Shelly in Cancun 3


Chapter 3 – Snorkeling the Reef

Needless to say I’m not frog-marched out to the harbor where a boat Jake has acquired awaits us. I’m also not in that white bikini I brought with me from my recent purchases back home. Instead, I’ve deliberately chosen a nice silvery number that covers some of my boobs. The thong down below just barely covers what it’s supposed to.

Strangely enough, Andria is wearing that skimpy black bikini I remember her wearing in my dream. Her thong does not cover up much more than mine does. It’s a bit disquieting.

At least she’s not wearing those damned boots I dreamed about. Thankfully Jake’s not wearing that captain’s outfit either. His green shorts and light green t-shirt with a pocket on the left side couldn’t be more casual.

Instead of walking, we end up taking a taxi to the harbor. A very nice looking sailboat awaits us. I find that a bit too coincidental to the dream I had.

Andria and I joke around with Jake as we walk down the dock and step aboard. Soon I’m able to brush the uneasiness aside. He tells us he got our boat as a special bonus from the company he works for and that we are in for a great day.

Neither Andria nor I know where we’re going. When she asks he just puts a finger to his lips and tells us it’s a secret. Deciding not to look a gift horse in the mouth, we climb aboard and help him pull the lines in from the dock before shoving off.

Jake must have gotten a crash course somewhere on how to operate a sailboat. He quickly has us helping get the sails up. It isn’t long before we’re riding the light breeze out to sea.

Jake mans the rudder while Andria and I slather ourselves with oil. Then we stretch out on the deck of the bow in front of Jake’s lustful gaze. The ocean is relatively calm, which means we don’t bounce up and down on the waves too much.

Andria looks back at her boyfriend a couple of times, catching his eyes upon us. She grins as she turns toward me. She casually suggests we might help Jake out later by giving him a threesome.

She explains how he’s had his eye on me for quite a while. He’d love to give me a good run for my money. I respond by telling her I’m open to it but that I want to be careful.

I tell her how I want to make sure it’s really ok with the both of them first. I know how things like that can often come back to damage a relationship. Andria replies by waving my concerns aside.

She tells me how thoughtful I am. But I needn’t worry. The two of them have already talked about it and are both fine with it.

I lie back on the deck and sigh pleasantly. I gaze up at the sails and a clear sky above me. A threesome sounds promising; I could use a good fuck.

I’ve always had fun with Andria… and with Stephanie for that matter. I’ve heard great things about Jake’s sexual proclivities. A threesome could be quite entertaining.

I find myself looking forward to it. But I hope neither one of them is the jealous type. I’d hate to end up being tied to an anchor and tossed overboard before the day is over.

That thought instantly arouses me. I find myself becoming horny at the idea one of them might feed me to the fishes. I have to scramble to come up with something a little less exciting to think about.

It’s about mid-morning, the sun already blazing down upon us. Jake suddenly declares we’ve arrived at our destination. He needs our help taking down the sails.

Andria and I are a little slow at responding. Apparently we both fell asleep. It takes a few moments for us to wake up and get our sea legs underneath us.

I look around to see where we are. There’s nothing in sight other than what appears to be some sort of coral formation. It’s not too far off, a portion of which barely sticks up out of the water.

We’re anchored near a large orange buoy. I guess it marks the location. No doubt it’s for the purpose of keeping us from getting too close and damaging either the reef or our boat.

The idea of exploring a reef helps fully awaken me from my grogginess. I can tell it’s excited Andria as well. We’re both eager to help get the sails down.

I can’t help glancing over in the direction of the coral. It doesn’t take too long to secure everything. That’s good because the thought of swimming around a reef has me growing more hyper by the minute.

We’ve just barely finished getting everything tied off when Jake hooks a ladder over the side of the boat. He must have already dropped the anchor because we’re not moving. We’re a safe distance from the coral, but not far enough where we can’t swim over and check it out.

Andria and I are pretty good swimmers. We stare hungrily at the reef. Jake yells at us to come back to the stern of the craft for a second.

We hurry back, wondering what’s he’s got for us. Jake opens a nearby chest. Then he produces a couple sets of snorkel gear, complete with fins and weight belts.

He tells us the equipment came with the boat. We’ve been encouraged to use it all day long if we wish. We squeal like little girls before Andria gives him a big, sloppy kiss while I hug the stuffing out of him.

Hot damn! Snorkeling gear! Fins and everything!

As we strap on our gear Jake tells us the owners of the sailboat told him about this particular location. I guess they suggested his two lady-friends might enjoy doing some snorkeling. The owners also told him they were sorry they couldn’t equip us with scuba gear for the day.

I guess they hoped we would still have a good time snorkeling around the reef. Apparently there were safety and certificate issues that couldn’t be resolved. Besides, Jake tells us there’s been a run on diving gear rentals over the last few days.

