Donna’s shore leave 7


The nymphs pulled her forward, chittering excitedly as though giddy at having an extra toy to play with. It wasn’t long until they’d worked Donna’s outfit up over her head.

Yeoman Rand kept shaking her head, trying to cry out to her through the undergarment stuffed into her mouth. But there simply wasn’t anything Donna could do to stop them. Leiani was right; there was something enchanting about them. She simply has no will to resist them.

Once again, she was reminded of the memo she’d received aboard the Enterprise about minding her thoughts. Yeoman Dangling couldn’t help somehow feeling responsible for the situation she and Janice were in. Virtually everything that had happened to her on the planet’s surface could be pinpointed to a thought, fantasy or desire she harbored.

It seemed incredible that one’s very thoughts could manifest into such a terribly erotic, yet deadly reality. Inwardly, she cursed herself for not studying that memo more closely and learning more about the planet she was now about to die on. But there was nothing she could do about it now.

Her mind was absolutely locked onto her and Janice’s immediate future. Try as she might, she simply couldn’t think of anything else. It was all so utterly terrifying… and yet so unbelievably arousing.

Her black bra came off next. One of the creatures casually brushed its fingers over her quivering mounds as the item was tossed aside. Donna’s nipples became horribly erect, and she was unable to stop quivering.

The boots came off next, followed by her soaked undergarments. That particular item she didn’t mind shedding so much. It was so messy and sticky against her skin.

One of the damned creatures held it in its hand. It sniffed it curiously, squishing it while feeling the wetness of the item. Then it looked back at Donna before looking down between her legs. Donna found herself trembling like mad with embarrassment as it studied her dripping, hairless slit as though figuring things out by putting two and two together.

The black nylons came off last. They were used to secure her wrists behind her back. Donna couldn’t help gasping and shuddering each time one of them brushed a hand over her flesh. Each touch pulled a soft, breathy moan out of her mouth.

She was finally escorted over to the rocky incline that Janice stood upon. Behind her, she heard Leiani giggling over how much fun it was going to be to see the both of them hang together. She whimpered with fear and arousal as she glanced back in anguish at her former lover.

She was placed next to a trembling Janice Rand. Donna looked out to the noose dangling from her pole. She found herself wondering how the hell the two nymphs were going to retrieve it. Her curiosity was answered in less than a heartbeat.

The one standing next to her made an incredible leap upward. Wrapping its arms around the wooden pole, it did a gymnast’s swing up onto the top of it where it came down and straddled the pole. Then it shimmied out to the end where it reached down, grabbed a section of rope and began to make it swing back and forth, each time making the noose swing closer to where she and Janice were standing.

Once more Donna was amazed at the agility of the damned things. But when she considered the times she had discussed the existence and characteristics of nymphs with Leiani back on the Enterprise, she realized that she shouldn’t have been so surprised. After all, this only fit in with her image of what nymphs were like.

Gawd; maybe this really WAS all her fault!

The other one was reaching up for the noose, trying to snag the swinging coil, when Leiani suddenly appeared. She gently ushered it off to one side with a grin and a “Let me get it for you.”

The Asian woman was several centimeters taller than either nymph, although she was a handful of centimeters shorter than either Donna or Janice. But when the noose swung her way once again, she grabbed it easily, much to Donna’s horror.

The yeoman stared at her former lover with a look of “Gawd – how COULD you??” Leiani just giggled at her. Then her former lover brushed Donna’s dark blond strands out of the way before gently bringing the noose down over her head.

“Gawd, Leiani; what are you DOING?” Donna breathed, her voice quavering.

“It goes right about here; right, baby?” the Asian giggled, placing the noose gently against her neck. “Gawd, baby! It almost fits perfectly with your Venus rings, as though your neck was made for the noose.”

Leiani giggled again as she abruptly tightened the noose with a dramatic tug. It caused Donna to “GAWK!” as another erotic shiver set her to tingling like mad. Surely this couldn’t be happening right now!

