The company picnic


Everyone had eaten their fill. Fiona had proved to be rather tasty. Many had enjoyed watching her naked body twist on the spit over a barbecue pit. Now their stomachs were full of sweet Fiona meat..

The company president took the stage. “And now for our lottery,” he said with a smile.

One of the secretaries in a French maid outfit came up to him with a clear bowl in her hands. Inside were numerous slips of paper. He reached inside, pulled one out and handed it to her.

She read it and smiled. Then she announced, “The lucky winner is Arturo Lugosta!” Everyone broke out in cheers and applause.

Arturo blushed as he went up onto the stage. She handed him the slip of paper. “It’s mine all right,” he chuckled nervously. Everyone laughed.

“So who do you want?” the company president asked.

Arturo looked out into the crowd of coworkers. His eyes settled on one person. Then he smiled as he declared, “I choose Katina Riveria.”

There were cheers and applause. Little 5’3” Katina blushed a deep red. She didn’t want any part of this. But as an officer in the company she was forced to participate.

The attractive young woman tried to take it all in stride as she walked up on stage. What did Arturo expect of her? These things could get a little humiliating at times.

Would he expect her to kneel and give him a blowjob right in front of the entire company? Would he demand a public fuck? If she was lucky, she might only have to go with him to some private location where they could do it away from prying eyes.

She tried to smile as she nervously told him, “I, uh… I guess you won me. So what happens next?”

“Well, Katina. I’ve been thinking about this moment ever since our company began having these lotteries during our picnics. I’ve been thinking about who I would choose if my name was lucky enough to be drawn. I must say, you were always my first choice.”

There were several cries of “Aww, how sweet.” Some of the coworkers applauded. Katina blushed, fully aware of Arturo’s crush on her.

Her embarrassment increased. She strongly suspected he was going to do something sexual with her. She’d never offered him so much as a kiss during all their past company picnics. Now she would be forced to give in to his wicked desires in front of the whole damned group.

“So what do you want me to do? I suppose you want it right here in front of everyone?”

Arturo smiled. “Yes, Katina. I want to do it right here in front of everyone.”

There were cheers and whistles of enthusiasm. Katina blushed again. She was fully aware her husband was out among the spectators. Was he really going to permit this to go forward?

“How do you want to do this?” she asked nervously, already anticipating his answer.

“Naked, of course,” he replied with a smile. “I’ve always imagined you naked when we did this.”

There were more lusty whistles and cheers. Even the females of the company were looking forward to her humiliation. Several had been embarrassed by her during past picnics. Thus, they had no sympathy for the role she was about to play.

Katina looked at the company president. He just nodded for her to start undressing. She looked out at the gathered spectators until she found her husband in the crowd. He was grinning from ear to ear as though looking forward to her humiliation.

Katina slowly worked herself out of her clothes. It was utterly embarrassing. But she’d seen other females equally degraded during past picnics. As a major officer in the corporation she was forced to comply.

The company president stepped close, a huge smile on his face. He held his arms outstretched as though offering to take her garments. She smiled nervously as she carefully placed them in his arms.

She felt his intense gaze up and down her naked body as though he was molesting her with his eyes. There were excited murmurs from the gathered spectators. She could feel the eyes of many others staring lustfully at her B-cup breasts and cleanly shaved snatch.

She looked at Arturo and smiled nervously. “What now?” she asked in a trembling voice.

“I think we should start with a blowjob.”

The spectators roared their approval as they applauded. Katina went bright crimson. “I suppose you want me to remove your pants?”

“Yes, I do,” he replied with a lecherous grin.

Katina winced as she loosened his belt before unbuttoning his trousers. She should have known it would come to this one day. The company was huge, but it was only a matter of time before someone’s name would be drawn who wanted a crack at her.

She pulled Arturo’s pants down his legs, freeing his growing erection. She shyly got down on her knees. Then she carefully reached out and grasped onto his cock, timidly licking it.

“Suck it good!” some female hollered out from the spectators. Katina winced as she took him deeper into her mouth. Then she began bobbing up and down on it.

Maybe this would be all that would be required of her. Arturo was a good man. If she was lucky, he might just settle for a blowjob in front of his peers.

“Throw yourself into it, bitch!” another female yelled. There was much laughter. Katina winced as she struggled to swallow as much of Arturo’s cock as she could.

She looked up at his face as she sucked him. Was this all he wanted from her? She could only hope and pray.

She came off his cock and asked, “Do you want to cum in my mouth?”

“No, Katina,” he told her as he shook his head. “I plan on cumming in your ass as you hang to death for me.”

Katina froze as though she had not heard him right. The crowd got so quiet one could have heard a pin drop. Then a murderous cheer rose up from her coworkers.

She looked at the company president in horror. He just smiled. “A wonderful choice, Mr. Lugosta. I haven’t witnessed a hanging in a long time. I believe Mrs. Riveria here will provide us all with an exciting dance.”

