A night to remember 3


Snuff sluts on stage

Sarah was in a shambles by the time Nadia and Felicity were done with her. She was untied and left sitting in a chair, the pecker-gag still filling her mouth as her arms were tied behind her back. By then Mistress had sent Monique out to prepare the stage, instructing her to get some extra large probes for the foolish 30-something brunette.

Becky and Ginger had been numbed into silence by what Chastity had told them would be their fate. Perhaps they hoped it was all an elaborate prank or joke. But if they’d already seen the Entertainment stage, then they had to suspect Mistress was being serious. Carmen and Sophia were quiet, no doubt contemplating what would be done to them now that Chastity had won them in a game of cards.

It was Heather who broke the silence. “Mistress?” she asked nervously. “Is it true you intend to hang me?”

Chastity smiled as she came over to her and lovingly caressed her face. “That’s right, honey,” she cooed at her. “I’m saving you for the gallows. I just know you’re going to put on a sexy dance for our clients… and especially for your husband.”

Heather gulped nervously. Then she surprised us with her request. “May I dress for the occasion, Mistress? I wish to look my best.”

“What would you like to wear, honey?”

“Something sexy,” she gulped nervously. “Fishnet stockings, heels and a garter?”

“You must have read my mind,” Mistress smiled warmly at her. “You naughty girl. You’re going to have me all worked up. That’s just the attitude I like from my girls.” Then Chastity gave her a soft, lingering kiss, leaving them both a little breathless.

Mistress instructed Nadia to take her out and get her properly attired before bringing her to the stage. Then she told her to send a couple more attendants in to help escort the remaining women out. Nadia nodded, took Heather by the arm and then led her away.

A minute later two attendants came into the room. That’s when Chastity addressed the others. “I’m not going to have any trouble with of any of you ladies, right? There are worse things I can do to you than what awaits you up on stage.”

Carmen and Sophia were quietly subdued. They appeared to have accepted their fate. Ginger and Becky were frightened into submission. I figured the only problem might be Sarah.

“My dear boy,” Chastity said as she snuggled up to me. “Would you be a dear and lead us all around the Club? I’d like to give these ladies one last tour before I snuff them.”

“Certainly, Mistress,” I said with a smile. I was about to witness four executions, and I’d become quite excited about it.

I stepped out of the room. One of the attendants followed me out with Ginger and Becky in tow. Next came Sarah, with Felicity right next to her in case her services were needed. Behind them Mistress led Carmen and Sophia, with the last attendant bringing up the rear.

I took the long way around. I knew how much Mistress liked to humiliate her charges. Parading them naked throughout the casino usually did the trick rather nicely.

Our little parade gave Nadia a chance to catch up to us. She had a properly adorned Heather in her black heels, fishnet stockings and garter. The duo dutifully stepped into line at the back of our procession.

Eventually I led them toward the Entertainment stage. The red glow in the ceiling announced to everyone in the Club that females were about to be slaughtered onstage. It never ceased to amaze me how some folks were interested in watching someone being executed, especially an attractive looking female. But I was just as bad as the next person.

I became more excited as we drew nearer. A large crowd had gathered as we paraded into the area. It was an enthusiastic group of spectators.

My wife had already moved the implements of execution toward the front of the stage except for the drowning tank. I led the procession toward the edge of the stage. Then I stepped out of the way to allow Chastity to line up her charges in a row before stepping up onto the platform to address our valued customers.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m in such a good mood tonight! For me, this is turning into a night to remember. You see, I was fortunate to win a very important game of poker a short time ago with some very fine opponents. Not only was each player required to put up a significant amount of money, each one was also required to put up a female as well.”

“The rules of our game were simple. If you lost your cash, you also lost your woman. As a result, I was the lucky winner of six lovely ladies. Thus, I’ve decided my good fortune is your good fortune. Tonight you get to watch us snuff four of them right here on stage!”

There were cheers and enthusiastic applause. Her group of naked women fidgeted nervously as Sarah grunted in alarm. Nadia and Felicity had taken up positions on either side of her to keep her in line. I didn’t expect her to do anything rash, but it was always better to be prepared.