The quivering yeoman moaned as Leiani gently ran a finger along the lines above and below the noose that encircled her neck, seductively tracing their circular path around her throat. “Gawd, baby; don’t DO this!” Donna whimpered weakly, her legs feeling all rubbery. But Leiani just giggled at her once more. The distinctive sensation of the rope encircling her throat was driving her mad with deliciously erotic terror.

Yeoman Dangling felt like a long dormant volcano that had come back to life and was now getting ready to erupt with a massive explosion. Every muscle felt all tensed up, her body screaming at her for an orgasmic release. Donna fought like hell to hold it back.

She could no longer think straight. The only thought on her mind was that she and Janice were about to hang. It terrified her like nothing had ever terrified her before.

The two of them would soon be swinging several hundred meters above the forest floor below. At the same time, she felt an intensely erotic excitement. She couldn’t understand how she could feel so incredibly alive just a few minutes before she would soon be hanging to death.

The creature on the pole shimmied back. It flipped itself back inside with an incredible leap of agility before it grabbed her by the shoulders. Donna shivered as it gently twisted her around until she and Janice were both facing into the cave.

Now both of them had their backs to the horror that awaited behind them. She trembled as she struggled to remain upright, trying to keep from falling over backward. Donna wanted to cry out; wanted to beg them to cut them both down. But her heart was in her throat, and she couldn’t find her voice.

Only now did she truly notice the similarities between her and Janice as the two of them stood together naked. Both of them whimpered and trembled as they anxiously awaited the moment of their execution. They were similar in height, although Rand was a couple centimeters taller than her.

Her shipmate’s ample breasts appeared to be a little bit bigger than hers. However, both sets were heaving up and down together in fearful distress. Both sets of nipples were painfully erect as both women trembled in great fear. Donna couldn’t help noticing that they both seemed to be disturbingly aroused, judging by the wetness down around each of their slits.

There was something about yeoman Rand in her current condition that made the young woman look so incredibly sexy. If only she could have gotten the chance to get to know Janice better. Maybe one day she could have gotten the chance to break down the yeoman’s barriers and engage her in some sort of erotic, lesbian breath-play.
Now it was too late. In mere moments, the two of them would be swinging together. Donna couldn’t help wondering why the thought of hanging with Janice was so damned arousing as much as it was frightening.

The two nymphs stepped up to each of them, chittering excitedly. They side-stepped Leiani, their arms eagerly stretched forward as though they were about to push the two shipmates backward into open air. Donna gasped in horror as the terror and excitement swelled within her to a fever pitch.

Was this it? She certainly thought so! Poor Janice could only whimper into her gag while shaking her head no.

“WAIT!” Leiani blurted out, stopping the two dead in their tracks.

They turned and chittered at her questioningly as the two helpless, naked shipmates trembled. Both of them could only struggle to maintain their balance. Their legs were becoming rubbery, causing them to struggle not to pitch backward to their doom.

“You gotta get ’em READY first!” Leiani told them as though patiently explaining things to a child. “Here; let me show you.”

She gave Donna a devilish grin. But instead of moving toward her former lover, she moved toward Janice, causing the nymph who was standing in front of the terrified yeoman to step back out of the way in curiosity.

“Here, baby,” Leiani cooed at the trembling woman. “Let’s get that nasty thing out of your mouth, shall we?”

She gently pulled the undergarment out of the yeoman’s mouth and tossed it away. Janice gasped and whimpered, working her jaws in an effort to get them to function again so she could try to speak. “Gawd, Leiani!” she gasped fearfully as she found her quivering voice. “What are you DOING?! For gawd’s sake; get us DOWN from here!!”

“Can’t do that, baby,” Leiani smiled matter-of-factly with a sad shake her head. Then she slowly reached out and lovingly caressed the poor woman’s quivering flesh with a seductive purr.

“Gawd, Leiani; why NOT??” Janice gasped, trying hard not to moan at the traitorous woman’s touch.

“Because it’s what Donna wants,” the Asian replied with a giggle.

Janice turned toward Donna, horror-stricken. “Gawd, Donna; what’s she talking about? Surely this isn’t YOUR doing, is it??”

Donna didn’t know what to say. Instinctively, she tried to look away she felt an intense wave of shame flow through her body.

