Snuff Teri 5.0 (Ch 8 Dunked Teri)


We walked over a few paces. Once again, a display opened up as if materializing from out of nowhere. This one was even more simplified than the last one.

I felt my cock start to stir again. I started to speak up. But my escort grabbed my arm and drew a finger to her lips, enticing me to be silent.

A naked Teri knelt facing away from us. She moaned softly while asking no one in particular to come free her from her situation. She was momentarily unaware of our presence.

She was kneeling upright in front of a shallow, circular tub full of water. Her lower legs were strapped to the floor of the holodeck. Her upper legs were strapped to the front of the tub.

There was a black collar around her neck. A thin cable was attached to it that led downward into the tub. Water dripped off her face and chest, indicating she’d recently been dunked.

I quickly put it all together. Apparently the cable was used to pull the young woman’s head down into the water. On the wall behind the tub, visible to both her and us, was an LED display with bright red numbers counting down.

I looked questioningly at my tour guide. She just stifled a giggle. Once more she lifted a finger up to her lips for me to remain silent.

The timer on the wall was now counting down from 10. The captive young woman became more agitated by the moment. “SOMEBODY HELP MEE!” she cried out, her chest rising and falling as she breathed deeply.

As the time ran out, she inhaled sharply. A moment later her head was jerked down into the tub of water with a splash. A few bubbles came up through her flowing red hair.

The timer on the wall reset itself to 80. Immediately it began counting down as ‘Microkini Teri’ led me closer. There was a grunt from the submerged Teri before she stopped struggling and settled in.

I looked down into the water. That’s when I saw another LED on the floor of the tub. It reflected the exact same numerals as the one on the wall.

There was also a mirror on the bottom. It reflected back the concerned face of a young woman who’d closed her eyes. She now appeared to be concentrating on holding her breath.

“This one is doing a little forced breath-holding,” my escort explained. “She’s been doing this for a while now. The timer originally started her out at 10 seconds. Each time she goes under, both timers reset, adding an additional ten seconds. Sooner or later she’s going to drown. It’s inevitable.”

She smiled at me before taking notice of my hardening cock. She smiled knowingly at me as she asked, “Shall we see if we can distract her, Master?”

I was curious to see where this might be going. So I nodded my head. That’s when she knelt down and gave the ass sticking up a good hard “SMACK!”

I saw ‘dunked Teri’s’ eyes fly open in the expression reflected back to me. She grunted as she lost a burst of bubbles. Then she must have seen our reflections in the mirror as we bent over looking down on her.

She immediately started grunting and struggling. ‘Microkini Teri’ called down in warning, “I wouldn’t release that breath of yours just yet, honey. You’re not coming back up until the timer reaches zero. Even I can’t change that.”

I saw the young woman’s eyes open wide in horror in the mirror’s reflection. She began to wriggle around a little. Then she grunted a few more bubbles up from her nose and mouth.

The cable disappeared into a hole in the bottom of the tub. There was hardly any slack at all. It looked like she could only move her head just a little.

“Hold your breath, bitch!” my Teri ordered her sternly. Then she swatted the young woman’s ass again. It caused her dunked twin to jerk and bubble.

Both timers reached 30 as my escort began rubbing her helpless replica’s upraised ass. “Just look at this, Master,” she observed with a chuckle. “Shall I make it nice and ready for you?”

Before I could respond, ‘Microkini Teri’ got down on her hands and knees. She moved in and started licking ‘dunked Teri’s’ pussy. She actually buried her nose in the young woman’s ass as she licked and slurped.

The submerged woman stiffened and grunted. There was another eruption of bubbles. Her body started to writhe and squirm as the timer reached 20.

I wondered if she was going to lose her breath before her time was up. I heard what sounded like bubbly whimpers that kept increasing in intensity. Now it looked as though the poor thing was struggling to hold her breath while writhing helplessly.

“She tastes delicious, Master,” my escort giggled at me. “She’s wet, probably because she knows she’ll drown unless someone intervenes. I think the fear is making her pussy nice and juicy.”

