Passion unbounded


She met him at a local night club. From the moment she laid eyes on him she was hooked. There was something about him that intrigued her.

He seemed shady and dangerous. But that only made her want him all the more. When he said his place was a short stroll away she agreed to go with him.

They walked together, her heart racing. Something about him really got her motor running. She knew it wasn’t wise going alone with strange men. But this was a thrill she simply had to experience for herself.

When they arrived he told her he was going to prepare a bath for the two of them. Then he left her alone. She stripped down, waiting for him to return. But he never came back.

She went looking for him. She finally found the bathroom and went inside. The tub was full of sudsy water, the tap still running. But there was no sign of him.

She walked over and turned the water off. She didn’t want the tub to overflow. But where the hell had he gone?

She looked down into the water, examining it more closely. She thought she saw movement, but she wasn’t certain. Out of curiosity she reached down into the tub.

He suddenly burst up from out of the water and grabbed her wrist. Apparently he’d been hiding under the soap suds, holding his breath the entire time. The foam from the bubbles had served to hide him perfectly.

He pulled her to him, kissing her passionately. Her desires were aroused as her heart beat fast. Who the hell was this strange man??

He pulled her into the tub with him, kissing her savagely. She returned the kiss as her body began to thrum with desire. She loved the way he was being so rough and aggressive with her, taking from her what he desired.

They continued to kiss as he rolled her over. Soon she was underneath him in the bathtub. They continued to embrace, their passions fully enflamed.

She was totally overwhelmed with desire. The way he’d surprised her… the way he’d pulled her into the tub with him… it was all so shocking and exciting. She hungrily tried to eat his face off, overcome with desire to be totally possessed by him.

He slowly forced her downward. She went without resisting. A moment later her head became fully submerged.

He did not stop kissing her. His head even submerged with hers until they both couldn’t breathe. It was as shocking as it was arousing.

She panicked as she forced her way back up. She stopped kissing him as fear filled her features. Who the hell WAS this man? Why had he tried to drown her??

For a moment she didn’t know what to do. He attempted to reassure her… or so she thought. She grabbed his face and looked into his eyes. His desire to possess her was still there.

They kissed again, tentatively at first. The flames of passion returned. He seemed like a very dangerous man; was she about to get burned? Did she even care??

She did not see the wife standing there with a stern expression and arms folded. She only had eyes for the man she wanted to give herself to. She had no idea he was married as he had not divulged that bit of information.

He kissed her hard, pushing her under again. Bubbles spewed out of her nose as the panic returned. She pushed him off and sat upright, gasping like crazy as her heart beat fast.

What the hell? Was he trying to drown her?? Her emotions were in turmoil as she was torn between fear and desire.

They kissed again, the flames of passion returning. But now she was beginning to have doubts. This was becoming a little too disturbing.

He pushed her down again. Once more she went under in a flurry of bubbles. She had no idea what the hell to think at this point in their encounter.

He kept her down a little longer as her legs kicked. She was not aware the wife was slowly approaching the bathtub from behind. Her only concern was being allowed back up to breathe.

He finally let her back up, allowing her to gasp for breath. She saw him look up; something wasn’t right. He seemed to be distracted about something. But what could it be?

She did not see the wife behind her, nor did she turn to look. She had no idea she was there. A moment later she learned the truth when she felt a hand push down on her head.

Without a word the wife pushed her under. That’s when the woman sensed she was in danger. Who was this other person forcing her head under the water??

She motioned to be allowed back up. But her lover kept her submerged. Not only that, she could not lift her head against the hand pushing down on top of her. That’s when she began to thrash about in growing panic.

This time she was held down longer than before. She felt three hands involved: two pushing down on her chest and one on her head. She tried to cry out, spewing bubbles as her legs kicked like crazy.

She couldn’t breathe; she was running out of air – SHE COULDN’T BREATHE! But she was not being allowed back up. Her legs kicked harder as she began spewing bubbles out of her mouth and nose in a blind panic.

The wife leaned down and looked right into her husband’s eyes. The woman underneath them struggled to get back to the surface. But the wife had already made her decision as she pushed down hard on the struggling woman’s head.

The woman in the bathtub cried out, fighting like hell to reach the surface. She was being kept under much too long. She couldn’t hold her breath anymore!

She spewed bubbles as she struggled to push her lover off. But it did no good. Besides, she was unable to do anything about the hand on her head forcing her down to the bottom of the bathtub.

Her mind screamed as she spewed her breath away. She kicked and flailed as her lungs heaved ominously in her chest. Then she surrendered to the inevitable.

Her lungs opened up as she inhaled bathwater, instantly triggering the gag reflex. Instinctively she began gulping huge mouthfuls of water. That’s when she began hitching and convulsing painfully.

One last gulp and her body gave up the fight. Stray muscles fired as she settled at the bottom of the tub. Her arms and legs went limp as she stared upward in shock.

The wife looked impassively at her husband. She could tell the woman at the bottom of the tub was no longer moving. But she did not care.

She revealed nothing to her husband… at least not at first. She simply stared at him coldly. He stared back at her as the body beneath them went totally still while stray bubbles popped to the surface.

They slowly drew nearer, staring intently at each other. Neither seemed disturbed over the life they had so casually snuffed. Instead, it seemed as though they were being drawn together, their own passions enflamed by the drowning they’d jointly participated in.

They slowly came together until their lips met. They kissed tenderly until the fire of their dark souls ignited. That’s when the kiss turned passionate, the two of them aroused over the callous way they’d drowned the bitch.

Together they continued pushing down on the body beneath them. There was no need; she had long since drowned. But somehow the act filled them with a perverse pleasure as the fire of their passion burned brightly.

2019 (written Jun 28 ’19 by riwa)

(Inspired by vicdaps from the movie Passion Unbounded.)

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