Ginger and Becky looked as though they were going to faint. Heather didn’t know whether to be frightened or excited. Carmen and Sophia watched quietly. I could tell by the way their chests rose and fell how they were quite anxious about their predicament.

Chastity worked the crowd some more. “Would you like us to snuff some sluts tonight?” They cheered in response.

She beamed with joy as she motioned grandly. “Let’s invite our executrix to come on up and give us a hand. Let’s have a big round of applause for our dear Monique!”

The spectators applauded as my gorgeous wife smiled. She waved at them all as she headed for the steps. She paused long enough to give me a quick peck on the lips before going up onstage.

Mistress greeted her with a lingering kiss. They took hands for a moment. Then Chastity looked down at her charges.

“Our first bitch has been a rather defiant slut. I promised her the ride of her life. By now she’s become quite familiar to some of you fine gentlemen out there. Now she’s about to fry for your amusement. I’m sure her performance will be electrifying. Ladies and gentlemen, sitting in the electric chair I give you… SNUFF SLUT SARAH!”

Chastity motioned grandly at the woman standing with the others. The spectators started to cheer. Sarah’s eyes went wide in horror as she shook her head. Then she tried to bolt as she grunted anxiously.

Nadia and Felicity grabbed her by both arms. She was manhandled to the steps and up onto the stage. The poor thing twisted and struggled in pure terror.

“Don’t be shy, honey,” Mistress said loudly to her. She and Monique reached for her to take her from the attendants. “Let’s get you comfortable, shall we? Would you like to take a seat?”

Sarah cried out into her gag as the audience laughed. But she was no match for Mistress and Monique. They dragged her over to the chair.

Mistress called out to the crowd, “Naughty sluts get bigger probes, folks! This is one snuff slut who’s really gonna sizzle!”

There was more laughter as the two forced Sarah down onto the probes sticking up out of the seat of the chair. They were significantly larger than most probes I’d seen. The poor woman screamed into her gag as she was impaled in both holes.

“Let’s get you comfy,” Mistress told her cheerfully, still playing to the crowd.

She and Monique freed her bound arms. Then they strapped them down to the arms of the chair. Sarah struggled as best she could, but it was no use.

Her legs were cruelly spread. Then they were strapped to the front legs of the chair. Everyone could see her wet crotch.

Her head was pushed back and strapped tight. Now she wouldn’t bang her head against the back of the chair. Sarah’s muffled protests ranged from anger to pleading to rage to fear.

Monique finally spoke. “Let’s finish hooking you up, shall we?” Then she presented an electrode for one nipple.

Sarah’s eyes went wide. Then she cried out into her gag. Cries turned to muffled screams as my wife hooked up one nipple while Chastity hooked up the other.

“Now do her clit,” Mistress encouraged my wife. “Make it nice and tight. We don’t want the wire falling off.”

Sarah’s face went pale. I could tell she was trying to shake her head. Monique smiled at her and then went to work.

The ensuing muffled screams told me my wife had made sure it was tightly secured. When it was done Sarah panted heavily through her nose as her chest heaved. Drops of sweat broke out all over her naked, quivering flesh.

“You’re going to be our snuff-whore tonight,” Mistress told her coldly as Monique went to retrieve the remote from one of the attendants. “Anytime I’m in the mood to witness an orgasm, we’ll be focusing on you.”

Monique returned and handed the remote to Chastity. Mistress took it, turned to the audience and held it up. “Does anybody want to see the slut cum?”

There were eager cheers and applause. “So be it!” she announced. Then she turned and pointed it at Sarah.

“Come for us, snuff-whore!” Then she pushed a button as she and Monique stepped aside. They wanted to make sure they were not blocking the view of the spectators.

Sarah stiffened and then started screaming into her gag. Her body ground itself against the probes up her holes. She thrashed about in the chair as though covered with fire ants.

She desperately trying to shake off the electrodes to her nipples. It didn’t take long until her screams morphed into anguished cries. Her torso thrust as though she was violently fucking her probes.

Mistress turned it back down. Sarah slumped in the chair. She whimpered pitifully, her eyes full of tears.

