Eva the Aqua-slut


I’ve been a water-baby for as long as I can remember. Mom says when she first introduced me to a wading pool she couldn’t get me out of it. I was the easiest kid in our neighborhood to be made to take a bath.

When I got older I spent as much time as possible underwater. I learned to orgasm while holding my breath at the bottom of a pool. After that, it nearly became impossible for me to cum anywhere else.

I dated several guys, but they had a problem trying to fuck me in a pool. I always made it a point to please them. But they seldom wanted to return the favor by getting into a pool with me and fucking me underwater.

I was a college student when I found out about the Aqua Club. The first time I went there I met a guy named Buck Trotter who loved to fuck underwater. He had a great cock.

We did it in the pool until I orgasmed three times. From then on I became a pretty popular member. It became well known I would fuck anyone underwater who could hold his breath long enough.

Last year they decided to introduce fuck-drowning to members of the Club. They wanted volunteers who’d be willing to drown for them while having sex underwater. Naturally I was the first one who volunteered. It was not a surprise to anyone.

The Club was willing to pimp me out for a fee of course. They would get a percentage and so would I. I liked the idea of getting paid to cum underwater. But I ended up volunteering for the orgasms far more than any money I would make.

Before I took the risk with my first customer I had to prove I would be a willing participant. That meant I couldn’t struggle too much against my fuck-buddy. So I had to go through an initiation… a try-out, so to speak.

Arnie Jensen volunteered to test me out in the Club’s outdoor pool. He was a natural pick as I knew Arnie was fond of drownings. I should have known he would want to be the one to test my abilities.

On the day of my drowning I dressed up in my skimpiest lime-green bikini. A strip barely covered my crotch. Additionally there was very little material obscuring my boobs.

I joined Arnie in the pool, ready to fuck and drown for him. He asked what he could do to me. I smiled as I told him this was his test. He was free to do anything he wanted.

I think the poor bastard wanted to fuck me as he drowned me. But he decided to remain respectful. So I figured I was not going to have much of a sexual test with him.

He touched me all over, caressing my tits while rubbing my crotch. It got me all wet and horny. Knowing he was going to drown me was unnerving as hell. But I was also kind of excited. I figured I was going to cum pretty damn hard when it happened.

He looked at me and smiled. “Ready to drown, Eva?”

“Let ‘er rip, Arnie. I’m ready when you are.”

“Good girl. I think I’m going to make this a little rough on you, just to make sure you’re up for it.”

He didn’t give me a single moment to rethink my decision. He just pushed down on my chest, submerging me. Then he eagerly worked my top off my boobs.

I figured he wanted me to put up a bit of a fight. So I bubbled and struggled a little. He pushed down harder, making sure I couldn’t get up for a breath.

Arnie was wearing baggy trunks. But I could tell he had an erection. It turned me on knowing how excited he’d become.

I put up more of a struggle as he kept me under. I felt a surge of erotic fear as my body demanded I take a breath. I spewed up bubbles as I tried not to fight him too much.

I heard him up at the surface telling me how turned on he was at holding me down and drowning me. Imagining him creaming his trunks really got me excited. But that’s when breathless anxiety set in.

I tried to relax and let it happen naturally. But my lungs heaved in my chest. That’s when I panicked.

I swallowed a mouthful of water. Some of it went down the wrong way. A moment later I began thrashing about. But Arnie wouldn’t let me up until I’d finished drowning.

About that time my orgasm hit full-on. It was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. It was as though I’d been plugged into an outlet of white-hot pleasure.

I shuddered as I coughed up bubbles. Arnie grimly continued holding me down. I kicked and thrashed about until I just couldn’t find the energy to fight any more.

I finally went limp in his grasp. I stared up at the sky, a look of shock in my features. Arnie later told me I had this drugged look in my eyes. He thought I’d cum pretty damn hard.

He let me drift up to the surface. Later he told me I wasn’t breathing or anything. He said he just stood there admiring my boobs as I floated at the surface.

He said he dragged me by my hair to the side of the pool. Then he helped me out of the water. He confessed to creaming his trunks during my drowning. Hearing about that later really turned me on.

He said I was fairly easy to revive. I remembered coughing up a ton of bubbles before I went limp as I drowned. But I didn’t remember a thing after that until they worked on me and got me breathing again.

They monitored me for a couple of days. But they concluded I’d suffered no lasting damage. That meant I was ready to become the club’s first drowning aqua-slut.

