Synchro Tryout 1


Cyndi Jacobs wanted to be on the Aquastars synchro team. She was good in the water and a decent breath-holder. Now she wanted to put her abilities as a water-baby to good use.

She’d been watching the team practice and had been privately working on some moves by herself. She could tell her presentation was still quite rough. But given time she believed she would eventually make a good addition to the team.

She was willing to do just about anything to become a team member. The problem was: she couldn’t just get an audition through Coach Johnson. He always pawned that off on his assistant coach Rick Riley. If Rick didn’t think she was good enough, she would never even see Coach Johnson.

The word around campus was that Riley was quite the hard-ass. He expected a lot from the synchro girls, even though it was Coach Johnson’s team. He was notorious for putting them through hell.

As much as he enjoyed torturing the synchro girls, he was also quite the pervert. Cyndi had learned that Coach Riley gave certain members of the team “personal training sessions” on more than one occasion. She knew full well what that meant.

What it amounted to was nothing more than a casting couch audition. But Cyndi didn’t have a problem with that. She understood the unwritten rules and was willing to work within them.

To begin with, she was rather attracted to Rick Riley. But so far he hadn’t even given her the time of day. His focus was strictly on the girls who were on the synchro team.

There was no other way around it. If she wanted any kind of relationship with him she would have to try out for the synchro team. Naturally she would be forced to share him with the other girls. But Cyndi decided she would rather share an alpha like Riley than some loser beta who none of the other girls would even pay attention to.

She found a one-piece swimsuit the other synchro girls wore whenever they were having a one-on-one session with Coach Riley. It became somewhat transparent once it got wet. Obviously the pervert liked looking at the goodies, even when a synchro girl wasn’t naked.

Cyndi thought she’d try out the suit on her own before arranging an audition with Coach Riley. There was a soaking tub she had access to for late-night dips. Besides, she wanted to get in a little more practice before she would have to show Rick what she was capable of.

Cyndi got into the water in her suit, goggles and matching swimcap. It felt nice and cool after a hot day as she submerged. She discovered how quickly the suit became somewhat transparent, showing off her privates once she’d gotten herself wet.

Her breasts were clearly visible, her nipples on display to one and all. No wonder coach Riley liked to see his girls in this suit. She had to admit it actually made her feel quite sexy.

It was time for a little workout in the water. Cyndi dispensed with using any type of nose clip. She had a feeling Coach Riley might reject it during her audition simply to torture her sinuses.

She sat on her ass on the bottom with her legs crossed, working on holding her breath. Riley wouldn’t even talk to a girl who couldn’t reach three minutes. That was her first objective.

It took her three different tries. But she finally broke three minutes. Cyndi was sure she’d be able to match that when it was time for her audition.

Next she did some stretches underwater. Cyndi bent forward, touching her toes as she held her breath. Her lungs burned, but she pushed herself, sensing Coach Riley would push her even harder when the time came.

From there Jacobs tried a few handstands in the water. She went upside down, submerging until her legs stuck out of the water while her crotch remained submerged. Then she tried to hold her position.

She was fully aware how her tanned flesh became visible through her suit. The blue patterns could only cover so much. But instead of feeling self-conscious, Cyndi felt even sexier. She was sure to get Coach Riley’s attention by wearing this outfit for an audition.

Cyndi came up for breath, panting quietly. She wondered what kind of torture the assistant might put her through. She suspected a lot of it might occur while she was upside down. Being upside down was the hardest position to pull off, making it a challenge just to concentrate on staying in place.

Once more she filled her lungs before going underwater. Cyndi went upside down again and tried to hold her breath and position. She held her legs straight up with her toes pointed.

She held that for a good half minute. Then she began doing pushups with her arms. Cyndi bent them while pushing herself up and down, trying to anticipate anything the perverted coach might subject her too.

It occurred to her how much Riley might like this position. It gave him a great view of her crotch. She wondered how much of her kitty would be visible to him through the fabric.

Cyndi came back up for another breath. She looked down at her crotch and confirmed what she’d suspected. She had a distinct camel-toe that was plainly visible. Coach Riley was going to love that.

She caught her breath before going back under. Once more she went upside down. Cyndi did some pushups, pushing her legs higher out of the water before lowering them.

She stayed like that for about a minute. Then she began spreading her legs. She opened and closed them, imagining Coach Riley staring at her crotch.

Would he get all turned on with her body? He was a guy, wasn’t he? Word around campus indicated he would not have any problems gawking at her while making her hold the pose for as long as she could hold her breath.

Cyndi remained like that for as long as possible. The more she thought about Coach seeing her like this, the more turned on she became. She just had to get an audition from him!

She pushed herself until her lungs began to heave. Cyndi came up out of the water and gasped quietly for breath. She was becoming horny again, something that frequently happened while she was underwater holding her breath.