“Very, VERY nice,” Chastity said to her with a cruel smile. “We’ll leave it on low for now. But we’ll be getting back to you shortly, my dear.”

Mistress pocketed the remote in her outfit. Then she turned toward the audience. Monique dutifully stood off to one side.

“Our next girl comes to us all the way from Philadelphia. She won an office contest to be here with her poker player. I guess she never realized she was serving as the biggest chip of all. Let that be a lesson to you out there, ladies.” There was good-natured laughter from the audience.

“I believe this young lady will be just as delicious as her name. What better way to prepare her to roast that to bring her up here to ride the spit for your snuffing pleasure. Ladies and gentlemen, riding the impalement cross I give you… SNUFF SLUT GINGER!”

Chastity motioned at the unfortunate girl. Nadia and Felicity stepped on either side of her. Then they duly escorted her to the steps to the stage.

Ginger looked numb with shock. She didn’t resist as she was helped up onto the stage. Mistress and Monique took it from there.

They took her by the arms and escorted her over to the impalement cross. I noticed Sarah giving the poor thing a look of horror as they walked past her. “I don’t…” Ginger stammered nervously. “I mean… it was just a contest! You’re not really gonna…!”

“Hush, my child,” Mistress said soothingly. “It’ll be all right.” Then she looked at her curiously.

“You’ve never been fucked in the ass before; have you, honey?”

“No, never!” she whimpered anxiously, shaking her head as if that could possibly save her.

“Then this will be a new experience for you, won’t it, baby!”

Mistress chuckled at her as they backed her up against the pieces of the cross. The spectators laughed as well. The fear I saw in her face was intoxicating.

She struggled, but only a little. It wasn’t enough to even slow down the process of strapping her to the cross. She whimpered anxiously in an attempt to be brave, trying hard not to cry.

The slats her arms and legs were strapped to were spread wide. It had the effect of lifting her off the ground. She hung spread-eagled on the wooden X, trembling nervously.

Ginger let out a cry of alarm. Then she started breathing hard. I think that was the moment she realized just how precarious her situation had become.

Monique activated the controls to the pole. It came up out of the floor with a quiet hum. As soon as it touched her, Ginger squirmed as she let out a squeal of fright.

“She seems a little uncomfortable,” Mistress observed loudly. Then she turned to my wife.

“Honey, would you be so kind as to make her feel better?”

Monique nodded with a smile. Then she knelt between Ginger’s spread legs. It wasn’t long before the poor thing was gasping and whimpering, writhing around on the wooden slats she was strapped to as my wife licked her out.

“I think we should have two sluts cum,” Mistress told the audience. “What do you folks think?”

There were cheers and cries of agreement from the spectators. Mistress pulled out her remote and pointed it at the chair. Almost immediately, Sarah started to writhe and moan as though her power had been increased.

Monique looked over at the chair. She understood what was happening to the woman over there. So she adjusted her actions accordingly.

As Sarah’s whimpers intensified, so did Ginger’s. Monique did an amazing job licking in sync to what the chair was doing to Sarah. It was as though my wife wanted to time them to pop off together.

It was arousing as hell watching Monique lick out that poor girl. Women were putty in the hands of my wife’s magnificent tongue. She certainly knew how to use it on both male and female.

It looked like it was a humiliating experience for Ginger. She writhed and squirmed helplessly in front of everyone watching. My wife just moaned lustfully as she kept on licking, thoroughly enjoying herself.

As Sarah’s cries in the chair intensified, I heard Ginger’s whimpers increase in pitch as she wriggled and squirmed. Mistress moaned softly as she watched her executrix lick out the helpless girl. I could see the arousal in Chastity’s body language. It was erotic as hell; my cock was throbbing in my trousers.

“Just let it go, honey,” I heard Mistress pant as she caressed Ginger’s breasts. The poor girl’s nipples were hard as pebbles.

Sarah went off with a muffled cry, her body tensing as she violently fucked those probes in her holes. At almost the same time, Ginger couldn’t take it anymore. She shuddered with mewling sounds as her torso humped my wife’s face.