Word slowly got out I was willing to drown while I was being fucked underwater. The first guy that wanted to take me up on it was Kenny Barnes. He was told he would have to be careful with me as they wanted to keep me around a while.

I don’t know if that scared him or not. So we started slow. We did a lot of touching and kissing. And I did a lot of sucking his cock underwater.

I could tell he was a little nervous. Nobody wanted me to get hurt. They just wanted to drown me during sex.

Kenny decided to pull an “Arnie” on me. He didn’t have sex with me. But he did want to watch me drown.

I jerked his cock as I smiled at him. “It’s all right, Kenny. I’ll drown for you anytime. Go right ahead.”

He pushed me underwater and split my legs apart. Then he began eating me out. I writhed and bubbled as I felt the approach of the release I wanted.

He lifted his head up for a breath while I stayed under. Pretty soon my lungs were screaming at me. But I was a little more relaxed than I was with Arnie.

I was angled downward, my head on the bottom as he held me in place. I think he wanted to watch me at the moment I started to drown. The ache in my lungs got real intense as my orgasm drew nearer.

I held my breath for as long as I could. I didn’t struggle nearly as much as I did with Arnie. I already had an idea what to expect.

It kind of hit without warning. My chest heaved as convulsions set in. Then it swelled within me until I popped off in orgasm.

It flushed hotly through my body. It was a pretty intense orgasm. Then my lungs heaved in agony.

I forgot to hold my breath as I opened my mouth. All my air billowed away. Then I hitched and gurgled as I started to drown.

It was just as painful as the last time with Arnie. I hitched and convulsed as I tried to get to the surface. Kenny calmly kept me submerged.

I felt his cock against my ass-crack. I think he creamed the pool as I shuddered hard. Then I went limp.

I was barely conscious when he hauled me out of the water. I doubt I was under more than 10 or 15 seconds. Then I was coughing like crazy up at the surface.

Kenny asked me how it felt. I told him my orgasm felt wonderful. Then I asked him if his cock went off. He told me it did.

I was supposed to stay out of the water for two days between drownings. I told Kenny I’d enjoyed it. He said next time he wouldn’t be so hesitant with me. He didn’t want to hurt me, but watching me drown meant he wanted to come back for more. I told him I was more than willing.

About a week later Buck Trotter came looking for me. I was wondering when he was going to get around to giving me a good fuck-drowning. Knowing he was on the schedule turned me on like you wouldn’t believe.

We got naked in the pool and started making out. He wanted to know what it had felt like drowning for Arnie and Kenny. So I told him as much as I remembered.

He looked at me before asking, “Are you scared knowing you’re going to drown for me, Eva?”

I smiled as I replied, “Not at all, Buck. I was wondering how long it was going to take before you found out about me. I know how much we love doing it underwater. This time you’re going to have an aqua-slut drowning on the end of your cock.”

I started off by submerging to suck his dick. Buck always did enjoy keeping me under for prolonged periods of time just to watch my struggles and my bubbles come up. Now he was going to be allowed to keep me under until I drowned.

I gave him a couple of long, cock-sucking breath-holds. He made sure my lungs were on fire each time before he let me up. He knew how to push my limits without going over the edge. So I wondered if he would be able to go all the way with me.

When it came time for the main event I simply climbed into his lap and rode him underwater. Buck likes to hold his breath. But I like to hold mine even more. Sometimes he fucks me while his head is sticking up out of the water.

At first he seemed to be holding back. Maybe he was afraid of hurting me. Then things really picked up.

He rolled me over and began fucking me from behind. That’s my favorite position with Buck. He just exudes this raw animal magnetism whenever he’s giving it to me from behind.

My first orgasm with Buck was intense. He didn’t try to drown me or anything. Then he got a big breath before we went under for round two.

He was still hard as he pounded me from behind. I could feel another orgasm coming on strong. Buck’s dick always seems to hit me just right.

It swelled within me as my lungs began to burn. This time I tried to hold it back. I really wanted to give Buck a treat by drowning for him.

He got more and more excited as he pounded me good and hard. I started bubbling, “Drown me, Buck! Drown your aqua-slut!” I was so turned on I could hardly think straight.

The agony intensified in my lungs. I couldn’t hold back, and I orgasmed up a storm. Buck just kept pounding me until my lungs felt like they were empty.

