Donna’s shore leave 3


Part 3

Donna moaned softly as a wave of dizziness swept over her. A moment later she heard a familiar voice… “You just gonna lay there and sleep the afternoon away? Or are you gonna wake up and play?”

Donna’s eyes fluttered open, only to see the soft Asian features of a smiling Leiani bending over her. “Rise and shine!” the young woman with the shoulder length black hair chuckled at her. “We ain’t got all day.”


Donna gasped in astonishment as her former lover helped her sit up. Tears welled up in her eyes as she grabbed her by the shoulders. Then she looked again at the seemingly impossible.

“Leiani? Ohmygawd; is it really you??”

All of her resentments and bitterness over Leiani’s abrupt transfer so many months ago vanished in the light breeze that wafted through the trees. A moment later the tears spilled out of her eyes. She fiercely hugged her former friend and lover, clinging to her as though she was never going to let go.

She suddenly pulled away, holding the Asian at arm’s length. She couldn’t stop staring in shock and disbelief. “I missed you too” was Leiani’s sympathetic response. Then the young woman grinned playfully at her.

Donna just couldn’t get over it! Here she was, her former lover and asphyxia companion, kneeling before her in her familiar science blues just like the ones she was wearing!

Where the hell had she come from?? A moment later her emotions overcame her again. It didn’t matter anymore, and once more she pulled the young woman to her, practically hugged the stuffing out of her.

“Hey, baby; take it easy, ok?” Leiani said with a giggle. “If you wanna squeeze something, I can think of something a whole lot better for you to put your hands on.”

The Asian grinned at her as she mischievously offered her neck to her by tipping her head back. Donna just pushed her back at arm’s length. She could only stare in total disbelief.

“I just can’t BELIEVE it! What… what the hell are you DOING here??”

“Saving your ass apparently,” the young woman said with a sly grin. “Damn, baby! That was hot watching you swing like that. But I missed the beginning. Next time you decide to get yourself hung, you wanna clue me in? I wanna be there for the whole thing!”

A moment later it all came back to her in a flash: the swim… the cry of alarm from the clearing up the hill… seeing Janice in her red outfit in that noose… being caught and dragged over to the coil dangling from the other branch. She thought she remembered being hanged right along with her. Gawd; had it really happened?

Donna suddenly noticed the hanging tree standing directly behind a crouching Leiani. But now there was no sign or evidence that anything had happened on it. The nooses were gone. And there was no sign of…

Donna gasped as she began frantically looking all around. “Leiani? Where’s Janice?”

“I don’t know,” her lover replied, shrugging her shoulders. “Anyway, let’s not talk about her right now; ok?”

“Leiani? What happened to her?? She was hanging right next to me!”

“I got you both down,” the Asian replied with a casual shrug. Then a naughty smile bloomed playfully across her face. “So are you ready to play or what?”

“Got us down?? Is she alive or what? Gawd, baby; what happened to her?” Donna anxiously shook the woman’s shoulders, alarmed her lover did not seem the least bit concerned for the yeoman.

“How should I know?! Maybe the ‘twins’ got her.”

“The ‘twins’? What ‘twins’?”

The Asian reached out and began softly caressing Donna’s slender throat. She cooed, “Do you know how much I love your neck, baby?”

Donna trembled at the touch of her former lover. But she managed to forcefully brush the hand aside. For the moment she was too worried about Janice. “Baby, WHAT ‘twins’??”

“Oh, you know,” Leiani said matter-of-factly, staring at her while hungrily licking her lips. “…those two, uh…” and she waved a hand dismissively “…those two nymphs or elves or whatever you wanna call ’em. Maybe they got her. How the hell should I know?”

Donna was horrified. “But… but… but they might HANG her again! Ohmygawd, baby; we gotta find her before they hurt her or something!”

“Mmmmm,” the Asian purred. “Now that would be a delicious sight; don’t you think? I’ll bet you’ve wanted to see her hang for months; am I right? I’ll bet seeing her in that noose aroused the hell out of you! I can just picture it… seeing her on the ship every day… working right next to her. I’ll bet you LOVED seeing her in that noose before you got put into the one right next to her. Isn’t that right?”


Donna gasped in horror as her face flushed red. She was momentarily ashamed of herself at the truth of her former lover’s words. It had definitely been erotic seeing poor Janice swing from that noose.

