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Coming April rewards

Jennifer gets a special decoration to take to the premiere.
A bride’s honeymoon turns out to be rather short.
A third chapter to My Mother the Breath-holder.
Another Mr. Wayne club chapter.
Another dream about drowning females.
A mother celebrates her 40th birthday in a unique way.
The second chapter to The Consequences of Snooping.
Another chapter to Donna’s shore Leave.
A story about thirteen steps.
A woman decides to stop being friends with another female by using the pool in a wicked manner.
The second chapter to the Whittaker Manor story.
What I hope is the final chapter to Girl’s Night Out.

February stories/rewards will fall off at the end of March to make room for April rewards.

It’s finally starting to warm up around here. But we’ve been dealing with a lot of wind lately. I’ve noticed some pruners have been out pruning trees… even taking some down entirely. This is probably a good thing, as a few months ago I was walking home when this branch came right down a few feet in front of me. I guess prolonged wind will do that to an older tree over time.

Mom is doing well. I am too. No news is good news, right? So I’ll just thank you for being my patrons before I go back to work putting off until tomorrow what I should have edited today (my bad).

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