My chest heaved as my body wanted to breathe again. I made myself stay down as I got a great Buck-fuck. Then my lungs gave out as a more intense orgasm slammed into me.

I screamed my breath away. Then I hitched as I swallowed water. I winced as I went into painful convulsions, cumming and drowning at the same time.

All my senses dimmed until all I was aware of was a cock going off deep inside me. It made me shudder from another climax. Then I was aware of nothing at all.

When I came back around I was lying on the ground next to the pool. Buck and another club member were looking down on me. When he saw me looking up at him Buck grinned from ear to ear.

“Damn, Eva. You milked ever last drop out of me while you were drowning. That was fucking incredible. I’m going to have to fuck-drown you more often!” I just smiled weakly at him.

I always did want to fuck Paul underwater from the moment I laid eyes on him. The problem was: he had a girl named Brooke. She frequently showed up at the club with him where they often engaged in underwater trysts.

I saw him a few times wearing speedos. They always outlined what looked like a very meaty organ. I was determined to get alone with him at least once.

One day I caught him swimming alone at the club without Brooke. I was skinny-dipping when I swam up to him and started talking to him. I told him how much I admired his abilities in the water.

He smiled as he said, “You’re the club aqua-slut, aren’t you? I heard Buck, Kenny and Arnie got to drown you.”

“I’m the club’s drowning aqua-slut,” I corrected him. Then I reached down and rubbed his crotch. I loved what stiffened behind those speedos of his.

He smiled as he asked, “So tell me, Eva. What’s it like to drown with a cock inside you?”

“It’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before, Paul. I can’t cum unless I’m fucked underwater while holding my breath. Cumming as I drown only intensifies the orgasms.” I rubbed his bulge a little harder as I leaned up against him.

“You realize I’ve been seeing Brooke, don’t you? She and I have been going at it pretty regularly here at the club whenever our schedules permit.”

“She’s not here right now; is she, Paul?” I grabbed his erection through the material and stroked him suggestively.

“No, she’s at work right now. I don’t think she’d appreciate you moving in on me though.”

I smiled coyly. “How do you feel about the idea of fucking me while I drown, Paul?”

I gave his bulge a jerk. He twitched in my hand. “Well, Eva; you’ve certainly got my attention right now.”

“Do I?”

I peeled his speedos away until I could reach in and give him a good stroking. He was nice and hard in my grasp. It felt like a good 8 or 9 niches of incredible man-meat.

“You realize you’re playing with fire. You know that, don’t you?”

“What’s my punishment for ‘playing with fire’, Paul?”

“I might just have to drown you, Eva.”

“With your cock inside me?” And with that I filled my lungs and submerged.

I was so horny I didn’t waste any time teasing him. I took him right between my lips and immediately went to work sucking on him. Bubbles came out of my nose as I gobbled him down.

I heard him gasp up at the surface. He grabbed me by my head and pulled me up. “Eva, I’m not sure this is such a good idea.”

“Then I guess you’ll just have to drown me, Paul.” And with that I filled my lungs before going right back down.

I swallowed his dick, bobbing up and down on it. More bubbles dribbled out of my nose. Then I slowly took him deep.

I got him into my throat without gagging. I grunted up bubbles as I licked his balls with my tongue. I was all hot and bothered to the point where I didn’t care whether he drowned me with his cock down my throat or buried in my kitty… just so long as he drowned me either way.

I stayed down for a good couple of minutes swallowing his meaty pole. When I surfaced I could tell by the look in his eyes he wasn’t going to resist. So I pulled him out with me into deeper water.

I filled my lungs and submerged again. I gagged and grunted on his dick until he was nice and hard. Then he pulled my head up.

“Well damn, Eva. I guess you leave me no other choice. You realize Brooke’s going to drown the shit out of you when she finds out.”

“You first, Paul,” I panted as my kitty throbbed like crazy.

“You got it.” And with that he forced me under before ramming his cock deep inside me.

You have no idea what it did to me feeling his delicious fuck-stick invade my hungering love-tunnel. The fact I was underwater holding my breath only made the sensations that much more intense. He really gave it to me good, pounding the shit out of me until my lungs were screaming in my chest.

I thought he was going to drown me right then and there. But he let me up for a breath of air. “I’ll just tell Brooke you came on to me and paid the price for it.” Then he shoved me right back down.

