, hand in hand. It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long – maybe 30 or 40 seconds. Still, there’s the faintest hint of an increase in our speed as we fin together with smooth, powerful strokes.

Andria and her dive buddy aren’t visible. They could be anywhere. Maybe they’re somewhere in the interior of the vessel like we were a few moments ago. Possibly they’re moving along the side of the ship, too close to the hull for us to see them from our vantage point.

We move over the top of the shack at the stern of the vessel. The rail comes into view. So does our scuba gear, right where we left it.

‘Smart girls,’ I think with a wry smile. ‘Andria may be a vixen. But she CAN be taught!’

My dive buddy grins at me. She must also think they’re going to behave from now on. “Take us back,” she motions grandly.

I smile as I lead the way for the last leg of our three-length free dive. I fin us down beyond the railing toward the ocean bottom. I make it a point to slap the hull on the stern of the wreck just for the fun of it.

I guide us along the rear toward the port side and the reef that lies beyond. I can feel the burn in my chest as we round the hull. Then we start back along the length of the sunken vessel.

My lungs begin to softly spasm. It sets my pussy to tingling even more. I feel my heart quicken, urging me to fin ourselves along a little faster.

My companion fins a little harder as well. We both release bubbles as we start to feel it. Instinctively I find myself leading us upward.

We draw closer to the rail that rings the ship. I want to take the shortest possible route back to their scuba gear. It isn’t long until we’re running parallel with the decking.

As we approach the pilot house, I feel the spasms become more pronounced within my chest. I’m definitely going to need the tank as soon as we get there. Then we clear the edge of the pilothouse.

The bow of the sunken vessel opens before us. But there’s no scuba gear in sight. It’s not where we saw it the last time we were on this end of the wreck.

Oh, FUCK – not again??


My lungs begin to burn as we motion to split up once again. We circle the pilothouse and emerge on the other side. But the scuba tank is nowhere to be seen.

It isn’t sitting outside the pilothouse like I half expected it to be. My heart skips a beat. I look anxiously at my dive buddy, wondering what she’s thinking.

She motions for me to check around up here while she goes over the side. Maybe she’s going to check the soil around the wreck. I see her fin herself over the railing and disappear from view, leaving me to check topside for the wayward scuba gear.

I find myself inwardly spewing obscenities at those two, especially Andria. My lungs begin to heave in my chest as I look all around. I have to consciously force the panic back down.

Obviously we were much too easy on those mischief-makers. Next time we need to really make ’em pay. But there’s no time to consider revenge. Our source of air has to be located first.

I glance at the stairwell. Would they have moved the tank down below? Could it be on the bottom step in plain sight?

I fin over to it and go partway down. I don’t see it anywhere. Something tells me they wouldn’t deliberately move it far enough for our lives to be threatened.

I quickly fin back up. Maybe it’s in the pilothouse. I squirt myself in through the open doorway, the fear growing stronger within me.

My lungs are heaving again, my pussy throbbing. Am I going to cum before those two sadistic bitches drown us this time? I anxiously look all around. But I don’t see it anywhere.

Is it sitting on the ground like last time, leaning up against the side of the wreck? That would mean my companion would have found it and is getting the air she needs. I would think she would bring the tank up with her to give me access to it as well.

I turn to head back out the door. That’s when I see it. It’s sitting underneath a table in the corner.

Shit; it’s right there! I might never have spotted it if I hadn’t come inside. Did they figure one of us would come in and do a thorough search??


I fin up to it and grab the nearest regulator. I cram it between my lips and fill my aching lungs. My need subsides as the throbbing in my pussy starts to ease.

It dawns on me how alone I am. I frantically look all around. Uh-oh; where is she?

My freediving companion is nowhere in sight. I feel a stab of fear in the pit of my gut. I half expected her to come up and find me in here. But I don’t see her materializing anywhere outside the shack.

I dare not wait for her. What if she’s too far away? I frantically grab the gear and quickly hoist it onto my shoulders.

I strap it in place. If she won’t come to our compressed air supply, then I’ll take it to her. Then I fin myself back out the door.

I look all around once I’m out in open ocean. But I don’t see her anywhere. Shit!

Last I saw of her she was going over the port side railing. I frantically fin off in that direction, launching myself over the rail. But I don’t see her anywhere.

There’s nothing between the wreck and the reef. She’s simply vanished. This CAN’T be good!

With my heart pounding in my chest, I glance briefly toward the stern. Hopefully she didn’t head off in that direction.

I fin back toward the bow. I have a sinking feeling. I can only hope like hell those two found her and gave her lungs a refill.

I clear the nose of the wreck. That’s when I see her. She’s just off the starboard bow, hidden from view by the hull of the sunken vessel. That’s why I couldn’t see her until now.

She drifts downward on her back, her arms and legs all splayed out. A small trickle of bubbles slip out of her lips. There’s an expression of shock in her eyes.

In an instant my heart leaps into my throat. I want to scream.

Gawd; what if I’m too late??

2007; 2020 (written Aug 28 ’07; ed. Nov 15 ‘20 by riwa)

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