Chastity gasped before letting out a satisfied sigh. Obviously she’d had a minor orgasm of her own. “That’s much better, don’t you think?” she panted with a big smile on her face.

She pointed the remote at the chair. Sarah seemed to relax, going back to moaning in quiet agony. Mistress pocketed the remote before stepping forward to address the spectators.

“Our snuff-slut here is just about ready, folks. I think she’s going to cook up nice and tender over an open fire. But I’m afraid I’ve gotten myself all hot and bothered watching our snuff sluts cum. That means I need some attention myself. And what better way to get my needs met than to have some delicious young woman lying on the bench over here so I can sit on her face and get myself off while the blade dangles above her?”

Mistress gestured at the guillotine with the red base. “That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. It’s time to introduce the third member of our special ‘snuff sweepstakes’ tonight. She’s a college freshman who just happened to choose the wrong night to get in line outside the building. She was sponsored by one of our poker players who promptly lost her to me. She’s cute as a button, but I’m looking forward to having her head decorate my private suite for many months to come. Ladies and gentlemen, riding the guillotine I give you… SNUFF SLUT BECKY!”

There was enthusiastic applause as Nadia and Felicity escorted Becky over to the steps. She shook her head as she tried to resist. They almost had to drag her over.

By the time she reached the top of the steps where Chastity and Monique were waiting for her, there were tears in her eyes. “Come along, honey,” Mistress cooed excitedly at her. “There’s no need for tears. It’s all in good fun. It’s nothing to lose your head over.”

Poor Becky was horrified. At the same time, there were chuckles from the audience. “Naughty,” Monique commented with a sly grin, shaking her head at Chastity. Mistress just smiled, as she was having way too much fun to take things seriously.

They placed the whimpering college freshman onto her back on the bench. Then they slid her forward, locking her head down in the lunette. They tied her arms to the front legs of the bench while strapping her naked body down.

The lunette was in the way. Becky couldn’t see Ginger or Sarah. But they could definitely see her naked, squirming form.

“Here’s how it’s going to work, honey,” Mistress told the poor girl, talking down to her exposed head. “These folks are anxious to see us snuff a sexy, young woman tonight.  So we’re going to get started, ok?”

“First, we’re going to start the spit on our delicious young woman over there.” That’s when she motioned at Ginger. The young woman hanging on the impalement cross gasped in horror.

“While she’s being impaled, you’re going to get me off. It’s going to be so erotic watching her spitted live. But don’t you worry none. We’re going to have Monique lick your pussy. I want her to give you some pleasure so you can go out with a bang. How does that sound?”

Becky whimpered as she squirmed in the guillotine. That’s when Mistress leaned closer. “Here’s the best part sweetie. When the spit emerges out of her mouth? We’re dropping your blade – BANG!” Poor Becky jerked with a start, crying out in terror as Chastity chuckled at her.

“Don’t be frightened, honey. But here’s the really fun part. You won’t be able to see when the spit emerges. So you won’t know its time until we pull your lever. That should make the suspense that much more exciting; wouldn’t you agree?”

Becky whimpered as some of the spectators oohed and aahed. Mistress was thoroughly enjoying herself.

“You’ll be able to guess how close it is when you hear her start to gag and cough. The spit will make it hard for her to breathe. That’s when you’ll know you have very little time left.”

Becky whimpered again with fright. Her chest rose and fell as she panted like crazy. I could only imagine the horror going through her mind as Mistress vividly painted the scenario of her destruction.

“What do you think, folks?” Mistress called out to the crowd, whipping them up even more. “Ready for us to impale that one over there as we take this one’s head?”

There were eager cheers and cries of “DO IT – DO IT!” Mistress motioned for Monique to go over to the impalement cross to get things started. Ginger shook her head in fright while gasping, “No – DON’T!”

“Honey, this is going to be a little messy,” Mistress told Becky as she stood over the woman’s head. Then she parted her garments to reveal her dripping slit.

“My pussy’s quite wet. I’m incredibly horny; so aroused I can barely stand it. But you’re going to be a good girl and get me off, aren’t you?”