She went back in, moaning softly as she licked and slurped. There was a bubbly cry as the timer reached 10. That’s when ‘dunked Teri’ really started squirming.

Bubbles came up as the poor thing grunted anxiously. My feasting escort just giggled as she continued to lick. It looked like the pole-dancing twin might actually start sucking water before the cable released her.

“You’re gonna drown her if you’re not careful.” My cock was hard and throbbing. ‘Microkini Teri’ gave me a quick glance and a knowing grin before going back to licking.

When the timer reached 0, Teri suddenly jerked her head up out of the water. She went into a coughing fit as she knelt upright. I saw the timers reset themselves to 80 and then start counting down.

My escort sidled up to her twin from behind. She reached around to grope and fondle a set of dripping tits. The young woman moaned and whimpered.

‘Microkini Teri’ cooed softly into her ear. “It’s sexy as hell when you run out of air and start blowing bubbles, honey. Better get your breath back pretty quickly. This next one’s going to last 90 seconds.”

“P–please!” the young woman gasped. “Please let me go or I’ll drown! I c–can’t hold my breath much longer!”

“Sure you can, honey!”

My Teri giggled, pulling the young woman’s head sideways and kissing her hard. Then she told her, “You’ve got good lungs. If you concentrate, I’ll bet you can make two minutes easy.”

“Not with you licking me,” she whimpered in protest. “I c-can’t hold it when you’re licking me. P–please… just let me go!”

“I can’t, honey,” my escort explained. “The program has already been set in motion. I can’t stop it until it completes its cycle.”

“How long will that take?” ‘dunked Teri’ gasped anxiously.

“Why gee; I don’t know.” ‘Microkini Teri’ giggled as she winked at me. She appeared thoughtful before adding, “I’m not quite sure. I can’t remember if I set it for two and a half minutes or three.”

“Three minutes??” the poor girl gasped in horror. “I’ll drown!!”

“And we plan on enjoying every minute of it,” my escort observed with excitement in her voice. “Now you’d better get ready for your next session, honey, while I do a little more feasting. After all, I have to get your holes ready for your rapist.”


“Deep breath, honey,” my Teri warned her with a grin, eyeing the timer as it ticked down. “I just love it when you bubble. It makes you one sexy bitch; did you know that?”

The young woman whimpered as she gasped for breath, quickly filling her lungs. She was abruptly jerked under with a splash as the timer hit zero. Bubbles came up through her flowing red hair.

The two timers reset themselves, this time to 90. Once again my escort knelt down behind her. Then she began licking her squirming twin’s pussy, her nose buried in the writhing woman’s anus.

The submerged woman wriggled and bubbled. I heard a grunt of alarm. “I think she’s ready for your cock, Master,” Microkini Teri’ observed with a grin.

She moved aside as though inviting me to come enjoy myself. I willingly dropped to my knees. Then I slowly guided my hard cock into a wet, dripping cunt.

I heard another groan, followed by a burst of bubbles. I began to gently thrust in and out of her. My sadistic tour guide watched with enthusiasm as I slowly fucked the dunked slut.

‘Microkini Teri’ moaned lustfully. I could tell she was becoming aroused. Was it because I was fucking her dunked twin to the point where she might actually drown?

I kept it nice and slow, deciding to pace myself. I wanted the submerged bitch to last a while. So I took my time, enjoying her tightness.

I watched as the timer reached 30. I began thrusting a little harder, unable to resist. The dunked redhead wriggled and bubbled even more.

“Fuck the slut!” my kneeling escort breathed excitedly. “Rape the fucking bitch! She deserves it!”

She reached into the water and groped her squirming twin’s breasts, giggling wickedly at her. “Isn’t that right, bitch?” she said aloud. “You’re just a pole-dancing whore, a wicked little cock-tease. You fucking deserve it, don’t you?”

The submerged Teri grunted and bubbled. I could tell by looking at her reflection in the mirror that her lungs were straining. That’s when I fucked her harder.