“Now don’t you worry your pretty little head about it,” Leiani said cheerfully with a wave. “She’s probably around here somewhere. I’m sure we’ll catch up with her soon enough. Now c’mon, baby; let’s play!”

She reached out for Donna’s neck once more, running a finger across the yeoman’s throat. “Have I ever told you how much I love your Venus rings?”

The yeoman shivered once more at her touch. Donna’s neck was adorned with two parallel lines that circled her neck. They were lines her former lover had absolutely fallen in love with.

In the past Leiani had enjoyed wrapping her hands around her throat. She’d always made sure her thumbs fell into place between those two lines so she could deliciously strangle her. But this wasn’t the time or place for that.

Donna was horrified Leiani seemed so uncaring for her shipmate. She inhaled sharply, trying to fight against the flame of arousal her former lover had ignited down below with her tender caresses. “Leiani? STOP IT! Gawd, baby; we gotta find her!”

Donna emphatically brushed the hand away from her neck again. “What if they string her up again?”

“Then I’ll make sure we have front-row seats, baby!” Leiani said with a wicked grin.

Once more her hands returned to Donna’s throat. This time she gently placed her thumbs between the yeoman’s Venus rings. “As I recall, baby, you love it when I do this.” That’s when she began to squeeze ever so gently.

Donna’s eyes flew open wide. She instinctively reached up and grabbed the young woman’s wrists in an effort to resist her. But the flickering embers between her legs threatened to develop into an erotic blaze. Gawd… what was WRONG with her??

“Leiani, we don’t have TIME for this! We gotta find Janice!”

“She’ll keep,” Leiani answered casually, a devilish smile flickering across her face. “Right now we’ve got more important things to do!”

She squeezed a little harder. Then she seductively breathed, “You LIKE that; don’t you, baby?”


Donna gasped and gurgled, her airway rapidly becoming restricted. Her pussy had become ablaze with an unquenchable fire. It was something that usually could only be put out once she lost her ability to breathe.

“Gawd, baby! What are…. you DOING??”

“I’m being what you want me to be, baby!”

Leiani whispered into her ear with a giggle. Then she squeezed even harder. “Gawd, I’ll bet that rope fit perfectly between those rings of yours. You don’t know how hot it was for me to watch you swing. Seeing Janice dangling on that other limb was an added bonus. Now give it up for me, baby!” she hissed fiercely. “I KNOW you want to!”

Her body was awash with an incredible fire. Donna’s hands instinctively became limp, dropping away from her former lover’s wrists. She tilted her head back without thinking, exposing more of her quivering throat for the Asian to have access to, just as she’d done so many times before.

It was an instinctive gesture, one that had pretty much become habit whenever Leiani got the urge to throttle her. At this point she just couldn’t help herself. Donna let out a gurgle as her body started to squirm and spasm.

Once more the damned woman had exposed her weakness. Donna found herself unable to fight back. All of her concerns for Yeoman Rand were momentarily blotted out of her mind.

All she wanted was the delicious feeling of her breath being denied her. She tried to resist. But she was unable to make herself move as her lover squeezed her airway shut. And with it came the inevitable buildup that always resulted in a glorious eruption of pleasure down below.

“That’s it, baby; give in to it!” her siren of a lover giggled into her ear. “Gawd, I’m gonna cum with you too, baby! So just let go.”

Leiani expertly squeezed with just the right amount of force, closing off her airway without crushing her windpipe. Donna’s eyes opened wide as her tongue slithered out past her lips in an attempt to taste the sweetness of the air outside her mouth that was being denied her.

Her body responded by spasming and convulsing as her lungs fought to pull another breath into her body. Leiani had to hold on in order to maintain her grip without becoming dislodged by her struggles. Then the Asian giggled as she lovingly sucked on the exposed tongue.

It exploded inside her with the violent eruption of a detonating photon torpedo. Donna shuddered hard as pleasure washed hotly through her body. She bucked and convulsed as her vision dimmed.

For a moment she saw stars. Somewhere she thought she heard the roaring of a nearby waterfall. Hadn’t she gone for a swim just a short time ago??

The next thing she knew Donna was gasping like mad. Her body had been propped up against a nearby boulder. As her vision cleared she saw Leiani bending over her, the Asian grinning wickedly at her.