The color drained from her face as she went deathly pale. “Y-You don’t m-mean that, do you, sir? I mean… I th-thought I was a valuable part of the c-company!”

“Oh you were, Katina. But there are eager young women moving up in the ranks who will only be too happy to take your place. Besides, I’m looking forward to watching you hang. You will put on a fine performance for us, won’t you?”

“But… but… but…”

She let out a gasp as a couple of company officers rushed onto the stage. One had a long length of hemp, one end of which had already been fashioned into a noose. The other officer held a small length of rope in his hands.

The noose was tossed over an exposed rafter above the stage. A female rushed up with a small stool. The naked woman began to tremble as she shook her head.

Arturo leaned toward her and said, “I’m looking forward to cumming in your ass, Katina. I’ve always wanted to fuck your ass. Now I get to look forward to you dying in a noose with my cock up your butt.”

She anxiously shook her head. There were whoops and hollers from those spectators who’d heard his words. Then the smaller rope was placed in Arturo’s hands.

He smiled as he turned her around. He grabbed her arms and roughly pulled them behind her back. Then he began securing her wrists together.

“This is a real thrill for me, Katina. I’ve always dreamed that some day I’d get to tie your arms behind your back before watching you hang. Today that dream has become a reality.”

She stammered unintelligibly as he bound her wrists together behind her back. He pulled hard, causing her to cry out in pain. “Sorry about that, Katina. Got to make sure you can’t get your arms free.”

When he was finished he went and collected the stool. Arturo placed it directly under the dangling noose. Katina shook her head as she whimpered with fright. She could not believe they were actually going to hang her.

“Up you go onto the stool,” Arturo whispered into her ear.

She whimpered as her legs started to become rubbery. A quick glance indicated how excited he was becoming. She had sucked his cock for several minutes. But now it looked harder than ever.

He helped her up onto the stool as her coworkers began to cheer while urging her on. She could hear cries of “Hang her good, Arturo! Make her swing for us! Gonna give us a swingin’ good time, Katina?”

She panted for breath as the noose framed her face. She wanted to scream in horror. But as a company officer she felt compelled to retain some semblance of dignity.

She looked out into the crowd until she found her husband. He was smiling with excitement. Surely he was not eager to watch her hang too, was he??

Arturo gathered the noose up in his hands. He tenderly wrapped it around her quivering throat. Then he leaned in close and whispered, “Does it feel good, Katina? It looks so good on you. You have no idea how horny I am right now. I’ve always wanted to noose you up and hang you.”

She tried to give a reply but the words hung up in her throat. She let out a squawk as she stood there trembling. She simply could not believe this was happening to her.

A splatter of urine fell onto the stool. Katina had been unable to contain her bladder. Now she had wet herself, a further humiliation.

There were cheers and laughter as the company employees jovially pointed at the mess she’d made. Arturo grabbed the noose and tightened it around her throat. Her panicked gasp was all but cut off.

She glanced over at the company president. She was horrified to notice the distinct bulge in his pants. He smiled as he told her, “You will put on a fine dance for us; won’t you, Mrs. Riveria?”

Katina gulped as she instinctively nodded. “I’ll t-t-try, s-sir.” She could feel her heart hammering in her chest.

All eyes were upon her. She still couldn’t believe this was actually going to happen. They weren’t really going to hang her to death, were they??

“Give her a fuck before she goes, Arturo!” Other voices took up the cry. He smiled at her as he went over and secured the other end of the rope. Then he moved back to stand right in front of her.

Katina was shorter but the stool had helped elevate her above his erection. He leaned in close and whispered, “I suppose we should give them what they want to see. Wouldn’t you agree?”

Instinctively she shook her head no. That’s when he pulled her down off the stool. She gawked and gurgled as he speared his erection into her dripping slit.

She gasped and winced as it went all the way in, much to the delight of his coworkers. The noose had taken almost all of her weight, causing her to wrap her legs around his waist. She could not believe how much it hurt despite the fucking she was now receiving.

He thrust in and out nice and slow as she slowly strangled in the noose. Arturo grasped her breasts and savagely mauled them. The he smiled as he told her, “You’re really twitching, Katina. You might get me off if I keep this up. I love the way the noose is making your face red. But I want to cum in your ass as you hang to death. So I won’t fuck you like this much longer.”

She was barely able to rasp out the words. “You’re not r-really going to f-fuck my ass, are you?”

He smiled reassuringly. “I’ll wait until you’re mostly dead, Katina. But you might still be alive long enough to feel it. Would you like that?”

“I d-don’t th-think s-s-so.”

“Good. Then that’s what we’ll do.”

She gurgled and whimpered as her pussy instinctively clenched around his thrusting shaft. He could feel his balls start to swell. That’s when Arturo pulled out.

He helped her feet find the stool again, allowing his arousal to subside a bit. Then he loudly asked, “Katina, are you ready to hang to death for me and the whole company?”