I watched as the timer reached 15. She let out another bubbly cry when it went to 8. That’s when she suddenly stiffened before she started bucking and shuddering, billows of bubbles bursting up to the surface all around her head.

“Fuck, she’s cumming!” ‘Microkini Teri’ gasped excitedly. “Give it to her good, Master! Fuck the air right out of her lungs; drown the bitch!”

I thrust in hard just before the timer reached 0. Then ‘dunked Teri’ shot upright, gasping like crazy. I heard her whimper as she trembled like mad.

My escort sadistically reached around her twin’s body. She cruelly grabbed the drenched tits, groping them lustfully. Then she grabbed her head and twisted it in her direction to face her.

“Did you cum, honey? Is that why your eyes are all glazed over?”

She looked down at my crotch as I continued to thrust into her bedraggled twin sister. “Pull it out, Master!” she begged. “Please? I want to taste her cunt on your big dick! Then you can fuck her hard with it again!”

‘Dunked Teri’ whimpered, struggling to catch her breath. My Teri leaned down and took my cock into her mouth. Then she lovingly sucked it clean, moaning enthusiastically.

“Gawd; that pussy tastes great!” she gasped excitedly. “I just love freshly fucked cunt-juice!”

“Please!” her exhausted twin begged. “No more! I can’t take much… more of this!”

“You’d fucking better, bitch!” ‘Microkini Teri’ threatened. “If you keep this up, there’s no way in hell you’re ever gonna make two minutes!”

“Please… turn me loose, ok? I won’t breathe a word of this to anyone; I swear!”

“You sure as hell won’t,” her sadistic twin agreed, “certainly not if they find you floating face down in a tub of water. I suggest you get ready for your next breath-hold, honey. 100 seconds can be a long time to some people.”

“No… please… have mercy…”

“Like the mercy you parcel out to all those men you cock-tease while pole-dancing? I don’t think so, you fucking whore!”


“Then I’d suggest you start taking deep breaths,” ‘Microkini Teri’ advised, taking note of the dwindling numbers on the timers.

Her frightened twin began gasping anxiously. My escort turned to me, her eyes flashing. “Why don’t you enjoy that sexy ass next; eh, Master? I think the bitch can take it. She can hold her breath long enough.”


“Shut up and breathe, bitch! Otherwise I’m going to make fucking sure you can’t raise your head back up when the timer reaches zero!”


The timers counted down from 5. ‘Dunked Teri’ started inhaling deeply. At 1 she frantically filled her lungs. Then she was jerked back down with a burble.

“Damn; that’s hot!” my escort gasped, watching her twin being pulled under as bubbles came up through her flowing red hair again. Then she turned toward me with a lustful expression.

“Let me get that ass ready for you, ok Master?” Then she knelt down and started rimming her pole-dancing twin.

The submerged bitch stiffened and then started to bubble as she writhed and squirmed. I heard underwater whimpers as my Teri moaned excitedly. She licked and slurped as though she was really enjoying herself.

I watched her plunge her tongue into the young woman’s puckered anus. It caused the poor thing to tremble. Then she let out a bubbly, high-pitched cry.

“There, Master,” she gasped excitedly. “Wet and ready for that hot fuck-tool of yours. Go right ahead and fuck that bitch’s ass!”

I leaned in and pressed the tip of my dick against ‘dunked Teri’s’ quivering hole. Once more, she grunted in alarm. She writhed anxiously as though she could somehow avoid me by squirming around.

I slowly pushed my way in until I was well inside. There was another grunt as more bubbles came up through that flowing red hair. Then I started thrusting nice and slow, going deeper and deeper until I was pushing all the way in up to my balls.

I heard grunts and whimpers as I slowly fucked her ass. I couldn’t help reaching around to grope her submerged big tits. She grunted and burbled, wriggling her ass in response as though she could somehow force me out of her. ‘Microkini Teri’ just watched with a look of sadistic pleasure on her face, her eyes lit up with delight.

Once again I took my time, enjoying the pleasure of fucking a tight ass. The submerged bitch grunted and burbled. So I decided I wanted to see her expression.