He held me sideways, splitting my legs apart. He fucked pleasure into my throbbing cunt until I could hardly stand it. When I finally went off it was glorious.

My lungs were on fire as my orgasm began to fade. But Paul was just getting started. A moment later I winced as another orgasm enveloped me. Then I gulped water and started drowning.

He pounded me like there was no tomorrow. I just hitched and convulsed as his cock thrust in and out of me. A moment later I felt him thrust hard and deep as he pumped what felt like gallons of his seed into me.

The sensation was unlike anything I’d ever felt before. It hurt like hell, an agony mixed with the white-hot sensation of a never-ending climax. It literally battered me into oblivion.

When I came back around I was up at the surface lying on the floor. I coughed up a lot of water as my chest hurt like hell. I felt all dizzy and disoriented. It also felt like I could sleep for a week.

“You ok, Eva?” I was touched he seemed so concerned.

“I think I’ll be all right. But now I have to stay out of the water for 2 or 3 days.”

“You’d better rest up. Brooke is going to want a crack at you the next time she shows up.”

“I’ll willingly submit to my punishment, Paul. Thanks for drowning me.”

He shook his head as he muttered, “Crazy aqua-slut.”

“That’s drowning aqua-slut to you, Paul.” He just chuckled.

He didn’t know what to do with me. To this day I think he still doesn’t know. But I’m always open to be fuck-drowned by him any time he wants.

A few days later Brooke came looking for me. I could tell she wasn’t happy about something. As for me I was “innocently” skinny-dipping in the club’s indoor pool, teasing a couple of club members.

She was totally naked when she got into the water. There was a weight belt around her waist. The look on her face indicated she was not to be trifled with.

She waved away the guys I was trying to seduce. “Sorry, fellas. But the bitch is mine for the next few minutes. You’ll have to wait your turn.” Then she came after me.

She wasn’t the least bit interested in anything sexual. She just came after me. The fight was on.

We wrestled around in the deep end. But it soon became apparent the bitch was better than I was. She could hold her breath a little longer and was quite agile. No wonder Paul was so fond of her.

She got behind me and wrapped her legs around me. The weight belt took us both down. She humped my ass from behind as I struggled in her grasp.

She didn’t fight with me or anything. She was just waiting me out. And I couldn’t shake her.

I struggled to hold my breath. She reached around and cruelly mauled my boobs. It was sweet agony.

My lungs were on the verge of giving out when she let me go. I shot up to the surface and panted like crazy. A moment later she came up and pulled me back down.

This time she mashed my face into her crotch. Then she humped the shit out of my head. I grunted and bubbled as I tried to kick my way out of her grasp. But she was determined… and I was becoming exhausted.

I struggled and bubbled in her grasp. But it didn’t do any good. I don’t think she cared whether or not I pleased her sexually. She was just being brutal and sadistic.

My lungs were on fire as I spewed away the last of my breath. The fear and excitement overcame me in a massive flush of pleasure. I promptly went limp, allowing her to do anything she wanted.

I swallowed water and went into spasms. She pulled me right up. My head came up at the surface coughing and sputtering.

“Slut!” she snarled. Then she forced me right back down. This time she flipped me upside down.

There was no way I was going to be able to hold my breath. Then the fucking bitch bit my cunt. I jerked and gurgled as I orgasmed like a two-dollar whore in some back alley. Then I started to drown as she continued to hold me upside down.

She pulled me back up until once more my head came up coughing and sputtering. She snarled, “Fucking whore!” Then she submerged me yet again.

This time Brooke rode me all the way to the bottom, straddling me while humping her crotch against mine. There was no way I could hold my breath. The next orgasm that hit was so intense that it battered me senseless.

When I awakened I was up at the surface lying flat on my back on the side of the pool. Those two guys were working on me as Brooke hovered nearby. “Tell the bitch if she ever fucks Paul again I’ll make fucking sure she’s not revived!” Then she stalked off.

It took me some time to recover from that one. You would think that experience would have cured me from my desire to drown for the guys at the club. But tomorrow I’ll be going back to use their pools.

I’m just crazy enough to tempt fate again. I might go looking for Paul. Hell, I might even taunt Brooke in the hopes she’ll drown me again. That last orgasm I had while she was drowning me was the best ever…

2020 (written Sep 13 ’20 by riwa)

(Inspired by pictures I found on the Internet, including some from sexunderwater which I used as illustrations.)

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