She stared in horror as she stammered, “I… I don’t…”

“Ready to give us a fine hanging, Katina?” the company president added. Shockingly he’d unzipped his fly and was now stroking his cock.

She blushed at the indignity of it all. Was there no one out there with any sympathy for her? She scanned the faces of her coworkers, but they all seemed eager to watch her swing.

Arturo smiled as he asked, “You will give me a good hanging, won’t you, Katina? After all, this is a dream come true for me. Besides…” and he motioned at all the spectators standing there watching “…everyone out there is looking forward to a fine performance.”

“You will hang well for us, won’t you?” the company president added sternly. Then he motioned with his head in the direction of the barbecue pit. The alternative of being spitted and roasted alive like that poor girl Fiona sounded much, much worse.

“I h-hope I h-hang well for you, s-sir,” she stammered. “Arturo, I hope I g-give you a g-good sh-show.”

“I know you will, Katina,” he replied as he began rubbing a hand between her legs. “I’m looking forward to watching you piss and shit yourself.”

She winced in horror at his words despite the terrible pleasure of his hand in her wet crotch. “P-Piss and sh-shit myself??”

“Piss and shit,” Arturo breathed into her ear as he reached around and groped her breasts. Katina moaned and whimpered as she shivered from a terrible arousal.

A female voice hollered out, “Hang the bitch and let’s get on with it!” Katina recognized her as one of the women who wanted her position in the company. That’s when she felt tears well up in her eyes.

“Make her do the ‘noose-whore jig’!” a male voice called out. There were eager cries to hang her. There was much laughter as Katina’s face went beet red from the shame of it all.

“Piss and shit for us, Katina,” Arturo breathed into her ear. “Soon you’ll be feeling my cock up your ass. Enjoy your dance. I know I’m sure looking forward to it.”

Katina finally found her voice. She started to call out, “Arturo, DON’T!” Then the stool was kicked out from beneath her.

It went flying off the stage into the gathered spectators as the noose took her full weight. It caught her body totally by surprise. Almost immediately she started kicking and scissoring as she searched for the floor.

Bare toes wriggled in vain above the wooden flooring. Katina swung back and forth as she fought against the noose. She twisted and swayed as her back arched, thrusting her swollen mounds forward as her secured wrists jerked hard behind her back.

A look of agony filled her features as she tried to open her mouth to scream. All that came out was a little drool which splattered down onto her heaving tits. She kicked and twisted as she fought even harder.

There were eager cheers and jeers from her coworkers. Men and women alike cried out for her to kick it up in a lusty noose-whore jig. It was amazing how many people wanted to watch her hang to death.

Katina twisted in the noose until the company president swung into view. He had a look of lust in his eyes as he stroked his dick. It was humiliating the way he was getting off to her suffering.

As she swung back around to face the audience she saw several men and women masturbating. Even her husband had his dick out and was lewdly stroking it. She wanted to shake her head, but she could not make her muscles function.

She twisted in the noose until she caught sight of Arturo. He had a huge grin on his face as he stroked his erection. It looked incredibly stiff and swollen.

She didn’t want him sticking it up her butt. But there was nothing she could do to stop him. Why was he degrading her like this? Why were they all degrading her??

Her knees suddenly came together. She squeezed as though she was trying to prevent herself from peeing. Then she jerked as she experienced an embarrassing orgasm in the noose.

Everyone laughed and cheered. It was humiliating beyond belief. Then she kicked one last time until she kicked out all the fight she had left in her.

She dangled quietly as she gently swung back and forth. She could barely get any air down her constricted throat. Then she heard a cheer from her coworkers.

She felt Arturo grab her from behind. He pushed his stiff cock hard up her butt. It hurt like hell as her anal sphincter gave way. Then he was deep inside, cruelly ramming her again and again.

Katina gurgled as her tongue protruded. She could barely feel Arturo’s cock up her ass. Now she could barely hear her coworkers cheering as they urged him on.

Her lungs began to heave in her chest. Muscles started firing haphazardly. She hitched and twitched as internal organs started dying from lack of oxygen and blood flow.

Katina could feel how red her face had become. The pain was agonizing. Now she just wanted it to end.

She was dimly aware of losing bladder control again. Urine flowed in a stream as it slithered down her legs and splattered the stage. Her coworkers cheered her for pissing herself.

She finally reached the point where she couldn’t feel Arturo’s cock in her ass anymore. But she still felt quite uncomfortable back there. She needed to take a dump in the worst way.

With a cry of sexual release he thrust hard up her butt. Katina did not feel the sudden surge of cream that filled her. She was simply praying for oblivion.

There was a sudden sense of release down below as Arturo pulled out of her ass. Then she let out a loud fart. A moment later she was shitting herself, a loose mess that splattered the stage beneath her.

Her coworkers roared their approval. The company president eagerly applauded. The last thing she saw was Arturo’s happy expression, his cock still oozing a little cream. Then her eyes glazed over as consciousness spiraled away into oblivion.

2020 (written Jun 7 ’20 by riwa)

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