“Don’t blame her too much for this,” Leiani said playfully. “Part of this is my fault as well. To be honest, I’ve ALWAYS wanted to hang you, Janice.” Then the Asian woman let out a naughty giggle.

“Ohmygawd! Leiani?! NOOO!”

The young woman ignored her. Instead, she addressed the two wood nymphs as though teaching a couple of attentive pupils. “Pay attention, you two, ’cause this is how it’s done.”

She grinned wickedly at her former lover. “Bet you wish you were in MY shoes now, don’t you, baby?” Then she giggled again. The young Asian woman seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself.

Donna watched in horror, her body trembling like mad as Leiani reached out and gently brushed Rand’s chest. She lovingly caressed her breasts while fingering her painfully hard nipples. Donna inhaled sharply at the eroticism of it all. Shamefully, she wished it was her touching poor Janice like that.

“Nooo!” Rand moaned. “Don’t… you mustn’t!” All she could do was whimper as she struggled to remain standing, her body trembling at the Asian woman’s touch.

“You gotta get ’em both worked up first,” Leiani explained to the two nymphs with a sly grin. “That way, it’s more fun for them as they hang. Isn’t that right, baby?”

She grinned evilly at Janice while giving Donna a knowing wink. All Rand could do was moan, telling her in a quivering voice that it wasn’t right. She kept begging her to stop and cut them both down before it was too late.

Donna stared wide-eyed at the way her former lover was groping poor Janice. She gasped madly for breath, her body trembling like crazy as she watched helplessly. Leiani was give loving touches and caresses to yeoman Rand, something she’d often fantasized about doing herself.

Now here she was, on the verge of being hanged, forced to watch helplessly as her former best friend and lover got to touch the woman she wanted to make love to. Would this torture never END?? Gawd; she was about to explode!

As the creatures watched Leiani, one of them stepped forward in front of Donna. It began touching the quivering woman in a similar manner. It watched what the oriental was doing, and then mimicked the very same movements.

“No!” Donna gasped breathlessly. “Don’t… please… gawd – get away from me!” But it ignored her as it reached out and began caressing her quivering breasts, further fanning the flames of her terrible arousal.

Donna bit her lip as she winced in a futile effort not to reveal the affect it was having on her. But she couldn’t help herself. She let out a quiet moan as her body trembled like mad.

Her legs went all rubbery on her again. For a gawd-awful moment, she thought she was going to pitch backward. Unfortunately, her actions did not escape the enchanted being’s notice.

It touched her some more, brushing her erect nipples with greater frequency until the poor woman was gasping and whimpering. Then its companion stepped up. Together, the two of them ran their hands all over Donna’s body, causing her to whimper and moan as she shivered like mad while begging them to stop…

“No…… please…. oh gawd……. uuunnngghhh…… Leiani? ……please, baby – you gotta…… gotta stop ’em……”

Leiani let out a naughty giggle as she watched the delicious torture that was being inflicted on her former lover. Then she looked at Janice, grinning wickedly at her as her hand strayed downward. Rand moaned and squirmed, struggling to stay erect and keep from falling over backwards.

A moment later, she let out a weak cry as a couple of Leiani’s fingers found their way inside her dripping slit. “No… it’s not right… Leiani, don’t… ooooohhhhh!” That’s when tears came to her eyes at the utter humiliation of it all.

Donna couldn’t help glancing over at the poor thing. She was enjoying what was being done to Janice. But she was so ashamed of herself for enjoying it.

Leiani was doing something she was never going to get to partake in herself: the pleasuring of her friend and shipmate. Her body trembled from a terrible arousal. Then one of the damned things mimicked Leiani by slipping its fingers into her own dripping slit.

Donna let out a breathy “Noooo…” Then she shuddered hard. She ended up gasping like crazy as she was hit by a jolt of incredible arousal that threatened to set her off.

“Ohmygawd! Baby, please make ’em stop!” But Leiani just gave her a wicked grin, wiggling her two fingers inside a moaning, squirming Yeoman Rand before pulling them out all wet and sticky.