Her tone was ominous. Poor Becky whimpered in reply. Then Chastity took out the remote and aimed it at the chair.

“You too, snuff whore!” she called over as she triggered the remote. “You might as well join in on all the fun!”

Sarah gave out a muffled cry, her body stiffening. Monique activated the pole to the X cross. Ginger let out a scream as it pushed itself up into her anus.

Becky heard the distress of her fellow snuff sluts. That’s when she let out a cry of alarm. It was promptly muffled the moment Mistress squatted onto her face and started grinding her wet pussy against her mouth.

Monique came over to the bench of the guillotine. She knelt between the college freshman’s legs. Then she leaned forward and started to feast.

Becky let out a muffled cry of utter humiliation. She started to writhe, her grunts muffled by Chastity’s pussy covering her mouth. That’s when the audience began to raucously cheer the cruel, lewd display.

It was incredible watching all three sluts writhe and cry out up on stage. I wasn’t the only one turned on by what was happening though. Cocks were pulled out as several clients received blowjobs.

One customer went so far as to start fucking his female from behind as they both watched. There were gasps, cries and lustful moans. Chastity had indeed hit the trifecta with her three girls about to be snuffed up on the platform.

Ginger was in the most pain. She started crying out, “IT HURTS – MAKE IT STOP!” as the spit progressed through her insides. Her writhing body was arousing to watch.

I had an attendant come over to me, asking if I needed some relief. I waved her off, telling her, “Maybe later.” I wanted to save myself for Carmen and Sophia. I had a feeling Mistress was going to invite me to witness their suffering.

The attendant gave me a curious look. Then she shrugged before walking away. I think she was disappointed she was not making points with the co-owner of the club. I told myself I would wave her back and surrender to her charms if I became too aroused.

Chastity gasped with pleasure as she sat on poor Becky’s face. She had a clear view of Ginger’s suffering. She couldn’t help taunting the poor girl, “How’s that feel up your ass, honey? Is it everything you hoped it would be? Are you looking forward to roasting for us over an open fire?”

“Make it STOOOP!” the poor thing wailed, struggling against the straps that held her to the cross.

Sarah writhed in the chair as the power slowly increased. Becky wriggled and grunted, whimpering in the guillotine as my wife continued to work her snatch. I could tell the college freshman was approaching an orgasm of her own.

Mistress was getting close to detonation. She kept gasping, “Yes – yes – yes!” But her eyes never left Ginger as the spit make its way through the poor girl from Philadelphia.

There was a belch of sorts from Ginger. She cried out, “MY STOMACH – MY STOMACH!”

“Here that, honey?” Mistress told Becky. “Your special moment is drawing closer.” The college freshman squirmed as though terrified of what was soon to come.

The cheers had been silenced. The spectators around me were astonishingly quiet. Perhaps they wanted to hear the agonized cries coming from the stage.

There were excited grunts and whimpers. I thought I could hear the slurping sounds of nearby cocks being sucked. Comments around me were in hushed tones.

As Sarah’s muffled cries intensified, Ginger started to cough and convulse. It was as though she was trying to vomit the pole right out of her mouth. Her body writhed in agony, her eyes wide with pain as she tried to plead for someone to end her suffering.

“Getting closer, honey,” Mistress gasped excitedly at Becky.

The college freshman started thrashing about on the bench. It was as though she was trying to buck someone off. I heard Monique moan with excitement, her face buried in the woman’s crotch. Then Mistress tipped her head back and cried out as her orgasm shook her.

The spectators got louder, becoming more excited. Sarah let out a muffled scream, rocking side to side in the chair as her eyes rolled. Ginger’s suffering became more pronounced, as she started to choke in earnest.

Monique and Mistress never let up on poor Becky. Both of them continued their humiliating sexual assault on the poor girl. I nearly creamed my pants, and I began to regret my decision not to take advantage of that attendant’s offer.

“Almost time!” Chastity gasped breathlessly. “Honey, you have no idea how much you and your snuff sluts are getting me off. I think I’m gonna cum again! Get ready, baby; it’ll be any moment now!”