Andria and I have both been certified. But that was years ago. Unfortunately we haven’t kept up. We could have used a recertification class.

For the moment neither one of us really cares. We’re both too excited at the thought of being able to go snorkeling around a reef. Going down and holding our breath is going to be so much fun.

Scuba gear certainly would’ve been nice. I would have enjoyed having a constant supply of air. But there’s something exhilarating about finning underwater and holding your breath without any cumbersome dive gear to be responsible for that gives me a real thrill.

I find myself looking forward to some long, underwater swims where I’ll be forced to hold my breath. From the looks of things Andria seems to be acting the same way. I suspect it’s going to be a terribly erotic affair for the both of us.

We quickly gear up in our masks and fins, ignoring the weights for now. Then we step off the side into the clear water. It’s bracingly refreshing, causing my nipples to harden in an instant.

We both surface long enough to clear our snorkels. Then we both take deep breaths and jack-knife downward. It’s mostly to let poor Jake see our asses as we head down.

We fin underwater toward the reef instead of snorkeling along the surface. Both of us are eager to spend some time underwater. It’s not far, less than a couple hundred feet off the starboard side of the sailboat.

My body quickly adjusts to the temperature of the seawater. It’s almost perfect. I’m giddy as a schoolgirl, which is why I suppose my pink, oval dive mask and pink fins seem to fit my mood and enthusiasm.

Andria’s color is a bright yellow, contrasting nicely with her skimpy black bikini and light tan. My tan is even lighter, having spent way too much time focusing on other things to take good care of it while I’ve been in California. By the end of our trip to Cancun I figure I’ll look darker than she will, being as how I tan faster. I’m looking forward to showing Steph how much sun I got when we get back.

We’re almost to the reef when I see Andria head up for the surface. I’m getting close to needing air myself. So I follow her up, deciding it’s wiser to stay together.

We pop up and clear our snorkels. Then we spend a little time floating along face down, finning slowly as we look at the reef below. We’re careful not to drift to close to the sharp edges near the surface as we breathe through our snorkels.

I suddenly get the urge to swim all the way to the bottom of the reef. I take a deep breath and submerge, finning gracefully downward. It’s got to be a good 30 to 40 feet down.

I pinch my nose to equalize the pressure. I’m impressed with how easily I make it down. Then I pause, looking back to note Andria’s progress.

She’s not much more than a few yards behind me. But she quickly catches up. Then we slowly fin our way along the edge of the reef together near the sandy seabed.

Its beauty is incredible. I can’t believe a coral reef abruptly sticks up out of the sand, much like a rock formation pops up out of the desert as if from out of nowhere. There’s a dazzling display of colorful fish darting in and out of the many cracks and crevasses.

The sea life is not as multitudinous as other locations. But it’s more than enough for the two of us to get our fill of “oohs” and “aahs”. I’m so glad I decided to accept their invitation or I would have missed out on all this.

We’re down for feels like a minute before Andria points upward. She can’t hold her breath as long as I can unless she’s had a lot of recent practice. By the end of the day she’ll be staying down as long as I can.

Together we fin for the surface. We’re not too far from the boat. We both gasp when our heads clear the water.

Andria removes her mask and snorkel. Then she gushes over how beautiful it is. She says the water feels just right.

I remove my mask and snorkel. Then I tell her I fully agree. We both tread water, slowly finning to stay at the surface.

Andria turns to me and smiles. “Jake deserves a special present for bringing us out here. Don’t you think so, ‘Shel’?”

“Oh, I agree!” I reply enthusiastically.

“Let’s fuck the shit out of him later. Whadaya say?”

“I say let’s get back down below before I wake up and find out this is all just a dream!” She laughs and nods.

My “temperature” is already starting to rise. I can feel myself becoming aroused. I’m certain the two of us will think of something to do to relieve the excitement before too much longer.

We eagerly strap our masks back on. We shove our snorkels back into our mouths. Then we take a long, deep breath before jack-knifing downward.

Once more the beauty of the reef comes into full view. We gracefully fin ourselves above a part of it, careful to avoid the jutting coral. I have to swallow the butterflies in my throat over the unbelievable view.

We fin ourselves back to the edge of the reef. Then we work our way downward again. We’re hand in hand as we head toward the sandy bottom. I love the pressure of being in deep water.

We fin slowly on our way down so we can look more closely at some of the intricate formations along the wall of the living structure. The colors are so vivid. I love seeing the variety of fish that dart in and out.

The view is so spectacular that I barely notice the fact I have to hold my breath throughout the entire dive. Breath-holding has become a lot easier, our time underwater stretching longer and longer. I’m tingly all over from the beauty of the undersea landscape as well as the depths we’re snorkeling.