“Gawd; that was a GOOD one! I came hard too!” Then she paused for a moment, deep in thought.

“I know what we should do! Let’s go play ‘Hide and Seek’ like we did on Altair 7; ok? You got 15 minutes to track me down. If you find me in time, you get to strangle me. If not, I get to strangle you. How does that sound?”

“Janice,” Donna gurgled, remembering her crewmate as she rubbed her throat. “We gotta find… Janice first”

What the hell was Leiani thinking?? Didn’t she understand they needed to find yeoman Rand before those two… those two THINGS got to her?? They didn’t DARE split up now, not without risking being captured by them! But the Asian had stood up and was already starting to head off.

“Wait!” Donna gasped as she tried to rise, only to collapse back against the boulder as a wave of dizziness swept through her. “Wait! We gotta find Janice first!”

“She’ll keep!” she heard Leiani call out over her shoulder. “Right now we’re gonna have some fun! You got 15 minutes, baby!”


“Then you’d better come and find me before they do, baby!” Then she heard laughter.

Damn her!

Donna weakly got to her feet before calling out to the foolish Asian. But this time there was no reply. Damn!

Donna was still tingling from being throttled by her former lover. The thought of playing gasping games with her was tempting as hell. For a moment she found herself quivering with arousal.

They’d played ‘Hide and Seek’ before. But certainly not under these circumstances… not with real danger lurking nearby. Janice was out there somewhere… and they needed to find her!

She’d become excited at encountering Leiani right here on this planet. But none of it made any sense! How the hell had she gotten here??

Now Donna found herself becoming frustrated with her former lover. For some insane reason Leiani failed to understand the gravity of the situation they were in.

Janice was missing, damnit! What’s more, there were two woodland creatures out there who seemed to take great delight in hanging pretty young females such as themselves. If they weren’t careful, they could all end up dangling from the end of a noose!

Gawd – what a horribly erotic thought!

Donna shook her head in amazement at how her shore leave was turning out. All she wanted was a nice little swim… or at least that’s what she THOUGHT she wanted. But now she found herself in the middle of a situation that was almost impossible to comprehend.

Her former lover was hiding out there somewhere just waiting for the opportunity to strangle her again, a thought which gave her erotic tingles. There were two woodland creatures out there with murderous intentions in mind, something that both horrified her and aroused her. And then there was her missing crewmember.

What if those two nymphs found Janice and strung her up again? That thought made her anxious for her friend’s safety. And yet she found it disturbingly erotic as well.

What the hell kind of planet had she disembarked upon anyway??

No matter. First, she had to corral her former lover before the two of them went and tracked Janice down. Then she had to get the three of them the hell out of these woods before something terrible happened to them all. She was afraid it could develop into something so disturbingly erotic that she might find herself too weakened with arousal to be able to successfully defend against it.

Donna took a couple of deep breaths to steady her nerves and to clear away the remaining cobwebs from her brief bout of asphyxia with her sadistic lover. Then she grimly set off in the direction Leiani had taken…

The 15 minutes Leiani had proclaimed were just about up. There was still no sign of her. Donna was starting to become anxious, her thoughts threatening to run away with her…

What if those two nymphs had captured her? What if they’d stripped her down and had strung her up somewhere? What if she was already hanging from some tree somewhere at a height where she couldn’t even get her down??

Donna Dangling felt an erotic tingle flutter through her as she mentally pictured all those deliciously wicked images. Then she shook her head, trying to snap herself out of it. ‘STOP IT!’ she scolded herself. ‘You’re only getting yourself all worked up. This isn’t helping matters any!’

The yeoman paused and looked all around, wondering whether or not she should risk calling out for Leiani. But there was a danger the ‘twins’ might hear. At least that was the term her former asphyxia playmate had so casually referred to them by.

They could pop up at any moment and whisk her off to another date with the noose. It was a thought that didn’t help to diminish her arousal factor much. There was also the possibility Leiani might zero in on her location and throttle the hell out of her. Damnit – they didn’t have TIME for all this, not if they were going to locate Janice!

Poor Janice… gawd! What if they’d already found her again? What if they’d stripped her naked and were getting ready to string her up underneath some tree…?

‘STOP IT!’ she told herself. ‘You moron; you’re gonna soak your damn undergarments!’