I looked down into the water at the mirror. I saw the reflection of a woman struggling hard to hold her breath. When both timers reached 30, I began thrusting harder, giving her more of a challenge.

She winced until her head was shaking back and forth as I picked up the pace. “Yeah, baby; rape that ass!” my sadistic escort encouraged. “Drown the fucking whore!”

‘Dunked Teri’ grunted in alarm. Her eyes were open wide as her cheeks began to bulge. At 15, I really started giving it to her good and hard.

She began losing bursts of air. I knew she could see the time remaining. If she could hold out long enough, she would be rewarded with another breath.

My Teri began gleefully calling out the countdown as time ran down… “5… 4… 3… 2… 1!” Then the submerged young woman was released. She shot up for breath, gasping like mad as the cable maintained its hold on the collar around her neck.

“Let me taste that ass!” ‘Microkini Teri’ begged excitedly.

She moved in close, pulled me out, and started sucking on my cock. She moaned appreciatively as she gobbled me down. It was as though she was thoroughly enjoying the taste, sucking my dick like a pro.

Her twin moaned and gasped, water dripping off her face, hair and tits. “Please!” she begged, sounding exhausted. “I don’t think… I can hold it… anymore! Please… I’m BEGGING you!”

“Don’t beg,” her sadistic sister scolded after pausing from sucking my dick. “It’s unbecoming for a slut of your caliber. Just take your drowning like the whore you are.”

“Please… don’t drown me… I don’t want to die!”

“If you can hold your breath for 110 seconds, then I guess you won’t drown this time; will you, honey?”

“But I can’t HOLD IT THAT LONG!”

“Then I guess Master’s going to enjoy your drowning spasms as he rapes your ass, bitch!”

‘Dunked Teri’ whimpered anxiously. She was certainly getting no mercy from the woman who looked exactly like her. Despite the fact the two females were exact replicas, my escort seemed 100 times more cruel.

“This breath-hold might be interesting,” ‘Microkini Teri’ told me, her eyes flashing. “The bitch is acting like she might not make it. I expected a far better effort from her. Oh well.”

She shrugged her shoulders as if she didn’t give a damn. Then she grabbed the young woman’s face by the chin. She gave it a good shake as she told her, “If you can’t make this one, honey, the least you can do is make sure Master enjoys himself while you drown.”


“I’d get a really good breath if I were you,” my escort advised, motioning at the timers as they counted down toward 0.

Her twin began gasping loudly, trying to cram as much air into her lungs as possible. Then she was jerked under with a splash. The timers reset to 110.

“Let me get that hole nice and wet for you again!” my Teri offered.

She leaned forward, jamming her face into her twin’s ass. Then she started licking enthusiastically. I think she just wanted in for another taste. Besides, it seemed to get her off making her submerged replica squirm and bubble.

Almost immediately ‘dunked Teri’ started wriggling and grunting. More bubbles erupted up through her waving red strands.

“Now!” my cruel tour guide suggested as she pulled away. “Sodomize the fucking whore!”

I pushed the head of my cock against the young woman’s anal ring until it gave way. Then I thrust it all the way in. ‘Dunked Teri’ let out a bubbly cry as I started fucking her hard.

Her body rocked as she grunted and writhed around. I could not resist pounding her mercilessly. I heard grunts and bubbly cries, which only made me even more excited.

‘Microkini Teri’ seemed to be on the same page. She reached under the bent-over bitch with her hand, searching for her crotch. “Let me finger that cunt of hers, baby!” she giggled with sadistic cruelty. “Together we can send her over the edge!”

Her twin cried out, losing another burst of air as she started to thrash about. I was certain she’d given up too much breath in her lungs to hold it for the full 110 seconds. Thinking she was going to drown made me thrust even harder until my cock throbbed in her anal passage.

My escort gasped and moaned. Apparently this had gotten her all worked up as well. Was she eager to watch her doppelganger drown??

Her free hand was buried in her own cunt. She mercilessly fingered her dunked replica. At the same time, she was furiously finger-fucking herself.