Andria motions that she needs to go up for another breath. That’s when I become aware of the pressure in my own lungs; I need air too.

We calmly fin upward as though we’re not in a hurry to refill our lungs, although I can feel mine starting to protest. We slowly chase after the air we release. We finally surface, panting excitedly as we tread water.

Andria gasps incredulously. “Damn, ‘Shel’! I get so caught up down there that I forget how much I need air until my lungs are burning!”

I’m just as exuberant. “I feel the same way too, babe! I could be down there all day!”

Andria looks at me and gets this mischievous grin on her face. “Are you as horny as I am, ‘Shel’?”

“More,” I pant with a grin of my own.

“I doubt it! Race you down!”

She quickly inhales before sharply jack-knifing downward, catching me totally off-guard. She’s gone before I can holler, “HEY! NO FAIR – YOU GOT A HEADSTART!”

I shake my head in disgust, muttering that I shouldn’t be talking to myself. I inhale sharply. Then I dive after her.

She’s got a good head start. Those legs of hers smoothly propel her downward until she disappears around a corner. A trail of bubbles out of her snorkel are left in her wake.

I slow up and take my time, finning myself more evenly so as not to burn up the air in my lungs. I figure I’ll catch up to her sooner or later. Besides, there aren’t many places to hide in the midst of all this sharp coral.

A wicked thought occurs to me. She’s probably burn up a lot of her oxygen racing down ahead of me. She’ll need to surface soon.

When she does, I’ll just intercept her. Then I’ll torture those poor lungs of hers before I let her go. An evil smile crosses my face as my eyes twinkle.

I round the edge of the reef that sticks out. But there’s no sign of Andria. Where did she go?

I look all around while scanning the reef. There’s no sign of her anywhere. She couldn’t have disappeared that fast! What if something got her??

I look up toward the surface. But I don’t see her finning upward toward the boa. All I see is the anchor line, the line to the buoy marker and the hull.

She’s got to be down here somewhere. Maybe she’s holding her breath while waiting in ambush. My senses quickly go on high alert.

I start finning myself forward, checking the reef while growing more anxious. There are little alcoves and indentations along the shelf. Maybe she found a crevasse big enough to hide in.

I swim just above the sandy bottom, stifling the urge to call out her name. I get an alarming mental image of her body writhing in the mouth of some shark. But so far we haven’t seen anything nearly that large.

The mental image is quickly replaced by one of her lying in the reef somewhere. I can picture her cut and bleeding from getting too close to the coral. What if she’s drowning, her poor body spasming as she pulls water into her –


She suddenly appears from somewhere above me. She wraps me up in her arms, sending us both into a spin. There’s a flurry of arms, legs and fins before she suddenly grabs my ass.

She works my body around until she can lock my head between her legs. Somehow the dive mask and snorkel remain in place. A moment later I feel her all but rip my thong aside before burying her tongue in my dripping snatch.


My body stiffens in response to that incredible tongue of hers probing my pussy. Her lips mouth my labia. She comes out long enough to suck my throbbing clit into her mouth for a few moments before plunging her tongue back into my quivering snatch.

My body writhes in ecstasy as she humps my head. I can feel her fuck the snorkel in my mouth with her thong-covered pussy. Her attack is quick, unexpected and immensely effective.

It abruptly hits me with an “UUUNNNGGGHHH!” I start humping her head just as hard as I can. My body shudders like mad here at the bottom of the sea.

Apparently the buildup of sexual tension was just too much. Air billows out of my snorkel as my back arches. But the bitch just keeps licking and sucking up my cum.

We spin in place just a few feet off the sandy bottom. She eats me as though she hasn’t had a good meal in weeks. Then I go limp as my orgasm passes, my chest heaving from lack of oxygen.

Andria abruptly pulls away and makes a dash for the surface before I can grab her and retaliate. That’s when a spasm hits me hard. Revenge will have to wait as I need to get my ass up there fast and refill my aching lungs.

I start finning myself up to the surface, my body weakened and my chest heaving. For a brief moment I wonder if I might not make it. Then my head pops above the waterline until I’m at the surface gasping madly for breath.

Andria’s laughter rings in my ears. I can feel the anger rise within me. “DAMN YOU, ANDRIA – YOU NEARLY SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME!”

“No, I just ATE the shit out of you, ‘Shel’! Feel better now, babe? You feeling not so horny now?”

“No. Now I feel like dispensing some revenge!”

“Oh, SHIT!” she gasps. A moment later she inhales sharply. Then she jack-knifes back down, her ass briefly caressing the surface of the water.

I inhale deeply as I go after her. She heads downward toward the reef. This time she’s not going to be able to hide from me like last time. Besides, the bubbles marking her trail as she descends make it easy to follow her down.

2007; 2020 (written Jul 7 ’07; ed. Jun 28 ‘20 by riwa)

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