She wasn’t the only one. I could hear the sounds of eager sexual activity coming from the gathered spectators all around me. It was shamefully erotic.

Ginger jerked and convulsed as though it was the most painful thing she had ever endured. Her head tipped back until I saw the tip of the spit start to emerge from her open mouth. That’s when Chastity cried out, “Oh, FUCK!”

She tensed as though the orgasm she was having was profound. She cried out, “BYE – BYE, BABY! YOU’RE GONNA DIE WITH MY PUSSY IN YOUR FACE!” Then she reached up for the lever and pulled it.

Becky let out a muffled scream. I thought I saw something squirt into Monique’s face. One moment Becky’s face was buried in Chastity’s crotch. The next, the blade had come down.

Her head dropped away and bounced onto the floor. Blood flowed between Mistress’ parted legs. Becky’s body bucked in the straps as my wife kept her face mashed between the poor girl’s legs.

Chastity looked down in surprise as though noticing the head was no longer between her legs. She tracked it down and picked it up. She acted like she didn’t care about getting blood on her as she frantically jammed it hard into her crotch. Then she humped it like crazy as she let out a lustful cry.

The whole damned scene was surreal. For a moment I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Then I heard the roar of approval from the spectators.

Sarah thrashed about in the chair as though her body was on fire. Ginger gagged on the metal pole as it protruded out of her mouth. Mistress fucked herself with Becky’s head as my wife continued to lick the dying college freshman’s cunt.

Chastity finally gasped as she pulled the head away from her dripping snatch. She held it up by a handful of black hair. She gasped, “Damn, honey; you were great!” Then she showed it off to everyone as she used the remote to casually power down Sarah’s chair.

We all saw the mess of fluid dripping off the poor girl’s face. Her eyes were wide in shock, her mouth open in horror. It looked like she was still conscious.

Mistress excitedly rushed the head over to Ginger’s spasming body. “She’s dying, honey!” she gasped eagerly. “Get her off, baby; get her off!” Then she mashed Becky’s face against the blonde’s exposed cunt.

The Philly girl suddenly seemed to shudder as she grunted and gurgled. Blood leaked down around the pole up her ass. Her eyes blinked as she looked up at the spit sticking out of her mouth.

Her body shuddered again as she blinked once more. Then she seemed to relax with a gurgling sound, sagging tiredly on the cross. Mistress kept the severed head jammed against her crotch until urine dribbled out and coated her face.

Chastity looked up at Ginger and saw there was no activity other than a few stray muscles firing. She pulled the head away as she studied the impaled woman closely. “You gone, honey?” she gasped reverently, reaching out to tenderly caress a breast.

“I hope you went out with a bang, my pretty. I’m looking forward to getting you on to roast.” Then she lifted up Becky’s head, her face coated with fluids

Her expression sagged as eyes stared vacantly. The last thing the college freshman must have seen was the Philly girl’s dying cunt. “You gone too, baby?” Chastity observed with a smile.

She lifted the head up for all to see. “Two sluts down, folks!” she announced proudly. “That was absolutely fantastic!”

As the spectators cheered and applauded, she took the head over to show to Sarah. “What do you think, bitch?” she asked, displaying Becky’s skull as she cranked the juice up.

Sarah looked absolutely horrified. Then she screamed into her gag as her body thrashed about in the chair. She violently fucked those probes up her holes as though she had no choice in the matter.

Mistress powered the chair back down. Sarah sagged weakly, moaning softly. Monique walked up to Chastity a few moments later, her smile dripping from Becky’s last orgasm.

“Take this away for me, ok, baby?” Mistress told her, handing the head over. “Reunite her with her body while I get ready to snuff our next slut.”

Monique nodded and walked it back over. It was still dripping blood as she set it down on Becky’s chest. It faced toward her lifeless legs and the gallows beyond.

As Mistress composed herself, an attendant handed my wife a towel for her to wipe her face. When Mistress saw that Monique was ready, she turned to address the spectators. It was time to bring the last woman up on stage.

2010; 2019 (written Mar 21 ’10; ed. Dec 8 ‘19 by riwa)

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