Her twin sister grunted as more bubbles erupted at the surface. She was losing air fast. I could see her horrified expression reflected in the mirror on the bottom of the tub.

She looked like she was starting to panic. She must have realized she wasn’t going to be able to hold her breath. That’s when her anxious grunts intensified.

She began to writhe and squirm. It wasn’t long before her cheeks began to bulge. Was her chest starting to heave?

“Hot damn; I think she’s gonna cum!” My bitch of an escort was becoming delirious with sadistic glee. She appeared to be furiously frigging both herself and her dunked twin.

The timers had barely reached 60 when ‘dunked Teri’ stiffened. A moment later she went off. She appeared to shudder amidst a flurry of bubbles, the mirror reflecting her rolling eyes.


I felt the walls of her anal passage clamp down hard around my cock. I could not help brutally fucking her ass. Then her orgasm passed.

For a moment the reflection in the mirror showed her eyes had glazed over in a drunken stupor. Then her lungs gave. That’s when she spasmed and gurgled as the timer reached 35.

Her eyes flew open in horror as she coughed hard, spewing air mixed with water. Then she began coughing her air away. She seemed desperate to clear her lungs from the fluid that kept pouring down her throat.

I looked down into the tub. In the mirror I saw the reflection of a drowning woman. It was so erotic that her next painful spasm triggered my release, my cock exploding in her tight ass.

“FUCK; THAT’S HOT!” my escort gasped as she too looked down into the tub.

Her submerged sister thrashed about. Bubbles dribbled freely out of her parted lips. Her expression was one of shock and surprise.

Her anal passage clenched tightly around my thrusting cock. She literally milked me dry as she cried out with a gurgle. It was incredible.

She went into a series of spasms, grunting “Ungh… ungh… ungh…” as each one hit. For a moment her body seemed to seize up. Then I felt her start to shake.

She suddenly relaxed, no longer putting up a fight. In the mirror I saw her mouth gape open. Her eyes reflected the horror of her painful drowning.

I felt as much as heard the rattle in her chest. Then a few stray bubbles swirled out of her mouth. They popped up to the surface through her waving strands of silky red hair.

The timers counted down to 0, allowing the cable to release her. This time she didn’t jerk herself up out of the water. She just knelt bent over, face down in the tub.

My Teri enthusiastically grabbed her and lifted her up out of the water. She looked at the vacant expression in her drowned twin’s eyes. “Damn, baby; that was hot!” she gasped in a fit of delirium.

She kissed the open mouth, moaning excitedly. Then she cruelly let go as though there was no need for being gentle. Her drowned twin’s upper body simply fell forward into the tub with a splash.

I pulled my dick out of the drowned ass. ‘Microkini Teri’ leaned down and eagerly swallowed me. She enthusiastically sucked on my cock, cleaning it with her tongue.

She moaned appreciatively before pulling me out of her mouth. “So that’s what your cum tastes like inside a dead ass, eh? It’s delicious, Master!”

She turned and caught sight of my cream leaking out of her dead replica’s anus. She quickly moved in, licking and slurping it up. “Can’t let it go to waste now; can I, Master?”

When she was done, she sucked on my softening cock one last time to finish cleaning it up. Then we both rose to our feet.

“Now that is one drowned slut!” she commented with satisfaction. “No wonder you like your cock up their ass once they start to inhale!” Then she seductively sidled up to me.

“Shall we see what else your wicked bitch has planned for you, Master? I’m SO enjoying this!”

As we turned to go, we caught sight of ‘stripper Teri’. She was dancing tiredly on her pole, her eyes wide in horror. My escort called out to her, “Better keep dancing, whore, or you’ll be next!”

With a yelp of fright, the young woman grabbed the pole and swung herself around on it. But I could tell she was tiring. I couldn’t help wondering what my Teri had in store for the exhausted performer. Then she wrapped her arm through mine and proceeded to lead me off to the next one…

2010; 2021 (written May 28 ’10; ed. Mar 17 ‘21 by riwa)

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