She got her breath back before going upside down again. This time Cyndi worked on doing splits while holding herself upright. If she could do this right here with her legs out of the water, surely she could do it in front of Rick Riley.

Cyndi Jacobs went up and down while opening and closing her legs. Bubbles trickled out of her nose as she tried to ease the strain in her lungs. Imagining Coach Riley’s eyes on her body only turned her on even more.

She split her legs wide and held them there as she held her breath upside down. How long might Coach Riley force her to hold this position? She decided she should try to push it for as long as possible.

She stayed under until she began losing air through her nose. She was sorely tempted to reach up and touch herself. But that would throw her off-balance and bring her crashing down.

Cyndi finally collapsed into the bottom of the soaking tub. She came up out of the water gasping like crazy. Coach Riley was going to love her! It was only a matter of time before she became a member of the Aquastars.

The synchro hopeful reached down and felt her crotch through her suit. It gave her nice, erotic tingles. She could tell how see-through the suit was. She hoped it would give Coach Riley a massive hard-on.

Cyndi slipped under the surface until her ass was on the bottom of the soaking tub. She touched herself all over. Her body responded with tingles as she released little bubbles out of her mouth.

She worked at holding her breath as she fondled herself. Focusing on her pleasure always stretched her length of time underwater while holding her breath. She wondered if it might be a good idea to try that out on Coach Riley.

Cyndi came up and panted for breath. She decided it was time to try a nice, long one. This one wouldn’t be for Rick or any synchro team member. This one would be strictly for her benefit.

She filled her lungs and submerged into the soaking tub. Cyndi stretched out until her upper body angled into the deeper part of the water. Then she focused on touching herself and the pleasure she wanted to experience.

One hand groped her breasts. The other reached down to tend to her crotch. Her fingers sent tingles of pleasure coursing through her body.

She imagined Coach Riley watching her, making her smile inwardly. What if she masturbated for him as a part of her audition? Would it help get her a spot on the team?

Cyndi let her hands roam all over. She was careful not to neglect that area between her legs. A hand always returned there whenever the sensations ebbed, stringing things along while prolonging her breathless pleasures.

Her stomach rippled as her lungs began to burn. The strain increased the tingles in her lady-parts. Cyndi pushed herself until her chest was heaving before she surfaced.

She came up panting loudly for breath. How long had she pushed that one? She was sure it was well past three minutes. Would Coach Riley find favor with her if she could reach four?

She got her breath back before taking long, deep breaths. Then she submerged again. Cyndi stretched herself out as before, her head angling into the deeper part of the tub.

Once more she began touching herself all over. She pictured Coach Riley watching her as she held her breath for him. Would it turn him on? Would he reward her for a job well done?

She imagined him forcing her to hold her breath with his cock in her mouth. That idea gave her a jolt of erotic tingles. She rubbed her crotch harder as she thought about it.

What would he do to her in order to test her abilities? Would he force her to blow him while holding her breath? Would he fuck her underwater while pushing her limits?

The tingles increased as she let her mind run wild. She just had to get an audition! Even if she failed, she might get the chance to suck his cock underwater. Hell, if she was good enough, she might even earn herself an underwater fuck before he discarded her. But she wasn’t about to fail her audition.

She rubbed her crotch harder as she ran scenarios through her mind. It helped her stay down longer. Thinking about Coach Riley was helping to distract her from the strain of holding her breath.

Cyndi felt the ripples in her stomach. They moved up into her chest. She stubbornly pushed onward, imagining she was doing this for Coach Riley.

She pictured him giving her a private session where he tested her abilities with something in her mouth. She imagined him fucking her at the bottom of the practice pool. Her lungs burned, but she stubbornly remained on the bottom of the soaking tub.

It began to swell within her as she imagined herself alone with Rick. She furiously groped herself as she began to writhe around underwater. Bubbles spewed out of her mouth as her lungs ached.

She thought about how she could best please the assistant coach. She would do anything, even if it meant drowning for him. She could actually imagine him watching her as she swallowed water before settling onto the pool floor with flooded lungs.

It swelled within her until she couldn’t stand it any longer. Her lungs were on fire as she wriggled and squirmed. She was out of breath, adding to the eroticism of her breathless agony.

Her chest heaved painfully. Cyndi stiffened as it overwhelmed her. Then she lost the last of her breath from a mammoth orgasm.

She shuddered hard as her lungs emptied. She blinked as she felt dizzy and disoriented. Then her chest heaved ominously.

For a moment she couldn’t get her body to respond. Cyndi thought she was going to be found at the bottom of the soaking pool as she thrashed about. Then she got her head above water.

Her heart pounded in her chest as she gasped for breath. That had been a really good one! But she figured she’d better call it a night before she overdid it. She wanted to be at full strength when she faced Coach Riley for her audition.

2020 (written Jul 30 ’20 by riwa)

(Vidcaps courtesy of JustPaul which are included for illustration purposes.)

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