“Here, baby… you wanna taste?” she grinned devilishly as she reached over and gently placed them into Donna’s open mouth.

Yeoman Dangling couldn’t help herself. Besides, she strongly suspected this might be her only chance of ever getting a taste of Rand’s arousal. She shuddered as she got the unexpected chance to savor the delights of her horrified shipmate.

She moaned as she sucked on Leiani’s fingers…until she caught sight of Janice looking at her in shock. That’s when she went red with embarrassment as tears of shame welled up in her eyes.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw one of the creatures feed its sticky fingers into the other’s mouth, fingers that had just been inside her. Its face instantly morphed into one of delight as it sucked noisily. It caused the other to raise its eyes in wonder over why its companion was acting so pleased.

It pulled the fingers out and stuck them into its own mouth, unaware there was nothing left to taste. In any other circumstances, Donna would have found it comical. But the constant sensation of the noose around her neck, combined with the knowledge of the valley floor being far below and behind her, kept her in a continual state of terror mixed with incredible arousal.

Leiani giggled again as she bent down in front of Janice. She moved in with her face toward the woman’s dripping slit. Donna watched as her former lover’s tongue snake out.

She shivered erotically as the poor yeoman begged the Asian woman to stop, telling her it just wasn’t right to do such a thing. Then Donna saw Janice jerk and whimper. It indicated to her that the tongue she was so familiar with herself was now forcing pleasure upon someone other than herself.

Once more Donna was left in the agonizing position of being forced to watch as her former friend and lover got all the treats that she wanted for herself… the pleasure of partaking of Rand’s treasures.

One of the creatures suddenly knelt right in front of her, once more mimicking Leiani’s actions. Donna was fairly certain it was the same one that had tasted her juices from the sticky fingers of its companion. That’s when she started to squirm…

“No… please… not that… ohmygawd!”

She felt a small tongue flick out in exploration. Donna nearly pitched over backward from an incredible jolt of pleasure. It wasn’t long until it was licking her dripping slit with great enthusiasm.

Nooooooo! Ohmygawd!

Donna shuddered like mad as the damn thing licked her, slurping up everything around her quivering opening. Her moans joined those of her bound shipmate who was standing no more than a meter away from her. The two of them whimpered and squirmed like crazy.

It was utterly humiliating; horrifyingly erotic. Donna went all weak in the knees as she struggled like hell to remain upright. It wasn’t long until the other nymph began tugging on its companion as though wanting a taste for itself. For a moment, she thought the two were going to quarrel amongst themselves.

All of the sudden, yeoman Rand’s whimpers dramatically increased in pitch. Donna thought she saw Leiani increase her tongue action on the poor thing. A moment later Janice cried out, her body shuddering hard as she wiggled and squirmed like mad.

She heard her former lover moan as the damned woman sucked and slurped. Rand’s face went red, whether from exertion or humiliation Donna couldn’t be sure. There was the faint sound of liquid streaming.

She looked down and saw a triumphant Leiani, her face totally soaked. Ohmygawd; Janice was a squirter?? Why the hell couldn’t she have found this out earlier when there might’ve been time for the two of them to explore each other?

Leiani rose to her feet, cum dripping off her face. She grinned as she addressed the two nymphs who were now looking at her curiously as they knelt at Donna’s feet. “And THAT…” the oriental said proudly, gesturing toward an utterly humiliated Janice, “…is how it’s done.” Then she turned toward the quivering, red-faced yeoman and spoke to her as casually as if she were speaking to a stranger she’d just met on a street somewhere…

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, baby. Now it’s time for you to swing.”

Without any further ado, Leiani put her hands on both of the yeoman’s breasts. Then she cruelly gave her a violent shove backward. “Dance for us, baby!” she called out as the yeoman pitched backward.

Rand went backward in a shriek of pure terror. Her scream was abruptly cut off with a “GLURK!” as the noose casually interrupted the downward plummet of her body. It caught her up by the neck, swinging her jerking body outward underneath the pole she was strung up to, swinging the terrified yeoman in a wide arc back and forth.

2008; 2022 (written for Donna May 9 ’08; ed. Feb 3 ‘22 by riwa)

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