They were already wet. And she was having enough problems with Leiani. She didn’t need the distraction of imagining what poor, sweet Janice might look like standing naked somewhere with a noose around her neck, the poor thing whimpering as those two nymphs ran their hands up and down her trembling body…

Gawd – what the hell was she thinking?? She needed to find Leiani, track down Janice, and then get the three of them the hell out of these woods! She also needed to find another source of water so she could rinse out her soaked undergarments and dry them off somewhere.

Gawd, she was getting all sticky as hell! That’s when she decided to try calling out quietly to her former friend and lover just to speed up the process.

“Leiani?” she whispered cautiously, looking all around. “Baby, you out there? C’mon, honey; we gotta stick together now, ok? This is just plain dangerous! We gotta find Janice and get out of here before those nymphs catch up to her, ok?”

“Time’s up!” she heard a voice cry out triumphantly from somewhere behind her. It startled the hell out of her, and she cried out in alarm.

Before she could turn around and face her former lover to scold her, she felt a length of vine come down over her head. “Gotcha, baby!” Leiani gasped deliciously from behind her. Donna’s hands flew up to her throat as the vine tightened around it.

“Stop it… gotta find… Janice…” But Leiani just giggled playfully.

The unfortunate yeoman was pulled backward until she was backed up against the warm body of her former lover and asphyxia companion. A moment later the smoldering embers down between her thighs flowered into a roaring blaze. Donna trembled as her breath rasped in her throat.

“You shouldn’t call out like that,” Leiani giggled into her ear. “You always make it so easy for me. If I want you to strangle me, I guess I’m gonna have to let you win every now and then, eh?”

“Stop!” Donna rasped, her hands clawing at the vine around her throat. But her resistance was already starting to crumble. “Must…… find………. Janice……”

Gawd, she was getting all wet again. Her undergarments were going to be soaked! This simply had to STOP!!

The Asian purred as she slowly increased the tension on both ends of the vine she was pulling on. “Baby, I just love your neck… especially when I’m strangling it, depriving you of the very air you breathe.”

Donna shuddered as she felt wet kisses being planted all along the side of her neck. They were wet, gentle kisses that came around front and lightly touched upon her rings of Venus through the tightening vine. The soft touch of those lips sent jolts of fire shooting through her, racing down her body to settle into the inferno that was raging between her thighs.

She tried to fight it one last time. Donna tried to plead with her former lover that they just didn’t have the time for this. But her resistance was fading rapidly.

…and then it was gone altogether, leaving the poor yeoman helpless once more to her breathless passions.

She didn’t think of Janice or wood nymphs or danger. All she was aware of was the vine that was deliciously cutting off her air as though taking her very soul.

She was dimly aware of the warm body of her beloved she was leaning back against who was giggling evilly behind her… “Give it up to me, baby. Surrender yourself to me.”

It was the devil whispering in her ear. Worse, she couldn’t stop herself from obeying… couldn’t stop herself from tipping her head back… couldn’t stop herself from exposing her neck.

Her hands fell weakly to her sides as if to say, “Yes; take it from me, damn you! Deprive me of the very air I need to breathe. Take me – I’m yours.”

The vine pulled tighter until she started to squirm. It tightened further still until her breath was cut off. Her lungs heaved in her chest as her mouth opened and closed.

Her tongue slowly squirmed its way forward until it slipped past her teeth and peeked out. Her vision became all blurry as she started to struggle. Her body convulsed from lack of oxygen.

“There it is, baby!” she heard a voice giggle from somewhere nearby. “When I see that cute little tip emerge I know the end is near. Now give it all up to me, baby!”

There was a sudden jerk on the vine around her neck. Donna let out a guttural cry. Then it exploded inside her like the fireworks in the night sky they still used back on Earth for the fourth of July.

Donna lost her ability to keep her feet underneath her. Her body shuddered like mad as her orgasm slammed into her. She kicked and struggled, trying one last time to breathe. But nothing came in or went out.

She was dimly aware of the ecstatic cry of someone behind her. But all she was aware of was the fact it was someone she knew and thought she trusted. Then her muscles failed her entirely.

Yeoman Donna Dangling went limp as her eyes rolled into the back of her head, her vision spiraling into darkness…

2008; 2021 (written for Donna May 9 ’08; ed. Nov 2 ’21 by riwa)

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